Paper Airplane Science Olympics Rev2

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					Paper Airplane Science Olympics
Designed: Eric Stenehjem - Winter 2010

Brief Description
Each team of students will study examples of paper airplanes and then build several designs.
These designs will then be tested to complete a series of challenges and one design per
challenge will be chosen to compete is the Science Olympics. If time permits multiple design
and testing phases can be completed.

Students will:
    study examples of model airplanes
    create paper airplane designs
    work together in cooperative group
    test model plane and decide on superior designs
    use testing results to go through design improvement cycles

Model Airplanes Built Beforehand
Printer Paper
Measuring Tape
Paper Airplane Templates

Lesson Plan
Challenge 1: Longest Distance Flight
Challenge 2: Max Time Aloft
Challenge 3: Number of loops

Groups of 3-4 students will design several paper airplane designs. Each of these designs will be
tested once per student in the 3 challenges to decide on a single best design. Multiple
design/testing phases can be completed to decide on a best design. A single design per
challenge per group will be submitted for the Science Olympics. The designs may be decorated
after a designs are chosen. Paper airplane testing will only occur outside. Tutors will prompt
students what they think is the best design, what attributes led to this being the best design,
and what changes/improvements can be made to the design.

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