In business you wear lot of hats by benbenzhou


									             Are you covered?
                      Workers’ Comp
                      Human Resources

          In business you wear
               a lot of hats!
IGI 09-2011 G-100
The key to success
  is knowing when to change hats!
                           What is best for your company?                       What can we provide?
                                                                            We are focused on finding the best leasing partner
                           - Do you need anything more than basic           for your specific needs. Instead of have one leasing
                           workers’ comp?
                                                                            partner we have dozens of qualified PEO's.
                           - Maybe you have coverage but just want to
                                                                            Each PEO has an employer group they service best.
                           find out if you have the best coverage and
                           rate.                                            We know which PEO will provide your company with
                                                                            the best service options.
                           - Is your company new and you don’t know
                           where to turn?                                       What is the PEO advantage?
                                                                            Reduce cost and concentrate on your core business
                           It takes up valuable time to research the        Workers' compensation coverage
                          employee leasing markets to get the best          Attract and retain employees with competitive benefits
coverage, benefits and value. That is where we can help!
                                                                            Reduce payroll issues
                                                                            Calculate/process payroll
From leasing services (payroll with workers' comp), to the right benefits
package, including health, life, dental, vision, disability, employee       Provide direct deposit
assistance programs, and retirement plans, we have the answer. By           Reduce state and federal labor requirement burdens
partnering with many regional and national providers, we offer a wide       Reduce your employee administrative work
range of services at very competitive prices. We have shopped the           Advice on labor and safety compliance guides
employee leasing market for the best providers for your industy and         Prepare federal and state payroll reports
have found viable solutions for employers that are attractive to your       Remit payroll taxes / related tax filings
business.                                                                   Prepare W2s
                                                                            Track vacation / sick time
We know that your time is valuable. We are available for direct             Reduce liability on wage and tax laws
appointments or we can gather all necessary information for a quote via     Reduce state and federal compliance issues
fax, email, online and phone so as not to impose on your time. After        Reduce the hassle of Workers' Compensation claims
we've received all required information, we can provide you with a          Reduce the hassle of Unemployment claims
competitive quote. Find out what many others already know ... HELP          Human resources and benefit management

Contact our specialist in your area now!                                        What services are available?
                                                                            Leasing services (payroll with workers' comp coverage)
                                                                            Health Insurance (major and mini med programs)
PHONE:                               FAX:                                   Dental Insurance
EMAIL:                                                                      Vision Insurance and discount programs
Visit us online @                                                           Disability Policies
                                                                            Long Term Care
                                                                            Retirement Plans
                                                                            Life Insurance
                                                                            Employee Assistance programs
                                                                            Section 125 plans (Cafeteria Plans or Pre-Tax Programs)
                                                                            Executive Compensation Programs
                                                                            Key Person Insurance
                                                                            Voluntary Programs

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