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                               Eclectic eyeglasses beautifully reflects
                               the unique person that you are

Empower Your Personality With
   Fashionable Eyewears

                         Copyright 2012
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3     Tiffany Glasses - Unexpectedly Eclectic Eyewear

6     Swarovski Glasses Show Off Geometric Luxury

8     Marc Jacobs Glasses Create A Strong Independent
      Character With Bold Colours

10    Christian Dior Glasses – How To Make Them Last

13    Hugo Boss Glasses – Finding A Pair For Your
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      Tiffany Glasses -
    Unexpectedly Eclectic
A splash of colour always provides a
character boost to any get-up, which is
why a lot of spectacles-wearing folks
these days are choosing vibrant
colours for their eyewear. While most
are inclined to think that Tiffany
glasses only represent a particular
iconic style, the range of designs now available in the brand’s recent
lines reveals that Tiffany glasses are actually more eclectic than most
people believe. And why wouldn’t they be? Tiffany and Co. is a designer
brand that represents one of the most vibrant cities in the world, New
York, so it makes complete sense that it reflects the strong eclectic style
leaning of its home city.

New Yorkers are known for their unusual but effective combination of
different styles – people all around the world find their knack for mixing
and matching unexpected elements together very impressive. Whether
you find yourself in London, UK; Tokyo, Japan; or Dubai, UAE, you will
find people going for the New Yorker’s brand of style because it has a
                                                                              Copyright 2012

strong worldly appeal that is fiercely sophisticated. Even a functional
accessory such as a pair of prescription glasses easily becomes a fashion
statement when New Yorkers incorporate it into their get-up.

For Tiffany glasses, it’s all about the high standards of styling. It does
not matter if the spectacles are reading glasses or single vision glasses
or varifocals – these high standards are upheld for the best benefit of
the wearers, both function- and fashion-wise. The brand does not to
limit its style to a certain group, like those people who are set in their
classic leanings; Tiffany & Co. caters to them but also to the varying
fashion inclinations of its customers from all walks of life, as well as the
evolving trends ushered in by the changing seasons.

If you would search online the different designs of frames and lenses
that Tiffany & Co. has, you will surely delight in the amazing detailing,
the wide selection of colours and combinations, the finish, the shapes
and prints there are; from classic to funky elegant, to minimalistic to
extravagant, and so much more.

Every pair of glasses from the brand has the ability to create a good
blend with your own personal style preference, and really make your
unique character pop. A perfect example is the TF 2016 .8064
eyeglasses colour: c.8064 optical/shiny yellow Havana plastic from the
2010 fashion line which combines the neutral quality of a tortoise shell
print of the frames with flattering pink stems with silver detailing near
the hinges. This particular style easily creates an impression that the
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wearer is sophisticated and empowered, but she’s not at all rigid. The
pop of pink shows that she’s a person who also knows how to have fun
and be cute.

This eclectic quality that Tiffany optical products have truly reflects its
New York style roots; even better, Tiffany glasses can also beautifully
reflect the unique person that you are.

                                                                              Copyright 2012

  Swarovski Glasses Show Off Geometric Luxury
The brand Swarovski boomed all over the world in the nineties. Though
it’s been around earlier than that, it was mostly known for its extremely
luxurious crystal ware which displayed the aristocratic roots of Europe.
When Swarovski jewelry and accessories came out, everybody was
instantly drawn to the impressive intricate detail of all the pieces.
When Swarovski glasses were introduced, all the more that people
were impressed by the luxurious sensibility of the brand.

                                  These days, Swarovski glasses are
                                  among the top choices for spectacles
                                  to wear to extravagant events. The
                                  designs created by Daniel Swarovski
                                  have even been worn by women on
                                  their wedding day. The designers of
                                  these glasses incorporate geometric
                                  concepts to fully take advantage of
most of the jewelry-inspired designs that brand uses for its eyewear –
they’re practically jewelry for the eyes. Frames often have crystal-
studded hinges that resemble elaborate brooches or earrings, stems
may also sport carefully lined crystals of different colors. Lenses on the
other hand may be outlined with small crystal studs to create a
somewhat ethereal quality. With this brand of optical provisions, being
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visually-challenged never has to be a style downgrade, and there’s no
need to sacrifice vision correction just to be able to maintain a beautiful

Worth noting as well is the quality of the frames and lenses used for
the brand; reviews claim that the lenses are like big expertly cut and
polished crystals, the clarity’s amazing, and the frames are quirky but
nonetheless elegant.       Now, despite being highly sophisticated,
Swarovski glasses are still very functional. They can be customized to
cater to the prescription of the wearers. If the wearers require reading
glasses, single vision correcting glasses, multifocals or varifocals, the
brand remains to be a great choice. Only the best optical materials are
used for Swarovski glasses and while they look like delicate accessories
that require utmost care, they’re actually more durable than most
people think. They can last years, but with proper care of course, just
like with everything else.

Those people who want a pair of multifunctional glasses should
definitely consider Swarovski glasses, not only do they make great
prescription eyewear but they’re so rich and beautiful that wearing
them will no longer require you to wear other accessories to intensify
the aesthetic appeal of any get-up.

Swarovski eyewear is available in most optical stores across the UK,
although many shoppers usually check out online optical shops for
more attractive deals.
                                                                            Copyright 2012

Marc Jacobs Glasses Creates A
    Strong Independent
Character With Bold Colours
Marc Jacobs has often been described as a
style revolutionist.        He’s known for
integrating      seemingly        contradicting
elements into his design to create a style
that appears comfortably familiar but has
that touch of defiance. For the young
designer, character is not just imperative in
fashion; rather, it’s a driving force.

Typically, people are inclined to be stylishly safe; they choose neutral
colours even for the accessories that are supposed to pop. Blacks,
whites and browns dominate a lot of people’s style arsenal, and while
there’s nothing wrong with that because it’s good to be safe, this era is
all about asserting one’s unique character; it’s the perfect time to
experiment. Marc Jacobs knows how important it is for people to
transition smoothly from their all-too familiar fashion inclination to
something more adventurous and befitting their personality. Even the
smallest and seemingly trivial prescription glasses can create a
complete style overhaul. It’s for this reason that Marc Jacobs branched
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out his artistic expertise and created his own line of optical products.

His latest line showcases bold coloured frames that instantly provide a
strong pop of colour to flatter the face. A lot of people claim that these
new Marc Jacobs glasses pay homage to the vibrantly hued eighties’
style, except for the bit that the proportions are so much better, as well
as the quality. Fashion critics disagree though, mainly because there’s
no mistaking that the designs are all new and they bring forward a
completely modern appeal through the balance of colours, classy
accents, innovative optical and aesthetic detailing.

People who are looking to upgrade their look with just one item will
surely benefit greatly from Marc Jacobs glasses. It’s important to note
as well that the frames and lenses are designed not only for amazing
style but also to be functionally versatile to accommodate the
prescription for reading, myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and
combinations of different eye conditions (like those that would require
progressive lenses or varifocals). The colours and prints are especially
flattering to compliment strong facial features (like facial structure, eye
colour and complexion) and even hair colour.

It’s no wonder Marc Jacobs spectacles are the favourite items of
famous personalities; from the lovely Princess Kate who’s been seen
wearing her Marc Jacobs glasses shopping around London and
                                                                              Copyright 2012

attending different events all over the UK, to the phenomenally popular
South Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation who have been influencing
fashion trends all over Asia. These personalities just prove that the
designer’s bold move towards vibrant colours serves their fearless style
efforts well.
 Christian Dior Glasses – How To Make Them Last
One of the most oft-repeated pieces of fashion advice is this: invest in a
few good quality classic pieces rather than loading up on several
cheaper items. The classic pieces may be pricey at first, but they will
serve you well fashion- and function-wise. Meanwhile, you will most
likely find lower-quality items worthless after just a few uses, either
because they have already been
damaged or have already gone
out of style.

To maintain the excellent shape
of your high-brand essentials,
make sure you provide it with
sufficient TLC, especially the
items that you use more
frequently.        Put      more
maintenance efforts on fragile
pieces, such as eyewear. Those
Christian Dior glasses of yours
may be made of ultra-durable
titanium frames, but you should still practice the recommended usage,
cleaning and storage practices to keep them looking shiny and brand-
new for a longer time.
                                                                             Copyright 2012

To get rid of dust, dirt and sweat on your lenses, wipe them with a
gentle micro-fibre cloth that is made especially for glass cleaning. Make

a habit to stash one in your bag or purse every time you go out,
especially if you’re wearing prescription eyewear, such as varifocals,
bifocals, spectacles or reading glasses. This will come handy whether
you’re running around the city streets of London, UK or walking in the
countryside, where various elements can fog up or blur your lenses,
reducing the efficacy of your corrective eyewear.

To use, simply take out your cloth cleaner and wipe away gently—it’s
better than that tired technique of breathing on your lenses and then
wiping away your breath’s vapour with the hem of your shirt. Once you
get home, you can then use a cleaning solution to completely clean
your Christian Dior glasses before storing away.

Speaking of storage, make sure you keep your designer eyewear in its
proper case when not in use. Simply stashing them in your handbag is a
big no-no, where various items such as pens and keys can damage the
surfaces of the glasses. If you’ve purchased your glasses from a
registered retailer, such as an online optical shop, then your authentic
designer glasses will most likely come with the manufacturer’s case,
cleaning cloth and other accessories.

Proper care of your eyewear also includes the correct way of putting on
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and removing them. Make it a consistent practice to handle your
glasses using both hands, keeping the frame handles straight and
aligned. This prevents the ear pieces and frame from being distorted or
broken. Additionally, when you’re resting your glasses for a while, put

them down with the lenses side up to prevent smudges or scuffs, even
if them have scratch resistant coating.

                                                                       Copyright 2012

Hugo Boss Glasses –
 Finding A Pair For
     Your Man
Are you feeling something’s
not quite the same with your
man lately? During your late
night movie marathons, do
you find him perched at the
edge of the bed of sofa instead of snuggling beside you just like before?
Does it take long for him to notice that you’re approaching him or even
if you’re already in the same room? Do you notice him opting out of the
activities you plan, often with the excuse of a headache? Is he squinting
(or smirking?) instead of having that dreamy, in-love look in his eyes
when he’s staring at you? The change is so remarkable that sometimes,
you feel that he’s not really seeing things clearly. And chances are, you
may be right. Your man might really be having problems with his

If symptoms of vision problems like this surface, your next move should
be to accompany your man to the eye doctor to have his eyes check. If
the physician finds something wrong with his eyesight, he’ll be given a
prescription for corrective eyewear. You can take that prescription to
                                                                            Copyright 2012

the nearest optical shop there in London or wherever you are in the UK.
Better yet, why not go online to finally purchase that sexy pair of Hugo
Boss glasses? If you’re lucky, your man will not only get improved

eyesight, but also an enhanced sense of style, thanks to designer

When shopping over the Internet for eyewear, you have to get your
prescription ready so that you can provide the correct specifications for
the lenses. The shopping procedures will include an online form where
you will be asked to indicate the reading for both eyes, and other
spectacles specifications such as whether the lenses need to be
varifocals or bifocals.

Choosing the frames is the fun fashion part, but first, make sure key
measurements such as lens size, the length of the temples, and the
height of the nose bridge are accurate to ensure a secure and
comfortable fit. You can then choose the style of the frames based on
three essential factors: your man’s facial features, personality and

The rule of thumb for choosing glasses based on face shape is this: the
sharper and more angular the facial features, the softer the lines of the
frames should be; consequently, rounder faces need more linear
frames to add definition to their features. Hugo Boss glasses also come
in various designs and colours, providing you more options to find the
                                                                            Copyright 2012

right match for your man.


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