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									With One Click, LBA Group Blogs Page Offers Full Line-up of News,

Veteran telecommunications industry company consolidates industry news,
straight talk on issues, a Spanish-language portal, and expert commentary
onto a single blogs page on its website for easier visitor access and

Greenville, NC, August 22, 2012 -- If information is currency, LBA
Group's new blogs page is a gold mine for wireless, RF safety, and
electromagnetic compatibility industries. Reams of valuable, professional
information are available at a single click.

The veteran telecommunications-support company has consolidated a half
century of experience and perspective into a single, redesigned page at
lbagroup.com/blog. It features news and commentary on products and
technical services, regulatory and spectrum issues, industry happenings,
and company developments relevant to the community and industry.

Included in the five separate blogs are the crusty   and technically
enlightened observations of The Old RF Curmudgeon.   (Recent example: "Why
is the U.S. Strip-Mining Radio Spectrum?") 'Around   LBA' contains
observations and insights gleaned from 50 years of   leadership in
broadcast support work. The site's technical blogs   discuss such topics
as: bull Wireless tower colocation techniques bull   FCC compliance
hearings bull 4G interference with cable TV.

Reflecting LBA's international presence, 'Antena Hispana' is a Spanish
language blog aimed at Latin American broadcast executives and companies.
Besides offering product and tech service news, it previews and reports
on industry events in the region, including such gatherings as Mexico's
annual National Radio and TV Week and Expo.

This all-in-one Blogs page also contains recent product and service news
releases for any visitors to the site who missed the announcements in
industry and general publications, or who want to revisit them.

"LBA Group Blogs is a unique and growing collection of information for
the industry, all of it easily accessed on a single landing page," says
LBA Group chief executive officer Lawrence Behr. "It is a site for
learning and comment. I don't see many companies offering this volume of
quality content."

LBA Group offices are on Tupper Drive in Greenville, N.C.- and, of
course, the company can be visited at lbagroup.com.

About LBA Group Inc.
LBA Group, Inc. has 50 years of experience in providing electromagnetic
protection for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets.
It is comprised of LBA Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer and
integrator of radio frequency systems, lightning protection, and EMC
equipment for broadcast, industrial, and government users worldwide, and
the professional engineering consultancy Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc.
The companies are based in Greenville, N.C., USA.
Giles Lambertson
LBA Group Inc.
3400 Tupper Dr
Greenville, NC 27834

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