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									     Category:            Location:     LotArea: FloorArea:         Price:           Comments:
                                                                               4BR 4TB / 1maids
                                                                               with bathroom,
                                                                               1drivers with
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   900 sqm     420 sqm    P9M              bathroom / Bungalow

                                                                               185sqm per lot /
                                                                               2Storey / 2nd flr - 3BR
                                                                               3TB 1Study / Grnd flr -
                                                                               1Play room & 1Maids
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   370 sqm     400 sqm    P6.5m            with TB.
                                                                               4bedrooms, 3T&B well
                                                                               maintained sprawling
                                                                               bungalow house;
                                                                               updated as of dec 3
House and lot     Greenplains Subd.    789 sqm 210 sqm        P4m              2007
Residential Lot   Tangub               985 sqm                P1.5m            infront of School
Commercial        Sum-ag               480 sqm                P576,000.00
                  Lizares Avenue /     853/1006/              P2T/P2500/P18 nearby goldenfields/3
Residential Lot   Libertad / Araneta   851sqm                 00            lots
                  Singcang / JR
                  Torres / Airport                            P1,200/sqm
Commercial        Subd.                6,008 sqm              neg.
                                                                               Inside Manville
Residential Lot   Manville Royale      9591 sqm               make offer       Subdivision
                  Lizares Avenue /
Commercial        Libertad / Araneta   1853 sqm               P25,000.00/sqm

                                                                               two-storey 3 bdrms
                                                                               with maids TCT#
House and lot     Bata                 630.00      198sqm     P5M              260319, fully furnished
                                                                               good for subdivision
Commercial        Mandalagan           9,000 sqm              P1,350.00/sqm    development
                                                                               Across Robinson's
Commercial        Lacson Streets       1,471 sqm              P30,000/sqm      and beside CARVIC

                                                                               w/ pictures, 3BR,3T&B
                                                                               ,separate maids room
                                                                               w/ T&B , one half-
House and lot     Bata                 562sqm      260 sqm    P4.5m            storey with pictures
                  Alijis / Paglaum                                             3BR 2TB / 4 year old
House and lot     Village / Murcia     210 sqm     150 sqm    P2m              house / with picture.
                                       337,162.0                               2hectares/inside the
Residential Lot   Silay                0                      P5M/has          subdivision
                                       10,000                                  4.5 k from talisay city
Agricultural      Talisay              sqm                    P3M pha          proper

House and lot     Silay                1,016 sqm 300 sqm      P5.5m net        5BR 3TB
                                                                               back of menlo
                                                                               village/near silay
Raw Land          Talisay              89.84 has              P400 psqm        diversion road
Building(Commerci                                                         Commercial bldg.,
al)               Downtown Area       165.00             P15M net         Bubbles botique bldg.
                                                                          42254;Luzuriaga st
                                                                          straight then left side
                                                                          brgy25 beside
                                                                          Pension hardware;
                                                         P20,000/sqm      updated as of dec 3,
Mixed Use         Downtown Area       373.00             neg              2007

                                                                        Previous pension
                                                                        house with pool,
                                                                        fronting LCC HRM
Building(Commerci                                                       school; updated as of
al)               Downtown Area       1,142.00           P20,000,000.00 dec 3, 2007

                                                                          410sqm / lot; near
                                                                          chinese temple; with
                                                                          existing bodega/near c
Bodega            Hervias / Homesite 1,200 sqm 420 sqm   P5.5m            cube

                                                                          can be residential /
                                                                          commercial, highway
                                                                          going to Bethany
Mixed Use         Hervias / Homesite 800 sqm             P2,200 psqm      Court
Residential Lot   Villamonte         752sqm              P 2,300/sqm

Raw Land          Bago - Kabankalan 7,984.00             P1,000.00 /sqm 47.84meters frontage
Raw Land          Bago - Kabankalan hectares             P200/sqm         TCT# 28298

Commercial        Bago - Kabankalan 7500 sqm             P400/sqm         light industrial lot
Agricultural      Sipalay - Cauayan sqm                                   Agricultural land
Raw Land          Sipalay - Cauayan 9,038.00                              Agricultural land
Raw Land          Sipalay - Cauayan 20,709.00            P5,500,000.00
Raw Land          Sipalay - Cauayan 2,051.00             P200.00 / sqm    TCT# 74335
Raw Land          Sipalay - Cauayan sqm                                   TCT# 202133
Raw Land          Sipalay - Cauayan 8,155.00             P500.00/sqm      TCT# 191192
Beach             Sipalay - Cauayan m
                                                                         for low cost housing
                                                                         project lots, available
                                                                         on installment
Residential Lot   Sagay - Escalante   1,214.00           P3,000.00 / sqm basis;townhouse
Condominium       Luzon               316.00             P1,260,000.00
Condominium       Luzon               327.00     --      P3M
                                                                            2brms,w/ maids rm &
House and lot     Luzon                91.38       -        P5.46M          laundry 1 parking slot

                                                                            2br w maids rm w/1
Condominium       Luzon                91.5sqm              P5,200,000.00   parking slot/negotiable
Raw Land          Panay Area           qm                                   TCT# 28662
Raw Land          Panay Area           qm                                   TCT# 28659
Raw Land          Panay Area           qm                                   TCT# 28660
Raw Land          Panay Area           qm                                   TCT# 28663
Raw Land          Panay Area           qm                                   TCT#28664
Raw Land          Panay Area           qm                                   TCT# 28665-28673
                                       353sqm -
                                       833sqm -
                  Burgos / Lopez       m-
Commercial        Jeana                665sqm               P10,000 psqm    residential lot; 4 titles

                                                                            with dilapidated
                                                                            house; potential
                                                                            commercial use (near
                                                                            banago rd or North
Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages   1778 sqm -           P4,500 psqm     Cirumferential Rd)
                  Mabini - Coral                            P6,500/sqm
Commercial        Street               230sqm               neg.            updated April 29, 2009
                  Alijis / Paglaum     50,000
Commercial        Village / Murcia     sqm                  700 psqm
Raw Land          Mambucal             m         lot only   P400/sqm
                                       10,000sq                             10,000sqm
                                       m/30,000s                            warehous/30,000sqm
                                       qm/5,000s                            open lot/5,000sqm
Commercial        Talisay              qm                   make offer      open lot
                                                                            Highway frontage
                                                            15,000/sqm;     15000/sqm; Rear
Mixed Use         Sagay - Escalante 12 has                  600/sqm         600/sqm
                                    79,745sq                                Seckler,
Raw Land          Bago - Kabankalan m                                       PHIL/CECILIA Folder
                                                                            electric power, water
                                                                            supply thru deep well,
                                                                            transportation a
Raw Land          Hinigaran            2,142sqm             P500/sqm        ccessible (loy only)
                                                                         electric power, water
                                                                         supply, telecom
                                                                         facilites, transpo
                                                                         accessible, vacant
                                                                         residential land; 2 lots
Residential Lot   Luzon              246 sqm               P2.4M         at 240 sqm
                                                                         electric power, water
                                                                         supply, telecom
                                                                         facilites, transpo
                  Burgos / Lopez                                         accesible, creek at the
Bodega            Jeana              271 sqm 260 sqm       P1.455M       back
Residential Lot   Luzon              316sqm  -             P1.26M
Residential Lot   Luzon              327sqm  -             P3M
Raw Land          Manapla            9865sqm               P350/sqm

                                                                         across parking lot of
                                                                         Gaisano (San
                                                                         Sebastian side); in
                                                                         between Gatuslao St
Building(Commerci                                                        and Locsin St.updated
al)               Downtown Area      1,900sqm              P28M neg      as of dec 3, 2007
Raw Land          Hinoba-an          m
                                     76                    P210,000/ha   operational on bangus
Fishpond          Ilog               hectares              negotiable    culture
                                                                         House and
                                                                         Lot/4342427 with
                                                                         picture /3BR 2TB with
                                                                         maids and TB,1 car
                                                                         garage; updated as of
House and lot     Mansilingan        121 sqm     135 sqm   P2.2m neg     dec 3, 2007
                                                                         smallest cut 1/2
Raw Land          Mansilingan        7.5 has               P300/sqm      hectare
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Raw Land          Village / Murcia   1,371,940
                                                                         back( P3000/sqm);
                                                                         P3000/sqm); road
                                                                         right of way
Raw Land          Mindanao           9865sqm                             (P3000/sqm)

                                                                         m) ,
                                     24,890sq                            (10,000sqm@3,500/s
Raw Land          Mindanao           m                     P3,500/sqm    qm)
                                                                           ( 25,299sqm
                                        36,018sq                           (10,719sqm@1,500/s
Raw Land            Mindanao            m                 P1,500/sqm       qm)
Building(Commerci                                                          Group K Commercial
al)                 Tangub              7879 sqm 6015 sqm P56m             Complex/make offer
Raw Land            Panay Area          41.77has
Residential Lot     Rodriguez Avenue    1000sqm           P4500/sqm
                    Villa Angela /
                    Bethany / Fortune                                      Very near Bacolod-
Residential Lot     Town / Granada      569 sqm -         P2,000 psqm      Granada road
Raw Land            Cadiz               m
Agricultural        Talisay             25 has            P200 psqm
Agricultural        Talisay             has               P450 psqm net
                                                                          coming from Bacolod
                                                          P5,000          property is after
                                                          frontage/P4,000 Honda till the bridge.
Commercial        Talisay               5 has             back neg.       Along highway
al)               Downtown Area         2700sqm           P60M
                                                          P9k psqm +
Commercial          Northdrive          1000+sqm          evat
                                                                           2 master's bedroom
                                                                           with own bath, 1
                                                                           guestroom with TB, 2
                                                                           servant's quarter with
House and lot       Lacson Streets      3082 sqm ?        P12,500 psqm     own bath, office

Commercial          Recalamation Area 1000sqm             P6M
                    Singcang / JR
                    Torres / Airport
Commercial          Subd.             1,250sqm            P15M             with improvement

                                                                           beside cebu pacific
                    Singcang / JR                                          with vicinity map,
                    Torres / Airport                                       under negotiation due
Commercial          Subd.               3000sqm           hold             to have a squatter.
                    Alijis / Paglaum
Commercial          Village / Murcia    200sqm            P3000 psqm       commercial lots
                                                                           vacant lot TCT
Commercial          Sum-ag              356               P 706,000.00     204305
                                                                           L2A & 2B TCT 149412
Commercial          Himamaylan          2500              P 225,000.00     & 182151
Commercial          Silay               2.2has            P4M /ha
Commercial          Tangub              1107 sqm          P6,528,000
Commercial          Tangub              3000sqm           P10,500,000
                  Singcang / JR
                  Torres / Airport
Commercial        Subd.                1,550sqm              P14,756,000
Commercial        Downtown Area        568sqm                P9,300,000
Commercial        Downtown Area        457sqm                P15,000/sqm
                                                                             vacant lot TCT
Residential Lot   Moises Padilla       5,107                 P 766,000.00    155070
Fishpond          Himamaylan           29,436.00             P 736,000.00    TCT 140834
                                                                             from Prime Property
Raw Land          Talisay              82has                 P 500 psqm      Listing
                                                                             From Prime prop
Beach             Hinoba-an            1,500sqm              P3,500,000      listing
                  Singcang / JR
                  Torres / Airport                                           residential lot with
Residential Lot   Subd.                957 sqm     240 sqm   P3m             warehouse
                                                                             fully developed with
                                                                             house; near brgy
Rental            Valladolid           7has                                  pacol
                  Villa Angela /                                             going to Sta fe,with
                  Bethany / Fortune                                          title and vicinity map
Residential Lot   Town / Granada       996 sqm     -         P2,000 psqm     ofc
                                                                             with title and vicinity
Residential Lot   Silay                566sqm                P1,018,800      map
                                                                             with title and vicinity
Residential Lot   Silay                294sqm                P 823,200       map

Residential Lot   Sunshine Valley      1,157sqm              P1,388,000
                  Lizares Avenue /
House and lot     Libertad / Araneta   1053 sqm ?            P7,354,000      house and lot
Raw Land          Mansilingan          m                     P500/sqm        raw land

                                                                             Roces Ave cor Urban
                                                                             Ave, Makati.Developer-
Condominium       Luzon                37sqm    studio       P3,000,000.00   Federal Land
Residential Lot   Sum-ag               2,837sqm              P2,837,000
Residential Lot   Silay                560sqm                P1.4M

Residential Lot   Silay                600sqm                P1.5M
                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune
Raw Land          Town / Granada       3.1 has     400sqm    P6M
                  Taculing / City                                            6BR 3TB / large
                  Heights / Doña                                             airconditioned living
House and lot     Juliana              520 sqm     250 sqm   P4.2m           rm@dining area
                                                                             3lots at 240sqm
                                                                             each,5BR,4TB with
                                                                             court,5car garage,big
House and lot     Greensville Subd.   720 sqm    380 sqm   P5m neg.          lawn,well maintained
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Raw Land          Village / Murcia  6469                   P900 psqm
Raw Land          Bago - Kabankalan m                      P2M/hectare       along Municipal road
Raw Land          Silay             1-5has                 P5M/has

                                                                             near Christopher
                                                                             Estate (fishpond but
                                      13.169                                 can be converted to a
Raw Land          Talisay             has                  P500 psqm         subdivision)
                  Active Town &                            P5952 psqm
Residential Lot   Country             336 sqm -            /2m
                                      10,000sq                               along Bacolod to
Commercial        Bata                m                    P5,500/sqm        Talisay Highway
Building(Commerci                              more or
al)               Downtown Area       1,308sqm less        P55,000,000.00 2-storey building

Residential Lot   Tangub              1,000sqm             P 3500 psqm       with listing agreement
Residential Lot   Talisay             333sqm               P800k             corner lot, main road

Agricultural      Bago - Kabankalan   5664 sqm             P3M
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Agricultural      Village / Murcia    3 has                P300 psqm
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Agricultural      Village / Murcia    3 has                P300 psqm
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Agricultural      Village / Murcia    12 has               P400T pha         with creek
                                                                             with beachfront and
                                                                             highway on the other
Agricultural      Bago - Kabankalan 4 has                  P500/sqm          side, flat terrain
Raw Land          Sum-ag            1 has                  P3,500/sqm        Prime movers folder
Residential Lot   Mandalagan        385sqm                 P1,800/sqm w/o
                                                           P5000 psqm
                                                           squatter; 3,500
                                      13,000               psqm with
Raw Land          Talisay             sqm        -         squatters
Residential Lot   Tangub              5 has      -         P 500 psqm
                                                                             Residential /
Residential Lot   Lacson Streets      800sqm               P15,000 psqm      Commercial
                                                                             12,000 if bare / 2BR
                  Burgos / Lopez                                             2TB / Maids Quarter /
Rental            Jeana               100sqm               P19k /mo          For Condo or Office.
                                                                             w/ pictures, built 2006
                                                                             with 6BR, 3 CR, 2
                  Mountainview                                               carports, 4
House and lot     Subd.               356 sqm    327sqm    P5M               aircons;with mini mat
Raw Land          Talisay              27 has     -         P250 psqm        going to Concepcion
                                                                             5 yr.old house, with
                                                                             grocery store; with
                                                                             account at PAG-IBIG;
House and lot     Tangub             300 sqm 250 sqm        P3.4m            with picture
Raw Land          Bago - Kabankalan m                       P600/sqm
Raw Land          Bago - Kabankalan m                       P1,200/sqm
                  Circumferential                                            with wall and gate,
Commercial        Road               1,367sqm               P18,000/sqm      near new govt center
Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages 2329 sqm -             P3000 psqm
Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages 240 sqm -              P2300 psqm       6lots
                  Singcang / JR
                  Torres / Airport
House and lot     Subd.              1000sqm 280.8 sqm      P3.4m min bid  item 089
                                                                           item 114; lot with
                                                            P1,010,000 min improvements; with
Commercial        Sum-ag               2,224sqm             bid            squatters

                                                                             bungalow / 3BR 3TB
                                                                             with maid's room and
                                                                             dirty kitchen/ lease:
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   460 sqm    300 sqm   P6m              P30k per month.

                                                                             2-storey with pool /
                                                                             5BR 5TB with
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   1050 sqm 700 sqm     P25m             separate guest room

                                                                             2-storey, 7BR, 5CR,
                                                                             aircon, furniture. Sala
                                                                             set and dining set
House and lot     Talisay              598 sqm 358 sqm      P6.5m            included
Rental            Lacson Streets       50-60sqm             P15k - 16k /mo   2BR, 1TB, furnished.
                                                                             near Airport and
Commercial        Tangub               1,740sqm             P1,700 psqm      Robinson's metro
                  Active Town &                                              Residential lot near
Residential Lot   Country              258 sqm    -         P4,500 psqm      Bonnin's Lot
                                                                             20 meters from 2nd
                                                                             phase Circumferential
                                                                             road;smallest cut 10
                                                                             has @ P700/sqm,
                  Villa Angela /                                             Carp exempted,
                  Bethany / Fortune                                          classification
Raw Land          Town / Granada       37.75 has -          P450 psqm        residential
                                                                             5BR 4TB / maids rm
                                                                             with service area /
                                                                             lanai garden / narra
                                                                             floors / ground old
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   1003 sqm 450sqm      P12m             molave wood / 4yo
                                                                           3BR 3TB / Family
                                                                           room / powder room /
                                                                           new roof / with solar
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   1000+sqm 500sqm     P14m            heater and genset
                                       469-530             P1,500-
Beach             Hinoba-an            sqm                 2,500/sqm       with vicinity map
                  Singcang / JR
                  Torres / Airport
Commercial        Subd.                10,000              P20M            4 lots at 2500sqm.
Commercial        Sum-ag               1302                P4000/sqm       2 lots
Rental            Bata                                     P7.5k /mo       2BR 1TB
Residential Lot   Sum-ag            440sqm                 P1000/sqm       near the beach
Agricultural      Bago - Kabankalan sqm                    P1200/sqm       with vicinity map
Beach             Bago - Kabankalan m                      P500/sqm
                                                                           3 storey
Building(Commerci                                                          building/warehousing
al)               Luzon                100sqm     250sqm   P4.9M           or logistic ofc

                                                                           across Bascon Café /
                                                  350 - 400                Maroon gate / 3BR
Rental            La Salle             646 sqm    sqm       P              2TB
                                                                           with title and vicinity
                                                                           map; not yet
Beach             Sipalay - Cauayan    6has                P1,500/sqm      subdivided

                                                                           near gasoline station
                  Lizares Avenue /                                         fronting Daalco main
Commercial        Libertad / Araneta   832sqm   lot only   P15,000/sqm     office
                                       up to 8
Beach             Sipalay - Cauayan    has                 P4-7M
Beach             Sipalay - Cauayan    m                   P1,500/sqm
                                                                           4BR 4TB with maids
                                                                           room, semi furnished
                                                                           w/ aircons, 4 burner
                                                                           oven, water pump &
Rental            Eroreco              410sqm     330sqm   P20k /mo        some furniture.

                                                                          Small beach front with
                                       70,625sq                           road in the middle of
Beach             Sipalay - Cauayan    m                   P5M negotiable the property
Commercial        Downtown Area        652 sqm             15,000/sqm     2 lots with structure

                                                                           3BR, 2T&B, fully
                                                                           furnished with innova
                                                                           car model 2006 with
House and lot     Sum-ag               1000sqm 200sqm      P5.5m           picture
                                                                        with building, corner
                                                                        lot, with 15 tenants
                                                                        and income of P
Building(Commerci                                                       70K/mo, Billboard
al)               Lacson Streets       1933sqm 650sqm   P21,000 psqm    rental P100K/year
                                                                        with building, with 4
                                                                        tenants and income of
                                                                        P 40K/mo, residential
                                                                        house at the back
Building(Commerci                                                       being rented by
al)               Lacson Streets       1618sqm 350sqm   P21,000 psqm    Koreans
Bodega            Mandalagan           930sqm  500sqm   P3.2M           with office
                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune                                     updated as of
Residential Lot   Town / Granada       1,000 sqm -      P2,000 psqm     dec.3,2007

Residential Lot    Bago - Kabankalan 250 sqm            P150,000 net    near Bago Hospital

                                                                        with old house/title
Commercial         Downtown Area       1020sqm          P15M            and vicinity map
                                                                        with title and vicinity
Commercial         Mandalagan          983sqm           P8,000 psqm     map

                                                                        various lots with
                   Alijis / Paglaum    100-             P1600-P1800     different cuts for
Residential Lot    Village / Murcia    300sqm           psqm            residential/36 lots avail
Beach              Sipalay - Cauayan   1.2has           P9,000,000.00
                   Singcang / JR
                   Torres / Airport    1,317sqm/                        with vicinity map, with
Commercial         Subd.               1,029sqm         P2,600/sqm      squatters
Commercial         Cadiz               38has            Make Offer
                                                                        with pics,
                   Burgos / Lopez                                       2 titles/ payments can
Commercial         Jeana               109 sqm          P1.9M           be slashed

                                                                        good for dormitory,
                   Burgos / Lopez                                       across Burgos
Commercial         Jeana               3689sqm          P6,000/sqm      cemetery

                                                                        with vicinity
                                                                        Mindanao Lumber and
Commercial         Villamonte          231sqm           P3,800/sqm      Circle Inn
                                                                        with existing
                  Lizares Avenue /                                      house/with vicinity
Commercial        Libertad / Araneta   1,140 sqm        make offer      map
Building(Commerci                                       P2.85M
al)               Shopping             166sqm           negotiable      clean title,two-storey
                  Active Town &       240 sqm x                            3lots x 240sqm =
Residential Lot   Country             3lots     -           P4,600 psqm    720sqm.
Condominium       Boracay                                   P4.9-6.3M      with map

Residential Lot   Palmas del Mar      up to 3092 -          P3500 - P4k    with map
Residential Lot   Talisay                        -          P300k

                                                                           3BR 4TB / built March
House and lot     Ayala Villages      486 sqm     200 sqm   P16m           2006 with pool.

                                                                           With Pictures/3BR
                                                                           2TB / left bridge - right
                                                                           1st rd - left 2nd rd -
Rental            Capitol Heights     798 sqm     350 sqm   P 25,000/mo    2nd house left side.
                                                                           3Storey Building /
Rental            Downtown Area       360sqm                P50k /mo       120sqm per floor
Residential Lot   Manville Royale     100sqm      -         P 3000 psqm    with vicinity map

                                                                           with vicinity map, 4
Residential Lot   Sum-ag              6,798 sqm             P1,300/sqm     2,424sqm & 1,033sqm

                                                                           beachfront with view
                                                                           of the mountain, clean
Beach             Sipalay - Cauayan 5,662 sqm               P1,000/sqm     title
Commercial        Bago - Kabankalan m                       P3,000/sqm
Agricultural      Hinigaran         30 has                  P380,000/has
                                                                           pic under myscans
                                                                           folder; beach house
                                                                           with guest house;
                                                                           white sand; fully
Beach             Cebu                                      P6.5M          Furrnished

                                                                           exempted/planted with
Agricultural      Sipalay - Cauayan   109 has               P200T/has      sugarcane

                                                                           titled with view of the
                                                                           beach/near artistic
                                      245-                                 diving and easy diving
Beach             Sipalay - Cauayan   598sqm                P3,500/sqm     and arak

                                                                           3BR 4TB / maids with
                                                                           TB / built 2002 / italian
                                                                           tiles and hansgroe
House and lot     Ayala Villages      450 sqm     350 sqm   P15m sfurn     fixtures.
                                                                          with house, fruit
                                                                          bearing trees,with
                 Alijis / Paglaum                                         water tank,ceneco,
Agricultural     Village / Murcia     3900 sqm             P800 psqm      along the highway

                                                                          2 storey 5BR house
                                                                          with 500 sqm
                                                                          warehouse, office,
                                                                          maid's and driver's
                                                                          quarters, 4 titles along
                                                                          Libertad Extension, If
                 Lizares Avenue /                                         lot with warehouse
Bodega           Libertad / Araneta   3,412 sqm 500sqm     P30M           only P 7M
Agricultural     Sagay - Escalante    50 has               P250T/has      near beach

                                                                          with nice fully
                                                                          furnished house with
Beach             Hinoba-an           1,000+               P12M neg       spool/beachfront
al)               Tangub              1,000sqm 755 sqm     P7.5M          near cebu pacific

                                                                          watered area 8-
                                                                          9has,non watered
                                                                          area 7-8has,74mango
                                                                          trees,740 coconut
                                                                          trees, 2000 banana
                                                                          trees, mahogany lining
                                                                          up boundery, along
Fishpond         Manapla              17has                P6.9 M         river, clean title

                                                                          75 meters from
                 Lizares Avenue /                                         Magsaysay Rd, clean
Commercial       Libertad / Araneta   1,362sqm             P4,000/sqm     title
                                      more or                             beachfront beside
Beach            Sipalay - Cauayan    less                 P4,000/sqm     Easy Diving

House and lot    Ayala Villages       983 sqm    416 sqm   P28m furn      built 2007 / 5BR 5.5TB
                                                                          5BR 4TB with powder
                                                                          room / 2Storey /
Rental           Capitolville         476 sqm    300 sqm   P 30,000/mo.   Maid's room

                                                                          not beach front/with
Beach            Sipalay - Cauayan    731sqm               P1,000/sqm     right of way 3M
Commercial       Mansilingan          1Has                 P8.4Net        for commercial

                 Villa Angela /
                 Bethany / Fortune
House and lot    Town / Granada       215 sqm    85 sqm    P1m            2BR 2TB / built 2001.
                                                                         ideal for residential or
                                                                         commercial; infront of
                                                         5,500-          Our Lady of Fatima
Commercial        Downtown Area      454sqm              6,000/sqm       Church

                                                                         3 storey with roofdeck,
Building(Commerci                                                        w/ boarding house 60
al)               Shopping           420sqm     900sqm   P30M            rooms

                                     18,969                              good for subdivision
Commercial        Lacson Streets     sqm        -        P11,500 psqm    development

                                                         P68400 &        installment
                  Alijis / Paglaum                       balance to be   1200/month no
Residential Lot   Village / Murcia   80sqm               assumed.        interest rate

                                     195 sqm                             Lot 14 no title yet but
Residential Lot   Talisay            each       -        P2030 psqm      fully paid already.

                                                                         w/ pics, centralized
                                                                         2TB bungalow,
                                                                         parquet tiles in 3 rms,
                                                                         marble flooring, semi
                                                                         furn, corner lot,
                                                                         landscaped, 2 Aircons
                                                                         account bank 400k,
                  Taculing / City                                        semi com area,
                  Heights / Doña                                         accessible, non flood,
House and lot     Juliana            323sqm     150sqm   P5M             built 2000
al)               Downtown Area                 1,440sqm P29M            3 storey building

                                                                         Along National
                                                                         Highway near
                                     36,979              P11,000/sqm     entrance of Villa
Commercial        Mandalagan         sqm                 net             Valderrama

Mixed Use         Bago - Kabankalan 153 sqm -            P2100 psqm      semi commercial
Commercial        Bata              1000sqm              make offer
Commercial        Bata              1,003sqm             make offer
                                                                         house details in the
                                                                         folder; house with
                                                                         account; call landline
                                                                         between 8:00-11:30
House and lot     Tangub             201        272      P4.6m           AM; with pictures

Condominium       Luzon              33.32sqm            P4.8M           studio type, furnished
                                                                               for commercial, near
                                                                               soon to be rising
Commercial        Panay Area           90 has                 make offer       Ateneo Iloilo School
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Agricultural      Village / Murcia     1.5has                 P180 psqm        near poblacion

                                                                               lot is located infront of
                                       approx. 5                               hacienda Puey (Baby
Agricultural      Sagay - Escalante    has                                     Puey)
                                                                               4BR/4TB/1 guest
                                                                               w/bathtub and sep
                                                                               shower,large kitchen
                                                                               w/pantry, dining
                                                                               rm,maids and drivers
                                                                               with TB, 2 car
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   400sqm      650sqm     P6.7M            service/laundry area
                                                                               1st class land for
Agricultural      Bago - Kabankalan 86 has         -          P350k pha        sugar

                                                                               1car garage,3BR 2TB,
                                                                               1 maids rm with TB,
                                                                               cash out 5.5M assume
Condominium       Luzon                118sqm                 P9.3M            3.8M
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Mountain          Village / Murcia     2.6 has                P350k pha        with creek

                  Taculing / City                                              3BR 2TB / 1Car
                  Heights / Doña                                               Garage / Quiet
Rental            Juliana              180sqm                 P10k /mo         Neighborhood/2 storey

                                                                               furnished / 3BR 3TB
House and lot     Ayala Villages       193 sqm     230 sqm    P6.5m furn       with tub / 2Storey.
                                       180 -
Residential Lot   La Costa Brava       491sqm      -          P2,900 - 4,400   along the highway
Commercial        Bata                 994sqm                 P2,000/sqm
Residential Lot   Bata                 614sqm      lot only   P2000/sqm        clean title
                                                                               with 2 BR & 1TB,floor
                                                                               area 79sqm including
                                                                               attic cash prize
                                                                               P650,000 negotiable,
                                                                               Pag-ibig Balance
House and lot     Brgy Estefania       68 sqm      79 sqm     P750k            170,000 if installment
Raw Land          Talisay              200                    P300 psqm        CARP exempted
                                                                               agricultural lot with
                                       233,832                                 sugarcane, rice land
Agricultural      Isabela              sqm                    P1,000 /sqm      etc.
                  Lizares Avenue /
Commercial        Libertad / Araneta   1799sqm                P22M
                                                                      for rent land only
                                                      P130/sqm        P130/sqm or with
Commercial        Silay                               P180/sqm        building P180/sqm
                                                                      with title and vicinity
Residential Lot   Sum-ag               321sqm         P1,800/sqm      map
                                                                      with title and vicinity
Residential Lot   Greensville Subd.    843sqm         P1,500/sqm      map,
                  Singcang / JR
                  Torres / Airport                                    Clean title w/ vicinity
Bodega            Subd.                479sqm         P9M             map

                                                                      /ideal for
                                       1,130 (2                       s,clean title.2 lots
Mixed Use         Mandalagan           lots)      -   P5,700/sqm      must be sold
House and lot     Sum-ag               236 sqm        P800k           2BR 2T&B
Mixed Use         Pontevedra           6,800sqm       P3.4M           lot
Commercial        Northdrive           360 sqm        P15k/sqm        vacant lot only

Residential Lot   Mansilingan          1,000sqm       P2M Negotiable Vacant residential lot
Residential Lot   Sunshine Valley      1,000sqm       P3, 000/sqm    Residential lot
                  Lizares Avenue /
Commercial        Libertad / Araneta   450 sqm        P20,000/sqm
                  Burgos / Lopez
Commercial        Jeana                1,964sqm       P20,000/sqm
                                                                      good for
                                       85,487sq                       meters from savanna
Commercial        Panay Area           m              P400/sqm        subd,near old airport
Raw Land          Talisay              7.4 has        P200 psqm       part of the 273 has

                                                                      2 door apartment unit
                                                                      with 4BR 2TB 1 car
                                                                      garage wood flooring
                                                                      and ample parking
                                                                      space. 1 room
Apartment         Henrietta Village    500sqm     ?   P4M             downstairs
                                                                      good for apartments
                                                                      or residential units for
                                                                      teachers working in
Mixed Use         EB Magalona          1,659sqm       P 1,000/sqm     EB Magalona HS
                                                                      ideal for residential or
Mixed Use         Silay                1,833sqm       P2,800/sqm      warehouse
                  Alijis / Paglaum                    P1600 psqm
Residential Lot   Village / Murcia     200sqm         Neg             Residential lot
Residential Lot   Silay                135sqm         negotiable
                                                                         3BR 3TB / 2car
                                                                         garage / music room /
                  Villa Angela /                                         lanai with powder
                  Bethany / Fortune                                      room / built 2006,
House and lot     Town / Granada      500 sqm    400 sqm   P7.5m bare    bungalow
                  Alijis / Paglaum                                       bungalow 2BR 1TB w/
House and lot     Village / Murcia    433 sqm    ?         P2.95m        picture.
House and lot     Espinos Village     106 sqm    94 sqm    P2.5m         3BR 3TB

                                                                         with old house, clean
                                                                         title, picture and
Building(Commerci                                                        vicinity map, for
al)               Downtown Area       1,112sqm             P35M          commercial

                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune
Mountain          Town / Granada      1 has      -         P1.5M
Residential Lot   Talisay             191sqm               P2,500 psqm   residential lot
Residential Lot   Talisay             196 sqm              P2,500 psqm   residential lot
                                                                         4 lots consisting of
                                                                         386 sqm for each lot,
                                                                         near Pulupandan
Residential Lot   Pulupandan          1544 sqm (4 lots)    P1,500/sqm    Plaza
                                                                         across entrance of
                                                                         Golf Course/across
                  Alijis / Paglaum                                       Montelibano park with
Residential Lot   Village / Murcia    814sqm               P1200 psqm    trees

                                                                         Bungalow / 3BR 3TB /
                                                                         2servants quarter / to
                  Taculing / City                                        be sold with car /
                  Heights / Doña                                         concrete garage with
House and lot     Juliana             426 sqm    300 sqm   P4.8m neg     steel gate.
Commercial        Villamonte          562 sqm              P15,000/sqm   with structure

                                                                         3BR, 3T&B & 1
                                                                         servant quarter w/
                                                                         picture / infront of
                                                                         Medel Elementary
House and lot     Tangub              502 sqm    ?         P2.7m neg     School
                                                                           3BR 3TB with powder
                                                                           room, separate maids
                                                                           garage,deepwell with
                                                                           tank,pressure tank
                                                                           and booster pump
                                                                           built 2006 very
Beach             Hinoba-an            1,028sqm 450sqm     P7M             beautiful house

                                                                          350 meters away from
                                                                          national highway
                                                                          cemented road going
Agricultural      Cadiz                18 has              P275,000 /has to Lakawon
                                                                          12 lots, commercial or
Commercial        Tangub               5,036sqm            P2,100/sqm net residential lot

                                                                            rest house, bamboo
                                       34,486sq                            fence & white sand,
Beach             Sipalay - Cauayan    m                   P8M             Brgy Kaliling

                  Taculing / City
                  Heights / Doña
House and lot     Juliana              400 sqm    ?        P4.8m neg.      2Storey / 6BR 3TB

                                                                           4BR & 2 T&B with
                                                                           guest room, 70 meters
                                                                           away from the
                                                                           National highway &
                                                                           200 meters from
House and lot     Victorias            350 sqm    140sqm   P2m neg         Lopue's Dept. Store
                  Lizares Avenue /                                         with residential house
Commercial        Libertad / Araneta   218sqm              P4M net         6BR & 3T&B

                                                                           3BR, 2T&B with
House and lot     Mindanao             720 sqm    ?        P8k psqm neg    bodega with picture

                                       105&119                             residential lot/6 lots
                                       sqm (6                              but can be bought as
Residential Lot   Silay                lots)               P1,500/sqm      a whole/658 sqm total
                                                                           with dilapidated
                                                                           building, ideal for
                                                                           boarding house,
                                                                           warehouse, near
                                                           P5,500/sqm      bredco, with title and
Commercial        Rodriguez Avenue 1,315sqm                negotiable      vicinity map
al)               Downtown Area    277 sqm                 P30M            4 storey
                                                                           near beach but not
Beach             Dumaguete            1497 sqm            P1,500,000.00   beachfront
                                       18,630sq            P1,500/sqm      5 lots commercial or
Commercial        Tangub               m        -          negotiable      residential lot

                                                                           2 storey 2nd flr 5BR
                                                                           1TB P12T, 1st flr 3BR
                  Lizares Avenue /                                         1TB P 6500 near
Rental            Libertad / Araneta                       P12k /mo        Julies flowers shop

                                       10,549                              2 House, Piggery, fish
House and lot     Himamaylan           sqm        ?        P2.8m neg       Cages for Milk Fish

Residential Lot   Talisay              336 sqm             P1.1 neg        residential lot w/ fence

                                                                           Near King's Hotel with
Commercial        Downtown Area        1,100sqm            P30,000/sqm     structures
                                                                           with residential
Commercial        Lacson Streets       2,547sqm            P30,000/sqm     structure
                                                                           across Banco de Oro
                                                                           Rosario and San
Commercial        Lacson Streets       1524 sqm lot only   P15,000 psqm    Sebastian Street
                  Lizares Avenue /
Rental            Libertad / Araneta                       P10.5k /mo      Brand New / 3BR
                  Circumferential                                          (corner lot near Peak
Residential Lot   Road                 3has                P3,500/sqm      Distributors)
                                                                           6BR 7TB / Bungalow /
                                                                           maids room & TB / big
House and lot     Capitolville         1200 sqm 800 sqm    P13m            lawn.

                                                                           from Sampaguita
                                                                           gate, left at Ilang Ilang,
                                                                           then lot on the left side
House and lot     Capitolville         578 sqm    -        P8M neg         facing road.
al)               Downtown Area        639sqm              P16M            3 storey

                                                                           2nd flr unit 203, 2
                                                                           bedrooms, 1 wash
                                                                           room, 1TB, across
                                                                           Ateneo. Near UP and
Condominium       Luzon                55 sqm              P2.8M           Miriam College
Commercial        Tangub               2,096sqm            P1,500/sqm      lot only

                                                                           2 lots 785sqm &
Beach             Hinoba-an            1,184sqm            P3,000/sqm      399sqm/beachfront
Beach             Hinoba-an          399sqm                P1,000/sqm
Beach             Boracay            2000sqm               P6500 psqm      titled
                                                                           subdivision with beach
                                                                           front, clubhouse,
                                                                           swimming pool, jetski
                                     178 - 450             P3850 - P7500   slipway and other
Residential Lot   Talisay            sqm       -           psqm            amenities

                                                                           4lots / Per lot has an
                                                                           area of 1,000+ sqm /
Commercial        Lacson Streets     4,605 sqm             P7,000 psqm     vacant lot.
                                                                           along Burgos St. turn
                                                                           left after J.ann house
                                                                           then 3rd house right
Residential Lot   Villamonte         500 sqm               P2.8m           side
Dormitory         Eroreco            405 sqm     900 sqm   P6.5m           dorm type, 13 rooms

                                                                           right purok Sto
                                                                           Rosario after
                                                                           V.Valderrama gate
                                                                           then left on 1st road
                                                                           unpaved right side lot
Residential Lot   Bata               944 sqm               P3,000/sqm      with squatters outside.
                                                                           Border of Ayala
                                                                           Alabang Muntinlupa,
Residential Lot   Luzon              441sqm      -         P12,000/sqm     perimeter lot

                                                                           Min. of 3lots must be
                                                                           bought / Near
                  Active Town &      240 sqm x                             entrance / Across
Residential Lot   Country            6lots     -           P4,800 psqm     Raleigh gardens.
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Commercial        Village / Murcia   4,233sqm              P8m neg.

                                                                           with Colonial House /
                                                                           Beside Riverside
                                                                           College /Ideal for
                                                                           dormitories or a
House and lot     Lacson Streets     6109 sqm ?            P50M net        commercial building
                  Alijis / Paglaum                                         vacant lot / buyer pays
Residential Lot   Village / Murcia   100 sqm               P2400 psqm      all taxes
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages     180 sqm     -         P1m net

                                                                           953 + 954 + 947 + 995
                                                                           + 1071 sqm / Left side
                                                                           before Valderrama
                                                                           Guard House.5th to
Commercial        Villa Valderrama   5lots       -         P5000 psqm      9th Lot
                                                                           Near Valderrama Ofc /
                                                                           1lot - 4th Lot from
                                                                           highway Left side
                                                                           before Valderrama
                                                                           Guard House.w/
Commercial        Villa Valderrama     1000 sqm -           P3800 psqm net vicinity map
Residential Lot   Palisades            367 sqm -            P7500/sqm      Near guardhouse
                  Active Town &
House and lot     Country              302 sqm    560 sqm   P9m             6BR 5TB

                                                                            4BR 4TB / house built
                                                                            2003 / 2Storey with
                  Active Town &                                             fruit bearing trees.
House and lot     Country              839 sqm    333 sqm   P13m            Very nice house

                                                                            3BR 2TB / Maid's with
                                                                            TB / Powder Room /
                  Active Town &        961 sqm -                            6M - House on 2lots
House and lot     Country              3lots     211 sqm    P8m             595sqm / built 1997
Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages   933 sqm -            P3000 psqm
Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages   933 sqm -            P2.8M          vacant residential lot
                                                                           along the highway of
                                                                           talisay city, across
Commercial        Talisay              1000 sqm             P12,000 psqm ayala.w/ vicinity map
                                                                           5% comm / buyer
Residential Lot   Palisades            238 sqm    -         P5750 psqm     pays all taxes.
                                                                           Bank Appraisal 9k
                                                                           psqm / 10% Disc for
                                                                           outright 30% down or
                                                                           total price / 30% Down
                                                                           - 1yr to pay & 70%
                                                                           Balance In-house or
                                                                           Bank Finance up to
Residential Lot   Palisades            145 sqm    -         P6000 psqm     10yrs.
                                                                           Bank Appraisal 9k
                                                                           psqm / 10% Disc for
                                                                           outright 30% down or
                                                                           total price / 30% Down
                                                                           - 1yr to pay & 70%
                                                                           Balance In-house or
                                                                           Bank Finance up to
Residential Lot   Palisades            363 sqm    -         P8000 psqm     10yrs.
                                                                           With cement wall &
Residential Lot   Capitolville         723 sqm -            P4200 psqm net gate.
Residential Lot   Capitolville         2439 sqm -           P4500 psqm     4 Lots total
                                                                           Clean title / Across
                                                                           Mario Valderrama
Residential Lot   Villa Valderrama     750 sqm    -         P3500 psqm     House.
                                                            P13,000 psqm
Commercial        Luzuriaga Street     1000 sqm             negotiable
                                                                             Along mai n road, nea
                                                                             Bacolod Port,Beside
                                                                             SM Corner to Corner
Commercial          Recalamation Area 5,900 sqm              P15,000 psqm    lots

                                                                             Fully Furnished / 2BR
                                                                             1Den / Along the Main
                                                                             Road / Near the
                    Active Town &                                            Clubhouse / Owner
Rental              Country             1560sqm 450sqm       P50k /mo        will maintain Garden
                                                                             3BR 1Maids 3TB /
                                                                             Corner Lot / Model
                    Active Town &                                            House Dark Grey
House and lot       Country             250 sqm     ?        P3.5m           Roof.
                                                                             a few meters from
                                                                             main road, can be
                                                                             leased at P20K/has
Agricultural        Sagay - Escalante   110 has              P 500,000/has   with 6 tractors

Rental              Sagay - Escalante   60 has               P 500,000/has   along Sagay Highway

                                                    112.66                   30% spot cash
House and lot       Palisades           194 sqm     sqm      P5,592,100      discount, 2BR, 1T&B
House and lot       Palisades           126 sqm     sqm      P5,294,659      2BR, 1T&B
Agricultural        Handumanan          52 has               P300/sqm        Along the Highway
House and lot       Talisay             160 sqm     ?        P3.5m           2Storey 4BR
Residential Lot     Palisades           125 sqm              P9,000 psqm
Residential Lot     Palisades           125 sqm              P9,000 psqm
                                                                             3BR, 3T&B, 2 car
House and lot       Hervias / Homesite 170sqm       135sqm   P3M             garage
Residential Lot     Palisades          125 sqm               P9,000 psqm
                                                                             infront of DBI, along
Commercial          Bago - Kabankalan 2,750 sqm              P2000/sqm       the highway
                                                             P8,500 psqm
Residential Lot     Palisades           487 sqm              neg.
                                                             P1,000 psqm     cleant title but with
Residential Lot     Victorias           300sqm               neg.            squatters
Commercial          Luzuriaga Street    989 sqm              P18,000 psqm
Residential Lot     Talisay             250 sqm              P800k           vacant residential lot
Commercial          Luzuriaga Street    960 sqm              P15,000 psqm
al)                 Lacson Streets      532sqm               P30m            3 storey Bldg.
                    Active Town &
Residential Lot     Country             332 sqm     -        P4,800 psqm
                    Singcang / JR
                    Torres / Airport                                         with fence, along the
Commercial          Subd.               358 sqm              P1.7M           road
                                                                             along National
                                                                             Highway near Golden
Commercial          Silay               1,100 sqm            P6,000/sqm      Food Park
                                                                              3BR 3TB / facing the
                                                                              Clubhouse / 1 car
                                                                              garage / 10min from
House and lot     Silay                151sqm      ?         P2m neg          the Airport.
House and lot     Brgy Estefania       150 sqm     sqm       P1m
                                                                            corner lot near
                                                                            guardhouse and
                                                                            countrymart w/ vicinity
Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages   1792 sqm -            P5500 psqm net map
Commercial        Talisay              50 has                P3,000/sqm
                                                                            4 lots with 110 sqm
                                                                            cut, all lots should be
Residential Lot   Talisay              440 sqm               P1.1m          sold together
                                                                            beach resort with
                                                                            improvements such as
                                                                            restaurant, function
                                                                            area, living center,
                                                                            garages, tool shop,
                                                                            sewing shop,
                                       28,820                               Japanese tea house,
Beach             Hinoba-an            sqm                   P15,000,000.00 and swimming pool

Commercial        Bago - Kabankalan 1,447sqm                 P4,500/sqm       near Rusco
                                                                              good for
                                                                              bodega/warehouse or
                                                                              for residential, corner
Residential Lot   Greensville Subd.    4,368 sqm             P2000/sqm        lot

Residential Lot   Ayala Villages       222 sqm     -         P5500 psqm net
                                                                              vacant residential /
Residential Lot   Pontevedra           6,800 sqm             P2,720,000       Industrial lot
                                                                              4BR 2TB big sala
                                                                              overlooking spacious
House and lot     Mansilingan          624 sqm     310 sqm   P5m              lawn
Residential Lot   Talisay              250 sqm               P800k            vacant residential lot
Residential Lot   Talisay              250 sqm               P800k            vacant residential lot
Residential Lot   Talisay              250 sqm               P800k            vacant residential lot
Residential Lot   Talisay              250 sqm               P800k            vacant resifentiall lot
Residential Lot   Talisay              250 sqm               P800k            vacant residential lot
Residential Lot   Talisay              250 sqm               P800k            vacant residential lot
Residential Lot   Talisay              250 sqm               P800k            vacant residential lot
Residential Lot   Talisay              259 sqm               P860k            vacant residential lot
                                                                              for retirement home,
                                                                              good for vegetable or
                                                                              flower farm, fighting
                                       1152-                                  cocks etc…40 min frm
                                       14076                 P500-            Bacolod, along
Farm Lots         Manapla              sqm                   P1,000/sqm       highway, hilly terrain
                                                                             farm lot with
                                                                             improvement, house
                                       19,707                                with 3 bedroom, toilet
Farm Lots         Luzon                sqm                  P4.5M            and bath
Residential Lot   Talisay              259 sqm              P860k            vacant residential lot

Commercial        Talisay              1525 sqm             P8M              vacant commercial lot

                                                                             vacant commercial lot
Residential Lot   Talisay              876 sqm              P3.2m            along Talisay Highway
                  Singcang / JR
                  Torres / Airport
Residential Lot   Subd.                2,736 sqm            P2.07m          vacant residential lot
                                                                            2 titles,127 hec with
                                                                            beachfront, along
                                                                            highway, with
                                                                            hacienda house, farm
                                                                            equipments and all
                                                                            included, carp
                                                                            exempted, clean title,
                                                                            classified and zonified
                                                                            into parks and
                                                                            recreational zone
                                                            P 68M at 20,000 (PRZ), shares of
                                                            shares at P     stocks when buying
Agricultural      Calatrava            174 has              3,400/share     land
                                                                            with improvement, 6
                                                                            bedrooms with 5
                                                                            boarders each room,
                                                                            60 sqm space being
                                                                            rented to an eatery at
Mixed Use         Northdrive           634 sqm              P13m            P 20K/month
                                                                            Bungalow, 3 bedroom,
                                                                            1TB with deepwell
                                                                            pump and laundry
House and lot     Talisay              95 sqm      50 sqm   P350k           area
House and lot     Mandalagan           222 sqm     ?        P2.2M           3BR, 3T&B
                                                                            Exclusive & Secured /
                                                                            Good Amenities /
                                                                            3House Models /
                                                                            Sophia - Bungalow
                  Alijis / Paglaum                 48-82                    2BR 1TB / Ready to
House and lot     Village / Murcia     130 sqm     sqm      P1.67 - P2.3m occupy.
                                                                            4BR 4TB / maids with
                                                                            TB / driver's with TB /
                                                                            water tank and room
                                                                            beneath tank / asian
                                                                            meditterenean / very
                                                                            nice house / owner an
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   1000 sqm 350 sqm     P10.3m net      artist.
                                                                         6BR 6TB / high quality
                                                                         finish / stainless steel /
                                                                         hardwood floor /
                                                550-600                  polished granite
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   1438 sqm sqm         P39m         bathroom
                                                                         Corner Lot / Bungalow
                                                                         / Fenced / With
                                                                         Ceneco & Taciwa
House and lot     Talisay              766 sqm     ?        P2.2m net    Connections.
                                                            P7000 psqm
Residential Lot   Palmas del Mar       230sqm      -        neg          no file

                                                                         10units / 10%Off or
                  Taculing / City                                        5,850 per mo for
                  Heights / Doña                                         advance payments /
Rental            Juliana                                   P6.5k /mo    Bungalow 1BR or 2BR

                                                                         Bare 300 & Furnished
                                                                         350 / Inclusive of
Rental            Mandalagan           -                                 Dues & 12% EVAT /
                                                                         Ground Floor 45k
                                                                         psqm / 2nd & 3rd
                                                                         Floor 40k psqm / Min
                                                                         10% Down & Balance
                                                                         Straight Monthly for
                                                   26.68-                5years / BDO 30%
                                                   113.52sq              Down & Loan up to
Condominium       Mandalagan                       m        P1.6M-       20years /
                                                                         brand new house,
                                                                         3BR - all w/ aircon
                                                                         3TB with maid's room
                                                                         and TB, 1 car garage,
                                                                         ref, range, wash
Rental            Palmas del Mar       ?           ?        P40k /mo     machine
                                                                         8BR 8TB / 2lots: 1885
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   4053 sqm             P12m         + 2168 sqm
                                                                         3BR 3TB / maids with
                                                                         TB / built 2007 / with
House and lot     Ayala Villages       521 sqm     400 sqm P11m          garden.
House and lot     Ayala Villages       294 sqm     ?         P8m furn    ?
                                       200 - 285   250 - 320             3BR 3.5TB / maid's
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   sqm         sqm       P6m+        with TB

                                                                         5house models /
                                                                         2storey / Loft-type & 2-
                                                                         4BR / 20% Down up to
                  Taculing / City                                        12mos to pay / 80%
                  Heights / Doña       96-192      42-91                 Balance thru Bank, In-
House and lot     Juliana              sqm         sqm      P1.7-2.6m    house, or Pag-ibig.
Residential Lot   Talisay              80 sqm               P165,000
                                                                       2 lots with 417sqm
Mixed Use         Lacson Streets      817 sqm           P7,350,000 Net and 400 sqm cut
                                                                       2-storey, 3BR, 2CR
                                                                       unfurnished, 1yr
Rental            Espinos Village                       P10.5k /mo     contract
                                                                       corner lot across
Commercial        Northdrive          992 sqm           P25M           Jollibee
                                                                       Corner Lot - Beige
                                                                       Wall - Maroon Roof /
                                                                       3BR 2TB / 2Storey /
                  Villa Angela /                                       dec2008 occupied /
                  Bethany / Fortune                                    near play life pre-
House and lot     Town / Granada      357 sqm ?         P6m furn       school.
Beach             Boracay             2000sqm           P1000 psqm     titled
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Residential Lot   Village / Murcia    100sqm            P300K
                                                                       beach front, property
Beach             Dumaguete           2,971 sqm         P3,200/sqm net with hot springs

                                                                      Apartment with more
                                                                      than 15 bedrooms and
Building(Commerci                                                     currently commercial
al)               Cebu              450 sqm 1600 sqm P45,000,000.00 space for ground floor
                                                                      along Kabankalan
                                    14,839                            Highway, infront of
Commercial        Bago - Kabankalan sqm               P1,500/sqm      District Hospital
                                                                      along the hi-way, 1km
                                                                      to Airport, 2km to
                                                      P3,000/sqm up downtown
                                                      to May 15, 2009 Dumaguete, 1km to
Commercial        Dumaguete         9,955sqm          only            Sibulan proper
                                                                      3 bedroom 1 toilet and
Building(Commerci                                                     bath, along Talisay
al)               Talisay           804 sqm           P 9M            Highway
                                                                      buyer pays capital
                                                                      gains and transfer
                                                                      expenses,4BR 4TB
                                                                      with maids and own
                                                                      bath, with separate
                                                                      detached guest house
                                                                      (studio type) with a
                                                                      room, kitchen,
House and lot     Greensville Subd. 2,586 sqm 700 sqm P8.7M net       bathroom
                                                                      commercial or
Mixed Use         Silay             805 sqm           P5.7M           residential

                                                                        2 storey 3 bedroom
                                                                        2nd floor, 1 bedroom
                                                                        ground floor, 3TB with
                  Alijis / Paglaum                                      separate maid's room
House and lot     Village / Murcia    400 sqm           P6.5M neg       and 2 car garage
                                                                            zoning converted into
                                    109.94                                  residential already,
Raw Land          Mansilingan       has                     P 500/sqm       CARP exempted
Beach             Bago - Kabankalan m                       P300/sqm        Beachfront
Residential Lot   Hinigaran         2000sqm                 P1,000/sqm      along the highway
Residential Lot   Hinigaran         2200sqm                 P3M neg
                                                                            With walls on 2 sides
Residential Lot   Villa Valderrama    1038 sqm -            P3000 psqm      of the property
                  Villa Angela /                                            Buyer pays capital
                  Bethany / Fortune                                         gains and transfer
Residential Lot   Town / Granada      525 sqm               P3,000 psqm     costs

                                                                            4 bedrooms with TB, 2
                                                                            servants quarter with
                                                                            1 TB, with 1 bedroom
                                                                            residential guest
                                                                            house, spacious
                                                                            garden, furnished,
                                                                            constructed 2002 built
House and lot     Greensville Subd.   1,520 sqm 300 sqm     P 10.5M         to owner's specs
                  Active Town &                                             very near guardhouse
Residential Lot   Country             280 sqm     -         P 4,500/sqm     entrance
                  Circumferential                                           2 titles 1ha & 1.9has
Commercial        Road                2.9Has                P600/sqm neg.   with vicinity map
al)               Downtown Area       365sqm                P5M
Residential Lot   Tangub              824sqm                P 1,700 psqm    with vicinity map
                                                                            farm lots near Boro
                                                                            Boro Nature Resort,
                                                                            good for retirement,
                                      750-850                               plant fruit trees,
Farm Lots         Granada             sqm                   P 800-850/sqm   vegetables, etc..
                                                                            good for subdivision,
                                                                            w/subdivision road
Mixed Use         Sum-ag              7,519 sqm             P 1,000/sqm     with river
                                                                            good for subdivision,
                                      37,930                                w/subdivision road
Mixed Use         Sum-ag              sqm                   P 865.62/sqm    with river
                  Active Town &
House and lot     Country             420 sqm     278 sqm   P 5.5m          4BR 3TB
                                                                            5 bedrooms and 4
Rental            La Salle                                  P20k /mo        bathrooms
                                                                            along the hi-way in
Commercial        Victorias           16has                 P5M / has       front of sea oil
Commercial        Silay               350sqm                P5.8M
Beach             Manapla             12has                 P6.4M neg       near Balulan beach
                                                                            w/ spring water, 4
                                                                            falls, w/ lumber worth
                                                                            8-10M w/ clearance
Agricultural       Sarabia             22.5has               P6.4M neg      from DENR to cut off.
                   Singcang / JR
                   Torres / Airport                                         Back of Toyota with
Residential Lot    Subd.               540 sqm               P 2,000 psqm   vicinity map
Building(Commerci                                                           with commercial
al)               Shopping             264 sqm               P 8M           building
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Agricultural      Village / Murcia     20has                 P350 phas      along the hi-way
                                                                            w/ picture, corner lot,
                   Villa Angela /                                           two-storey, 5BR,
                   Bethany / Fortune                                        3T&B with space for
House and lot      Town / Granada      376 sqm     200 sqm   P4.5M neg      store, 2 car garage
                                                                            3BR, 2T&B, separate
                                                                            maids room 1master
                                                                            bedroom w/ bathtub &
                                                                            inner closet, 3 car
House and lot      Mansilingan         610 sqm               P3.8M neg      garage

                                                                            10km from Airport
                                                                            ,ideal for quarry,
                                                                            Resort, Eco village,
                                                                            volcanic ash, orchard,
                                                                            overlooking the sea,
Quarry             Silay               20 has                P250T/has      tax dec agricultural
                                                                            residential lot with
                                                                            amenities, asian
                                                                            contemporary motiff,
                                                                            east facing +100,
                                                                            corner lot +100, park
                                       204-293               P5,688-        side +100, park view
Residential Lot    Ayala Villages      sqm         -         P6,988/sqm     +100

                                                                            across Queenbank
Commercial         Lacson Streets      5,277 sqm             P18,000/sqm    Lacson Street Branch
                                                                            4BR, 2T&B, maids
                                                                            room w/ T&B w/
House and lot      Sharina Heights     400sqm      230 sqm   P5M neg.       picture
                                                                            3BR, 3T&B, furnished,
                                                                            Toyota 2008, 2 car
                                                                            garage w/ picture,
House and lot      Bata                360sqm      180sqm    P6M            bungalow
                                                                            near Lopue's
                                                                            Mandalagan, 2 lots at
Commercial         Lacson Streets      2,680 sqm             P22,000/sqm    1,340 sqm each
                                                                              Commercial /
                                                                              Residential with
                                                                              improvement 3BR,
                                                                              2T&B, 3 car garage,
House and lot     Silay               5400 sqm 300sqm       P3,000/sqm        corner lot

                                                                              3BR 3TB / family room
                                                                              / built May 2008/Cash
House and lot     Silay               600 sqm     400 sqm   P7.2m net         payment only
                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune   50,275                                with Stockhouse &
Agricultural      Town / Granada      sqm         -         P 440/sqm       Fattening Building /
                                                                            Studio / Balcony /
                                                                            Closet for BR / Good
Condominium       Luzon               0           37sqm     P3.6M net       Amenities
                                                                            lot with dilapidated
                                                                            warehouse made of
                                                                            wood and cement,
                                                                            ideal for warehouse
                                                                            and apartment
                                                                            building, for sale or for
                                                            P 25,000/sqm or long term lease, about
                                                            P 50,000/month 300 meters from Edsa
Commercial        Luzon               349 sqm               lease           Main
                  Taculing / City                                           With model houses
                  Heights / Doña      180-500               P 3,500-P       available to choose
Residential Lot   Juliana             sqm                   4,400.00        from
Residential Lot   Puentebella Subd.   1000 sqm -            P3000 psqm      corner lot
                                                                            3 title (1000sqm/title)
                                                                            available for sale
                                                                            1000sqm lot or 2000
                                    1000sqm                                 sqm lot, back lot P
Residential Lot   Puentebella Subd. x 3lots -               P1500/sqm       1200 per sqm
                                                                            across Camella, good
                                                                            for warehouse or
                                                                            small subdivision, with
                                                                            addtl 1.2 has at back
                                                                            of property for sale at
Raw Land          Mandalagan          1 Hectare             P1,200 psqm     P 1000/psqm

House and lot     Tangub              1000 sqm 90 sqm       P3.2M neg         3BR, 1T&B, w/ picture
                                                            P4150 - P7700
Residential Lot   Pacific Shores      150 - 730 -           psqm
                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune
Residential Lot   Town / Granada      720 sqm               P3,000 psqm       3 titles 240sqm each

Residential Lot   Bata                226 sqm               P2,300/sqm neg
                                                                              residetial lot w/ small
Residential Lot   Tangub              827sqm              P1.6M               house
Rental            Ayala Villages      294sqm      200sqm+ P40k ffurn /mo      4BR 3TB /
                                                                          2 lots 764 & 768sqm ,
                                                                          residential or
                                                                          commercial, near
                                                                          Marapara Golf and
                                                                          Country Club, along
                  Circumferential                                         Highway, with 2
Mixed Use         Road                1,532 sqm           P2,900/sqm      squatters
                                                                          furnished, 2-storey w/
                                                                          basement, 6BR, 5T&B
                                                                          w/ bathtubs, furniture
                                                                          are made of Narra w/
House and lot     Silay               1,600sqm 700sqm     P18M neg.       picture
                                                                          clean title, planted
                                                                          Gemelina &
                                                                          Mahogany, 1000
                                                                          Lacatan, 300
                                                                          Mango,100 Lanzones,
Farm Lots         Silay               22has               P5M neg.        10 Durian

Agricultural      Bago - Kabankalan   101 has             P 350,000/has   with vicinity map
Residential Lot   Tangub              484 sqm             P2,200 psqm     2 lots 242sqm each
                  Burgos / Lopez                                          Beside Mall w/ vicinity
Commercial        Jeana               358 sqm             P12,000 psqm    map
                  Burgos / Lopez
Commercial        Jeana               828 sqm             P10,000 psqm
                                                                          along the highway
                                                                          near SSS, 2 lots
                                                                          rectangular in shape
                                                                          with opening frontage
Commercial        Victorias           2,000 sqm           P 6,000/sqm     of 22.5meters per lot

                                                                         with music room,
                                                                         office, powder room,
                                                                         bathroom, jacuzzi for
                                                                         2, maids and driver's
                                                                         room with TB, 2
                                                                         kitchen, laundry area,
                                                                         with 11.5 kva genset,
                                                                         sala and lanai, 2 car
                                                                         garage and more, 4
                                                                         bedroom and 2TB,
                                                                         family room, all TB
House and lot     Villa Valderrama    1,001 sqm 424 sqm   P 13M neg      w/heaters
                                                                         Commercial /
                                                                         Residential with
Mixed Use         Silay               8,063sqm            P2,000/sqm neg squatters
                  Don Salvador                                           w/ waterfalls & spring
Agricultural      Benedicto           14 has              P350 / has     waters
Building(Commerci                      387.20sq
al)               Homesite             m                    P12M          w/ income 65k/,month
                  Taculing / City
                  Heights / Doña
Residential Lot   Juliana              240 sqm              P3,000/sqm
                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune
House and lot     Town / Granada       152sqm      130sqm   P2.4M         3BR, 2T&B.

                                                                          Bungalow, 2BR, 1T&B
House and lot     Greenplains Subd. 480sqm                  P3.2M         semi furmished
                                                                          Two-storey, 4BR,
                                                                          3T&B, 1 car garage w/
House and lot     Mandalagan           400sqm      300sqm   P5M           picture
                                                                          3 BR 3TB, living,
                                                                          dining, 2 kitchens,
                                                                          maids room w/TB,
                                                                          driver's rm with TB, 2
                                                                          car garage, annex
House and lot     Villa Valderrama     1,490 sqm 500 sqm    P 12M         with TB and roofdeck
Commercial        Downtown Area        191 sqm              P 1.7M

                                                                          near National Highway
Mixed Use         Sagay - Escalante    9,312 sqm            P 1,200/sqm   to Escalante

                                                                          parks and recreational
                                                                          areas, sports complex
                                                                          with olympic size
                                                                          football field, 2 open
                                                                          basketball courts,
                                                                          concrete roads and
                                                                          sidewalk, electrical
                                                                          dist system w/
                                                                          concrete poles,
                                                                          potable water, large
                                                                          underground drainage
                                       540-3684             P 3,700-      network, walking
Commercial        San Carlos City      sqm                  P6,600/sqm    distance to San Carl
Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages   1885 sqm             P2700 psqm    w/ vicinity map
Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages   2168 sqm             P2700 psqm    w/ vicinity map
                                                                          good for banks,
                                                            P30,000/sqm   commercial
Commercial        Shopping             670 sqm              nego          establishments
                  Active Town &        240 sqm x
Residential Lot   Country              3lots                P4,200 psqm
                  Active Town &
Residential Lot   Country              305 sqm              P4,200 psqm
                  Active Town &
Residential Lot   Country              240 sqm              P4,200 psqm
House and lot     Talisay              72 sqm      35 sqm   P500k         1 big BR, 1CR,
Beach             Boracay              sqm                   P30k psqm
Beach             Boracay              sqm                   P30k psqm
Beach             Boracay              qm                    P30k psqm
Beach             Boracay              sqm                   P30k psqm        beachfront
Beach             Boracay              sqm                   P30k psqm        beachfront
                  Burgos / Lopez                             P 3,000/sqm      Just before Jesusa
Mixed Use         Jeana                2,548 sqm             neg.             Heights
                                                                              with small house 2BR
                                                                              1TB, wall on 4 sides of
House and lot     Espinos Village      660 sqm               P 2.5M           the property
Residential Lot   Talisay              146 sqm               P 365,000.00
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Residential Lot   Village / Murcia     120 sqm               P 2,600/sqm      East Facing Lot
                                                                              4BR 4TB with attic,
                  Villa Angela /                                              well maintained with
                  Bethany / Fortune                                           falls and terrace,
House and lot     Town / Granada       90 sqm                P 2.3M           landscaped
Rental            Villamonte           375sqm      300sqm    P12k /mo         3BR 3TB

                                                                            2 bedroom 2
                                                                            bathroom, apartment
                                                                            type divided into 2
                                                                            parts, bungalow, rental
                                                                            P 3,000/month, 40
                                                                            sqm each unit, 14 feet
                                                                            ceiling with wall on all
                                                                            4 sides, gate, built
                                                                            1997, well built house,
House and lot     Tangub               240 sqm     80 sqm    P1,500,000 neg with picture on file

                                                                             ideal for a small
                                                                             subdivision, low to
                                       13,200                                meduim cost housing,
Mixed Use         Tangub               sqm                   P 22,258,500.00 zoning id commercial

                                                                              2 storey 5BR 8TB with
                  Active Town &                                               2 bath tubs, big lanai/
Rental            Country              1300sqm 400sqm+ P40k /mo               FOR SALE ALSO
Residential Lot   Victorina Heights    107sqm          P2,800/sqm
Residential Lot   Victorina Heights    161 sqm         P2,800/sqm
Residential Lot   Victorina Heights    105 sqm         P2,800/sqm
                                                                              Details under house
                                                                              and lot / for sale and
Rental            Sta Clara Villages   460 sqm     300 sqm   P30k /mo         for rent
                                                                            Two-storey, 4BR 4TB,
                                                                            maids rm with TB,
                                                                            driver's rm with TB,
Rental            Villa Valderrama     2,400 sqm 400+ sqm P 37,500/mo.      laundry room
Residential Lot   Palmas del Mar       270 sqm            P 4,000/sqm       regular lot
Residential Lot   Palmas del Mar       240 sqm            P 3,800/sqm       perimeter lot
                                                                            furnished / 3BR 3TB
Rental            Ayala Villages       193sqm      230sqm    P48k ffurn     with tub / 2Storey.
                                                                            5BR 5TB / 2Storey /
                                                                            Lanai / Servant's
Rental            Ayala Villages       595sqm      400sqm+ P40k sfurn /mo   Quarter
Residential Lot   Espinos Village      531 sqm             P 3,500/sqm
                  Burgos / Lopez
Commercial        Jeana                449sqm                P4.5Mnet       w/ vicinity map
                                                                            3BR 2TB with powder
Rental            La Salle             200 sqm     160 sqm   P 20,000/mo    room
                                                                            2storey 7BR w/ toilet &
                                                                            bath, w/ swimming
                  Active Town &                                             pool, fully furnished w/
Rental            Country              1600sqm 1800 sqm P90k/mo             picture
                                                                            2storey 7BR w/ T&B,
                  Active Town &                                             w/ swimming pool,
House and lot     Country              1600sqm               P37M           fully furnished
                  Alijis / Paglaum                           P2,700/sqm
Residential Lot   Village / Murcia     400 sqm               neg.           100 sqm of each lot
                                                                            with 1 parking 1
                                                                            bathroom, furnished
                                                                            except washing
Condominium       Luzon                43 sqm                P 6.5M net     machine, stove
                  Lizares Avenue /                                          2nd floor with own CR
Rental            Libertad / Araneta   80 sqm                P 6,000/mo     and roll up stairs
                                                                            4BR, 3T&B, separate
                                                                            maid's room, 3 car
                  Mountainview                                              garage, built 1980
House and lot     Subd.                745 sqm 200 sqm       P3.5M neg      corner lot
Residential Lot   Panay Area           1,122sqm              P1,000/sqm
Beach             Sipalay - Cauayan    m                     P1,000/sqm
                                                                            less than 40 meters
                                                                            from National
                                                                            Highway, presently
                                                                            used as bangus farm
                                                                            but used to be a high
                                                                            tech prawn farm, non
Fishpond          San Enrique          10.89 has             P700,000/has   flood area

                                                                            with 4 meters high
                                                                            fence all around the
                                       10,700                               property, with
Industrial        Luzon                sqm         2,400 sqm P 10,500/sqm   warehouse 2,400 sqm
                                                                            big studio with carport,
                                                                            furnished, 2006, 6th
                                                                            floor and pool and
Condominium       Luzon                40.40 sqm             P 4.5M         gym on the 5th floor

                  Active Town &                                             2 storey 5BR 8TB with
House and lot     Country              1300 sqm 500sqm+ P 14M               2 bath tubs, big lanai

                                                                            2 bedrooms 1 toilet
                                                                            and bath, 1 powder
                                                                            room, living and dining
                                                                            area, kitchen with
                                                                            cabinet sinks and
                                                                            granite counter top,
                                                                            provision for laundry
                                                                            area, spacious
                                                                            garage, 2nd floor
                                                                            terrace, provision for
                                                   110.40                   split type AC in both
House and lot     Silay                150 sqm     sqm       P 2.5M         bedrooms

                                                                            3BR 2TB with parking
                                                                            space, 1 maids room,
                                                                            spacious living and
Condominium       Luzon                124 sqm                              dining area, kitchen
                                                                            2-storey 4BR, 3T&B,
                                                                            servants quarter w/
House and lot     Lacson Streets       400 sqm     284 sqm   P5M neg        T&B, 2 car garage
Residential Lot   Palmas del Mar       696 sqm               P4,500/sqm
Residential Lot   Palmas del Mar       346 sqm               P 5,000/sqm    near clubhouse
Residential Lot   Palmas del Mar       346 sqm               P 4,000/sqm    near guardhouse

Beach             Boracay              2,000 sqm             P 7, 500/sqm   titled

                                                                            2strorey 5BR w/ 5T&B
                                                                            , w/ swimming pool,
                                                                            landscaped garden,
                                                                            semi furnished, 3 yrs
House and lot     Manville Royale      402 sqm     280 sqm   P6.5M          old, car garage
                  Don Salvador         3.2167                               titled 100 meters from
Agricultural      Benedicto            has                   P 650 / has    the road
                                                                            With 800 sqm
                                                                            warehouse, Repair
Bodega            Tangub               1 has                 P 55M          shop renting
                  Taculing / City
                  Heights / Doña
Residential Lot   Juliana              444 sqm               P 2,800/sqm    vacant residential lot
                                                                            non flood area, with
                                                                            walls on 4 sides and
Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages   1,583 sqm             P 3,900/sqm    gate
Residential Lot   Bata                 216 sqm               P 2,500/sqm    vacant residential lot
Residential Lot   Brgy Estefania      526 sqm             P 2,100/sqm   corner lot

                                    785 sqm +
Residential Lot   Bago - Kabankalan 823 sqm               P 1,000/sqm   can buy only 1 lot
Residential Lot   Manville Royale   416 sqm               P 3,200/sqm

                                                                        w/ pictures, 6BR,
                                                                        6T&B & 1 powder
                                                                        room,water storage
                                                                        facility of a thousand
                                                                        gallons with two filter
                                                                        all built in appliances
                                                                        (such as oven, hunter
                  Villa Angela /                                        douglas ceiling fans,
                  Bethany / Fortune                                     split aircons etc)
House and lot     Town / Granada      362sqm    520sqm    P9.5M         included.

                                                                        For rent only non toxic
                                                                        substances, formerly
                                                                        used as badminton
Bodega            Villa Valderrama    600 sqm             P 15,000/mo   court, needs repair

                                                                        4BR 3TB with powder
                                                                        room, 2 Servant's
                                                                        quarter with TB,
                                                                        terrace and lanai, with
                                                                        genset 25KVA silent
                                                                        type, water deepwell
                                                                        and baciwa, own
                                                                        transformer, old wood
                                                                        flooring, well
                                                                        maintained, beautiful
                                                                        garden, 6pcs antique
                                                                        chandelier, 8pcs
House and lot     Villa Valderrama    1,070 sqm 650 sqm   P 15M         antique lamps

                                                                        3BR 2TB, carport
                                                                        good for 2. Will build
                                                                        upon 20%
                                                                        completion. DP
                                                                        Payable in 6 months.
                                                                        Bal of 80% loanable
House and lot     La Salle            74 sqm    66 sqm    P 2.1M        thru pagibig and bank
                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune
Rental            Town / Granada      100 sqm   90 sqm    P 14k/month   3BR 2TB
                                                                        3BR 3TB with maid's
                                                                        room and bathroom
Rental            Villa Valderrama  1,000 sqm 440 sqm     P 18,000/mo   plus 1 office room
House and lot     Puentebella Subd. 1000sqm 100sqm        P3.5M         3BR, 2T&B
House and lot     Capitol Subd.        2,710sqm 820sqm       P8.5M
                                                                            Beside Fire
                                                                            Department, property
                                                                            already fenced, great
                                                                            for malls and other
Commercial        Downtown Area        1.357 Has             P 16,000/sqm   commercial buildings
                                                                            3BR 3TB with maid's
                                                                            room and bathroom
House and lot     Villa Valderrama     1,000 sqm 440 sqm     P 4.5M         plus 1 office room
                                                 more or
House and lot     Mansilingan          780sqm    less        P4.2M neg
                                                                            2 BR 1TB with maid's
Rental            Eroreco              160 sqm     140 sqm   P 10,000/mo    room and TB
                                                                            big studio with carport,
Rental            Luzon                40.40 sqm 40.40 sqm P 30,000/mo      furnished
Residential Lot   Palisades            206 sqm             P 8,000/sqm      lakeside
                  Active Town &        240 sqm x                            adjacent lots, lot can
Residential Lot   Country              2 lots              P 4,800 psqm     be bought individually
                                                                            3BR, 4CR,w/ bakery &
                                                                            equipment, house
                                                   100sqm                   beside waiting shed,
                                                   more or                  w/o document, w 1 car
House and lot     Eroreco              135sqm      less      P2.2M          garage
                  Lizares Avenue /
Commercial        Libertad / Araneta   852sqm                P15,000
                                                                            Lot frontage 20
                                                                            meters, ideal for
Residential Lot   La Salle             692 sqm               P 5.5M         apartments

                                                                            6BR 4TB, 1 powder
                                                                            room, 2 car garage, 1
                                                                            clean kitchen, 1 dirty
                                                                            kitchen, lanai, porch,
                                                                            family room, living
House and lot     Silay                650 sqm     425 sqm   P 13M          room and dining room
                                                                            w/ small warehouse w/
Residential Lot   Capitol Heights      425sqm                P1.5M          vicinity map
                                                                            3BR 3TB with maid's
                                                                            and driver's rm with
                                                                            bathroom, 4 car
Rental            Villa Valderrama     1,000 sqm 350 sqm     P 25K/mo       garage
                                                                            3 BR 2TB, kitchen and
                  Villa Angela /                                            dirty kitchen, sala,
                  Bethany / Fortune                                         parking for 1-2 cars,
Rental            Town / Granada       180 sqm     95 sqm    P 10K/mo       built 2004
                                                                            with bathroom and
                                                                            sink. Good for dental
                                                                            office or Lawyer's
Rental            Espinos Village      16 sqm                P 10K/mo.      Office
                                                                            infront of NSO, w/
Commercial        Downtown Area        1243sqm               P18,000/sqm    vicinity map
                                                                             w/ vicinity map, near
                                                                             Commercial Complex,
                                                                             Convention plaza
Commercial        Magsaysay Ave.,     1624sqm               P7500/sqm        Hotel and Aboy's Res.
                  Villa Angela /                                             2 Bedrooms 2 TB
                  Bethany / Fortune                                          brand new house (8
House and lot     Town / Granada      100 sqm     52 sqm    P 1.8M           HOUSES AVAIL)
                                                                             2BR, 2CR, 2
House and lot     Brgy Estefania      120sqm      48sqm     P980K neg        House(Duplex)
                                                                             riceland and
                                                                             sugarcane plantation
                                                                             with irrigation nearby,
Riceland          Bago - Kabankalan 6 has                   P 420,000/has    with vicinity map
                                                                             residential or
Mixed Use         Mansilingan         7,290 sqm             P 850/sqm        commercial
Residential Lot   Sum-ag              500 sqm               P 1,100/sqm

Residential Lot   Bago - Kabankalan                         P 1,100/sqm
                  Alijis / Paglaum                                           w/ smal nipa hut for
Piggery           Village / Murcia  3001sqm                 P2M              caretaker

                  Alijis / Paglaum                                         commercial lot infront
Commercial        Village / Murcia    600sqm                P4,000/sqm neg of Woodside Subd
                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune                                          along the road near
Farm Lots         Town / Granada      1,000 sqm             P 1,500/sqm      Bacolod Boy's Home
                                                            P 5,500/sqm
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages      228 sqm               NET

                                    49.42 -
Condominium       Recalamation Area 51.73 sqm               P 2.2M
                                                                             3 sides are already
                                                                             walled. Elevated lot
                                                                             w/filling and non flood
Residential Lot   Capitolville        1,023 sqm             P 7,500/sqm      area.
                                                                             all studio type,
                                      32-36                                  minimum rental 1
Rental            Shopping            sqm                   P 6,500/mo       year, units all bare
                                                                             Duplex, 4BR 3TB with
                                                                             1 car garage with 10
                                                                             sqm balcony (with
                                                                             room and TB on
                                                                             ground flr) all rooms
                                                                             with closet, service
                                                                             area, pldt, cable and
House and lot     Mandalagan          120 sqm     137 sqm   P 2,932,000.00   intercom ready
                                                                             3BR 2TB with family
                                                                             room and 1 powder
                                                                             room, 2 car garage,
Rental            Capitolville        250 sqm     200 sqm   P 25,000/mo.     bare
                                                                              4BR 4TB, 2 car
Rental            Sta Clara Villages   400 sqm     250 sqm   P 25,000/mo.     garage, corner house
                                                                              4BR 4TB, 2 car
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   400 sqm     250 sqm   P 6.5M           garage, corner house
                                                                              adjacent lots, open
                                       240 sqm                                lot/space infront, nice
                  Active Town &        and 260                                location along the
Residential Lot   Country              sqm                   P 5,000 psqm     main road
House and lot     Lacson Streets       750 sqm               P 30,000/sqm     with old house

Residential Lot   Ayala Villages       182 sqm               P5,500/sqm net

                                                                              Bungalow, 4BR,
                                                                              2T&B, 4 car garage,
House and lot     Talisay              468 sqm     230 sqm   P6M neg          built 2003, w/ pictures
                                                                              Furnished, 2storey,
                                                                              4BR, 2T&B w/
                                                                              separate maids room
                                                                              w/ T&B, Buyers
                                                                              shoulders all taxes, 2
House and lot     Ayala Villages       180 sqm 190 sqm       P4.6M net        car garage
Residential Lot   Villa Valderrama     1041 sqm -            P3500 psqm
Residential Lot   Villa Valderrama     1050 sqm -            P3500 psqm       Perimeter Lot
                                                                              Adjacent Lots with wall
                                       1297 &                                 at tha back of the
Commercial        Talisay              1,000 sqm             P3000 psqm       property
Residential Lot   Sipalay - Cauayan    sqm                   P15M neg
Residential Lot   Manville Royale      299 sqm               P 3,500/sqm      corner Lot
                  Taculing / City                                             corner lot near City
                  Heights / Doña                                              Heights High School
Commercial        Juliana              1840 sqm              P10,000/sqm      w/ vicinity map

Commercial        Lacson Streets       4,000 sqm             P 31,000/sqm     corner lot
                                                                              With ancestral house
                                                                              and pool, very good
                                                                              commercial area near
Commercial        Lacson Streets       9,258 sqm             P 250 M          Robinson's

                                                                              bungalow high
                                                                              ceiling,1 master's BR
                                                                              with walk in closet &
                                                                              spacious T/B, 1 guest
                                                                              room, 1 maid's room
                                                                              with TB, 1 living room
                                                                              with covered terrace,
                                                                              dining, kitchen,2 car
                                                                              garage, landscaped
House and lot     Silay                300 sqm     250 sqm   P 6M             with small garden
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages       293 sqm               P6,250/sqm       Lot 1 is a corner lot
                                       2 lots at                              2 adjacent lots, must
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages       180 sqm               P 6,250/sqm      buy 2 lots
                                        209 & 184                              2 adjacent lots with 1
Residential Lot    Ayala Villages       sqm                   P 5,500/sqm      corner lot
                                                                               With Commercial Bldg
                                                                               with tenants and
Building(Commerci                                                              residential bldg at the
al)               Lacson Streets        1,500 sqm             P 50M            back

                                                                               across Girl's Home
                   Alijis / Paglaum                                            Orphanage along
Commercial         Village / Murcia     850 sqm               P 5,500,000.00   Bacolod Murcia Road
                                                                               3BR 2TB with maid's
                                                                               room and bathroom,
                                                                               with aircon 1HP,
                                                                               chandelier, dining
                                                                               table (6 seater),
                   Alijis / Paglaum                                            dressers and bed w/
House and lot      Village / Murcia     240 sqm     120 sqm   P 3,000,000.00   picture

Commercial         Bago - Kabankalan 9,876 sqm                P5,000/sqm       across public market
Commercial         Mandalagan        sqm                      P 3,000/sqm      across Pepsi

Commercial         Lopez Jaena St.      1,157 sqm             P 10,000/sqm     adjacent to Petron
                   Active Town &                              P 4,400 psqm
Residential Lot    Country              280 sqm               neg.             Infront of Park
Raw Land           Silay                sqm                   P 400/sqm        Near Silay airport
                   Villa Angela /
                   Bethany / Fortune
Residential Lot    Town / Granada       96 sqm                P 3,500/sqm
                                                                               With Building.
Building(Commerci Lizares Avenue /                                             Boarding house w/
al)               Libertad / Araneta    150 sqm               P 3.5M           picture.
                                                                               4BR 3TB, 2 gazebos
                                                                               and 2 separate
                                                                               bedroom for servants,
                                                                               walled with luxuriant
                                                                               garden, fully
                                                                               airconditioned, 2 car
Rental             Lacson Streets       1,000 sqm 300 sqm     P 30,000/mo      garage

                                                                               Fully furnished, very
                                                                               artistic house near SM
Rental             Recalamation Area 100 sqm                  P 8-10K/mo.      Department store
                                                                               Vacant Commercial
                   Lizares Avenue /                                            Lot with frontage of
Commercial         Libertad / Araneta   419 sqm               P 5,222,835.00   16.85 sqm
                                                                               With 1 bedroom
                                                                               house ( bachelor's
House and lot      Capitol Heights      946 sqm     60 sqm    P 3.8M           pad)
                                                                                3BR 1 common
                                                                                bathroom with Maid's
                                                                                rm with TB, laundry
Rental            Eroreco              230 sqm     200 sqm   P 11K/mo.          and hanging area

                  Lizares Avenue /                           P 15K/mo.
Rental            Libertad / Araneta               50 sqm    Inclusive of VAT

                                                                                Orchard With fruit
                                                                                trees 1 hectare, along
                                                                                the road, 12 kms from
Agricultural      Talisay              1.2 has               P 3.8M             National Highway

Riceland          Bago - Kabankalan 5.5 has                  P550k /has         irrigated ricefield
Agricultural      Talisay           has                      P 900/sqm          With standing cane
                  Alijis / Paglaum  104,411
Agricultural      Village / Murcia  sqm                      P450k/has      w/ lot plan
                                                                            11 kilometers from
                                                                            Kabankalan proper,
                                                                            1/2 K from Mag-aso
                                                                            Falls, accessible for
Rental            Bago - Kabankalan 655 Has                  P 10K/Has      trucks and tractors
                  Circumferential   23,527                                  Near Jazz Cola and
Commercial        Road              sqm                      P5,000/sqm net Zion
                                                                            Corner Lot near the
Residential Lot   Villa Valderrama     955 sqm     -         P5000 psqm     guardhouse
                                                                            Very nice location
Residential Lot   Villa Valderrama     971 sqm     -         P5000 psqm     near the guardhouse
                                                                            All taxes to be paid by
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages       417sqm                P7,500/sqm net Buyer
                                                                            Beside Christian
                                                                            Fame Garden along
Commercial        Talisay              8,010 sqm             P 5,000/sqm    the highway
                                                                            Across Talisay Public
Commercial        Talisay              2,461 sqm             P 12,000/sqm   Market
                                                                            Near Lopez Jaena
                                                                            Street but along Galo
Commercial        Lopez Jaena St.      4,000 sqm             P 5,700 psqm   Street
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Agricultural      Village / Murcia     15has                 P500k/has          w/ vicinity map
                                                                                4BR 4TB Bungalow,
                                                                                maids BR and CR,
                                                                                separate computer
                                                                                room, landscaped,
                                                                                Oven, cooker, ref,
                                                                                aircon, heaters,
                                                                                generator remains
                                                                                with the house, built
House and lot     Ayala Villages       972 sqm     420 sqm   P 17.5M            2004
                                                                                With refrigerator, TV,
Condominium       Mandalagan           26.22 sqm             P 1.2M             aircon, beds, etc..
                  Lizares Avenue /                                  2BR. 1T&B, w/ hot &
Rental            Libertad / Araneta               P20k/month       cold water
                                       40,965                       Along municipal road
Agricultural      Talisay              sqm         P 1M per has     going to Concepcion

                                                                    96 bed dormitory with
                                                                    6 cottages, cafeteria
Dormitory         La Salle             960 sqm     P 15M            and internet café
                                                                    With swimming pool,
                                                                    overnight cottages,
                                                                    open cottages,
                                                                    parking space,
                                                                    concrete perimeter
                                                                    fence, with open sea
Beach             Puntataytay          1,426 sqm   P 12M neg.       front
                  Alijis / Paglaum     195,747sq
Agricultural      Village / Murcia     m           P6M             w/ vicinity map
                                                                   3BR, 2T&B w/
                  Villa Angela /                                   separate maids room
                  Bethany / Fortune                                w/ T&B, fully furnished
House and lot     Town / Granada       195 sqm     P 4.6M net      w/ picture
                                                                   BeachFront, w/
                                                                   existing house w/
                                                                   3BR, 3T&B,back of
                                                                   the house w/ thick
                                                                   Mangroves w/ bridge
                                                                   attach to Mangrove
                                                                   Trees, pump boat
                                                                   station w/ Century
Beach             Sagay - Escalante    4,055 sqm   P 2,500/sqm     Tree & Fruit Trees.
                                                                   Near To go
Commercial        Recalamation Area 5,442 sqm      P 6,000/sqm net Warehouse
                                    6,991.32                       Adjacent to Our Lady
Commercial        Mandalagan        sqm            P 3,000/sqm     of Mercy Hospital
                                                                   14 kilometers from
Agricultural      Silay                71.46 Has   P 300,000/has National Highway
                                                                   With 20 blocks for
                                                                   lease, with 40 meters
Commercial        Lacson Streets       1,000 sqm   P 25,000/sqm    frontage
Building(Commerci                                                  with building beside
al)               Lacson Streets       1000 sqm    P 40M           21Bar & Rest.
                                                                   w/ vicinity map, same
                                                                   block as Redemptorist
Commercial        Northdrive           1553 sqm    P25k/sqm        Church

                                                                    Across RUSI great for
Commercial        Tangub               2,080 sqm   P 10,000/sqm     commercial building
                                                                    w/ dilapidated house,
                                                   P3,000/sqm       near public plaza, can
Residential Lot   Talisay              2270sqm     neg.             subdivided
                                                                           gated entrance, with
                                                                           25meter pool, function
                                                                           room, game room,
                                                                           fitness gym, pocket
                                                                           gardens, high
                                                                           perimeter fence, 24
                                                                           hour security w/CCTV
                Burgos / Lopez      24.41-                P 1,059,300- P   cameras, wifi zone at
Condominium     Jeana               84.04 sqm             4,069,766.40     clubhouse

Commercial      Recalamation Area 2,000sqm                P7,000/sqm net along Int'l Port
                Alijis / Paglaum
Agricultural    Village / Murcia  318 has                 P 350,000/has    along the highway

                                                                           4BR 2TB with pool, 2
                                                                           storey furnished with
                                                                           appliances and
                                                                           furnitures, w/separate
                                                                           maid's room and dirty
House and lot   Manville Royale     921 sqm     350 sqm   P14.5M           kitchen, built 2003
                                                                           4BR, 4T&B, can be
House and lot   Manville Royale     240sqm                P6M              sold 1 unit @ 3M
                                                                           Along Silay Highway,
                                                                           can be used as
                                                                           warehouse, offices,
Bodega          Silay               6,600 sqm 750 sqm     P 18.5M          shop, etc
                                                                           titled along the
                                                                           highway, 25 sqm
                                                                           opening, Between
                Don Salvador                                               highway kilometer 54-
Agricultural    Benedicto           1,000 sqm             P1,000 sqm       55

                                                                           3BR, 2.5T&B 2-storey,
                                                                           2 car garage w/
House and lot   Greensville Subd.   250 sqm     200 sqm   P4.7M neg        terrace w/ vicinity map
                                                                           4BR, 3T&B with
Rental          Tangub              500 sqm     280 sqm   P 35,000/mo.     separate maids room
                Singcang / JR                                              3BR, 3T&B w/
                Torres / Airport                                           separated maids room
Rental          Subd.               380 sqm     200 sqm   P 25,000/mo.     w/ T&B

                                                                           With refrigerator, TV,
                                                                           aircon, beds, lessor
                                                                           will pay for electricity,
Rental          Lacson Streets      26.22 sqm             P 12,000/mo      dues and water
Beach           Sipalay - Cauayan   sqm                   P3,500/sqm       beachfront
                                                                           2-storey, 3 big BR w/
                                                                           T&B, 2 kitchens w/
                                                                           separate maids room
                  Active Town &                                            w/ T&B, 2 car garage
House and lot     Country            777 sqm     485 sqm   P 19.5M neg     w/ picture
                                                                           4BR 2 1/2 Bathroom,
                                                                           1 maid's rm with TB,
                                                                           centralized aircon,
House and lot     Silay              280 sqm     248 sqm   P 5M            furnished
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages     441 sqm               P8,250/sqm      Eastfacing lot,
                  Burgos / Lopez                                           w/ perimeter concrete
Commercial        Jeana              4000 sqm              P6,700/sqm      fence

                                                                          With house and lot
                                                                          and pool, 4BR, 5TB
                                                                          maid's and driver's rm
                                                                          with bathroom, house
                                                                          built 1974 but
                                                                          renovated 1995, 2 car
House and lot     La Salle           1,000 sqm 300 sqm     P 16M          garage, basement
                                                                          corner lot at the back
                                                                          of old casino, near
                                                                          Convention Plaza
Commercial        Magsaysay Ave.,    892 sqm               P8000/sqm neg. Hotel
                                                                          Title is still under
Residential Lot   Manville Royale    495 sqm               P3,500/sqm net installement
                                                                          Warehouse with blue
Bodega            Recalamation Area 2,116 sqm              P 30M          roof near SM
                                                                          East facing, corner
                                                                          and park view lots add
                                                           P 7,888/sqm- P P100/sqm, Park side
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages     303-544               9,888 +EVAT    add 200/sqm

                                                                           Beside the road
                                                                           fronting the Guimaras
                                                                           Strait, Very near
                                                                           seaside restaurants,
                                                                           perfect for leisure
Fishpond          Silay              24.74 has             P 1M per has    development

                                                                           With Pictures/With
                                                                           fruit trees cabugaw
                                                                           162 trees, durian 40,
                                                                           kahel 25, mangosteen
                                                                           94, lanzones 195,
                  Alijis / Paglaum                                         along the highway,
Agricultural      Village / Murcia   14 has                P 500/sqm       good road, for retirees

                  Active Town &                                            2 storey 5BR 8TB with
Rental            Country           1300 sqm 500+ sqm P 40,000/mo          2 bath tubs, big lanai
                                                      P25K / mo            7BR, 5T&B, 2 car
Rental            Greenplains Subd. 280sqm   260sqm   semifurn.            garage
                                                                            7BR, 5T&B, 2 car
House and lot     Greenplains Subd. 280sqm        260sqm    P3.8M neg.      garage
Residential Lot   La Castellana     361sqm                  P 1,600/sqm

                                                                           With Pictures/3BR
                                                                           2TB with maids and
                                                                           TB, lots of storage,
                                                                           beautiful landscape,
                                                                           bungalow, newly
                  Lizares Avenue /                                         renovated, 2 car
Rental            Libertad / Araneta   300 sqm    150 sqm   P 25K/ mo      garage, with 3 aircons
                                                                           6 BR 8TB with big
                                                                           lawn, available for
House and lot     Lacson Streets       3,229      400 sqm   Make Offer     lease
                                       47,107                              With pictures Shalam
Island            Panay Area           sqm                  P 350/sqm      Email
                                       65-75      25-56                    House and Lot
House and lot     Ayala Villages       sqm        sqm       P 659T- P 1.2M packages
                                                                           House and Lot
                                       88-110     30-50                    packages. Cresta
House and lot     Ayala Villages       sqm        sqm       P 1.77-P 2M    2BR 1TB
                                                                           3BR 3TB 1maid's rm
                                                                           with bathroom, 35K
Rental            Ayala Villages       214 sqm    170 sqm   P 25K-35K      furnished 25K bare
                                                                           beside primex or
                                                                           Good year Bldg.
Commercial        Tangub               2,304sqm             P12,000/sqm    Infront

                                                                            3BR w/TB, attic
                                                                            storage, family room,
                                                                            lanai, office w/TB,
                                                                            separate maid's rm
                                                                            w/TB, driver's quarter,
                                                                            fishpond, 2car garage,
                                                                            landscaped garden
House and lot     Capitolville         500 sqm    300 sqm   P 15M           w/trellis

Residential Lot   Ayala Villages    1,079 sqm               P 8,000/sqm     Cul de sac lot
                                    252 + 240
Residential Lot   Greenplains Subd. sqm                     P 2,000/sqm

                                                                            Corner Lot, 1 block
                                                                            away from Araneta
Residential Lot   Tangub               400 sqm              P 3,000/sqm     St., With wall and gate
                  Villa Angela /                                            Bungalow & Two-
                  Bethany / Fortune    80 -       35.5 -    P994 -          storey 2 - 3BR & 1-
House and lot     Town / Granada       160sqm     53sqm     1,484,000       3T&B
Residential Lot   Mansilingan          100 sqm              P300K           Vacant lot
                                                                            6BR, 4T&B w/ smal
House and lot     Sagay - Escalante    437 sqm    330 sqm   P3.3M neg       swimming pool
                                                                            3BR with den, 2 full
                                                                            baths and powder rm,
                  Villa Angela /                                            maid's rm with bath,
                  Bethany / Fortune                                         w/ gazebo, 2 car
House and lot     Town / Granada       467 sqm     264 sqm   P 7M           garage
Hotel/ Pension
House             Lacson Streets       3,000 sqm             P 100M         42 rooms

                                                                            8BR 5TB, 3 car
                                                                            garage, with pool,
                                                                            generator, water tank,
                                                                            deep well, walking
                                                                            distance from St. Scho
                                                                            & La Salle, good for
House and lot     La Salle             1,493 sqm 849 sqm     P 25M          dormitory, corner Lot
                                                                            3BR, 3T&B, 2 car
Rental            Hervias / Homesite 170 sqm       135 sqm   P 25,000/mo    garage
                                                                            along National
Raw Land          Talisay              51.101has             P3500/sqm      Highway
al)               Downtown Area        318sqm      636sqm    P6M            2 storey building
                  Active Town &
Residential Lot   Country              280 sqm               P 4,500/sqm

                                                                            Good for subdivision,
                                       88,949                               near Bel-Air Subd and
Raw Land          Tangub               SQM                   P 1,000/sqm    Medel Roadside Subd

House and lot     Mansilingan          175 sqm     85 sqm    P3M neg.       3BR, 2T&B w/ bathtub
House and lot     Mansilingan          100 sqm     50 sqm    P1.7M          2BR, 1T&B w/ attic
House and lot     Mansilingan          100 sqm               P1.5M          2BR, 1T&B

Residential Lot   Villa Valderrama     782 sqm               P3500 psqm     With walls on 4 sides
                  Taculing / City                                           Bungalow, 3BR,
                  Heights / Doña                                            2T&B, Furnished,
House and lot     Juliana              346 sqm     120 sqm   P3M            beside river
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages       211 sqm               P 6,250/sqm
                                                                            Formerly Cebu pacific
                  Lizares Avenue /                                          parking area, with
Commercial        Libertad / Araneta   2,763 sqm             P 5,500/sqm    folder
                                                                            formerly Cattle farm,
                                    3.2923                                  going south right side,
Mixed Use         Bago - Kabankalan hec                      P 6.5M net     with resthouse
                                                                            Bungalow 4BR 2TB,
                                                                            clean title, built 1998
                                                                            extension built 2000,
                                                                            with provision for 2nd
House and lot     Talisay              180 sqm     130 sqm   P 1.3M nego    flr, 1 car garage
                                                             P 2,900 psqm
Residential Lot   Villa Valderrama     743 sqm               nego           Perimeter Lot
Agricultural      Talisay              sqm                   P 3M           along municipal road
                                                                           Corner lot can be for
Mixed Use         Capitol Heights     934 sqm               P 3,200/sqm    commercial use
Rental            Lacson Streets                            P 15,000/mo    4BR 2TB 2 storey
                                                                           Two-storey, 4BR,
                                                                           2T&B, 1 car garage,
                                                                           built 2007, clean title,
House and lot     Bata                270sqm      150sqm    P1.7M neg      w/ vicinity map

                                                                           with walls and inside a
Residential Lot   Silay               558 sqm               P2M            secured subdivision
                  Taculing / City
                  Heights / Doña
Residential Lot   Juliana             355 sqm               P 3,500/sqm    w/ vicinity map
                  Taculing / City
                  Heights / Doña                                           w/ vicinity map, w/
Residential Lot   Juliana             300 sqm               P 3,500/sqm    fence & gate
                                                                           On the way to the
Commercial        Silay               805 sqm               P 7M           airport

Residential Lot   Silay               1,517 sqm             P 2,000/sqm

Residential Lot   Silay               3,901 sqm             P 1,500/sqm

Residential Lot   Silay               1,077 sqm             P 1,700/sqm
                                                                           good for residential
                                                                           subdivision, near
Agricultural      Silay               5 has                 P 1,200/sqm    Carmela Subd
Residential Lot   Manville Royale     314 sqm               P3,500/sqm
House and lot     Sharina Heights     240 sqm               P 1.9M         4BR, 2CR w/ carport
                                                            P 450,000.00
Residential Lot   Silay               165 sqm               neg            residential lot
                                                                           4BR 4TB with
House and lot     Greensville Subd.   1,250 sqm 400 sqm     P 15.5 Net     swimming pool

                                                                           4BR 4TB master's
                                                                           bathroom with jacuzzi,
                                                                           1 office with bathroom,
                                                                           maid's room & TB,
                                                                           swimming pool with
                  Villa Angela /                                           spa, 7 aircons, double
                  Bethany / Fortune                                        garage with remote,
House and lot     Town / Granada      320 sqm     300 sqm   P 7.5M         house built 2010
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages      486sqm                P7,300/sqm     6 months to pay
                                                                           2 bedroom, 1st floor
                                                                           tiled, linoluim 2nd flr,
                                                                           landscaped, w/1/2 HP
                                                                           aircon master's,
                                                                           queen bed and single
                                                                           bed w/dew foam 2
House and lot     Camella Meridian                46 sqm    P 1.2M         rooms
                                                                           Good for grocery
Commercial        Downtown Area       6,843 sqm             P 18,000/sqm   store, malls, etc…
                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune
Rental            Town / Granada      200 sqm     100 sqm   P 10,000/mo    2BR 1TB

                                                                           4BR 2TB main house,
                  Taculing / City                                          separate structure
                  Heights / Doña                                           w/2BR 1TB,
Rental            Juliana             739 sqm     400 sqm   P 15,000/mo    w/pictures on file

                                                                           With pictures/3 BR
                                                                           3TB with powder
                                                                           room, 8KVA genset,
                                                                           pressure tank, cistern,
                                                                           solar water heater,
                                                                           security alarm system,
House and lot     Ayala Villages      485 sqm     390 sqm   P 19M sfurn    general exhaust fan
                                                                           With Pictures. 5BR
                                                                           3TB bungalow, clean
                                                                           and dirty kitchen,
                                                                           servant's quarter
Rental            La Salle            1,461 sqm 400 sqm     P 50,000/mo    w/TB, 3 car garage
                                                                           w/ pictures, 3BR,
                                                                           2T&B, 1 car garage,
                                                                           built 2007, 3 titles
House and lot     Talisay             330 sqm     120 sqm   P 4.750M neg   110sqm each
                                                                           2 bedroom 2
                                                                           bathroom, loop type,
                                                                           fully furnished,
Condominium       Luzon               Unit 05Z 70 sqm       P 5.5M         constructed 2008
Residential Lot   Ayala Villages      63/468                P 7,500/sqm    All lots adjacent

                                                                           Furnished, Bungalow,
                                                                           5BR, 4T&B, w/ garden
Rental            Capitolville        501 sqm     300 sqm   P 40,000/mo.   & lanai, 3 car garage.
                                                                           With Pictures, 3BR
                                                                           2TB with 1 maid's
House and lot     Villa Valderrama    581 sqm     128 sqm   P 7M           room and TB
                                                                           with pictures,
                                                                           swimming pool on 2nd
                                                                           floor, 4BR, 4T&B,
                                                                           masters bedroom
                                                                           (with walk-in closet &
House and lot     Mandalagan          350 sqm               P5.5M          bath tub)
                                                                            Good for subdivisions,
                                                                            1km from Golden
                                                                            Gate.You will pass by
                                                                            Charito Heights, La
                                                                            Salle Eco Park, Boy's
                                                                            Home, Polo Club.
                                                                            After bridge with
Raw Land          Granada              53.12 Has             P 500/sqm      access to both roads
House and lot     Capitolville         500 sqm 380 sqm       P 9.5M         5BR bungalow
                                                                            Infront of Pala Pala,
Commercial        Downtown Area        1,348 sqm             P 20,000/sqm   commercial lot

                                                                            w/ pictures, 4BR 4T&B
                                                                            w/ separate maids
                                                                            room w/ t&b,music
                                                                            room, lanai, attic w/
House and lot     Capitol Heights      500 sqm     200 sqm   P 6.8M         vicinity map
Raw Land          Manapla              11 has                P 180/sqm      vacant lot
                  Burgos / Lopez
Commercial        Jeana                1,000 sqm             P 25,000/sqm   along Burgos Road
                                                                            With Commercial
Building(Commerci Burgos / Lopez                                            Bldg, w/lot plan and
al)               Jeana                329 sqm               P 15M          title
                                                                            Two storey 3BR,
                                                                            3T&B w/ separate
                                                                            maids room w/ T&B,
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   220sqm                P5M net        fully furnished
                                                                            3 BR 4 TB with 1
                                                                            powder room, house
House and lot     Capitolville         649 sqm     400 sqm   P 17M          build 2011

                                                                            3BR 3 1/2TB, fenced
                                                                            and gated, all rooms
                                                                            with aircon, water
                                                                            heaters, water
                                                                            pressure tank with
                                                                            cistern tank, heat
                                                                            insulated roofing, long
                                                                            span factory painted
                                                                            roof w/20 yr waranty,
                                                                            maid's room, laundry
                  Villa Angela /                                            area, balcony, wooden
                  Bethany / Fortune                                         staircase,
House and lot     Town / Granada       180 sqm     125 sqm   P 4.4M         cable&phone ready
Rental            Bata                 562sqm      260sqm    P 20k/month    3BR, 3T&B
                                                                            Buyer pays for all
Fishpond          Sarabia              24 has                P 10.3M net    taxes
                                       156 @                 P 8,000/sqm    20 meters from
Residential Lot   Palisades            156 sqm               neg            guardhouse
Residential Lot   Hervias / Homesite 304 sqm                P 6,000/sqm     Corner Lot
                                     18,600                                 w/ exemption
Residential Lot   Granada            sqm                    2,000/sqm net   clearance from DAR

Residential Lot   Sta Clara Villages   1,000 sqm            P 3,800/sqm     Across Trebol house
                                                                            Across Lopue house,
Mixed Use         Mandalagan           1,610 sqm            P 20M           corner lot

Residential Lot   Hervias / Homesite 372 sqm                P 6,000/sqm
                                     80-238        35-95                    various brand new
House and lot     Brgy Estefania     sqm           sqm      P 1.1- P3.5M    house and lot

Residential Lot   Hervias / Homesite 400 sqm                P5,500/sqm      2 lots 200sqm each
House and lot     Villamonte         160 sqm                P2.7M neg       2BR, 2T&B
                                                                            With wall on 3 sides of
Commercial        Sum-ag               1,302 sqm            P 7,000/sqm     the property
Residential Lot

                                                                            4BR 4TB, office area,
                                                                            lanai,servant's quarter,
                                                                            enormous storage,
Rental            Capitolville         600 sqm 300 sqm      P 20 or 30k     near sampaguita gate
                                       10,124sq                             beside Breadmaster,
Commercial        Banago               m                    P4,000/sqm      w/ squatter
                                                                            near Breadmaster w/
Commercial        Banago               2,179 sqm            P4,000/sqm      squatter

Commercial        Banago               2,641 sqm            P4,000/ sqm     w/ squatter

Commercial        Banago            5,382 sqm               P4,000/sqm      w/ squatter
Residential Lot   Bata              250sqm                  P2,500/sqm
Residential Lot   Puentebella Subd. 1000 sqm                P2,500/sqm

Condominium       Mandalagan                       32 sqm   P1.5M           1BR, 1 T&B
                                                                            P 200,000 net seller
                                                                            assume balance
Residential Lot   Talisay              174 sqm              P 200,000 net   w/Carmela
                                                                            w/ existing bodega,
Commercial        Banago               5,930sqm             P35M            office and old house
Residential Lot   Victorias            747sqm               P 800,000
                                                                            w/ picture, Rice farm,
                                                                            coconut trees &
                                       11,608                               assorted fruits inside
Island            Panay Area           has                  P 35M Neg       the island property.
                                                                            w/ assorted fruits like
                                                                            Mango, Coconut trees
Beach             Cadiz                20 has               P500/sqm        & Bananas
                                                                              17.7245 has w/ title,
                                                                              94 has Cloa Cert., w/
                                                                              assorted fruits, 5
                                                             P 1,000/ sqm     minutes drive from
Island             Sipalay - Cauayan   17 has                Neg              National Highway.
Agricultural       Himamaylan          has                   P 500k / has

Residential Lot   Manville Royale      1,900 sqm             P3,000/sqm net
al)               Villamonte           200 sqm               P3.9M
                  Burgos / Lopez
Commercial        Jeana                1,157 sqm             P 12,500 /sqm
                  Lizares Avenue /                                            10 meters away from
Commercial        Libertad / Araneta   1,500 sqm             P 6,000/sqm      BIR
Raw Land          Handumanan           107 has               P 500/sqm        ready for subdivision
                  Singcang / JR
                  Torres / Airport
Residential Lot   Subd.                216 sqm               P 650k           infront of Goldenfield
                                                                              At the back of Ceres
                                                                              Terminal in Bata, can
Mixed Use          Bata                1,813 sqm             P 11,000/sqm     be leased
                   Burgos / Lopez
Mixed Use          Jeana               4,983 sqm             P 13,000/sqm     Near Burgos St.
                                                                              3 BR 3TB with powder
                                                                              room, 8KVA genset,
                                                                              pressure tank etc..
                                                                              Lessee must pay
                                                                              assoc dues, 3 mo.
                                                                              Deposit, 2 mo.
                                                                              Advance min 2 year
Rental             Ayala Villages      485 sqm     390 sqm   P 40,000/mo.     lease 22 PDC's
                                                                              5BR 4TB, 1 powder
                                                                              room, w/separate
House and lot      Capitolville        476 sqm     300 sqm   P 9M             maid's room
Island             Panay Area          has                   P 150M Neg.

Residential Lot    Villa Valderrama    1,082 sqm             P 3,500/sqm      Perimeter Lot
Residential Lot    Villa Valderrama    988 sqm               P 3,500/sqm

Residential Lot    Villa Valderrama    1,085 sqm             P 3,500/sqm

Residential Lot    Villa Valderrama    1,085 sqm             P 3,500/sqm

Residential Lot    Villa Valderrama    1,085 sqm             P 3,500/sqm

Residential Lot    Villa Valderrama    1,087 sqm             P 3,500/sqm
                   Singcang / JR                                              5BR 2TB, with maid's
                   Torres / Airport                                           room and bathroom,
House and lot      Subd.               300 sqm     200 sqm   P 3.8M           built 2005
                                                                            6BR 5TB, 1 maid's
                                                                            room w/TB, service
House and lot     Capitolville        943 sqm     500+ sqm P 23M nego       room built 2008

Residential Lot   Hervias / Homesite 170 sqm                P 5,500/sqm
                                                                            3BR 2.5 TB, w/
                                                                            balcony, 2 units
                                                                            aircon, gas range &
                                                                            motor pump, built
House and lot     La Costa Brava      240 sqm     90 sqm    P 3.7M          2011
Building(Commerci                                                           2-storey, infront of
al)               Downtown Area       531 sqm               P 11M           NOHS
Commercial        Downtown Area       353 sqm               P5.5M
                  Active Town &
Residential Lot   Country             290 sqm               P 3,900/sqm
Residential Lot   Capitolville        570 sqm               P 8,000/sqm
                  Villa Angela /                                            Corner lot near
                  Bethany / Fortune   1,052 +                               Bacolod-Granada
Residential Lot   Town / Granada      1,072                 P 2,000 psqm    highway
                                      300 + 300
Residential Lot   Tangub              sqm                   P 1,800 psqm
                                                                            Along Burgos St.
                  Burgos / Lopez                                            beside Villa San
Commercial        Jeana               1,800 sqm             P 7,500/sqm     Agustin
                                                                            Along Burgos St.
                  Burgos / Lopez                                            beside Villa San
Commercial        Jeana               3,155 sqm             P 7,500/sqm     Agustin
                                                                            Joint venture only/
Raw Land          Panay Area          74 has                Joint Venture   60/40 percent
                                                                            good for restaurants,
Commercial        Panay Area          3,600 sqm             P 45M           hotel, call center
                                                            P 3,900/sqm     Beside plaza and
Commercial        Bago - Kabankalan 3,087 sqm               nego            Bago City Coliseum

Residential Lot   Tangub              5,303 sqm             P 700/sqm
                                                                            3BR 3TB, 1 maid's
House and lot     Ayala Villages      499 sqm     210 sqm   P 10M           room with TB, lanai
                                                                            With old residential
                                                                            structure 2 storey 1st
Building(Commerci                                                           floor cement, 2nd flr
al)               Villamonte          244 sqm               P 1.2M          wood
Residential Lot   Talisay             480 sqm               P 1,550/sqm
                                                                            1 1/2km from National
                  Alijis / Paglaum                                          Road, with vicinity
Agricultural      Village / Murcia    40 has                P 450/has       map
                                                                           3BR w/ TB and hot
                                                                           and cold shower, 2
                                                                           living room and 2
                                                                           living room (upstairs
                                                                           @ downstairs), 1
                                                                           maid's rm, dirty
                                                                           kitchen, landscaped
                                                                           w/fruit bearing trees,
                                                                           mango, bugnay,
                                                                           avocado, coconuts,
                                                                           doors are all marra,
                                                                           2nd flr walls are made
House and lot      Rodriguez Avenue 1,900 sqm 680 sqm      P 13M           of molave
                                                                           Beside Myk Water
Commercial         La Costa Brava    3,082 sqm             P 12,000/sqm    Hub
                                                                           Vacant Lot across St
                                                                           John's beside
Commercial         Shopping          1,355 sqm             P 15,000/sqm    Seaboard Insurance

Building(Commerci                                                          With dilapidated
al)               Shopping           172 sqm               P 3.5M nego     building near Huakong
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Agricultural      Village / Murcia   30 has                P 400k/has      w/ vicinty map
                                                                           7 BR w/ T&B, 4
                                                                           comm. Block w/
                                                 800 sqm                   existing tenant 5 years
Hotel/ Pension                                   more or                   contract, semi
House              Magsaysay Ave.,   499 sqm     less      P 13.5M neg     furnished w/ picture
Residential Lot    Ayala Villages    569sqm                P 8,500/sqm     corner lot
Rental             Lacson Streets                117.92    P 34,422/mo
                                                                           3BR 4TB with maid's
                   Mountainview                                            room, 1 car garage,
Rental             Subd.             500 sqm     350 sqm   P 25,000/mo.    fully furnished
                                                           P 420k / has
Agricultural      Bago - Kabankalan 30 has                 neg.            planted sugarcane
                  Singcang / JR                                            w/ Bodega, along the
Building(Commerci Torres / Airport                                         highway, BF Godrich
al)               Subd.             3,816 sqm              P60M neg        before
                                                                           3BR 3TB built 1983
                                                                           and built extension
House and lot      Mandalagan        454 sqm     320 sqm   P 8.5M          commercial

Mixed Use          Mandalagan        1,000 sqm             P 4,000/sqm net along the road
                                                                           East Facing lot, w
Residential Lot    Ayala Villages    217 sqm               P 5,500/sqm     account
Mixed Use          Road              2 has                 P 650/sqm       w/ vicintiy map
                                     20,039                                near circumferential
Residential Lot    Villamonte        sqm                   P 1,500/sqm     road w/ vicinty map
                                       115,973                            along the highway, w/
Mixed Use         Talisay              sqm                 P 225/sqm      vicinty map
                                                                          w/ vicinty map, Title
                                                                          2,228 sqm, less road
Commercial        Bago - Kabankalan 1,564 sqm              P 11M          lot 664 sqm
                  Villa Angela /
                  Bethany / Fortune                                       w/ vicinity map, along
Agricultural      Town / Granada    10 has                 P 250 /sqm     the highway
Residential Lot   Mansilingan       sqm                    P 1,000 /sqm   w/ vicinity map
                                                                          corner lot, w/ vicinity
                                                                          map, beside Jollibee &
                                                                          near Lopues
Commercial        Mandalagan           1 ha                P25,000/sqm    Mandalagan
Raw Land          Mandalagan           2.6has              P 1,000/sqm    w/ vicintiy map
                                                                          Beach front, property
Beach             Dumaguete            2,970               P 3,500/sqm    with hot springs

                                                                          With old building.
Commercial        Northdrive           906 sqm             P 50M          Across MC Metroplex
House and lot     Talisay              240 sqm   218 sqm   P 1.5M         4BR, 2T&B
House and lot     Mandalagan           sqm       4-55 sqm P1M-P1.4M       2-3BR, 1-2 TB
                  Active Town &
Residential Lot   Country              677sqm              P 4,000/sqm
                  Mountainview                                            With wall on all sides
Residential Lot   Subd.                438 sqm             P 2,200/sqm    of the lot
                                                                          4BR 3TB with maid's
                                                                          room and TB, corner
House and lot     Sta Clara Villages   1,000 sqm 500 sqm   P 9M           lot
                  Alijis / Paglaum
Agricultural      Village / Murcia     3885sqm             P 4,000/sqm    w/ vicinity map
Residential Lot   Subd.                887 sqm             P 2,500/sqm    w/ vicinity map
Residential Lot   Villa Valderrama     995 sqm             P 2,700/sqm

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