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					                              What to do next

                                                                                                                           Cycle to Work
                              It’s easy to join our Cycle to Work scheme, simply follow our 4 easy steps.

                              Step 1: Contact us
                              If you work for an organisation that is yet to sign up for the Alpine Bikes Cycle to Work
                              scheme please email In your email please include
                              the following information:

                                                                                                                           and save up to 50%
                              • Name                                     • Job title
                              • Organisation name                        • Number of employees
                              • Contact telephone number

                              Our Cycle to Work team will contact your employer and provide them with all

                                                                                                                           on a new bike
                              the relevant information required to sign up and start enjoying the benefits of
                              Cycle to Work.

                              Step 2: Fill in forms
                              If your employer is already part of Alpine Bikes Cycle to Work Scheme:
                              • Visit your nearest Alpine Bikes store and, with the help of our friendly staff,
                                 you can choose your Cycle to Work bike and accessories. Our staff will help fill
                                 in your Customer Order Details form which you must pass onto to your HR or
                                 Finance Department. The Customer Order Details form will also act as a Pro
                                 Forma invoice. Visit to find your nearest Alpine
                                 Bikes store.
                              • When your employer agrees to the costs laid out in your Customer Order Details
                                 form, they will ask you to sign a Hire agreement.

                              Step 3: Collect your bike and accessories
                              • Once your order has been approved by your HR department and Alpine Bikes
                                have received payment from your employer, we will send you written confirmation
                                to let you know when your Cycle to Work bike and accessories will be ready for
                                collection. To collect the bike and accessories you must bring photo ID along
                                with the Alpine Bikes confirmation email or letter.

                              Step 4: Save and spread costs
                              • The cost of the bike and accessories you select will be spread over either 12 or
                                18 months, depending on your employer. Payment will be deducted from your gross
                                salary each month, beginning with the next pay following receipt of payment
                                by Alpine Bikes. You will benefit from both the tax and National Insurance savings
                                while spreading the cost without incurring any financial charges.

                              To check out our extensive range of bikes, clothing and accessories, contact your
                              local Alpine Bikes store or visit

                              Alpine Bikes is Scotland’s largest independent cycle retailer with 6 branches
                              country- wide. The Alpine Bikes Cycle to Work Scheme provides savings on all
                              bikes, including sale models.

                              Not only do we operate our own Cycle to Work scheme but we are also partner shops
                              for CycleScheme, OnYourBike and Halfords. Through these schemes, we offer a
                              wide range of bikes [not including sale models] as well as specially tailored accessory
                              packages to fit every budget .

                              Registered Office: Alpine Bikes Limited | 41 Commercial Street | Leith | Edinburgh EH6 6JD
                              t: 0131 554 9101 | f: 0131 554 9682 | w: | e:

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                              We are all aware of the health benefits that cycling can
                              provide but did you know that it can also save you money?
                              Thanks to the Government’s Green Transport Plan, you are now able to save up to 50% off the shop-floor value of a bicycle and accessories if
                              your employer signs up for the Alpine Bikes Cycle to Work scheme. With a choice from the finest range of bikes available in the UK you can
                              now spread the cost of commuting, with no finance charges, helping make your salary go further each month. Not only can you save on
                              fuel, bus or train fares, you can also enjoy the health benefits that cycling to work can offer and reduce you carbon footprint. Full details
                              of the scheme can be found on our website

                              Examples of the savings under the Alpine Bikes Cycle to Work scheme
                              Trek 4300 Disc                                                           Cannondale Bad Boy Fatty Disc 2011                              Trek 1.5 2011
                              RRP £500                                                                 RRP £800                                                        RRP £875

                              Bicycle purchase                                                         Bicycle purchase                                                Bicycle purchase
                              Mountain bike:                     £500                                  Urban bike:                         £800                        Road bike:                £875
                              Savings via Cycle To Work                                                Savings via Cycle To Work                                       Savings via Cycle To Work
                              Income Tax [Standard rate]:£83.33                                        Income Tax [Standard rate]:£133.33                              Income Tax [Standard rate]:£145.83
                              Employee’s National                                                      Employee’s National                                             Employee’s National
                              Insurance contributions: £50.00 [based on 12%]                           Insurance contributions: £80.00 [based on 12%]                  Insurance contributions: £87.50 [based on 12%]
                              VAT:                       £83.33 [VAT at £20%]                          VAT:                       £133.33 [VAT at £20%]                VAT:                       £145.83 [VAT at £20%]
                              Total Saving:                      £216.66 [43.33%]                      Total Saving:                       £346.66 [43.33%]            Total Saving:             £379.16 [43.33%]
                              Actual savings depend on your personal circumstances and tax rate. Bikes purchased on the scheme must primarily be used for commuting.

                              What you could include in your Cycle to Work package
                              In addition to the great savings available on bikes, you can also benefit from similar savings on clothing and accessories, when included as part of the purchase.
                              Front lights from £9             Rear lights from £9           Waterproof jackets from £40                   Waterproof trousers from £40       Helmets from £30     Locks from £10
                              Cateye El 450                    Cateye LD170                  Altura Night Vision                           Altura Nevis                       Giro Indicator       Abus Centuro 860
                              Front light | £35                Rear light | £9               Jacket | £70                                  Overtrouser | £40                  Helmet | £35         85cm Bike Lock | £35

 All prices correct
 at time of print.
 Prices may be
 subject to change.
                              For details of our full range of bikes, clothing and accessories visit your nearest Alpine Bikes store or

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