List of Need Based and Need Blind schools - March 2012

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					“Need Blind”.

This means that if you apply and are accepted to these schools, you will only have to pay for
what the college or university determines you can pay.

• Amherst College                                   • Lawrence University (96% of need met)

• Barnard College                                   • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

• Beloit College                                    • Middlebury College

• Boston College                                    • Northwestern University

• Bowdoin College                                   • Pomona College

• Brandeis University                               • Princeton University

• Brown University                                  • Rice University

• California Institute of Technology                • Stanford University

• Claremont McKenna College                         • Swarthmore College

• Columbia University                               • University of Chicago

• Cornell University                                • University of Pennsylvania

• Cooper Union                                      • University of Richmond

• Dartmouth College                                 • University of Virginia

• Duke University                                   • Vassar College

• Emory University                                  • Vanderbilt University

• Georgetown University                             • Wellesley College

• Grinnell College                                  • Wesleyan University

• Harvard University                                • Williams College

• Haverford College                                 • Yale University

March 2012
Need Based

Stanford : If you get accepted to Stanford and your family earns less than $100,000, you can go
to Stanford for free.

Harvard College Financial Aid Office : Through the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative, students
from families with annual incomes below $60,000 will not have to pay for tuition.

University of Virginia : As a part of the AccessUVa program, you can attend the University of
Virginia for free.

Sacred Heart University, Conn: Families with an income of less than $50,000 can send their
children to Sacred Heart University for free.

Dartmouth , New Hampshire: This elite school will allow students whose families make less than
$75,000 a year to attend school for free.

University of Pennsylvania : Students from families who have an income below $90,000 will not
pay tuition at the University of Pennsylvania, and students with a family income below $40,000
will not have to pay room and board, either.

MIT Cambridge, Mass: MIT waives tuition for all of its students who come from families that
earn less than $75,000 per year.

Free tuition colleges on the East Coast

Webb Institute - Glen Coven, NY The school is known for providing a top-notch engineering
education along with full-tuition scholarships to anyone who attends.

Curtis Institute of Music Philadelphia, Pa

The Curtis Institute of Music offers full-tuition scholarships to everyone who gains admission.
The school is very particular when it comes to applicants, accepting only 160 new students each

CUNY Teacher Academy

The City University of New York offers full-tuition scholarships to students who enroll in their
Teacher Academy. Every student who enrolls is eligible. Students also receive a full-time
teaching position in a New York school upon graduation.

 CUNY Honors College : All students who are accepted to CUNY’s Honors College will
receive tuition and many other expenses for free.

Olin College - Needham, MA

March 2012
The Cooper Union - NYC : The Cooper Union offers academic programs in architecture, art,
and engineering. Undergraduates are admitted solely based on merit and all receive full

Drew University – New Jersey : Students who have completed the Governor’s School in the
Sciences can get free tuition from Drew University.

Alfred State College - Upstate NY : In New York, this college offers free tuition, room, and
board to students with excellent academic achievement.

March 2012

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