“In the Year 2065” by linxiaoqin


									In the Year
  By: Shelby Williams
           My Life…
• I will be 72 years old.
• I will be a retired Special Education
  teacher, for the Daviess County school
• I will have three children.
• I will love to stay at home and babysit my
• I will be a graduate of Western Kentucky
• I will graduate with a bachelors degree in
  Special Education, after teaching for a few
  years I plan to go back to college and get
  my Masters degree.
           My Home
• I always thought that when I was little it would be so
  cool to move away from home, but I decided to stay
  close to my family and live in Owensboro even to this
• Because of newer technologies my home floats on a man
  made lake.
• My house is equipped with a central computer that is
  activated by voice commands.
• Our television, phone, and computer are merged into
  one device.
• We currently have movable furniture, that hides when
  not being used.
• Our food is auto-stocked by a computer system, along
  with all medications and supplies.
             My Car
• My car is run on hydrogen fuel cells, which emit
  less harmful chemicals into our environment.
• My car is equipped with communication
  technology with other cars on the road. It warns
  me of oncoming pedestrians and animals.
• My car is equipped with devices to warn me of
  drowsiness or straying from my lane.
   My Communication
• My cell phone, will
  combine all of my mobile
  devices into one.
• It has the capabilities of
  being transparent, shape
  shifting, flexible, and self
• High speed travel has put
  me in touch will all my
  relatives in other states.
  What normally takes two
  hours to travel now can
  be reached in under 20
    Aquatic and Airborne
• Rinspeed Design Company has created an
  amphibious car that can travel on land and
  maneuver through water.
• Also in the making are personal aircrafts
  that are safe, comfortable, and easy to fly.
• In recent newspapers, electronically downloaded
  to your T.V. every morning, there has been
  discussions about life being successful on the
  fourth planet from the sun, Mars.
• Space travel has become more common, in
  everyday life. It has become affordable for most
• Space travel is looked upon now as a normal
• With the increasing
  amount of harmful
  chemicals released into the
  environment, we have had
  a major increase in the
  number of hurricanes,
  tsunamis, earthquakes,
  and volcanic eruptions.
• The increasing
  temperature has created
  drier climates everywhere.
  More heat related deaths
  are taking place daily, and
  wildfires are happening
• Outdoor farming has
  become a thing of the
  past. Now a vertical
  20 story building
  produces enough
  organics to feed a
  whole town.
• There is a 24/7 crop
  production and no
  crop failures from
  drought or bad
• Some new technologies and breakthroughs in
  the medical field have led to care giving robots
  in every families home.
• There self monitoring devices in your home that
  can diagnose your illness.
• Almost every organ can be grown in lab, for any
  replacement needs you may have.
• There are also advancements in gene therapy
  and manipulation to meet a certain trait that you
• In recent developments, we have been able to
  discover a way to communicate in 3-D.
• Holographic machines are now a thing of the
  past, projecting yourself, or even a room full of
  people is now commonplace.
• Personal memory changes are also being
  developed. Instead of taking an hour to explain
  a story, you can just swap that specific memory
  with another person.
      Resources in the Future
 Scientists predict that in the future, we
  will have: clean and plentiful drinking
  water, a safe and abundant food supply,
  new fuels that do not pollute the
  environment, waste management will be
  increased, human healthcare needs will be
  better, and environment protection efforts
  will be increased dramatically.
• http://www.futureforall.org/transportation

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