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                     Soft Comfort Blend
Natural Fibers                                    Stitch Up to 10”Apart
Luna Loft batting is made with long               Luna Loft batting is created with an
staple cotton and the softest polyester.          ultralight and super strong substrate,
Luna Loft is made without bleaching               so your quilt will outlast years of
or harsh chemicals for the softest                repeated use and washings- even when
cotton batting.                                   your stitches are a full 10” apart!

Chemical Free                                     Great For Machine Quilting
Luna Loft batting is cleaned                      Luna Loft’s unique construction makes
without the use of harsh chemicals.               it ideal for machine quilting.

Fibers Stay in Your Quilt                         Authentic Hand Sewn Look
Our needle-punch technology enables               For a hand sewn look do not pre-shrink
us to avoid the use of any binders or             simply use right out of this package.
resins. Luna Loft will not shift or shed          Luna Loft batting will shrink
through the cover of your quilt.                  approximately 3% after washing.

                            Pre-Shrink Instructions
                        1. Hand soak in warm water for 15 minutes.
                             2. Roll and squeeze in a dry towel.
                 3. Allow to dry flat or in a dryer with a cool gentle setting.

                      80/20 C OTTON P OLYESTER B LEND
                                   N EEDLE   PUNCHED TO A THIN SCRIM .

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