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“We combine the business of global real estate
  with the art of cross-cultural relocations.”

  Asia Pacific Properties (APP) is an independent, fully licensed
  commercial and residential real estate and relocation company
  specializing in strategic planning and mobility management
  and implementation for multinational corporations operating in
  – and out of – Asia.

  With key offices in Hong Kong and Greater China and
  representative offices worldwide, the firm offers a full range of
  global property and employee-transfer services. These include
  real estate placements and acquisitions, lease auditing, work
  permits, school placements, country-specific relocation programs
  and repatriation, among others.

  APP’s roster of customized and cost-effective services – including
  its expertise in emerging markets – enables companies and
  their employees to integrate smoothly into Asia. This translates
  directly into maximum productivity, cost savings and individual

  Founded in 1985, APP is a recognized global leader in real
  estate and relocation project management and services. With
  an international staff of bilingual consultants, the firm is
  committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and
  best business practices.

  We look forward to working with you.

  Beverly L.W. Sunn
                            REAL ESTATE SERVICES

“Global strategies for
           global companies…”                              Residential

                                                           APP’s residential department provides corporations and
                                                           their employees the knowledge and the technological
APP’s Real Estate Division offers world-class services     means to evaluate, buy, sell or lease properties in Hong
                                                           Kong and China.
to multinational corporations operating in Asia.
                                                           APP is client-driven, committed to providing every
                                                           corporation efficient and effective project initiation and
Commercial                                                 portfolio-transaction management.

APP’s commercial department, known as NAI APP, is a        APP’s residential leasing and sales services include:
member of U.S.-based NAI, one of the most successful
commercial real estate companies in the world with              ▪ Identification and screening of target
some 5,000 real-estate professionals in more than 325             properties
offices and 55 countries worldwide.                             ▪ Market research analysis
                                                                ▪ Tenant representation in all negotiations
NAI APP resources, coupled with a web-based,
transaction-management       system,     comprehensive
databases and expert financial analyses, guarantee
premium service and first-class results.

NAI APP’s specific commercial leasing and sales services

     ▪ In-depth research on office, industrial and
       retail properties
     ▪ Portfolio-lease auditing
     ▪ Best-in-class corporate representation


                                                           NAI APP works closely with venture capitalists, fund
                                                           managers and other institutional investors to help them
                                                           meet the investment needs of their clients.

                                                           Besides identifying projects and properties for such
                                                           investors – whether large scale developments or joint-
                                                           venture renovations – NAI APP also helps source
                                                           financing through global capital markets.

                                                           NAI APP’s comprehensive investment services include:

                                                                ▪   Acquisitions
                                                                ▪   Dispositions
                                                                ▪   Feasibility studies
                                                                ▪   Consulting
                                                                ▪   Sourcing debt and equity financing

“We become your partner in Asia"

APP’s Global Relocation Division helps corporations
and their employees integrate smoothly into new
countries and new cultural environments.

Destination Services and Management

With APP’s recognized staff of bilingual consultants, the
company provides the full range of relocation services

     ▪   Orientation programs and home search
     ▪   Settling in and repatriation
     ▪   Immigration and work-permit processing
     ▪   School admissions consulting                       Cross-cultural Management Consulting
     ▪   Ongoing support services
                                                            APP offers a wide range of programs designed to ease
                                                            an employee’s transition to working – and living –
                                                            productively in a new cultural setting. These include:

                                                                 ▪   Pre- and post-arrival coaching
                                                                 ▪   Multicultural team building
                                                                 ▪   Executive-management alignment
                                                                 ▪   Organizational development

Online Information Tracking and

APP offers HR management the opportunity to follow
the progress of each transfer through its secure, online
and interactive APP Connect Center. Available through
the APP Website, the user-friendly center is part of the
company’s commitment to client-driven services.
                           MOBILITY MANAGEMENT

“Service integration means
                 real cost savings.”

APP’s Mobility Managementcost-effective relocations
                            Division facilitates well-
coordinated, customized and
with services including:

     ▪ Provision of country-specific guidelines
     ▪ Consultation on strategic and assignment-
       policy issues
     ▪ Management and implementation of entire
       mobility projects
     ▪ Financial and disbursement management
     ▪ Tracking and coordinating online complete
       assignment information
     ▪ Move management


                                                         APP’s     Asset Portfolio and Project Management
                                                         Division   offers corporate clients and institutional
                                                         investors comprehensive services such as

                                                              ▪     Project development and investment consulting
                                                              ▪     Construction and turn-key-project management
                                                              ▪     Asset and tenancy portfolio management
                                                              ▪     Group move management
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