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 Congress cuts                                                                            Documenting life with disability, see page 4

  student aid
 President expected to sign
 bill slashing federal loans
       Michael Brady                      Parent        Loans           for
                                      Undergraduate Students will also
       Daily Staff Writer             change in July from a variable in-
                                      terest rate, currently 6.1 percent,
   In a 216-214 vote the U.S.         to a fixed rate of 8.5 percent.
House of Representatives ap-              “I just have one kid in col-
proved Wednesday a $12.7 bil-         lege now,” said Harry Tackwell,
lion cut in student loan funding      a downtown facilities manager,
that is expected to be signed into    “but I make too much money to
law by President Bush today.          get grants or anything, so I’ve
   The decrease in student fund-      got a pretty big loan to pay back
ing is part of a $39 billion budget   already.”
cut over five years in domestic           When asked what the loan
spending.                             cuts would mean for the next
   According to estimates from        year, Tackwell said, softly, “It
the Congressional Budget Office,      just means more.”
the average student nationwide            Loan consolidation, because
would pay an additional $5,800        of the change to fixed rates, will
in interest over the life of their    become much less attractive to
loan repayment.                       students when trying to set a re-
   At San Jose State University,                                                                                                                                                                          Daniel esch / Daily staff
                                      payment plan after graduation.
43 percent of students “receive       Consolidation will also add a 1
some form of financial aid in                                                           Valerie Kiadeh, a linguistics student at San Jose State University, looks at a photograph at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Joint
                                      percent fee on the total amount                   Library Wednesday. “People With Disabilities in Our Community,” an exhibit by photographer Misako Akimoto, is on display in
grants, loans or scholarships,”       of money to be consolidated after                 the library’s second-floor exhibit area through March 1.
said Colleen Brown, Director of       the July law goes into effect. The
Financial Aid and Scholarships.       new bill also prevents students

                                                                                  Spartan Shops looks to make up Earthquakes revenue
   According to Brown, the            from consolidating their loans
cuts will show up in three areas:     while in school.
Stafford Loans, Parent Loans for          “I see no financial reason
Undergraduate Students and loan       to consolidate my loans after
consolidations.                       July,” said Magdalena Romero,                       By Evie Smith                   Spartan Shops has a contract with      to keep any future events in the            The idea of renovating Spartan
   Stafford Loans, popular be-                                                                                            the California State University        Stadium as “Athletic Only,” as mu-       Stadium was explored by both
                                      a Criminal justice major who
cause students don’t have to sub-                                                         Daily Staff Writer              Board of Trustees to operate and       sical acts are possible, but difficult   Spartan Shops and MLS as a joint
                                      hopes to graduate this May, “I’m
mit documentation of any need                                                                                             book the stadium.                      to execute.                              venture, but the endeavor was not
                                      hoping to get my three loans con-              With the loss of the San Jose                                                                                        financially feasible for either party,
to qualify for them, will change                                                                                             Spartan Stadium, built in 1933,         “They (the Earthquakes) have
                                      solidated this semester but am              Earthquakes, Spartan Stadium                                                                                            according to Mimnaugh.
from a variable interest rate, cur-                                                                                       originally housed 4,000 spectators.    been here for quite some time, we
                                      too busy right now to even think            stands to lose more then just a                                                                                            Spartan Shops stepped back af-
rently 4.7 percent, to a fixed rate                                                                                       The Stadium has been expanded to       enjoyed staging their
                                      about it.”                                  Major League Soccer team.                                                                                               ter the renovation talks were put to
of 6.8 percent starting in July of                                                                                        hold 30,000 fans.                          events,”     Mimnaugh        said.
                                          College freshmen and sopho-                The soccer league announced                                                                                          an end as the Earthquakes entered
this year.                                                                                                                   Spartan Stadium had been the        “Having them here helped im-
                                      mores will be able to borrow                Dec. 8 its intention to move the                                                                                        into talks with the San Jose City
   “I’ve been putting in 50 hour                                                                                          home of the Earthquakes since the      prove the stadium, we understand
                                      more, graduate students will                Earthquakes to Houston to give the                                                                                      Council involving a new soccer-
weeks at work to avoid taking                                                                                             1997, and hosted the first MLS         why they left.”
                                      get access to Parent Loans for              team the opportunity to play in their                                                                                   only stadium in the city.
out any Stafford loans,” said Jon                                                                                         soccer game.                               The Earthquakes will no longer
                                      Undergraduate Students the first            own stadium for the 2006 season.                                                                                           The MLS has expressed intent
Fillmore, a Business major grad-                                                                                             “They were gracious and won-        bear that name but will become the
                                      time and military personnel will               Jerry Mimnaugh Executive             derful professionals,” said Tom        Houston 1836.                            to bring soccer back to San Jose as
uating this semester, “But I wor-     get to defer loan repayment while           Director of Spartan Shops was un-                                                                                       early as the 2007 season.
ry about graduate school this fall,                                                                                       Bowen Director of Athletics for            In a letter left by MLS on
                                      on active duty, according to the            able to provide an estimate of fi-      SJSU. “I’m very sad that they left.”   the Earthquakes Web site, the               Jim Young, Director of Public
I don’t see how I’m going to get      language in the actual bill.                nancial losses for the stadium.                                                                                         Relations for the Oakland A’s,
by without getting one.                                                                                                      With the Earthquakes gone,          Earthquakes’ name, logo and team
                                          Brown acknowledges the ben-                Anschutz Entertainment Group,        Spartan Shops will have to play        colors will be saved for a future ex-    confirmed in an e-mail that Lewis
   Fillmore said that the loan        efits but adds that it will hurt stu-       owner of the Earthquakes, had ex-                                                                                       Wolff, Managing Partner for the
question was just another diffi-                                                                                          host to new events in the stadium      pansion team.
                                      dent’s pocket books in the long             pressed its discontent in a Dec. 15                                                                                     Oakland Athletics Investment
                                                                                                                          to bring in lost revenue.                  According to Mimnaugh, MLS
culty, and not the main one.          run.                                        San Jose Mercury article, with the                                                                                      Group, has had discussions with
                                                                                                                             Mimnaugh said potential ap-         had expressed the desire to place
   “Loans need to be paid back,            “Sure, freshmen and sopho-             condition of Spartan Stadium and                                                                                        MLS commissioner Dan Garber
                                                                                                                          pearances from the international       all of its teams in soccer-only ven-     about acquiring the team in the
but they get paid back in the fu-     mores get to borrow more, but               with the team’s share of contribu-      soccer market can be expected.         ues operated by the league two to        event that South Bay is given a
ture when I actually might have       they have to pay back more too,”            tions to Spartan Shops from con-           Past events in the stadium have     three years ago.                         MLS expansion franchise.
some money, right now the big         said Brown. “Each school is go-             cession sales and parking fees.         included tractor pulls, truck races        “They (MLS) weren’t unhap-              As for now, any students needing
concern for me is tuition—it’s                                                        “Any excess revenue that was        and such concerts as Lollapalooza      py, they just matured,” Mimnaugh         to get their soccer fix will have to
front-loaded and has to be paid                                                   generated went back into the ven-       and Pearl Jam.                         said, referring to the growing pop-      catch games on TV. The SJSU soc-
out of my pocket now.”                  SEE LOANS • PAGE 4                        ue,” said Mimnaugh. He added that          Mimnaugh expressed his desire       ularity of the league.                   cer season doesn’t start until fall.

                                                                                                                                 Former SJSU announcer, news anchor
Tea time ...
                                                                                                                                 remembered for his voice and passion
                                                                                                                                           By Andrew Torrez                            with the Spartans was on a
                                                                                                                                                                                       volunteer basis, according
                                                                                                                                              Daily Staff Writer                       to Fan, who met Hayward
                                                                                                                                                                                       in 1981.
                                                                                                                                Don Hayward, former stadium announcer for                 “Don always made him-
                                                                                                                             the San Jose State University football team and           self available for whatever
                                                                                                                             the “Voice of the Spartans” for 36 years, died on         SJSU needed,” Fan said.
                                                                                                                             Saturday from brain cancer.                               “He would always make
                                                                                                                                Hayward, 72, left the Spartan Stadium announcer        appearances at the team’s
                                                                                                                             position after the 2002 season. Before announcing         awards banquets and
                                                                                                                             for the Spartans, Hayward worked at KNTV in San           booster club events.”
                                                                                                                             Jose for 20 years.                                           “He was very passion-
                                                                                                                                “(When he left) he really missed the opportunity       ate about SJSU football
                                                                                                                             to announce for SJSU,” said Lawrence Fan, SJSU            and cared deeply about
                                                                                                                             Sports Information Director. “Because of his health       their ups and downs,” Fan said.
                                                                                                                             issues, he really couldn’t continue and he willingly         Fan said he remembers Hayward being very ex-
                                                                                                                             stepped aside.”                                           cited when the team played in the California Bowl in
                                                                                                                                Friends of Hayward say he was very humble and          1981 against The University of Toledo.
                                                                                                                             modest, and that he was devoted to the school and            In 1998, the school recognized Hayward for 30
                                                                                                                             students.                                                 years of service as the stadium announcer.
                                                                                                                                “Don was a very generous and kind person,” said           While announcing for the Spartans, Hayward
                                                                                                                             Clyde Lawrence, a retired advertising professor.          came up with his own memorable catch phrases.
                                                                                                                                “Everyone knew him during his anchor days and             According to Fan, if a player was running with
                                                          Zach Beecher / senior staff PhotograPher
                                                                                                                             his voice was so easily recognizable because it was       the football and fell on his own, Hayward would an-
                                                                                                                             such a terrific voice,” Lawrence said. “But he was so
Brian Ng, center, sophomore majoring in communications helps make a thai tea drink for                                       modest and I think it kind of surprised people.”
Amanda Sabolish (not pictured), a senior majoring in Art, Wednesday near the Student Union.                                     Hayward’s time spent as the stadium announcer                     SEE HAYWARD • PAGE 5

                                                                                OPINION                                                                                                                  SPARTAN DAILY • 3

         The 40th Super Bowl will be the ultimate reality show
                                                           around a television somewhere enjoying good food                To get to the big game, the Steelers had to upset     You Come,” or even MTV’s “Real Drunk and Stupid
   It’s the ultimate in reality television.                and a cold drink.                                            the top three teams in their conference, including the   World,” but the tension and drama is still there.
   Participants from top colleges across the United            For others, football is too boring and un-                               Indianapolis Colts who once flirted         Consider Super Bowl III when the flamboyant
States, and a few in Canada, are pooled together to        interesting to watch. Those of you who nor-                                  with the most consecutive wins during    “Broadway” Joe Namath guaranteed his Jets would
form 32 teams.                                             mally find something else to watch whenever                                  a year.                                  win despite facing the Baltimore Colts who were
   Each team battles in 16 grueling competitions over      football comes on should make an exception                                      Now on Sunday, on presumably          heavily favored to win: They did it.
a period of 17 weeks. The tests of might and skill         for once and watch the game.                                                 neutral ground in Detroit, the two          Consider the Buffalo Bills who are the only team
prove to be too much for some, as a few fizzle out and         In sports, viewers can find the ultimate                                 teams will square off in a game where    to go to the Super Bowl four consecutive times and
are cut by the team. Others succumb to the intense         mixture of drama and action, with just a sub-                                progress is measured in yards and        not win.
physical nature of each game and are injured — some        tle hint of comedy.                                                          where one mistake can lose the game.        So pick a team that looks good for whatever reason
are never able to return.                                      Sure, it’s just a game where men try to                                  Undoubtedly, the name of the superstar   — the uniforms, the name, the looks of the athletes,
   At the end of the 17 weeks, the 12 best teams enter     pummel each other as they try to run a ball                                  of this game will be put on a pedestal   or the fact that one player is called “the Bus” — and
into a do-or-die tournament, culminating in the one        across a field, but think about the story lines                              next to the legends of the game.         root for it. Perhaps join a few friends and make a party
game to say they are the best the country has to offer.    behind this “mere” game.                             CHEETO BARRERA             It will be the battle of the “12th    out of it.
   On top of that, millions of people from across the          First, you have the Seattle Seahawks — a                                 Man” versus “the Bus;” it will be a         Or hey, just watch the commercials made special
nation, and more yet around the world, will tune in to     team that has dominated its conference and                                   battle to the very end.                  for the big game.
see who chokes and who rises to the challenge.             who had to break a 20-year winless playoff streak to            True, the Bay Area teams are not represented in          Just because it has the moniker of sport, doesn’t
   This Sunday, we will see that final game. This          get to the Super Bowl. Not only that, but they have this glory of games, but there is still plenty to cheer           mean that football is inherently boring; anything can
Sunday, we will see… the Super Bowl.                       some of the loudest fans in all of football cheering about.                                                           happen in the Super Bowl.
   That’s right, the Super Bowl. This Sunday is the        them on, wreaking havoc on the opposing teams.                  The Steelers have a chance to win their fifth Super
40th rendition of the game where legends are made              On the other side of the ball is the Pittsburg Steelers. Bowl in its history — only two other teams have
and egos are shattered.                                    Just to get into the playoffs, they had to win four games achieved that mark, including San Francisco’s own
   For the die-hard sports fans, there is almost no        in a row. Now that winning streak — which stands at 49ers.                                                              Cheeto Barrera is the Daily managing editor.
question what you will be doing on Sunday — sitting        seven games — will be tested.                                   It may not be “Survivor: How Close to Death Can       “Crunch Time” appears every other Thursday.

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2 • SPARTAN DAILY                                                                OPINION                                                                                                           THURSDAY • FEBRUARY 2, 2006

     Opposing Views:                                                                       Should Americans have the right to
                                                                                           assisted suicide?
                         The terminally ill should be allowed to                                                                                                                                   Physician-assisted suicide isn’t the right

  YES                    end their life on their own terms, with-
                         out pain or suffering.
                                                                                                             NO                                                                                    way to die because it leaves too many
                                                                                                                                                                                                   unanswered questions.

    Following the recent Supreme Court decision upholding Oregon’s                                                                                                       The Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision, upheld Oregon’s Death With
law on physician-assisted suicide, it is expected that some states will be                                                                                           Dignity Act. Most Oregonians are pretty happy about that, as with ev-
encouraged to follow suit and develop similar laws to prohibit the pun-                                                                                              erything, however, there are dissenters.
ishment of doctors who aid in ending a terminally ill patient’s life.                                                                                                    At least three Supreme Court justices definitely disagree.
    With Oregon being the only state to legalize physician-assisted sui-                                                                                                 My issue with physician-assisted suicide is it seems awfully easy for
cide through their Death With Dignity Act established in 1994, it’s                                                                                                  a person to do it. I mean, through the Death With Dignity Act, a termi-
about time that other states begin to wake up and realize there is a need                                                                                            nally ill patient only need to initiate a request in writing, then repeat the
for them to adopt similar laws.                                                                                                                                      request at least two weeks later and be of sound mind. The sound mind
    Though many people disagree with physician-assisted suicide for                                                                                                  part is important, at least I would hope so.
moral reason — claiming life is sacred and death shouldn’t be a choice                                                                                                   So how do you determine if a terminally ill patient is of sound mind?
— what the issue really comes down to is patients’ rights. Patients are                                                                                              Is there a psychological exam that takes place? How many opinions
people and people should be able to control their own lives.                                                                                                         does it take? What about someone with a brain tumor?
    If a patient is terminally ill, they should have the right to end their                                                                                              At the point that they are diagnosed as terminally ill, are they really
suffering legally and without guilt. Many people would not choose to                                                                                                 of sound mind?
live their final days plagued by a terminal illness. The quality of life                                                                                                  You see, all of these questions take some time to answer and though I
for the terminally ill is not good and should a patient refuse to exist in                                                                                           don’t advocate a sick person suffering endlessly, I think assisted suicide
that state, physicians should be able to give them an option to bow out                                                                                              needs to be weighed very carefully.
                        gracefully and with dignity.                                                                                                                     Is it ethical for a doctor — whose career goals are to care for pa-
                            As it is right now, some terminally ill pa-                                                                                              tients — to help kill them? How does suicide become a medical issue?
                        tients are allowed to refuse medical treatments,                                                                                             It seems to me that suicide is a personal choice
                        thus indirectly choosing death. It’s not fair that                                                                                           and should be kept that way.
                        some patients are not given this option and are                                                                                                  As someone who has lost a family member
                        told they must suffer through their disease until                                                                                            recently, I’m glad that I at least had my chance
                        it eventually consumes them and takes their life                                                                                             to say goodbye. I hated to see my grandfather
                        “naturally.”                                                                                                                                 suffer, truly, but he and I were able to get some
                            If a patient is lying in a hospital bed, count-                                                                                          closure before he passed away. He was able to
                        ing down the days until he is free from pain and                                                                                             tie up his loose ends and get a little peace him-
     JAMIE VISGER mentally capable of weighing the consequences                                                                                                      self before his life ended.
                        of his actions, then death is a compassionate way                                                                                                Can the same be said of someone who de-
to allow him out of his misery.                                                                                                                                      cides to end his life?                               TANDREA MADISON
    Who is to say that someone must live through pain and suffering if                                                                                                   Imagine this: a family member is diagnosed
they do not want to? Who has the right to tell a terminally ill patient                                                                                              as terminally ill and they never tell anyone else. That little secret is kept
that they must continue living if they welcome death? Definitely not                                                                                                  between him and his doctor. Discreetly, he submits his request for as-
the government.                                                                                                                                                      sisted suicide and is approved, because he’s followed the steps and been
    The government officials aren’t the ones in the hospital caring for                                                                                               found competent. Without discussing his decision with anyone — he
the terminally ill and they are not the ones who should legislate how                                                                                                maybe waits a week or two — he takes the prescribed pills. No one
physicians should help their patients cope with their illnesses. It is ar-                                                                                           would ever know that he was terminal or suicidal.
gued that doctors who aid their patients in this type of suicide are mur-                                                                                                Now how would that feel?
derers. However, in the Oregon Death With Dignity Act, the physician                                                                                                     I know how I would feel: cheated, hurt, angry, and confused. And
doesn’t physically administer a lethal dose, but rather has the power to                                                                                             who can answer the many unanswered questions that come later? Not
prescribe a mentally competent patient with a requested lethal dose.                                                                                                 his doctor, because of doctor-patient confidentiality.
    These doctors are not so-called murderers, but rather saviors to pa-                                                                                                 What about those cases when a doctor diagnoses a patient as termi-
tients who are doomed to a life of pain and hardship with no light at the                                                                                            nally ill and says that he has six months or a year to live? What about
end of the tunnel.Physician-assisted suicide is definitely not for every-                                                                                             when the doctors are wrong?
one. Some people choose to fight their illness as long as they are given                                                                                                  There are patients who live to see more time than what is given. If
the chance.                                                                                                                                                          that someone jumped the gun and ended his life, it would be a shame,
    Some people, however, are living with a death sentence and have no                                                                                               wouldn’t it?
hope and no reason to continue on. Some patients can’t imagine living                                                                                                    Of course, if someone really wants to end their life, they don’t really
out their final days in suffering. In that case, their choice to end their                                                                                            have to wait for medical approval, do they?
life is something very personal and should be between them and their
physician, not the government.
                                                                                                                                                                        Tandrea Madison is a Spartan Daily staff writer
   Jamie Visger is a Spartan Daily staff writer.
                                                                                                          Illustration by Matt St. Lezin

campusvoices                                                                                                                                        COMPILED BY DOMINIQUE STREETER; PHOTOS BY DANIELLE STOLMAN

   “No. It’s not right to                   “Yes. I think it’s right                  “No. I’m Catholic so                       “Yes. I think so,                     “Yes. It depends on the                         “Yes. I’m neutral, but
      stop their life at                     because that is their                   considering suicide is                    because they’re not                     circumstances...I don’t                          I guess I’m leaning
   anytime. You should                      choice if they want to                    a sin, and assisting                    hurting’s                   think people should suf-                         towards being OK .”
    live life as hard as                         live or not.”                       suicide is probably a                       their own life.”                      fer. I think it should be
         possible.”                                                                       worse sin.”                                                                    up to the person...”
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4 • SPARTAN DAILY                                                                NEWS                                                                                       THURSDAY • FEBRUARY 2, 2006

LOANS­ - Budget cuts are an attempt to
reduce the federal government’s deficit
                                                                               Making waves ...
    continued from page 1              first passed the House and Senate
                                       in December but that bill was held
ing to have to figure out what the     up in committee until the differ-
effect of these cuts will mean, but    ences were resolved.
my gut feeling tells me that this          The bill was paired with a group
will eventually become a big issue     of four proposed tax cuts that are
for students and their families.”      estimated to be worth $108 billion,
   The cuts are an attempt to re-      leading democrats to respond with,
duce non-discretionary spending        “the deficit will probably get worse
by the federal government and to       instead of better,” according to the
shrink the federal deficit. The bill   House of Representative web site.

       Marimba appreciation

                                                                                                                                                                               Kevin White / Senior Staff PhotograPher

                                                                               Jennifer Samoranos, known as Jenesis to her listeners, hosts her 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. show “The Off Beat Suite” from the KSJS radio
                                                                               studio in Hugh Gilis Hall on Wednesday.

                                                                                                             King Library exhibit features photographer’s
                                                                                 Got a
                                                                               news tip?
                                                                                                                work depicting people with disabilities
                                                                                                                     By Erin Hull                  for her assistant to mount her pho-       “The first time she touched it
                                                                                                                                                   tographs.                              with her fist,” Akimoto said, “she
                  Zach Beecher / Senior Staff PhotograPher
                                                                                                                   Daily Staff Writer                  A slight woman with trim black     was so glad to enjoy music with
                                                                                                                                                   hair, she explained that she does      another person.”
       Stuart Langson, a graduate student studying Music                      Call 924-3281                   The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.       all her own darkroom processing,          In another photograph taken in
       appreciation plays “Astral Dance” by Gordon Stuot                                                   Joint Library launched a month-         and has not been converted to dig-     Japan, musician Fusae Tominaga,
       on the marimba Wednesday afternoon in the Music                                                     long photography exhibit on             ital photography.                      afflicted with cerebral palsy, is
       building at San Jose State University.                                                              Wednesday featuring documenta-              For 25 years, Akimoto has          captured playing Vivaldi on a key-
                                                                                                           ry photographer Misako Akimoto.         made the Bay Area her home, but        board using only her toes.
                                                                                                              The exhibit, entitled “People        her career in documentary photog-         Library visitor and aspiring
                                                                                                           with      Disabilities     in    Our    raphy began in Tokyo. This proj-       photographer Colin McKinzie
                                                                                                           Community,” is a journey into the       ect, Akimoto said, is a culmination    said these images are powerful be-
                                                                                                           struggles and successes experi-         of eight years spent taking photo-     cause they show that “people can
                                                                                                           enced by people with physical or        graphs of the disabled around the      express themselves no matter their
                                                                                                           mental challenges.                      world.                                 disabilities.”
                                                                                                              The disarming compositions               “These are all my friends, and I      On another wall are people who
                                                                                                           have the capacity to fill viewers       want to share their joy and loving,”   have surmounted physical barriers
                                                                                                           with intense emotion, simply be-        Akimoto said of her subjects. One      to achieve amazing athleticism.
                                                                                                           cause the subjects display such         series focuses on the performers          In one image, a one legged
                                                                                                           raw enthusiasm. From gifted             of Oakland’s Axis Dance Group,         man in a National Wheelchair
                                                                                                           musicians to wheelchair-bound           who face enormous physical chal-       Basketball Association shirt hurls
                                                                                                           athletes, Akimoto’s photographs         lenges backstage but exude noth-       himself towards the hoop as he
                                                                                                           encapsulate the human drive to          ing but grace and beauty before        shoots, while in another three
                                                                                                           overcome obstacles in the search        their audiences.                       women on a podium smile like
                                                                                                           for normalcy.                               In another series featuring stu-   beauty queens as they receive
                                                                                                              “It’s cool,” said senior Nutrition   dents of Richmond’s Maya Music         medals for swimming.
                                                                                                           major Nancy Zambo as she walks          Therapy Fund, the image of a 22-          When Akimoto began this proj-
                                                                                                           through the exhibit. “You don’t see     year-old woman with cerebral           ect, she found that many people
                                                                                                           a whole lot of things on the dis-       palsy relates her ecstatic connec-     with disabilities have the desire to
                                                                                                           abled. They have become almost          tion to music. Akimoto recalled        model and to express themselves.
                                                                                                           like a shadow in our society.”          that the woman, named Chetna,             This art is necessary, Akimoto
                                                                                                              Akimoto leaned against the           was “always crying in the corner       said, not just for the confidence of
                                                                                                           blank display wall on the Second        of music class” until the donation     the disabled but also for all people
                                                                                                           Floor of the King Library, waiting      of an electric keyboard.               in our community to recognize
                                                                                                                                                                                          their own capacity to create per-
                                                                                                                                                                                          sonal change.
                                                                                                                                                                                             “People with Disabilities” is on
                                                                                                                                                                                          display on the second floor of the
                                                                                                                                                                                          Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Joint
                                                                                                                                                                                          Library through March 1.
THURSDAY • FEBRUARY 2, 2006                                                            NEWS                                                                                    SPARTAN DAILY • 5

 Kama Sutra                                                                                                                             CSU officials ban
 worm causes                                                                                                                             alcohol sales at
some to worry                                                                                                                           sporting events
  SJSU officials assure
 network has protection
                                                                                                                                      Spartan Stadium to run dry in 2009
       By Ryan Sholin
                                                                                                                                       By Jeremy Barousse                 2005 academic sports year, SJSU
        DAILY STAFF WRITER                                                                                                                                                Athletic Director Tom Bowen
                                                                                                                                           DAILY STAFF WRITER             said.
    Friday could be a rough day for                                                                                                                                           The University has a contract to
computer users with the habit of                                                                                                      The California State University     sell alcohol until 2009.
opening unexpected e-mail attach-                                                                                                  system has issued a new policy             The     University       Athletics
ments.                                                                                                                             prohibiting the sale of alcoholic      Department supports the new pol-
    That’s the day a new computer                                                                                                  beverages at intercollegiate sport-    icy and believes it will have little
worm called Kama Sutra could de-                                                                                                   ing events.                            affect on attendance and revenue
lete many everyday files, includ-                                                                                                     The CSU made a decision on          for the university.
ing Microsoft Word, Excel and                                                                                                      Dec. 23 to ban all alcoholic bev-          “We are a good athletic pro-
PowerPoint documents. Adobe                                                                                                        erages served in university owned      gram, we don’t need to sell alcohol
Acrobat and Photoshop files could                                                                                                  and operated sports facilities.        at games to draw attendance,” said
also be destroyed.                                                                                                                    The decision was made to            Bowen. “The revenue from alco-
    The Kama Sutra worm, also                                                                                                      strengthen the current CSU poli-       hol sales is very minimal and we
known as MyWife, Blackworm                                                                                                         cy that promotes the legal and re-     are concerned with the behavior
and Nyxem.E, spreads by enticing                                                                                                   sponsible use of alcohol, said CSU
                                                                                                                                                                          and safety of our fans.”
users to click on an e-mail attach-                                                                                                Chancellor Charles B. Reed in a
                                                                                                                                                                              The policy will also limit beer
ment claiming to contain sexually                                                                                                  press release.
                                                                                                                                                                          and wine advertising on CSU cam-
explicit images from the ancient                                                                                                      “The CSU believes that service
Hindu text on love and sexual be-                                                                                                  of alcoholic beverages at intercol-
                                                                                                                                                                              Some SJSU students are disap-
havior.                                                                                                                            legiate athletic events in univer-
                                                                                                                                                                          pointed with the new policy.
    Chris Pollett, an assistant pro-                                                                                               sity owned or operated facilities is
                                                                                                                                   contrary to its system-wide alcohol        “Sports and beer were made for
fessor of computer science, said                                                                                                                                          each other,” said senior accounting
computer users needed to heed the                                                                                                  policy and to its purpose of pro-
                                                                                                                                   moting a safe and healthy learning     major Evan Alonzo. “Alcohol has
usual warnings about e-mail from                                                                                                                                          a lot to do with enjoying games.”
unknown sources.                                                                                                                   environment for all members of the
                                                                                                                                   university community,” Reed said.           Since the new policy bans the
    “Don’t open any attachments,”                                                                                                                                         sale of alcohol from “point-of-
Pollett said.                                                                                                                         The policy is part of a statewide
                                                                                                                                   campaign being used to correct stu-    sale” inside sporting venues, CSU
    The program, which first ap-                                                                                                                                          students will still be able to tailgate
peared on Jan. 16, is designed to                                                                                                  dent misperceptions pertaining to
                                                                                                                                   the irresponsible drinking habits of   at football games.
run itself on the third day of every                                                                                                                                          “At least we get to tailgate,”
month, starting this Friday.                                                                                                       their peers and to educate students
                                                                                                                                   on safe and responsible drinking       said junior software engineer ma-
    According to the Web site F-
                                                                                                                                   habits and attitudes.                  jor Jonathan Vu. “I love going to
Secure, an Internet security firm
based in Finland, the program no-                                                                                                     Some of the 23 CSU campuses         SJSU games and I believe that peo-
tifies an online counter every time                                                                                                are still under contractual agree-     ple who are of age to drink should
it spreads to a new computer.                                                                                                      ments that allow the sale of alco-     be able to.”
    Although the counter showed                                                                                                    holic beverages.                            CSU officials said in a report
more than 700,000 total hits at one                                                                                                   Those universities will not be      that the board is trying to downsize
point on Wednesday, F-Secure es-                                                                                                   able to renew existing contracts.      a “culture of alcohol” on its cam-
timated the number of unique in-                                                                                                      San Jose State University leads     puses and is refraining from giv-
fections to be closer to 262,000.                                                                                                  the nation with the most increased     ing students the wrong information
    Don Baker, university comput-                                                                            illustration by cjg   sporting attendance in the 2004-       pertaining to alcohol.
ing and telecommunications inter-
im associate vice president, wrote
in an e-mail that due to existing      HAYWARD­ - Catch phrases became
safeguards, computers using the
San Jose State University network
and campus e-mail servers should
                                       staples of Spartan football games
not be at risk for infection by the                       continued from page 1
Kama Sutra worm.
    As with other e-mail worms, the
program self-replicates by sending     nounce that the player was “tackled by gravity.”
itself to other computers on a us-        If a player jumped offside before the play started, Hayward
er’s network or sending e-mail to      would say “oops” before announcing the penalty.
saved addresses.                          “Those were his two most memorable phrases,” Fan said.
    Computer worms also disrupt        “People seemed to like those.”
Internet traffic by slowing down          Hayward was born Bob Belshe, but took to the name Don
network systems as they self-prop-     Hayward when he began announcing on the radio. His wife,
agate.                                 Darla Belshe, kept her husband’s birth name.
    Pollett said some viruses and         Lawrence said that Hayward stuck to his announcer’s name
worms distributed by e-mail could      in his life outside of broadcasting and usually referred to himself
infect a computer even without us-     as Don.
ing an executable attachment.             “There were some friends that called him Don-Bob just for
    According to Pollett, just dis-    fun,” Lawrence said.
playing an image contained in the         Hayward’s wife, Belshe, taught TV reporting and Update
body of an e-mail could activate       News classes at SJSU during her 25 years as a professor. Hayward
some malicious programs.               would visit Belshe’s classes to help students with presentations
    Pollett said users of Microsoft    and would give them broadcasting tips.
Outlook Express were particularly         “He was always available for students,” said Bob Reynolds,
at risk, and recommended using a       a retired annuitant television producer for SJSU. “He wanted to
more secure e-mail program such        pass on what he knew to students and he would work with them
as Mozilla Thunderbird.                one-on-one.”
    Kyle Telles, a senior major-          Reynolds, a friend of the couple for 26 years, said that while
ing in international business, said    Hayward was never on staff in the journalism department, he was
switching from a Windows PC to         always there to help his wife.
a Macintosh six months ago solved         “We all knew him and loved him,” Reynolds said.
his problems with viruses.                Both Hayward and Belshe would also help students in finan-
    “I’ve never had a problem,”        cial need. Lawrence, who taught with Belshe, said they were
Telles said.                           both very generous to SJSU students.
    Microsoft warned users on             “Darla was the most devoted faculty member I knew,”
Tuesday to update their virus pro-     Reynolds said. “Don was here a lot too.”
tection programs to protect them-         Although Hayward retired from KNTV in 1982, he never
selves against the new computer        stopped working.
worm.                                     “Don was involved in a number of things,” Lawrence said. “He
    Computer science junior Mike       did voice-over work and was also a consultant for a lot of radio
Butler said as long as students keep   and television stations.”
their antivirus software up to date,      “Every once in a while an insurance commercial will pop up
their files should be safe.            late at night,” Lawrence said. “And I’ll see Don standing on a
    “Of course, I don’t use antivi-    beach, talking about insurance.”
rus software,” Butler said as his         A date has not been set for Hayward’s memorial service. Darla
friends laughed.                       Belshe was not available for comments.

                   Read the Spartan Daily
                      Friday online!
6 • SPARTAN DAILY                                                                  SPORTS                                                                                          THURSDAY • FEBRUARY 2, 2006

SJSU sports news in brief
                                                                                football squad signs 27 to fall roaster
    Spartan sophomore gymnast Michelle Minotti was named the Xbox
Live Western Athletic Conference Gymnast of the Week for the week of              tomey brings in one of the youngest signing classes in program’s history
Jan. 30.
    Minotti received the honor                                                         By Greg Lydon
for her all-round score of 38.875         SPARTAN                                       Daily Staff Writer                       2006 San Jose State University football signings
against Cal State Fullerton on
                                                                                   Spartan Head Football Coach              NAME                    POS        CLASS HOMETOWN/LAST SCHOOL
Jan. 27.                                               ROUND UP                 Dick Tomey announced 27 stu-                                                              Torrance, Calif./L.A. Harbor College
    The Spartans defeated the Titans,                                                                                       Jeff Clark                TE          JR
193.125-191.875.                                                                dent athletes have signed a 2006            Sean Flynn               QB           JR      Torrance, Calif./L.A. Harbor College
    This is San Jose State University’s first WAC Gymnast of the Week           National Letter-of-Intent on                David Lomu                DE          JR      Redwood City, Calif./College of San Mateo
honor for the season.                                                           Wednesday. The class is high-               Adonis Davis             DT           FR      Lynwood, Calif./Crenshaw H.S.
    SJSU will return to action 7 p.m. on Friday at the Spartan Gym to com-      lighted by several freshmen, in-            Jalal Beauchman          WR           FR      San Jose, Calif./Bellarmine Prep
pete in a tri-meet against Seattle Pacific University and the University of     cluding running back Dominique              Carl Ihenacho             DE          FR      Los Angeles, Calif./Serra H.S.
Illinois-Chicago.                                                               Hunsucker of Valley Christian               Robbie Reed               OL          FR      Claremont, Calif./Cheshire Academy
                           Women’s Basketball                                   High School in San Jose and line-           Mohamed Marah             LB          FR      San Jose, Calif./Oak Grove
    The SJSU women’s basketball team defeated Boise State University,           backer Jason Swisher Las Lomas              Cameron Island            RB          FR      Oakland, Calif./Skyline H.S.
69-64, at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho.                                  High School in Walnut Creek.                Devin Newsome            ATH          FR      North Highlands, Calif./Roseville H.S.
    Senior forward Lamisha Augustine led the team with 28 points and               “We are pleased with the class,          John Thompson            WR           FR      Los Angeles, Calif./Crenshaw H.S.
11 rebounds, earning her fifth double-double of the season.                     we wanted to establish a local re-          Mark Piethe               TE          FR      San Jose, Calif./Valley Christian H.S.
    Two other Spartans scored in double figures. Sophomore forward              cruiting base, specifically in local        Ailao Eliapo           OL/DL          FR      South San Francisco, Calif./South San Francisco H.S.
Amber Jackson received her eighth double-double of the season, scor-            high schools,” Tomey said.                  Dwight Lowery             DB          JR      Santa Cruz, Calif./Cabrillo College
ing 16 points and 11 rebounds. Freshman guard Myosha Barnes had                    The San Jose State University            Jason Swisher             LB          FR      Walnut Creek, Calif./Las Lomas H.S.
11 points for the night.                                                        coaching staff wanted to add
                                                                                                                            John Konye                OL          FR      Hermosa Beach, Calif./Redondo Union H.S.
    SJSU will return to action 7 p.m. on Saturday at the Event Center           speed on defense and players that
                                                                                                                            Jonathan Hardaway         DB          FR      Los Angeles, Calif./Serra H.S.
against the University of Hawai’i.                                              can play multiple positions.
                                                                                                                            Jay Atkins               ATH          FR      Mountain View, Calif./Homestead H.S.
                                                                                   “Jason Swisher is an impres-
                                                                                sive a player I saw all year,”              Cameron Coulter           DL          FR      Stockton, Calif./Franklin H.S.

 SJSU SPORTS OUTLOOK                                                            Tomey said. “He hits with such
                                                                                force and vigor, we like bringing
                                                                                                                            Dominique Hunsucker
                                                                                                                            Dante Perez
                                                                                                                                                                          San Jose, Calif./Valley Christian H.S.
                                                                                                                                                                          San Jose, Calif./Valley Christian H.S.
                                                                                that kind of energy to our football         Taase Jennings            OL          JR      Honolulu, Hawaii/City College of San Francisco
                          Thursday, Feb. 2                                      team.”                                      Bradis McGriff            OL          SO      Vallejo, Calif./Arizona State
                    Tennis vs. University of Nevada-Reno                           A youth movement is also                 Charles Walker           WR           FR      Hayward, Calif./Hayward H.S.
                             at Los Gatos, 2 p.m.                               highlighted in the signings in that         Benjamin Taifane        LB/DE         FR      Stockton, Calif./Franklin H.S.
                             Friday, Feb. 3                                     21 of the players are incoming              Bryan North               DB          FR      San Jose, Calif./Valley Christian H.S.
                        Tennis vs. UC Santa Barbara                             freshmen.                                   Wilburn Willoughby        DL          FR      Los Angeles, Calif./Marshall H.S.
                             at Los Gatos, 1 p.m.                                  “We didn’t want to be on a
                   Baseball vs. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo                        two year track with player devel-
                                                                                opment,” Tomey said. “We have
                           at Blethen Field, 2 p.m.
                                                                                some junior college players, but       fensive and defensive line, and    SJSU coaches believe will have        California recruiting flavor in our
    Gymnastics vs. Seattle Pacific University, University of Illinois-Chicago
                                                                                we wanted players that can have        address the return game,” Tomey    an impact next year. Flynn will       class,” said Tomey in a SJSU uni-
                           at Spartan Gym, 7 p.m.
                                                                                five years of eligibility in our       said. Tomey believes Dwight        challenge last season’s starter       versity athletics press release.
                           Saturday, Feb. 4                                     program.”                              Lowry of Cabrillo College and      Adam Tafralis for playing time at        Spartan coaches will now
                 Swimming vs. University of Nevada-Reno                            The Spartans also have a sur-       Devin Newsome of Roseville         quarterback this fall.                focus their attention towards
                     at SJSU Aquatics Center, 11 a.m.                           plus of players coming off of          High School will help boost the       “The group is an affirmation       spring practice and preparing
                         Water Polo vs. UC Davis                                their red-shirt season, which will     team’s return game next season.    by San Jose-area and Bay Area         for the upcoming 2006 season.
                   at Davis, 12 p.m./1:15 p.m.(B Squad)                         give the team added depth going           Sean Flynn of Los Angeles       players that our program is mov-      The Spartans’ open their sea-
                   Baseball vs. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo                        into the season.                       Harbor College is one of the ju-   ing in the right direction. There’s   son Sept. 2 at the University of
                          at Blethen Field, 1 p.m.                                 “We wanted to get youth at of-      nior college signings that the     a strong San Jose and Northern        Washington.

                Women’s basketball vs. University of Hawai’i
                          at Event Center, 7 p.m.                                                        e didn’t want to be on a two year track with player development. We have some
                 Men’s basketball vs. University of Hawai’i                                              junior college players, but we wanted players that can have five years of eligibility in
                           at Honolulu, 9:05 p.m.
                            Sunday, Feb. 5
                                                                                                         our program.”
                    Baseball vs. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo                         — Dick Tomey, San Jose State University head football coach
  Thursday, February 02,2006
 TUESDAY • FEBRUARY 2, 2006                                                                                           A& E                                                                                                                            Page 7
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SPARTAN DAILY • 7

‘Boiling Point,’ just another urban release Scientists new CD offers danceable rock music
     By Tandrea Madison                                                                                                                               By Tatiana Getty
             Daily Staff Writer                                                                                                                           Daily Staff Writer

   New on the dance music scene is                                                                                                             Who says science is all about
Blaze II, a unique male-female duo                                                                                                          sterile lab coats, difficult formulas
consisting of Niecie and 5K. Their                                                                                                          and complicated experiments? Not
debut CD, “The Boiling Point,”                                                                                                              the band We Are Scientists.
introduces their sound across 11
lackluster tracks. The word that                                                                                                                      MUSIC REVIEW
comes to mind while listening to
the CD is “rough.”                                                                                                                             On their debut album, “With
                                                                                                                                            Love and Squalor,” the New York-
         MUSIC REVIEW                                                                                                                       based band mixes punk-ish beats,
                                                                                                                                            emo melodies, punchy guitar and
    Though a few of the tracks are                                                                                                          crooning vocals to show that mu-
decent, Blaze II isn’t bringing                                                                                                             sic is, in fact, a science.
anything the hip-hop community
                                                                                                                                               At first listen, the band seems
hasn’t already heard.
                                                                                                                                            to be catching the tail end of the
    In a world where everything
                                                                                                                                            dance-rock craze, following on                                                              Courtesy of Virgin reCords
heard on the radio is watered down
and played over and over again,                                                                                                             the heels of such bands as “The                 Scientists’ new CD “With Love and Squalor” hit stores on Jan. 10.
new artists have to bring their “A-                                                                                                         Kaiser Chiefs” and “The Killers.”
                                                                                                                                                But 30 seconds into the first               even though each instrument may          with tracks such as “Textbook”
game.” They have to be distinctive                                                                                                                                                          be doing its own thing.                  and “Can’t Lose” where Murray
if they’re going to get noticed and                                                                                                         track, “Nobody Move, Nobody Get
                                                                                                                                            Hurt,” it’s all too obvious that this               The songs on the album are the       lulls listeners with lyrics they can
get airtime. Blaze II didn’t quite                                                                                                                                                          same way. The transitions between        connect to; “The party’s alright I
pull that off.                                                                                                                              band, although still dance-rock,
                                                                                                                                            has its own sound.                              songs are at times so smooth, and        might wanna stop drinking/ What
    The fact that they are a male/fe-                                                        Courtesy of Arete Promotions
                                                                                                                                                                                            the beats blend together so well,        were we talking about/ My body
male tag team does indeed set them                “The Boiling Point,” with 5K and Niece, was released on Jan. 23.                             The 28-year-old guitarist and
                                                                                                                                                                                            that the album seems to be just          won’t tell my mind what I’ve been
apart. In the rap and hip-hop world                                                                                                         lead singer Keith Murray plays
                                              but it doesn’t save the CD.                        The ninth track, “Jamaica Soul,”                                                           one long song. This doesn’t mean         thinking/ Before it’s out of my
now, that’s rare. Most artists have                                                                                                         upbeat riffs while crooning — in a
                                                  The first track, “Step Up In the           lives up to its name by giving lis-                                                            there’s not versatility between          mouth.”
a “team” with a female on it some-                                                                                                          slightly British accent with a bit of
                                              Club,” is a great beginning. It has            teners a bit of reggae. The natu-                                                              tracks.                                     We Are Scientists aren’t actu-
where, but Niecie is getting equal                                                                                                          lust — the lyrics, “You want to use
                                              a sound that would appeal to the               ral mellowness that reggae brings                                                                  We Are Scientists provide            ally scientists. They don’t have
billing with 5K.                                                                                                                            my body/ Go for it.” It’s the stuff
                                              mainstream.                                    is a good beginning to the song                                                                listeners with fast tracks like          Ph.D.s, don’t play with molecules
    She’s definitely on more tracks,                                                                                                        that makes pre-pubescent girls go               “Callbacks,” “Cash Cow” and              and don’t wear white lab coats, at
which is good. Her flow is tighter                The very next track, “05 Bonnie            — though that mood is shaken the               wild.
                                              and Clyde,” was very cliché. The                                                                                                              “It’s a Hit” that put Murray’s deep,     least not on a regular basis.
than her counterpart.                                                                        second 5K comes through to flow.                  With 28-year-old Chris Cain
                                              hook was weak and the whole con-                                                                                                              steady and sometimes monotone               But through the brilliant blend
    The album might be a little                                                              His voice is hard over a song that             steadily strumming on the bass                  voice against a punchy guitar, bass      of various instruments and vocals
stronger if Niecie and 5K were to-            cept, not to mention the title, is             feels like it should be smoother.              and 27-year-old Michael Tapper                  and drums.                               on “With Love and Squalor” they
gether on most of the tracks, trad-           overdone.                                          “Huh What” is the last track               thumping on the drums, everything
                                                  “Juke Me,” the third track, is                                                                                                                It’s in these songs you realize      have affirmed that music is not
ing lyrics or going head-to-head,                                                            and is a decent ending. Though                 comes together to create a sound
                                              reminiscent of Missy Elliott and                                                                                                              what dance-rock truly is, because        only an art, but also a careful sci-
but they’re not. For the most part,                                                          the song is pretty short, the beat is          that even middle-aged music lov-
                                              Timbaland, presenting a unique                                                                                                                there’s no way you can resist at least   ence that they have mastered.
they trade off on tracks.                                                                    good and Niecie’s flows are right              ers can appreciate.
                                              Indian flavor and a beat that’ll               on time. The song might have been                                                              bobbing your head to the beats. In          If bands like “The Killers”
    Unfortunately, they sound a lot                                                                                                            This band has mastered the                   “Callbacks” Murray chants, “I’m
                                              make more than a few heads nod.                a little bit tighter — and longer —                                                                                                     and “Kaiser Chiefs” make you
like everyone else, but that could                                                                                                          science of music by not letting                 not gonna wait for anything to hap-
                                              The song has potential.                        had 5K hit a verse or two.                                                                                                              move, or if you find yourself fall-
be a good thing. They could slide                                                                                                           one person overpower the other.                 pen/ All of this at once/ I’m ready
right into the mainstream. What                   “Gorgeous,” the seventh track,                 The bottom line here is that al-                                                                                                    ing in love with the now so popu-
                                                                                                                                            There’s never too much guitar, bass             for the cash in/ I’m not gonna wait      lar dance-rock craze flooding our
might prevent that, however, is               strives to bring a softer sound by             though Blaze II shows promise,                 or drums and the music doesn’t
                                              introducing some R&B. It barely                they’re not bringing anything new                                                              for anything to happen/ Noooo oh         nation’s radio stations, then “With
their amateur sound. The beats                                                                                                              solely rely on Murray’s vocals.
                                              accomplishes that. The fact that it’s          to an arena that’s already crowded                                                             oh ohhh,” urging listeners to jump       Love and Squalor” is definitely an
aren’t very impressive and hardly
                                              the only R&B track on the whole                with other artists saying the same                Everything blends together to                out of their chairs.                     album worth picking up, checking
original. Admittedly, Niecie has a
                                                                                             thing: “make that money.”                      create a glorious rock harmony,                     The band slows the album down        out or downloading.
flow similar to Lil’ Kim and Trina,           CD makes it stand out.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bldg: dBH 209

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PHn: 408-924-3277
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Fax: 408-924-3282

                                                                                              AbCoM pRiVAte seCURitY Security-
                                                                                                                                       HiRinG 10 people bY Feb.28 Happy Fish Swim School
                                                                     All Hrs 24/7, PT/ FT. Possible Commute. Recptionst/ Schduler-
                        EmploymEnt                                   Eve. PT. (408)247-4827
                                                                                                                                       Seeking smart, friendly swim instructors to work with children and
                                                                                                                                       adults. Indoor heated pool open 7 days a week. Pays $9.00/
  Responsible sitteR needed Do you need extra cash. I GRooMeR’s Asst/Kennel HELP needed for small exclusive hr - $12.00/ hr DOE. Part Time Availability, Fun Environment,
  am in search for a resposible sitter with experience preferred for shop & kennel. P/ T, Tues-Sat. Must be reliable, honest & able to Friendly People. Flexible/ Steady schedule works well with
  a 4 year old and a newborn. please call or email me at silvia_ do physical work. Prefer exp. working w/ dogs but will train. Great school schedule. Print application at (408)429-3547                                      oppty for dog lover. 408 371-9115 or fax res to 377-0109.         www.
  WAnted: 1 ReliAble tUtoR for 7th/8th AVID classes. All ReCeptionist, P/ T, phones, lt clerical work, 10 min from SJSU,                                              For rEnt
  subjects. 12:10pm-2:05pm, Tu & Thur. Willow Glen Middle Schl. Mon. through Thurs., 9am-1pm. Call Heather (408) 995-6425
  Anne@408 535-6277 X412
                                                                bAbYsitteR WAnted: Part-time, flexible days/ hrs for three
  dR’s oFFiCe ReCeptionist M-W-F, opt’l Tues. $13.00/ HR. children 6 and under in Willow Glen. Must be reliable, experienced
  9am to 5pm. Bilingual Eng/Span wanted. Fax res. 923-2433. Ph and have own car and references. (408)293-0529
  923-0309 Comp. skills needed.
                                                                                                                                                     FRoM sJsU
                                                                                                                                                 2bd apartment with walk in closets. Great for students/
  WAnted: beFoRe & AFteR-sCHool TEACHERS/
                                                                                          liFe sKills tRAineR                                    roommates!! Great Floor Plan! Washer & Dryers on premisis.
                                                                          Upbeat, fun work environ. teaching basic life skills to
  LEADERS. This is a great opportunity for education & child                                                                                     Parking available!! Only $1,050/ mo, may work with you on the
                                                                          developmentally disabled adults in their home and community.
  studies majors. Morning & afternoon shifts available. Must have                                                                                deposit!! (408)378-1409
                                                                          Flex Sched around school FT/ PT/ NOW HIRING SJ/ E. Bay $10-
  experience working with children & have a minumum of 12 units
                                                                          12 to start. Troy (408) 938-5719                                       JR. 1 bed sUites FRoM $875 Spanish Castle w/secured entry
  in child related classes. Call Small World Schools@408-283-
                                                                                                                                                 Quiet Location, Lg. kitchen & baths. (408)295-4700
  9200 X21 or fax resume to 408-283-9201                                  liFeGUARd- El Camino YMCA. PT. AM/ PM/ WKnd shifts. $9.25-
                                                                          $12./ hr + YMCA membrshp. Current LG/ CPR/1st Aid needed. speCtACUlAR stUdio sUite Quiet Vict. Style building From
  deliVeRY dRiVeRs Party rental business. Perfect for students.
                                                                          Call Angela@650 694-7216 or                    $895 w / fireplace.
  Earn up to $250 every weekend. Must have reliable truck. Heavy
  lifting is required. Call 408 292-7876                                  MARKetinG inteRns WAnted Intacct Corporation, the Lg. walk-in closet, claw foot tubs, walk to trasportation lines &
                                                                          leader in Web-based business applications, is hiring a group of SJSU
  MoVie eXtRAs, ACtoRs, Models! Make $75-$250/ day.
                                                                          market research interns to help with Internet-based sale-lead 260 N. 3rd St. (408) 509-1750
  All ages and faces wanted!
                                                                          generation, customer profiling and other sales and marketing 2bd/1.5bA-1/2 blK to sJsU On 9th. Parking, Laundry, Quiet.
  No Exp. Required. FT/ PT!
                                                                          projects. Are you business or marketing savvy? Hungry for real- $1095. 408 309-9554
                                                                          life work experience? Eager to be part of a company that’s going
  ACtion dAY nURseRY/pRiMARY PLUS seeking Infant, places? We have the job for you. Work part-time at our corporate                                                         SErvicES
  Toddler & Preschool Teachers & Aides. F/ T & P/ T positions headquarters in Downtown San Jose. $15/ hour. Send resumes
                                                                                                                                                 sMile CHoiCe dentAl plAn (includes cosmetic) $69.00
  available. Substitute positions are also avail that offer flexible hrs. to
                                                                                                                                                 per year. Save 30%-60%. For info call 1-800-655-3225 or www.
  ECE units are req’d for teacher positions but not req’d for Aide
  positions. Excellent opportunity for Child Development majors. noW HiRinG! If you are looking for a job, we can help! Register with
  Please call Cathy for an interview @ 244-1968 X16 or fax res.           SpartaSystem (the Career Center’s online career management pRoFessionAl editinG For your paper or dissertation
  to 248-7433                                                             tool) and access over 800 job listings on SpartaJOBS, the Career Experienced. Efficient. Exact. Familiar with APA & Chicago styles.
                                                                          Center’s official job and internship bank. It’s easy, visit us at www. ESL is a specialty. Grace@(831)252-1108 or
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  individuals for extended daycare, P/ T, afternoons. No ECE units                                                                               or visit
                                                                          Attn: sJsU stUdents PART-TIME OPENINGS! $15.00
  req’d. Previous childcare exp. a must. Please call 248-2464                                                                                    eVent pHotoGRApHeR! Affordable wedding & event
                                                                          BASE-appt.!! Vector, the company for students, has part-time
  WelCoMe bACK spARtAns! Local valet company needs openings available for Customer Sales/ Service. The positions photography. High res. pics. on DVD & online gallery. Prints &
  enthusiastic & energetic team players to work at nearby malls, offer numerous unique benefits for students:                                    album. Call Danielle 650 759-6796.
  hospitals, private events & country clubs. FT/PT avail. We will ***HIGH STARTING PAY
  work around your school schedule. Must have clean DMV and **FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES
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  good money. Call (408) 593-4332 or (408) 867-7275                       ****All Majors May Apply                                               in college or w/ a college degree, wanted for our anonymous
  sWiM teACHeRs! Year round program, indoor pool. Experience ****No Exp. Necessary                                                               sperm donor program. Help people realize their dreams of
  with children a must. Teaching experience not required. AM/PM/ ****Training Provided                                                           starting a family.
  WE shifts available. Email resume to                     Earn income & Gain Experience! Watch for us on-campus APPLY ONLINE:
                                                                          throughout the semester, or CALL 866-1100, 9am-5pm. www.

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8 • SPARTAN DAILY                                                                             SPORTS                                                                                                 THURSDAY • FEBRUARY 2, 2006

Baseball team gets ready                                                                             Spartans fall short at end to Broncos
  for season-openner                                                                          Boise State University (11-9)

   against Mustangs                                                                           San Jose State State (5-15)

                                                                                              Boise State 77, SJSU 75
                                                                                                                                              29     39       75

                              By Tatiana Getty                                                                                   Bronces     Spartans
                                Daily Staff Writer
                                                                                                Box Score                    Pts Bauscher 22 Elam 19
    San Jose State University baseball kicks off its 2006 regular season Friday                                              Reb Tezzary 8   2 tied at 6
when it hosts Cal Poly San Luis Obispo at 2 p.m. in the first of a three game                                                Ast Karl 8      2 tied at 4
series at Blethen Field.
                                                “There’s always a lot of anticipa-
                                             tion in the first series of the year,” said          By Masai Davis                  contributed 36 of their 77 points.
                                                                                                                                     For the most part the two teams
       BASEBALLNOTEBOOK Head Coach Sam Piraro. “But (the                                            Daily Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                  were evenly matched but the
                                             team) is looking forward to the com-
                                             petition. They’ve been ‘intersquad-               Spartan guard Tyree Gardner’s Broncos made twice as many three
ing’ or playing against themselves, and they’re ready to get out and play against          three-point shot, which brought point shots as the Spartans and
some other teams.”                                                                         SJSU within one with three seconds scored 16 second chance points to
    This is the Spartan’s first game of the regular season after a 2-0 exhibition          remaining, could not prevent a 77- SJSU’s 10.
victory over the Alumni team on Saturday. The Mustangs enter the series with               75 loss to Boise State University.        The Spartans were able to score
three wins after sweeping Fresno State this past weekend where they show-                      Broncos guard Matt Bauscher 26 points off of 19 turnovers com-
cased their offensive strength, finishing the series with a total of 27 hits.              scored career high 22 points in 22 mitted by The Broncos. They were
    “In the alumni game we wanted to score a lot of runs and get a lot of hits,            minutes including four three-point- able to take a 10-point lead with
but we didn’t,” said senior Spartan infielder David Pierson. “But baseball is              ers.                                   4:44 remaining in the first half but
that kind of game where you can get only two hits one game and 18 hits in the                  “Bauscher is the guy who carried Boise State was able to remain close
next.”                                                                                     us through the whole game, “ said and ultimately win.
    Although they didn’t get to prove their offensive strength, the Spartans did           Boise State University Head Coach         “We just had to stick with it. They
command the game defensively with only one error and a five-inning shutout                 Greg Graham.                           were hitting some big time shots,”
by senior pitcher Branden Dewing.                                                              “I had quite a few open shots Bauscher said.
    Piraro said he’s not sure what the Spartan’s line-up will be this weekend,             and was fortunate enough to knock         Unfortunately for SJSU, Boise
but he does know Dewing will lead off the series Friday. New pitchers Loren                them down,”                                              State hit big

Moneypenny and Ryan Anderson will start Saturday and Sunday respective-                    Bauscher said.                                           shots as well.
ly.                                                                                            Spartans                       ’m a almost a Free throws by                                                             Gavin Mcchesney/Daily staff
    “Our three starters have their hands full this weekend, and we’re looking              Alex       Elam                    lost for words guard Coby Carl,
forward to see how they can compete,” said Piraro. “Offensively we do need                 scored 19 points                                         forward         Seth    San Jose State University guard Carlton Spence dribbles his way
people like (outfielder) Ryan Angel and (infielder) Brandon Fromm to do well,              and Menelik                        now. It’s very Robinson, and                  past two Boise State University defenders during a game on
                                                                                           Barbary con- difficult to keep coming g u a r d / f o r w a r d
                                                                                                                                                                            Wednesday at the Event Center.
guys that have been in the program.”
    Cal Poly is coming off a successful 2005 season where they went 36-2                   tributed      13                                         Tyler Tiedemann
                                                                                                              up short.”                            within the last         missed a half court shot before the       “We don’t feel bad about our
overall and tied for second, with Cal State Long Beach State, in the Big West              points and six
                                                                                                                                                    three minutes of        buzzer that would have given SJSU      team, we feel bad about the results
Conference. Like the Spartans, they’re picked to finish fourth in their confer-            rebounds in 23
ence and return to the season with a wealth of returning players, including 19
                                                                                                                 —     George        Nessman, the game sustained            a winning score of 78-77.              we’re getting,” Nessman said.
                                                                                           minutes of ac-
letter-winners.                                                                            tion. SJSU had SJSU men’s basketball head the Broncos’ lead.                         “I’m almost at a lost for words       Though some could be discour-
    But facing such strong competition in the beginning of the season can only             a balanced at-                                               “Our         kids   now,” said San Jose State University   aged given the Spartans’ record and
help the Spartans, said Coach Piraro. “It’s not only a good test, but it should            tack with five
                                                                                                              coach                                 showed a lot of         Head Coach George Nessman. “It’s       having lost so many close games,
bring out the very best in (the team).”                                                    players scoring                                          resolve tonight,”       very difficult to keep coming up       Nessman told his player, “we’re
    Senior infielder Raul Campos agrees with Piraro. “It benefits our team be-             nine points or more.                                     Graham said. “I         short.”                                banning being discouraged and be-
cause playing a good team like Cal Poly only makes us stronger for our league                  Bauscher did not start the game    was proud of the way our guys hung            The Spartans are now 5-15 over-    ing frustrated.”
competition.”                                                                              but managed to outscore SJSU’s in there.”                                        all, and 1-6 in the Western Athletic      The Spartans will travel to
    This is the fourth straight year the Spartans have opened against the Mustangs         bench 22-20. The Bronco’s bench           Spartan guard Carlton Spencer          Conference.                            Hawai’i Saturday.
in a three game series. Last year San Jose won two of the three games defeating
Cal Poly 15-2 in the first game and 13-6 in the series decider.
    After Friday the non-conference series will continue on Saturday and
                                                                                                           Hungry for more Spartan sports stories and photos?
Sunday at 1 p.m. at Blethan field.
                                                                                                                 Check out

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