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									                Online Shopping has Changed the Way Indians Shop

With the advent of internet, ecommerce is gaining momentum and as a result, online shopping is
becoming a successful industry. Today you find people searching for product info before they
venture out to buy a product. People have become net savvy and are exploring shopping website to
make purchases online. Other essential factors that have also contributed to the rise of online
shopping are adequate security firewalls and simple online purchase, payment and proper
consignment delivery processes.

However, online shopping in India has undergone a complete metamorphosis and is evolving fast.
One of the interesting trend that has been seen as far as online trading in India, is “impulse buying”,
Call it what you want, but majority of customers do it while making a purchase decision. For
example, for a customer who has been planning to buy a product, comes across it online, on an
authentic online shopping website in India, at an affordable price, with free delivery and cash on
delivery payment option, will be in all probability-tempted to buy the product.
Indian consumer has become more confident of online shopping today. With online feedback and
customer testimonials available on the internet and the active role played by the consumer forum
feedback or complaint website too offers in-depth picture about a website incase there has been
any misuse of consumer trust.

If we look at the global scenario then online shopping in India is still at its nascent stage and we are
fast trying to match the figures of US, UK and other European countries. Things like computer
literacy program in remote corners and carrying out extensive campaigns on the authenticity of
online shopping products can definitely help increase the reach of online shopping. There can be
corporate videos highlighting authentic practices that these websites follow and the like. With most
online websites, offering cash on delivery is helping increase online shopping in India. Keeping all
this in mind ecommerce will flourish in the coming days in India.

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