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					                                      BUSINESS LAW GLOSSARY
Abandoned                   Bill of lading                 Cooperative                Electronic fund transfer
Abandoned property          Bill of sale                   Copyright                  Electronic signature
Acceptance                  Binder                         Corporate opportunity      Emancipated Embezzlement
Acceptor                    Blank indorsement                       doctrine          Eminent domain
Accord                      Bodily injury liability        Corporation                Employer identification
Accord and satisfaction     Bona fide occupational         Cosignature                          number
Actual damages                        qualification        Counteroffer               Employment-at-will
Actual harm                 Breach of contract             Credit                     Endowment insurance
Actual notice Adhesion      Breach of duty                 Creditor                   Equal Credit Opportunity Act
contract                    Bulk transfer                  Crime                      Equal pay rule
Administrative law          Burglary                       Crime against property     Equitable distribution
Administrator/trix          Business judgment rule         Crimes involving           Equity
Adulterated                 Business necessity                      controlled        Estoppel
Adultery                    Buyer’s guide                           substances        Ethics
Adverse possession          Capacity                       Damages                    Eviction
Affinity                    Carrier                        Debit card                 Executor/trix
Agency by estoppel          Cash value                     Debtor                     Express authority
Agency                      Cashier’s check                Debt ratio                 Express contract
Agent                       Caveat emptor                  Deed                       Express warranty
Alien                       Caveat venditor                Defamation                 Face value
Alimony                     Cease and desist order         Defendant                  Fair Credit Billing Act
Alternative dispute         Certificate of deposit         Definite time paper        Fair Credit Reporting Act
          resolution        Certificate of incorporation   Delegation                 Fair Debt Collection Act
Annual percentage rate      Certified check                Delinquent child           Fairness rule
Annuity                     Check                          Demand paper               Fair use doctrine
Annulment                   Child labor laws               Depository bank            False imprisonment
Answer                      Civil Rights Act               Derivative suit            Family farmer
Anticipatory breach         Closed shop                    Desertion                  Featherbedding
Apparent authority          Closed-end credit              Destination contract       Federal statutes
Appellate courts            Codicil                        Detention hearing          Federal Trade Commission
Appellate jurisdiction      Coinsurance                    Detriment                  Felony
Arraignment                 Collateral                     Devise                     Fictitious name
Arrest                      Collective bargaining          Direct suit                Finance charge
Arson                       Collision insurance            Directors                  Financial responsibility law
Articles of incorporation   Commerce clause                Disability                 Fire insurance
Articles of partnership     Common carrier                 Disability insurance       Firm offer
Assault                     Common law                     Discharged                 Fixtures
Asset acquisition           Common-law marriage            Disclaimer                 Floater policy
Assignment                  Common stock                   Discrimination             f.o.b.
Assumption of risks         Comparative negligence         Dishonored                 Forbearance
Auction without reserve     Compassion                     Disparate impact           Forgery
Auction with reserve        Competitive bidding            Disparate treatment        401(k) plan
Bad check                   Complaint                      Dissolution                Fraud
Bail                        Complete performance           Diversity of citizenship   Fraudulent misrepresentation
Bailee                      Comprehensive insurance        Dividends                  Full warranty
Bailment                    Computer crime                 Divorce                    Future goods
Bailor                      Concealment                    Domestic violence          General agent
Bait and switch             Conditional indorsement        Domicile                   General jurisdiction
Bank draft                  Condominium                    Donee                      General partnership
Bankruptcy                  Consanguinity                  Donor                      Genuine agreement
Bankruptcy laws             Consequential damages          Draft                      Good faith
Bargained-for exchange      Consideration                  Drawee                     Goods
Battery                     Conspiracy                     Drawer                     Gratuitous
Bearer paper                Constitution                   Duplicate original         Gratuitous agreement
Beneficiary                 Constructive eviction          Duress                     Gratuitous bailment
Benefit                     Consumer                       Duty of care               Grievance procedure
Bequest                     Contract                       Duty to account            Gross negligence
Best evidence rule          Contract to sell               Duty to notify             Guardian
Bigamy                      Contributory negligence        Easement                   Hate crime
Bilateral contract          Cooling-off rule               Economic duress            Health maintenance
Bilateral mistake           Cooperation                    Electronic commerce        organization (HMO)
                                         BUSINESS LAW GLOSSARY
Heir                            Limited jurisdiction        Parole evidence rule        Rejection
Holder                          Limited liability company   Partnership by estoppel     Release
Holder in due course            Limited partner             Partnership by proof        Rent day
Holographic will                Limited partnership                   existence         Renter’s insurance
Homeowner’s insurance           Limited-payment life        Passenger                   Repossess
Homestead exemption             insurance                   Past consideration          Requirement contract
Honesty                         Limited warranty            Patent                      Rescind
Hostile working environment     Line of credit              Payee                       Residence
Identified goods                Lottery                     Pension plan                Respondeat superior
Illusory promise                Majority                    Performance                 Restraint of trade
Implied authority               Maker                       Periodic tenancy            Restrictive covenant
Implied contract                Manslaughter                Perjury                     Restrictive indirsement
Implied covenant                Marriage license            Personal defenses           Revocation
Implied warranty                Master                      Personal property           Rider
Impossibility of performance    Material fact               Plaintiff                   Right-to-work laws
Incidental damages              Medicaid                    Policy                      Risk of loss
Indemnification                 Medical payments            Policyholder                Robbery
Independent contractor                   insurance          Polygamy                    Sale
Indictment                      Medicare                    Pooling agreement           Satisfaction
Individual Retirement Account   Memorandum                  Portability                 Seal
Indorsement                     Merchant                    Precedent                   Secondary liability
Injunction                      Merger                      Preexisting duties          Secured loan
Inland marine insurance         Minor                       Preferred stock             Secured party
Insider trading                 Minority                    Premarital agreement        Securities and Exchange
Insurable interest              Mirror image rule           Premium                     Commission
Insurance                       Misdemeanor                 Presentment                 Security
Insured                         Misrepresentation           Price                       Security interest
Insurer                         Mitigation of damages       Price fixing                Servant
Intangible personal property    Money order                 Primary liability           Severance pay
Integrity                       Morality                    Principal                   Sex offense
Intellectual property           Mortgage                    Privacy contract            Share
Intentional tort                Motor vehicle violations    Privity of contract         Shareholder
Interest                        Murder                      Product liability law       Shareholder proposal
Intermediate courts             Mutual release              Promissory                  Shelter provision
Interstate commerce             Mutuum                      Promissory estoppel         Shipment contract
Intestate                       Necessaries                 Promoter                    Shoplifting
Intrastate sales                Neglected or abused child   Property damage liability   Sigh draft
Invasion of privacy             Negligence                            insurance         Slander
Invitation to negotiate         Negotiable instrument       Property insurance          Slight negligence
Joint custody                   Negotiation                 Prosecutor                  Smart card
Joint liability                 No-fault divorce            Prospectus                  Social Security Act
Joint tenancy                   No-fault insurance          Proximate cause             Sole custody
Judgment                        Note                        Proxy                       Sole proprietorship
Jurisdiction                    Notice by publication       Proxy marriage              Solemnize
Keogh plan                      Novation                    Public policy tort          Special agent
Kidnapping                      Nuisance                    Qualified indorsement       Special indorsement
Larceny                         Obedience                   Quid pro quo                Specific performance
Law                             Occupational Safety and               harassment        Stale check
Lease                             Health Administration     Quiet enjoyment             Statute
Legal age                       Ocean marine insurance      Ratification                Statute of Frauds
Legality                        Offer                       Ratify                      Statute of limitations
Legal separation                Officers                    Real defenses               Stock acquisition
Legal tender                    Online privacy              Real property               Straight life insurance
Legislature                     Open-end credit             Reasonable care             Strict liability
Lemon law                       Operation of law            Reasonable time             Sublease
Lessee                          Option                      Rebuttable presumption      Substantial performance
Lessor                          Order paper                 Registered limited          Suitor
Libel                           Ordinary negligence                   liability         Taft-Hartley Act
License                         Original jurisdiction                 partnership       Tangible personal property
Lien                            Output contract             Registration statement      Target
Life insurance                  Outstanding checks          Reimbursement               Telemarketers
                                      BUSINESS LAW GLOSSARY
Tenancy                      Warranty of title
Tenancy at sufferance        Waste
Tenancy at will              Will
Tenancy by the entirety      Words of negotiability
Tenancy for years            Worker’s compensation
Tenancy in common            Zoning law
Tenancy in partnership
Tender offer
Term insurance
Third-party beneficiary
Time draft
Tortious bailee
Trade fixtures
Traveler’s check
Underinsured motorist
Undue influence
Unemployment compensation
Unenforceable contract
Unfair and deceptive
Uniform Commercial Code
Unilateral contract
Unilateral mistake
Uninsured motorist
Unintentional tort
Union shop
Universal life insurance
Unlimited liability
Unruly child
Usage of trade
Used Car Rule
Valid contract
Voidable contract
Voidable title
Void contract
Voting trust
Wagner Act
Warehouse receipt
Warrant of merchantability
Warranty of fitness

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