5 Awesome Public Speaking Tips

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					These sneak preview tips come straight from the SpeechMad Membership Course! They
will help you work more efficiently and gain more confidence when preparing your speech.

  1. Use voice recognition software: There are 2 main advantages to using voice
     recognition software. First off, you’ll save time… a LOT of time (unless you can type
     faster than you can talk )! Secondly, because you’re now talking instead of typing,
     it’ll be easier to adapt your style to write something that is meant to be heard, NOT
     to be read!

  2. When starting to write/prepare your speech, always start with the conclusion: It’s a
     lot easier to start with what you want to achieve… and work backwards from there.
     That way, the rest of your speech will automatically revolve around trying to achieve
     that goal (which usually lies in the conclusion)!

  3. Circulate pre-speech: When you’ve arrived early at the venue and have some time to
     kill, consider talking with the people that will be attending your presentation/speech.
     That way you can find out what they’ll be expecting from you. And when you’ve
     talked to them and have met some of the attendees, you’ll also see some familiar
     faces in the audience when you actually start your speech… you’ll immediately feel
     more relaxed and confident!

  4. Give your audience a roadmap: Explain in advance the rough path you’ll be taking
     during the speech (you can do this in the introduction), that way the audience knows
     what’s coming, this makes it easier for them to follow and they’ll be less inclined to
     ask questions during the speech.

  5. Keep your eye on the audience: Check for any signs of confusion during the speech
     and repeat specific points or arguments if needed, this can greatly reduce the amount
     of questions after the speech!

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Description: These are 5 sneak preview tips straight from the epic SpeechMad public speaking course! Enjoy!