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									Blogging Money Secrets - It's All About Your Blog Post

When people do a search for information related to your blog, the first thing they will see in the
search engine results is your blog post title. That is of course if they can find you at all. And
since you want to get more blogging money into your pocket you need to make sure that people
are not only find your blog in the first few pages, but are compelled enough to click through to
find out more.

Let's first look at the keywords that you should use for your blog post titles and then we'll look at
adding the sizzle to make people want to visit your site and find out more.

SEO for blogs is important for ranking, however the trick is to make it look as natural as possible
and not as though you have just stuffed your keywords into every single paragraph. Not only will
people get bored if all they see is the same keyword repeated over and over, but they are likely to
never come back. So how do you combine good keyword optimization with a great blog?

The most important place that you need your keyword or keyphrase is in your blog post title.
Many people say that you should write it twice: Cure Acne: Secrets to Cure Acne, but Google is
starting to cotton on to these tricks so my advice is to use it once only. Then only use it no more
than twice throughout your blog post of 250 words or more. That should give you a keyphrase
density of about 2-3% which is about perfect for Google's liking.

Now we need to write our title to entice people to visit our blog. There are many ways to do this
but the top methods are to provide something of value for your visitor and promise that in your
title. Starting your blog post with "How to .." is an easy and great way to draw readers but my
absolute favorite way is by using curiosity. "How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking Using This
Ingredient from My Spice Rack" is guaranteed to have people clicking through to find out what
the magic ingredient is going to be.

As you can see combining both good SEO and also writing your blog title to entice people to
visit your blog is the fastest way to get people to visit and have them coming back, and of course
that means more blogging money for you.

By : Tracey A Edwards

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