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									Xtremepicks: Suspect Detention System LTD (SDSS) - Nipping terrorists in
the bud

Terrorists and terrorist groups will be shaking now with Suspect
Detection Systems Ltd (SDSS) making waves in the National Security area.
SDSS already identified and foiled countless potential terrorist attacks
and making $ millions in sales. Now SDSS is primed for exponential growth
through government agency contacts.

Belize City, Belize, August 22, 2012 -- Publishers of daily newsletter
xtremepicks (http://www.xtremepicks.com) looks at Suspect Detention
System LTD (SDSS)

SDSS skyrocketed today on record volume and another MONSTER alert just
getting it’s toes wet with MAJOR news announcing an agreement with
Defence Contractor in Major World Capital

Suspect Detection Systems Enters Distribution Agreement with Defense
Contractor in Major World CapitalPR Newswire(Tue 10:37AM EDT)

Since 9/11, there is a growing need to identify and foil any terrorist
plot, and SDSS’s “COGITO” technology will be the one to be sought by
Major Countries around the world. This means huge $$ to the bottom line.

SDSS “COGITO” System already successfully tested as show here in this
video. Investors can easily guess where this is located and maybe a hint
to where “COGITO” is being deployed.

Suspect Detection Systems LTD (SDSS) specializes in developing and
marketing innovative technologies for the Homeland Security market based
on lessons learned from the 9/11 terror attack.

SDS presents its product line, the “COGITO”. Relying on unique and
proprietary technology and designed to identify malicious intent at
border control and other checkpoints, the “Cogito1002″ is an
indispensable tool that helps Law Enforcement agencies in their war
against international terrorism.

With news flowing from the company Xtremepicks have targeted SDSS with a
$0.25 price level and for key reasons.

Share structure has remained relatively unchanged for years and confirmed
with the company that this structure will not change for the foreseeable
Historic highs on SDSS reached $0.28 per share in 2009 on low volumes,
this is primed for a repeat
Recorded over $2 Million in annual sales and expect to grow exponentially
Xtremepicks anticipate a series of updates soon from the company on their
recent developments to take SDSS to new heights.

SDSS jump today on record volumes of 12.2 millions shares making a
confirmed bounce from support levels. With SDSS in a much stronger
position than when prices hit a high of $0.28, there’s definitely a huge
potential to hit these levels again makingSDSS a potential 1,000% play.
Xtrmepicks have seen several of their alerts move quick from pennies to
target levels just like they have seen with IFHR and BRYN. Both soared
from low pennies to over $0.20+ per share, SDSS is prime to be another
multibagger gainer with HUGE sales potential.

About Suspect Detention Systems LTD
Suspect Detection Systems Ltd. (SDS) SDS specializes in developing
innovative Homeland Security, Military Intelligence and Law Enforcement
advance technologies based on extensive Intelligence and counter-
terrorism know-how accumulated in Israel and worldwide. SDS was founded
by former senior officials of Israeli security and experienced senior
experts of the high-tech industry.

The company’s first advanced line of product is the “COGITO”. Relying on
unique and proprietary technology the system is designed to identify
malicious intent in various settings and scenarios. The “COGITO1002″ is
an automated kiosk-like station that enables the profiling and screening
of passengers based on biofeedback indications. SDS develops and markets
the “COGITO1002″ to be used by law enforcement agencies for the detection
of suspects harboring malicious intent at border control and/or other

The COGITO1003 is a stationary “Internal Threat” and Pre Employment and
employee integrity screening system. The COGITO4M is a military grade
product aimed at the Field Intelligence of Military units, Police and Law
Enforcement units. This technology was successfully tested by US
Governmental Agencies, Israeli Security agencies and being use both by
commercial and governmental customers in Israel, United States of
America, Central America and South Africa.

SDS Mission: our mission is to assist law enforcement agencies all over
the world in their war against local and international sophisticated
organized crime and terrorism by providing innovative solutions that can
be deployed today, while adding value to our investors.

Xtremepicks.com profiles are not a solicitation or recommendation to buy,
sell or hold securities and is not offering securities for sale.
Xtremepicks receive $50K from Direct Global Media for 2 week profile of
SDSS and may be buyers in the open market. Verify all claims and do own
due diligence. An offer to buy or sell can be made only with accompanying
disclosure documents and only in the states and provinces for which they
are approved

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