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Tweet, Like and Pin: Your Way to Superior Customer Service by andrewbran


Every online marketer must pay full attention to every comment or review made by their customers as this will greatly enhance their customer service. Excellent customer service in the first place is one vital factor online businesses must possess.

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									     Tweet, Like and Pin: Your Way to Superior Customer Service

All it takes is one really disgruntled customer to trigger a conflagration of negative word-of-
mouth that can reduce your business to ashes. If you don’t believe this, try researching “Dell
Hell” wherein it took a single dissatisfied blogger to start an onslaught of public complaints
against the inferior customer service of the technology giant. It’s David versus Goliath and
we all know how that story ends.

Now, with companies being ever more visible in social media, every business is vulnerable
to “cyber stoning” when customers are not being attended to. Research shows that 16% of
angry customers will rant in social media because of bad service compared to only 8% of
those who will rave when they get good service. Clearly, online reputation management in
social networks is getting trickier day after day.

Reading this, you may already be doing marketing in numerous social sites to generate
traffic. You may even have an SEO company doing this for you. With the scenario painted
above, do not forget to include customer service as one of your social marketing objectives.

Have a Push-Button Crisis Communications Plan

The viral nature of negative publicity shared on social networks makes it all the more difficult
to contain. The best course of action is to have a crisis communications framework or
manual which can be deployed in a snap. Have your key messages ready. Anticipate hard
hitting comments and questions and prepare your answers. Likewise, you would want to
take out the war outside of the social media sphere which is a perfect breeding ground for
heightened, irrational emotions. Call them or email them. It’s much more professional that

Set up a 24/7 Social Media Response System

Customers are demanding – there’s really no nicer way to put it. They want what they want,
where they want it, when they want it. As such, a customer service crisis can explode
anytime of the day and being unreachable is a mortal sin. If you cannot cater to your
customer inquiries in Twitter or Facebook, make sure that they know it (although it’s not
certain that they’ll understand why you’re not available). Better yet, you can set up a 24/7
social media response system by hiring an SEO company to make the process more
structured and efficient.

Don’t Let Anything Slip

It’s easy to dismiss some concerns as petty and minor. However, remember that in the
scheme of online reputation management, there’s no such thing as a small complaint.
Further, you may not see these rants immediately because your customers do not post them
directly on your Facebook wall or do not @mention you on Twitter. But they are out there,
silently destroying your brand image.
An opportunistic competitor can easily take this opportunity and use it as a starting point for
a smear campaign against your brand. It is quite easy to do a routine conversation audit just
to make sure what people are saying about your brand and allowing you to begin damage
control even before damage is inflicted.

Author is working as an Internet Marketing professional in a social media company LA, Los
Angeles. He likes to write informative articles on various topics related to Internet Marketing.
Through this article, he wants to share his knowledge with people who are about to hire a
social media company for their business.

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