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					                              Tulane University
                           Staff Advisory Council
                    Minutes of Thursday, October 13, 2011
              ATTENDEES                              ATTENDEES

              OFFICERS                             UPTOWN CAMPUS
Christopher Lane, Chair          Excused Linda Cantero
Laurie Orgeron, Vice Chair       Present Gwen Chavez, Immediate Past     Present
Sheri Bouyelas, Election         Present   Zina Eugene
Kathy Bourgeois, Recording       Excused Mike Griffith
Carol Ardeneaux,Corresp.         Present   Jeanny Keck                   Excused
Suzanne Lossi, Member at Large           Angelica Leonard
                                         Alysia Loshbaugh
     DOWNTOWN CAMPUS                     Scott Mitchell                  Present
Linzi Conners                            Louise Murphy                   Excused
Patrick Davis                    Present Lisa O’Dwyer
Tanya Haase                              Rob Platner                     Present
Michael Heisser                          Whitney Richards                Excused
Anita Kivell                     Excused LaShanda Robinson
Kay Leger                        Present Lawrence Smith
Michael Miller                   Present Kimberly Vega
Merisa Pasternak                         Kady Weingart
Amy Pick                         Present
Allan Slatkin                    Present        PROXY MEMBERS
Patsy Stewart                    Present  Tiffany Graham
Yesenia Vasquez-Lockhart         Present Sharon Hyde-Augillard
            NORTHSHORE                   Forbes Mann
Kenny Guichard                           Karissa Page
Desiree Waguespack               Present David Pierlus
Corrie West                      Present Louie Schneider
                                         Meredith Schor
                                         Jon Souquet                     Present
                                         Meredith Sugarman
                                         Nikita Ussin
                                         Cathy Woodard
                                           INVITED GUESTS AND VISITORS
                                           Gisele Baham
                                           Mitzi Hithe
                                           Alexandra Wasco
* Via teleconference

All Officers are serving the Staff Advisory Council term 2011 – 2011
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting        October 13, 2011                                  Page 2

Call to Order: Laurie Orgeron, SAC Vice-Chair, called the October 13, 2011 meeting of the
Staff Advisory Council to order at 3:30 p.m. The meeting was held in the Tidewater Boardroom
on the Downtown Campus.

I.    Review and Approval of the Minutes

         The September 2011 minutes were approved.

II. Guest Speakers, Mitzi Hithe, Office of
Environmental Health & Safety & Alexandria
Wasco, Breastfeeding Support Program &
Gisele Baham, Workforce Management

III. Report of the Chair, Christopher Lane

IV. WFMO Liaison

 V.    Officer Reports


      A. University Senate

      The Board Meeting covered everything that they went over in the Senate meeting.

      B. Board of Administrators

      Laurie gave her report from the Board meeting held on September 15, 2011. Their first
      order of business was to introduce Jerry Greenbaum, a new board member & Cassidy
      Adams, the ASB President. They approved the minutes & announced two resolutions. The
      first one was to establish an amendment regarding endowed funds. It was passed
      immediately. The second resolution was to adopt Cyndy English to replace Winnie
      (Wynona) Burmaster (Witkovski) as the secretary to the board. That was also passed.
      They announced the change of board format with the executive session coming first as a
      result of discussions from the summer meeting. Then Scott went over the highlights and
      lowlights of fiscal year 2011. The successes included reaccreditation of the University, the
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting       October 13, 2011                                   Page 3

    Medical School and Athletics. Financial performance ended with a surplus of three hundred
    thousand dollars. Student interest and quality was up. National recognition for community
    engagement was discussed. The University won some awards. The AB Freeman School of
    Business dean search was a success. John Perdew was appointed to the National
    Academy of Sciences as a member. The Weatherhead gift of fifty million dollars was given
    & that money was used to name the new residential college. The disappointments were as
    follows: the failed searches for the TUPD (Tulane University Police Department) chief &
    SACS chair (both have been re-opened); security breaches; medical school clinical platform;
    state of the economy; government support; retention and graduation rates. He went over
    challenges, managing cash flow, the economy & its impact on Tulane, changing the
    landscape of intercollegiate athletics. There will be significant changes in the next decade.
    There have been tremendous incidents of infractions from other colleges such as Ohio
    State. Because of that, there are going to be a lot of changes to the athletic programs.
    Changing landscapes of healthcare are around the corner. Safety issues in New Orleans
    was noted as a challenge & managing the growth and aspirations, because we are growing
    so quickly. We have been having more students than the target & things like this are
    presenting challenges. Institutional priorities include academics, improving the retention
    rate (they want it to be 90% by 2014 & 95% would put us in the top 30 schools in the nation.
    They want to explore how to secure medical school as a recognized academic medical
    center. He spoke in depth about the two new medical hospitals that are being built & the
    challenges that they are going to create i.e. filling beds & what Tulane’s roll is going to be.
    Human capital was discussed. They completed the search for the SACS chair & social
    innovation. They talked about the consolidation of uptown and downtown TUPD & the
    search for a superintendant that will be over both. They are reassessing the role of the
    Center for Bioenvironmental Research. Development and University Relations is raising
    sixty five million dollars in private support, which includes twelve million dollars in
    unrestricted funds & ten million dollars in annual fund. Development and University
    Relations is planning for a one billion dollar plus campaign. They are trying to raise naming
    gifts to fund the community coliseum for Athletics, which is the new football stadium that
    they want to build. They do have some money already donated for it, but they need
    approximately sixty million dollars. Capital and IT projects were next on the agenda.
    Residential College three is in the final plan. They wanted to complete Weatherhead Hall,
    which they did. The Hertz volleyball/basketball Practice Facility should be nearly completed.
    They were supposed to do a dedication next week during homecoming (that has been
    moved back to November 17th). JBJ Lab renovation, Flower Hall, Ruth’s Chris Project (a
    restaurant that was purchased to turn into a medical center), implement phase one of five
    phases of the fifteen million dollar IT investment plan. Financial: To meet cash flow and
    statements of operating projections to develop financing strategy for crystal projects, IT &
    debt restructuring. Community Engagement: To continue to partner with state, local and
    public officials in focused areas of mutual interest. Continue to implement Tulane empowers
    strategy. Earl Retif reported that total enrollment is 13,285, of which 6478 are
    undergraduates, 1648 first time freshmen, 118 transfers & 57.2% of that number is female.
    Jeremy Krigler, the person in New York (actually in Connecticut) that handles our
    endowment, which is a little over one billion dollars. The fixed income equals 13% cash,
    3.9% global equity, 34.9% absolute return, 10% real assets, 16.7 % private equity, 10.1 %
    long shore equity. Our gain is up 17% - last year was 10 %. Rick Dickson also spoke &
    promoted homecoming and the Hullabaloo auction.
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting       October 13, 2011                                   Page 4

VI. University Senate Committee Reports

    1. Benefits

    No report.

    2. Budget Review
    The cash flow is almost where it was pre-Katrina. Outstanding fema with university is
    approximately twenty five million dollars. The library is in the schematic design phase.
    Fema has to approve the designs.

    3. Information Technology

    No report.

    4. Equal Opportunity

    No report. They need one exempt employee to join it.

    5. Physical Facilities

    No report.

    6. Social Issues

    No report.

VII. SAC Sub-Committees

    1. Election Committee

    No report. We need another volunteer to help with this committee.

    2. Electronic Technology and Information

    No report.

    3. Staff Appreciation

    No report. Chris is helping them to see if they can get tents from Jefferson parish at no
    charge. Gwen and Cory are starting to work on getting donations & give aways.

    4. Staff Issues

    No report.
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting        October 13, 2011                                   Page 5

      5. Health and Wellness

      No report.

      6. Community Service

      No report. They are getting ready to start the CASA toy drive on November 7th or November
      14th. They already have $300. Please let Desiree know if anyone has boxes for donations
      from last year. We will re-think taking toy donations at the game since we didn’t have
      success last year. Someone suggested putting a box out during homecoming, but there
      wouldn’t be much time to get the word out. There was a suggestion to ask Athletics to put a
      notice out to let people know that they would be collecting donations at the game, but
      someone from SAC would have to be there to manage it. A suggestion was made to send
      an email out to all SAC members to see if anyone could handle this event in Champion
      Square at gate C. Scott suggested using one of his student workers to collect the toys.
      Desiree is looking for someone to help her with her Community Service committee from the
      Uptown Campus. Kathy Bourgeois volunteered to help with this committee.

      7. Student Relations

      No report.

      8. WFMO – SAC Liason

      No report.

VIII.    Old Business

         Gisele Baham from WFMO was here to answer a question submitted by Chris pertaining
         to time sheets. They are in the process of putting the Tulane ID’s on the time sheets in
         the beginning of January. They will not be using the social security number any longer.
         The system that they use and the banner system are two different systems. The exempt
         time sheets are the only time sheets that do not include the social security number. The
         ability to do students in People Flow was pushed back due to the new system that they
         are converting to, but we should be able to do this in the future. The Tulane ID number
         is on our splash cards now. They should automatically put that ID number on the
         exempt times sheets as well.

IX.     New Business

         Mitzi Hithe from the Office of the Environmental Health and Safety Office was one of our
         speakers. She gave a presentation on ergonomics. She attended a retreat that covered
         computer and office ergonomics. She does go out and survey offices as requested. If
         an injury report comes up that looks like it needs to be looked at, they get involved. The
         area would be surveyed & they write reports. It is a free service that they provide free of
         charge. They do not supply chairs or any products. They make suggestions to improve
         the work space. She gave hand outs to each member with her contact information. Her
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting        October 13, 2011                                    Page 6

         email address is & her phone number is 504.988.2866. The
         information is in the safety wave as well & on their website. The correct height for
         monitor & correct location for the keyboard is in the safety wave, which is put out 4 times
         a year. They try to put information on the latest technology out there for users to read.
         She is doing research on tablets right now. They have seen a lot of neck injuries from
         using them, so they are researching them. We have a lot of old outdated furniture at the
         University, but sometimes they can be modified. Property Management has recycled
         furniture. She looks for old keyboards and mice & shows employees how to clean them
         & make them better than what we are using. They suggest taking the hand outs home &
         applying the suggestions to your home work station. You may have an area at home that
         needs to be improved. Look at how your children’s workspaces as well. That
         generation is already experiencing problems & if we apply these suggestions, we can
         alleviate some of those problems. If a person is having back or neck problems,
         something as simple as raising your monitor could fix the problem. You may also want
         to move your mouse closer to your body. This could reduce the stress put on your body
         for the long run. Gwen asked her if she ever addressed back packs. Some of the guys
         in the IT department walk around with backpacks that hurt their backs. She is going to
         update the information on backpacks. The newer ones come with a strap that goes
         around the waist. It uses your hips to carry the weight. There are newer models out
         there that help distribute the weight. She finds that people sit more forward in their
         chairs & without realizing it, you have a lot of gravity going on. When you lean forward,
         you are adding gravity to your head and neck. It is important to learn how to adjust your
         chair. Your arms should be at a right angle when typing. Sometimes chairs have to be
         replaced with chairs that are adjustable. It is also recommended that we use a foot rest
         of some type – even if it means using reams of paper or a binder as a foot rest. The
         monitor should also be a certain distance from the user and the height is also important.
         This information is on their website at, in the policy and procedure
         manual for the University, the safety guide for new employee orientation, the safety
         wave articles & it is also in the employee handbook from WFMO. If they receive a call
         asking them to come out to look at a department, they usually have to see the supervisor
         so he/she knows that they are coming out. They need to understand that if she finds
         something wrong, then it is the responsibility of the department to take care of it. It is
         both the employee’s responsibility as well as the employer’s responsibility to ensure that
         they have what they need to do their work in a safe manner. They test products to see
         how they work & they can loan some of them out so users can see if it works for them.
         She can then show you where you can buy them. If she can find a way to help a
         department that doesn’t have the funds, she will do so.

         Alexandria Wasco from the Breastfeeding Support Group gave a presentation. In the
         early 2000’s the former chair of the Community Health Sciences department on the 23rd
         floor of the School of Public Health decided that they needed a breastfeeding support
         group. She began by making 2 rooms. One was in the Tidewater building on the 18th
         floor & one in the Mary Amelia Women’s Center. In 2008 they received a grant from
         WIC to create more lactation rooms around Tulane’s campuses. Currently there are 9
         lactation rooms around campus. All rooms have reading material, information & some
         rooms have hospital grade pumps. They have been advertising the lacation rooms
         recently. There is a Louisiana law that says all women have the right to breast feed
         anywhere in public. That has recently been controversial, because a lot of people don’t
         agree with it. They are trying to provide support & spaces for women to pump or
         breastfeed. Usually women need a 15 minute break every 3 – 4 hours or her breasts get
         too full & they become uncomfortable. That can decrease the milk supply. Their
         website is . It has information on how to support co-
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting       October 13, 2011                                  Page 7

         workers & mother friendly businesses in New Orleans. The Tulane Women’s Center is
         putting two lactation rooms in City Hall next week. They have received a lot of good
         feedback on the rooms – especially the one in the LBC. It is currently in a bathroom, but
         they are looking for a new space. Students are using it as well. Let them know if
         anyone needs a room in their building.

         Each member announced their name and the department that they work in.

Next Meeting:

         November 10, 2011
         LBC 201 Race Conference Room, 3:30 pm

X.    Adjournment

         The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:15 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Bourgeois
Recording Secretary

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