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					                                            CFCC North Campus Menu ~ January
       Monday                       Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday                                        Friday
2)                         3)                           4)                             5)                           6)

9) #1Chicken Divan           10) #1 Glazed Baked Ham    11) #1 Vegetable Lasagna       12)   Grilled or Fried       13) #1 Chicken Florentine
#2Cheese Tortellini Marinara      #2 Fish Tacos (2)        #2 Chicken Fetuccini               #1 Pork Chops              #2 Shrimp & Pasta
Sides:Red Roasted Potatoes Sides: Yams                             Alfredo                     #2 Flounder          Sides: Rice Pilaf
      Carrots                     Macaroni n’Cheese     Sides: *Sicilian Blend Vegs.   Sides: Scalloped Potatoes       *Tropical Coast Blend
      8 oz Side Salad            Black Beans & Rice          8 oz Garden Salad,         Corn Nuggets, Applesauce           8 oz Side Salad
      Applesauce                 Baked Apples, Slaw         Garlic or Chz Bread             *Normandy Blend                 *Cold Salad
                                                                 Applesauce                    *Cold Salad          Soup: New England
Soup: Tomato Florentine    Soup: Broccoli & Cheese      Soup: Chicken Noodle           Soup: Veg. Beef                   Clam Chowder
16) MLK Day                17) #1 Roast Pork Loin       18) #1 Vegetable Stir-Fry      19) #1 Baked Tilapia         20) #1Chicken Cacciatore
     Campus’ Closed             #2 Salisbury Steak           #2 Shrimp & Grits            #2 Roast Beef Au Jus              #2 Beef Stew
                           Sides: Mashed Potatoes       Sides: Fried Rice,             Sides: Mashed Potatoes       Sides: Rice, Egg Noodles,
                                   5 Way Blend                  Spring Rolls,                *Winter Blend,                Sicilian Blend,
                                    Applesauce               Steamed Broccoli,                Corn Poppers                8 oz Side Salad,
                                    Cold Salad                 8 oz Side Salad                 Applesauce                    Applesauce
                           Soup: Vegetable Soup         Soup: Corn Chowder             Soup: French Onion           Soup: Wedding Soup

23) #1 Baked Meatloaf      24) #1 Chicken Mondavi        25) #1Vegetable Tetrazzini    26) #1 Roast Turkey          27) #1 Meat Lasagna
      #2 Fried Shrimp        #2 Pasta Tossed in Olive     #2 Baked or BBQ Chicken          w/ Cranberry Sauce            #2 Beef Pot Roast
      (Plain or Buffalo)    Oil w/ Garlic & Parmesan Sides: Au Gratin Potato                #2 Baked Flounder       w/ Potatoes, Carrots, Onions
Sides: Mashed Potatoes     Sides: Rice, 8 oz Side Salad,        5 Way Blend            Sides: Mashed Potatoes       Sides: 8 oz Side Salad
       or French Fries          Steamed Broccoli               8 oz Side Salad           Stuffing, Green Beans,     Corn Poppers
   Peas & Diced Carrots           Sicilian Blend                 Applesauce                  Slaw, Applesauce       Slaw
          Cole Slaw
Soup: Chicken Noodle        Soup: Veg. Beef             Soup: Potato Soup              Soup: Broccoli & Cheese      Soup: Tomato Florentine
30) #1 Chimichangas         31) #1 BBQ Ribs             1) #1 Beef Tacos               2) #1 Open-Faced Turkey      3) #1 Pepper Steak
#2 Mandarin Orange Stir-Fry #2 Baked or Fried Chicken     #2 Fajita Chicken Bowl       w/Gravy on choice of bread     #2 Sesame Seed Chicken
Sides: Rice, Asparagus,     Sides: Mashed Potatoes      Sides: Rice                      #2 Country Fried Steak     Sides: Rice,
     Black Beans & Corn       Backyard Baked Beans             Refried Beans           Sides: Mashed Potatoes       *Cantonese Blend
         Cold Salad               Corn on the Cob                   Corn                        Succatash           Vegetable Spring Roll
                                 Slaw, Cornbread                 Churrios                   Steamed Broccoli        Oriental Side Salad

Soup: Corn Chowder         Soup: Clam Chowder           Soup: Vegetable Soup           Soup: Wdding Soup            Soup: French Onion
                 CFCC North Campus Menu ~ January
Monday   Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday   Friday

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