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									            How to Manually Optimize Your Posts – Cheat Sheet.
#1: Your main keywords must be in your domain name. (This is explained in the SEO Recipe
under “Domain Selection”).

#2. Your main keywords must be placed in the home title tag 2 times. (This is explained in the
SEO Recipe Under SEO Platinum Plugin).

#3. Your main keywords must appear in the in H1, H2 and H3 Tags. The <H1> tag being the
most important.

#4. Your main keywords must appear near the beginning of the first sentence in each

#5. Your main keywords must appear in the last sentence of each paragraph.

#6. Your overall keyword density of each post should be at least 3%. This means your main
keywords should be at least 3% of the entire post.

#7. Using your main keywords as the anchor text you need to link to another internal page on
your site at least once on each post. For example:

<a href="">Tinnitus Miracle</a>

#8. Using your main keywords as the anchor text you need to link out to an authority site at
least once in each post with a no follow tag. For example:

<a href=" " rel="nofollow"> Tinnitus Miracle</a>

#9 Make sure you remove all other outgoing links other than to the affiliate program you want
to promote.

# 10. Make sure each image you add to each post has an “alt tag” with your main keyword in it.

<img alt="Tinnitus Miracle Users" align="center" src="
content/uploads/2010/10/tinnitus-miracle-users.jpg" />

#11. Make sure for each of your posts that you bold, underline or italicise your main keyword
at least once.

#12. Make sure that each post is at least 850 to 1,000 words in length and is “tightly written”
around your main keywords.
#13. As indicated in the guide, ensure to optimize the names of your images in each post. (This
is explained in the SEO Recipe under “Other blog tasks”).

This is the foundation in which you can fully optimize each of your posts or web pages. I
understand that this may seem difficult for some of you at first, but once you get the hang of it,
it’s quite easy to do. I will help you out the best I can and should you need any further
assistance please let me know.

If you get stuck on anything and need a quick answer, type your question into Youtube and
almost always there is a free instructional video.

As you know SEO Pressor automatically adds all these “goodies” into your posts and gives you
the ability to finesse your posts so they hit the 100% post score. If you cannot afford to buy the
full version you could use the 7 day 7$ option for the unlimited version, optimize your posts
and not continue after the 7 day trial is over.

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