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        DATE                     EVENT
        May 7          Western-Area Breakfast                                        Silver Diner, Innsbrook
                                                   Checkered Flag Porsche, Virginia Beach 9a.m. (Location changed for May breakfast only!)
                                                   Mingle with your Porsche friends, check out what’s in the showroom, and have the change
                                                   to get your car on a lift for a Checkered Flag tech to examine. You must sign up on
       May 14          Eastern Area Breakfast
                                                    motorsportreg.com to attend this breakfast. Breakfast will be provided by Checkered
                                                   Flag so there is no cost involved. But, we must give a count to the dealership so there will
                                                                be food for all. RSVP deadling date is Friday, May 13 at noon.
                       First Settlers Drivers Ed
      May 20-22                                                                  Virginia International Raceway
        June 4         Western Area Breakfast                                        Silver Diner, Innsbrook
                          Checkered Flag
        June 4                                              Bloom Brothers Furniture lot, 5070 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach
                           Cars & Coffee
                       Shenandoah Region’s
     June 10-12                                                                        Richmond, Virginia
                      Richmond Porsche Meet
       June 11          Easter Area Breakfast                                       Pop’s Diner, Chesapeake
                        FSR Gimmick Rally &
       June 18                                                               10a.m., Williamsburg - Details to follow
        July 2         Western Area Breakfast                                        Silver Diner, Innsbrook
        July 9         Eastern Area Breakfast                                       Pop’s Diner, Chesapeake
                       FSR Annual Members’
       July 23                                                                        Yorktown State Park
                         Meeting & Picnic
                   P O R S C H E C LU B O F A M E R I C A

                                      O RT
                                                                                                                                                                     From the President

                               R EP
                                      R ’S

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dave McFaddin

                                                                                                     Letter from the Editor . . .

                                             U R
                                   REA S

                   FIRST SETTLERS REGION
                                                                                                                           Jessica Robinson
01/01/2011      Opening Balance                        $38,526.53
                                                                                   Welcome to the second edition of the 2011 Horizontally              First Settlers members – I hope you are all enjoying the better driving weather we have this time of year. I also hope you
04/20/2011      Current Balance                        $87,119.23                                                                                      are taking the opportunity to join us for our great schedule of events! Since our last newsletter, and as of the time this
                                                                                   Opposed newsletter. I am confident you will enjoy our new
                                                                                   format. Everyone has put a lot of effort into making                goes to press, we will have already enjoyed the Zone 2 DE, multiple breakfast meetings, Fun Runs to lunch, Cars and
                                                                                   improvements for the HO and it shows. Since I took over the         Coffee sponsored by Checkered Flag Porsche, a tech session at LMN Motorsports and a silent auction for charity at the
Income & Expenses of Note:
                                                                                   HO I have been thoroughly impressed with both the board             Homestead Resort along with a visit to the Boys’ Home in Covington.
                                                                                   members and the region members of First Settlers. I see
$2,271.59 Two Horizontally Opposed Issues
                                                                                   enthusiasm and sincerity when I attend meetings. I see big          The docket for the next couple of months includes more tech sessions, monthly breakfasts, FSR DE at VIR, a Gimmick
$6,641.00 Horizontally Opposed Ad Revenue
                                                                                   hearts when we plan our charity events. I also love meeting         Rally and BBQ as well as the Zone 2 Club Race at VIR…something almost every weekend! And the rest of the year is
$14,200 Deposit to VIR May/Sept DE (25%)
                                                                                   new members, which happens pretty often. This newsletter is
$58,542.95 DE Registration Fees less Refunds                                                                                                           just as packed with activities for us to get together with our friends and Porsches. Please check our calendar in this
                                                                                   for you. Let me know if you have an idea. Speaking your mind
                                                                                   makes all the difference when it comes to change. You can           newsletter, look for email blasts with new information about events and check our website calendar often to ensure you
horizontally opposed                                                                                                                                   don’t miss anything. Also, remember to sign up for the Porsche Parade in Savannah. As you have probably seen in
                                                                                   see the growing number of events planned in our region. I am
Please be sure to thank our advertisers for supporting our                                                                                             Panorama it will be a great event and I know quite a few of us have already signed up and are really looking forward to
                                                                                   proud to note that a couple weekends have so many events
Newsletter and Website.                                                                                                                                it!
                                                                                   and activities that our members have to make a choice on
                                                                                   which to attend!
If you know any businesses who would like to advertise their
services to our members, please email the contact
                                                                                                                                                       As you think long term about future events, I recommend you take advantage of the annual opportunity to participate in
                                                                                   Let’s keep the momentum going. Everyone is giving 100%              the PCA National Tech Tactics (this is the first year it was held at the national level). I was fortunate enough to attend
information to Alex Bell at bella@wbrinsurance.com . Our
                                                                                   effort but we can always improve. The newsletter looks              the one the last weekend of February at Porsche Cars North America’s (PCNA) new training facility in Easton, PA. The
annual full page rate is $550 and that includes a presence
                                                                                   awesome in my opinion. I hope you agree.                            event was great on several levels. First we got to tour the 130,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility where PCNA
on our award winning website. For 2012, we plan on offering
a half page option for $300 annually. It is an excellent way                                                                                           distributes parts (it is the largest of 3 such facilities in the US) and trains service techs for the 54 mid-Atlantic Porsche
for businesses to support our efforts to make a first class                        (Kovacyk continued from page 14)                                    dealers. Second, we received great information in the same classrooms (with one or more new Porsches in each
Horizontally Opposed Newsletter and Website for the benefit                                                                                            classroom) used by the PCNA trainers. Topics included everything from restoration, on-board diagnostics (OBD II) and
of our members, and it is a very cost effective way to reach                       This would all be very stressful except that Lutzo now acts as      DME, variable valve timing and other engine specifics, and how Porsche executes the mechanics in their new Hybrids…
our membership! Your board is working hard this year to                            an advisor to teams. LMN is his priority with racing as a
                                                                                                                                                       just to name a few of the available sessions. And the third level of engagement making it a great event was a presentation
bring in enough advertising revenue to make the Horizontally                       passion. His passion allows him to stay in touch with teams,
                                                                                   attend schools, keep up on technology and stay trained on
                                                                                                                                                       on the new 918 by Porsche AG’s engineering director for the program, Dr. Frank Walliser. Needless to say, it was exciting
Opposed publication self supporting. Jessica Robinson is
working with Glenn Jenner (Brothers Printing) to improve the                       new advancements. Porsche is not making life easy, though.          to hear about the no-holds-barred engineering effort pushing hybrid technology to a new level!
look of our newsletter, and this issue is the first one where                      The manuals and updates cost massive amounts of money.
Brothers Printing has done all of the set up. How do you like                      Porsche is required to make these manuals available, but it         Thanks to all our volunteers who step up and make everything happen…you are the reason we are having such a great
the new look of our newsletter? In the interest of keeping                         comes at a price that is tough for small shops. The economy         time!
                                                                                   is affecting everyone and dealerships are not exempt. A
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dave McFaddin
the HO cost at a minimum to our membership, we can only
improve the HO with an increase in advertisers. Thanks to                          dealership becomes a competitor with small businesses, and          Hope to see each of you soon. Drive safely.
all of our members and advertisers for helping!                                    Porsche is trying to tip the scales in the direction of the
                                                                                   dealerships according to Lutzo.
Submitted by Alex H. Bell, II                                                                                                                                                                                            RuMBlE AT ThE oAk TREE
Treasurer PCA FSR Inc.                                                             Anyone who works on cars for forty years must be excited               MEMBERShiP REPoRT
April 20, 2011                                                                     about the work. Lutzo is no exception. He enjoyed his time                     Ken Thomas                    Zone 2 will again host the 4th Annual “Rumble at the Oak Tree” Club Race & DE
                                                                                   working at dealerships but prefers his time running a small
                                                                                                                                                                                                in 2011 at the Virginia International Raceway. This year we have been fortunate
                                                                                   business. Porsche dealerships mainly see cars that fall under
                                                                                   warranty; Lutzo sees new cars, old cars, race cars, and project
                                                                                                                                                                                                enough to secure June 24, 25 & 26.
                                                                                                                                                        Membership as of April 1, 2011 was:
                                                                                   cars. One day he’s rebuilding a transmission, the next day he’s
                                                                                   changing oil. He enjoys problem solving and knowing his                                                      The event will involve more than 130 Club Racers and 50 Advanced Drivers
                                                                                   customers and building relationships with people that last                                                   Education Drivers. An event this size needs many volunteers to insure it runs like
                                                                                                                                                               598 regular members
                                                                                   years. (Of his three children, he has a son who excels at                                                    a well engineered German sports car. We have many of the volunteers from last
                                                                                                                                                              413 associate members
                                                                                   mechanical problem solving.) He currently works with the
                                                                                                                                                                2 lifetime members              year returning for our 2011 race but unfortunately, not all of our crew can make
                                                                                   military, but knows that LMN will be waiting for him especially                                              this year’s race. We need additional volunteers for Timing and Scoring, Grid,
                                                                                   if Lutzo decides to retire. I enjoyed sitting down with Lutzo and                                            Drivers Education Tech and Race Tech.
                                                                                   chatting about cars and racetracks. He does have some pretty
                                                                                                                                                              1013 Total Membership
                                                                                   cool stories to tell!
                                                                                                                                                                                                Please contact our Volunteer CoordinatorTerry Minkin @ tlamont99@comcast.net
                                                                                                                                                                                                or give her a call at 267-251-1360 to join the team
                                                       HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED   16   FIRST SETTLERS REGION                                                                                      HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED   1    FIRST SETTLERS REGION
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                 Advisor - Zone 2 Representative                                        FSR members may place free

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                                                                                        more information.

                                     HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED   2   FIRST SETTLERS REGION                                            HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED   15   FIRST SETTLERS REGION
A Conversation with Lutzo Kovacyk                                           (2010 continued from page 13)

Jessica Robinson                                                            member profiles • vehicle information • e-newsletters • member connections
                                                                             photo galleries • voting • region member's list • classifieds • news feeds
                                                                              document library • mass mail • member self-service password retrieval
Inspired by the “Track Ready” session at LMN Motorsports I                       contact information updating • interactive forums • article rating
sat down with Lutzo to hear some great stories. Let’s start with
work history. Lutzo started working on Porsches and                                        Air & Auto Classic
Volkswagens in 1969 with his father. He stayed with his father              at the Virginia Beach Military Aviation Museum
until 1984 when he started a job with a Porsche dealership in                                         115 cars!
Pittsburgh. After five years with the Porsche dealership, he                                       500 spectators!
worked with Ferraris and Lamborghinis until 1991. Why                                             Multiple car clubs!
Ferraris and Lambos? For the experience, of course! In 1991,                          Boy Scout, SPCA & Food Bank volunteers!
Lutzo came to Virginia Beach and Checkered Flag. He moved                                    Organized by 10 members!
over to Eurosport in 2001 where he remained until LMN was                                       Attended by over 70!
born in 2006.
I was very curious to hear about his racing career as a crew                Supporting the MAJOR holiday food drive in Hampton Roads.
chief. It seems his first race was in 1979. He worked with                      Planned by 14 members and attended by over 70.
Formula Vee and Super Vee before racing with Porsches. His                          Sponsored by the local Porsche dealership.
first Daytona 24 hour race was back in 2000. He was the crew                             Announced on local radio station.
chief for Turbo Performance Center; they placed 7th in the GT
class that year. He returned to the Rolex 24 Hour race at
Daytona every year until 2008. In 2007 he won the GT class                                 15.1% Growth and
race with Allegra Motorsports. This accomplishment was
followed with some bad luck in 2008 where both cars were                                  90% + Renewal Rate!!
destroyed. The first car of the pair was brand new but suffered                    (even higher if transfers are factored out)
from wiring harness problems. The second car crashed under
the green flag and was hit four times by other cars! Lutzo has
a pretty cool quote about that demolished car: “Remove rear
view mirror, replace car.”

While working with crews for the Rolex GT class, Lutzo also
worked with both the Koni and Continental Challenges. He has
met some amazing drivers while working within these series.
Some great drivers he spoke of included Randy Pobst,
Spencer Pumpelly, Craig Stanton, John Morton, Fred Baker,
and Darren Law. He of course notes how much these drivers
taught him. Working in rookie racing is fun, but rookie drivers
are not always able to communicate problems with the car to
the crew chief. Experienced drivers know their vehicles and
know how to explain what they are feeling and what they
expect. I was so curious about his experiences with both
people and places. I asked about an interesting race he would
like to elaborate on, and Lutzo recalled a 2005 race in Santo
Domingo, Dominican Republic. The cars and trailers had to be
transported to the island by boat. This was unusual because
the teams were not allowed to bring a truck. The trucks were
provided by the Dominican Republic government. Apparently
this means these were not the best trucks on the island. A lot
of gear was damaged! The positive side to the government
taking an active role was the security detail for the cars at night.
The government was kind enough to provide military personnel
wearing flak jackets and carrying machine guns.

I had to ask what the current challenges of his career are. On
the racing side it is the rules of the Continental Challenge.
BMW and Ford are stronger competitors because they are built
up with tons of horsepower at the factory. Porsches come stock
and then have to be modified. This puts other car brands at an
advantage, making Porsche drivers push that much harder.
                                              (continued on page 16)

                                             HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED      14   FIRST SETTLERS REGION                                                         HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED   3   FIRST SETTLERS REGION
                                                   (2010 continued from page 11)                                                7+ PCA Regions and BMW CCA were represented
                                                   also broadcast an on-air interview with Region President.                                21 Brand new instructors
                                                   However, the most important non-region involvement came                      25 Previous instructors obtained PCA certification
                                                   when our new President and our Charity Committee                              26 PCA Certified instructors served as mentors
                                                   Chairperson met the Executive Director and Vice-President of
                                                   the Food Bank and handed them a check for $1700 in                                                 Fall DE at ViR
                                                   donations from the Air & Auto Classic.                                                             115 drivers
                                                                                                                                            54% from outside First Settlers
                                                   Multi-Region Participation. The First Settlers Region                                  5+ other PCA Regions represented
                                                   had members participating in various multi-regional events in                              11 drivers from BMW CCA
                                                   2010 to include Parade, Porsches-to-oxford, Shenandoah
                                                   Region’s Richmond Porsche Meet and our own PCA DE                      -- The Instructor Clinic involved four classroom sessions and
                                                   instructor Clinic. Every major First Settlers Region event is          four on track roll play sessions between the Instructor
                                                   coordinated with the other Regions in Zone 2 through our               Candidate and Mentor. We communicated our event to all
                                                   Activities Officer with open invitations to every event.               Zone 2 Regions as well as other car clubs such as BMW Car
                                                                                                                          Club of America. PCA Mentors were matched with the
                                                   -- Our Region President, Dave Conklin, represented us well at          Candidates and then Mentors were matched with each other.
                                                   Parade by bringing home a trophy from the Concours. Andrew             After completion of the program and completed evaluations,
                                                   Chisholm, a very long time PCA member and Past President               46 individuals successfully attained their National
                                                   of First Settlers, also brought home a trophy from the Parade          instructor designation.
                                                   Tech Quiz. Our region was also highlighted at the annual
                                                   event with the award of the Best Website Award for 2009.               Newsletter and Website Effectiveness. The First
                                                                                                                          Settlers Region was awarded the 2009 Best Website at
                                                   -- We maintain a very close relationship with our immediate            Parade and the site has only gotten better. It is truly a first-
                                                   neighbors to the west - the Shenandoah Region. Many of our             class source of information and collaboration for our members.
                                                   members hold dual membership with Shenandoah and we                    Combined with our equally effective newsletter, “Horizontally
                                                   routinely have a ‘mixing of members’ at various events. An             Opposed”, these communication tools are keys to our success.
                                                   estimated 25 members from the First Settlers Region help
                                                   defray the cost and were part of the 70 PCA members that               -- The award winning website was redesigned and continually
                                                   supported the annual Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM)                       updated with new features that include: The First Settlers
                                                   sponsored by our friends in Shenandoah.                                website is a major communication tool and service
                                                                                                                          provided to our members to better connect them to the
                                                   -- The Zone 2 PCA Club Race at ViR was another popular                 PCA community of interest.
                                                   multi-region event with strong support from First Settlers
                                                   members. This very popular event on the Club Race calendar
                                                                                                                          our website had over 1,400,000 page requests in 2010!
                                                   began several years ago as a First Settlers sponsored event.
                                                   Though now run by Zone 2, First Settlers Region continues to
                                                                                                                          -- “Horizontally Opposed” is our bi-monthly, hard-copy
                                                   provide volunteers and key staff members that are required to
                                                                                                                          newsletter. It includes standard newsletter features such as
                                                   make the administrative aspects of the Club Race happen.
                                                                                                                          the Calendar of Events, President’s Message, Treasurer
                                                   The event Registrar and registration staff, along with the
                                                                                                                          reports, Committee updates and officer contact information.
                                                   Club Race Medical Chair for 2010 were all from the First
                                                                                                                          However, its unique flavor comes from the personal
                                                   Settlers Region. The Registrar was recognized with a
                                                                                                                          articles, with accompanying photos, written by individual
                                                   personal award for his outstanding execution of this complex
                                                                                                                          members about their Porsche experiences. Some of the
                                                   volunteer job.
                                                                                                                          articles even come from PCA members from other
                                                                                                                          Regions. The publication has strong support from a growing
                                                   -- The First Settlers Region’s greatest contribution to multi-
                                                                                                                          number of dedicated sponsors and is nearly self-funded.
                                                   region participation came from sponsoring two major Driver’s
                                                   Education events again in 2010; to include an exceptionally
                                                                                                                          -- Through the combination of hard copy mailings for
                                                   well-planned, flawlessly executed, PCA-endorsed Instructor
                                                                                                                          registration, mass e-mail, a Facebook group, photo galleries,
                                                   Clinic. Although not large enough to fill a major DE with our
                                                                                                                          electronic forums, and both a print and online newsletter, we
                                                   own membership, First Settlers continues to take a substantial
                                                                                                                          are able to efficiently and interactively communicate with all of
                                                   financial risk by sponsoring multiple track events that support
                                                                                                                          our members.
                                                   PCA Regions all throughout the mid-Atlantic.

                                                                          Spring DE at ViR                                Ranked 5th in actual growth - just behind much
                                                          223 drivers • 60% from outside of First Settlers                                larger regions!
                                                   24+ different PCA Regions represented •Included BMW CCA                 Ranked 3rd in factored growth - just behind
                                                            Spring PCA instructor Clinic at ViR                                       much smaller regions!
                                                                       46 Instructors Qualified                           video feeds • access control lists • integrated forum • comments • poll systems
                                                                57% from outside First Settlers Region                                                                     (2010 continued on page 14)

                                                                                                                          (2010 continued from page 10)
                                                                           MEMBER                                                             The Special Olympics
                                                                                                                                           The Boys Home of Covington
                                                                                                                                            The SPCA of Virginia Beach

                                                                                                                          -- The spring event was a luncheon, wine tour and Silent
                                                                           SPOTLIGHT                                      Auction at the Williamsburg Winery. We maxed out the
                                                                                                                          restaurant seating with a sell-out crowd of 54 members to
                                                   WhAT CAN You Do FoR YouR CluB?                                         include some cars from our neighbors in the Shenandoah
                                                   By Ken Thomas                                                          Region. The Silent Auction included some very spirited
                                                                                                                          bidding and raised $2700 in cash.
                                                   I think it was President John F. Kennedy who said “Ask not
                                                   what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for              -- The 1st Annual Air and Auto Classic concours and
                                                   your country.” That same inspirational question is also                fundraiser was a smashing success. This complex event was
                                                   applicable to First Settlers Region. What can you do for your          coordinated by a dedicated core of about 10 Region members
                                                   club? There are many benefits that come via a membership               but attended by well over 70 local members. our direct
                                                   in PCA and the First Settlers Region, but we can enhance               involvement on the Board of the Car Club Council of
                                                   the value of a membership by giving back to the club                   hampton Roads gave us access to the other local gear-heads
                                                                                                                          and allowed us to spread the word about the local Porsche
                                                   Individuals and committees work hard to plan driving, social           Club’s community support. Advertising for this PCA-sponsored
                                                   and charity events; and to recruit sponsors and items for              event was in the local newspaper and on the local TV news.
                                                   raffles and door prizes to make these events fun, raise                American muscle era marques, a few Ferrari’s, lots of
                                                   money for our charities and to financially breakeven. All of           Porsches and a great mix of other makes and models adorned
                                                   this is to increase the value of your membership and to                the show parking. 115 vehicles were registered and judged.
                                                   enhance your personal club experience, but it’s a tough job            24 trophies were awarded to import and domestic vehicles in
                                                   at times.                                                              antique, vintage and late model categories. Over 500
                                                                                                                          spectators crowded the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia
                                                   So how can you help? Here is a list of ways:                           Beach to enjoy the cars, bi-plane rides, music, food, beer and
                                                                                                                          wine and to generously support the charity raffles. The event
                                                   •   Recruit a new member                                               was supported by the local Boy Scout Troop and the SPCA
                                                   •   Consider serving on the board or as an officer                     found a good home for one of the dogs at the show.
                                                   •   Volunteer for a event committee
                                                   •   Sign up and attend some events                                     -- Our first annual “Turkeys-in-the-Trunk” charity event in
                                                   •   Advertise your business with an event sponsorship                  support of the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia's Mayflower
                                                   •   Donate an item from your business for an event raffle              Marathon Thanksgiving food drive was a breakthrough
                                                   •   Secure a sponsorship or raffle item from a friend, vendor          success. Through the generosity of members who attended
                                                       or wherever you have relationships                                 and contributed to the effort, First Settlers collectively donated
                                                                                                                          over 3,100 pounds of food. The money and food donated by
                                                   First Settlers Region is growing rapidly. While it’s the               our members was turned into over 15,000 meals for those in
                                                   marque that brings us to the club, it’s the people we meet             need at Thanksgiving.
                                                   and the relationships we build that make membership a
                                                   great experience. And to come full circle, it’s the club events        -- The day began at the Checkered Flag Porsche dealership,
                                                   that bring us together. Reach out to a board member or                 where over 70 First Settlers members gathered, had their
                                                   officer to see how you can give back.                                  donations weighed and enjoyed lunch, courtesy of the
                                                                                                                          dealership. A Porsche varsity jacket donated by the dealership
                                                   Remember to renew your membership. You’ll be glad you                  went to the McDaneld family for bringing an amazing 366
                                                   did!                                                                   pounds of food, all stuffed in the back of a 944. The 44 car
                                                                                                                          caravan of Porsches, led by a shiny new Panamera, driving
                                                                           in Memorium                                    from Checkered Flag to the food drive location at Pembroke
                                                                    Fellow FSR members, for those of you who              Mall was quite a sight. We were welcomed with cheers as we
                                                                    are long time region members i'd like to              lined up to unload our trunks and present the Air & Auto Classic
                                                                    bring to your attention that a former FSR             donation check.
                                                                    member (from the 60's/70's), Bette hughes,
                                                                    passed away this week.         She and her            -- Community involvement was recognized by the large throng
                                                                    husband, Ed along with their son, James               of local volunteers supporting the drive who unloaded all of the
                                                                    were early members of the region and Bette            food from the Porsches. More recognition came directly when
                                                                    held various offices/positions during that            the premier disc-jockey for local classic rock radio station met
                                                   time to include president in 1973. Thanks to Weldon                    our Charity Committee Chairperson during the food drop and
                                                   Scrogham for letting us know. You can find the full details            recognized the First Settlers Region with a live, on-air
                                                                                                                          announcement of PCA’s involvement. The radio station
                                                   at this link http://www.legacy.com/link.asp?i=ls000150219450
                                                                                                                                                                        (continued on page 13)

(2010 continued from page 9)                                            -- The status of First Settlers membership growth and the
level of Activity. The activities in the First Settlers Region          value of PCA membership was a continual theme in each
can be best described in two words - busy and balanced. We              “horizontally opposed” newsletter. The Membership
had events every month with something for everyone from                 Committee used all of our media options to stay in touch with
social events for the family, charity and outreach events, track        members and highlight the advantages of membership. The
sessions, to events coordinated with other regions and clubs.           web-forums allowed us to share information on local Porsche
                                                                        repair shops, track down previous members, locate formerly-
                                                                        owned Porsches and provide advice on buying new ones.
Each event is advertised five primary ways.
                                                                        -- The following is an example of the outreach from our
• Discussed during the ‘business’ portion of each monthly               Membership Committee:
  breakfast,                                                            IMPORTANT MEMBERSHIP UPDATE - The easiest way for
• liberal use of the PCA-sponsored mass email,                          new folks to join us is through our website, "http://fst.pca.org",
• Details are posted on our website and registration                    and use the form at the bottom of the “Contact Us” page. You
  completed on-line,                                                    can place a business card with the website addresses of both
• Schedules are published in the “horizontally opposed”                 First Settlers (http://fst.pca.org) and Porsche Club of America
  newsletter,                                                           (www.pca.org) on windshields.
• Through social networking via our group Facebook page.
                                                                        If you haven’t gotten any of our recent club-wide emails
Ideas for new events are solicited at every gathering, via on-          regarding the new logo contest, breakfast reminders, there’s
line communications on our web forum and via a Member’s                 an easy explanation. Make sure you’ve updated your email
Activity Survey. One indication of the strength of the First            address online at www.pca.org . It’s quick & easy, and you
Settlers Region is the fact that nearly every event - fun run,          won’t be missing out on updates, upcoming event information,
rally, fund raiser or lunch - was organized by someone                  etc. anymore! Just log onto your www.pca.org account and
different. This involvement by a diverse number of members              follow the link under “Members” to the “Member Record” link.
has resulted in some very unique events.                                Here, you can update all of your membership records by
                                                                        clicking on the icon that looks like a pencil to the right of your
First Settlers is very open to multi-regional participation.            membership listing. And if you can’t remember your
We maintain a close relationship with other regions in Zone 2           www.pca.org logon information, or if you haven’t logged on in
- in particular with Shenandoah to our west. We share joint             a while, your user name may still be your first initial followed
members and support their Richmond Porsche Meet and they                by your last name (example: jsmith), and your password may
reciprocate with a strong attendance at our DEs.                        still be the last four digits of your membership number. In the
                                                                        end, I’m always available and happy to help with updating your
Membership Growth. Overall membership in PCA grew                       records.
3.3% with First Settlers having a leadership role in that
growth. We grew from 502 primary members in January                     Community Activity. Charity is a major focus of our
2010 to 578 in December; an increase of 15.1%. We                       Region’s efforts with the number of planned events and
finished 5th in actual growth and 3rd in growth when                    member participation growing each year. We continued to
region size was factored. The regions that finished in front            sponsor four charities: the Food Bank of Southeastern
of us were as much as four times larger. Similarly, the regions         Virginia, The Special Olympics, The Boys’ Home of Covington
finishing ahead of us in factored growth were much smaller. In          and the Virginia Beach SPCA. In addition to various fund
the factored results, please note that the results were                 raisers, we sponsored the boys from the Boys’ Home and gave
extremely close with a difference of two separating us from             them rides in the Porsches during the DE parade laps.
the top spot.                                                           Sponsor support from over 35 individuals and businesses
                                                                        was needed to make our monthly breakfast raffles and
-- The secret to success is in our people. Our Membership               auctions an important part of our overall charity fundraising
Chair was enthusiastic, energetic and very well organized.              efforts.
However, it was the outreach from every member, at every
level that drove our growth. Old members would always meet
and greet new faces at the monthly breakfasts. If a                                Three MAJOR charity events in 2010:
prospective new member indicated interest in track events, he
or she was pointed to a track junkie who took them under their          (1)Tour, (2)Lunch and (3)Silent Auction
wing. Many new members learned about PCA and First                      Air & Auto Classic Car Show including many local car
Settlers through a brochure placed on their windshield.                 clubs
                                                                        “Turkeys-in-the-Trunk” high-visibility food drive
-- Specifics of the membership process included personalized
letters from the Membership Chair, mailed the old-fashioned             ....... Plus monthly raffles and charity laps!
way, to members coming up for renewal. Follow up letters                          We raised $8700 and 3100 pounds of food
were sent to members who’s membership had expired. We                                      for four local charities:
brought in 25 new members in the month of September                                  Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia
alone!                                                                                                               (continued on page 11)

                                          HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED     10   FIRST SETTLERS REGION                                                 HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED   7   FIRST SETTLERS REGION
                                                                                            First Settlers Region - 2010
                                                   Phil Grandfield

                                                   A few years ago, a First Settlers Region breakfast would muster barely 15 car guys in a bagel shop to talk about an upcoming DE
                                                   and maybe plan a short fun run. Now our events attract the whole family and we’re concerned about outgrowing our meeting
                                                   places! We exceeded each goal that was set: supporting the PCA mission, improved communication, increased membership,
                                                   more diverse activities and commitment to giving back to the community through charity. This is the summary of our 2010 activity.
                                                   This information was submitted to PCA for the Region of the Year award. We should be proud of how we have grown and what we
                                                   have accomplished. Great job everyone. 2011 is going to be even better!
                                                                                  PCA GoAlS                                                       FiRST SETTlERS REGioN
                                                            Promotes high standards of courtesy and safety                                 Controlled fun runs throughout the region
                                                                          Goodwill and fellowship                                          Well attended gatherings and networking
                                                     High Standards of operation and performance of the marque                       Well organized DE’s with stringent safety standards
                                                          Mutually beneficial relationship with the dealerships                      Strong dealership relations through charity and tech
                                                               Exchange ideas with other Porsche Clubs                                      Regionally, throughout the Mid-Atlantic
                                                             Mutually beneficial with other sports car clubs                         Board member Car Club Council of Hampton Roads

                                                   Our region stretches from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia west to the Richmond area, north to Fredericksburg, and south to
                                                   North Carolina. Because of the large area that we cover, we are divided into eastern and central regions, each with its own Vice-
                                                   President and Assistant Vice-President. The construct takes more volunteers and more coordination to plan events convenient for
                                                   all our members. Our close boundaries with major population centers facilitates our ability to include other regions in our planning.

                                                                                                   highlights of 2010
                                                         Executed three MAJoR charity events! Exceptional membership growth! Sponsored two multi-region DEs!
                                                      Executed PCA-sponsored instructor Clinic! improved award-winning website! Supported Parade and Club Racing!

                                                                                                             2010 Activities Summary

                                                              Event Type                          how often                                            Number of Members
                                                                                                                                Average 30-40 members at each location; East & Central. As many as
                                                           Social Breakfasts           Monthly in two locations. 22 total
                                                                                                                                                      70 in nice weather.
                                                             Gimmick Rally                           Once                                                   55 members

                                                           Fun Runs & Lunch                         Three                                             40-55 members at each

                                                          Drive-in Movie Night                       Once                                                   8 members

                                                          Multi-regions Socials                      Once                               25 members supported Shenandoah Regional RPM

                                                            Special Events                           Once                                    5 members; lunch with aircraft carrier C.O.

                                                               Concours                              Once                         115 car, 500 person ,multi-marque event. 70 members attended

                                                               Club Race                             Once                                    10 volunteers including 2 Committe Chairs

                                                                 Parade                              Once                                               Two trophy winners

                                                          Annual Busines Mtg.                        Once                                                   80 members

                                                         Annual Awards Dinner                        Once                                     80 members, over 15 awards presented

                                                                  DE’s                               Twice                                 50-60% of drivers from other Regions or Clubs

                                                            Instructor Clinics                       Once                                     Graduated 44 PCA Certified Instructors

                                                             Charity Events                         Three                                          60-80 members at each event

                                                             Tech Sessions                           One                                                    25 members
                                                                                                                                                                                 (continued on page 10)

HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED   8   FIRST SETTLERS REGION                                              HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED          9      FIRST SETTLERS REGION

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