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									English 302, Technical Writing
                                                                                          Final Project

A. The final project requires you to write documentation on how to use a binder clip, how to construct
a paper airplane, or how to make a paper pirate hat. The documentation should be tailored towards an
audience new to the object (binder clip, paper airplane, or paper pirate hat) and to the mechanism or
processes of using or building it. Similar to the past documentation project, your goal for the
documentation is to identify a particular task using the binder clip and to assist your user with
successfully completing the task OR to instruct a user on building a paper airplane or paper pirate hat
(you do not need to include instructions on how to fly it). As mentioned in class, you can be as creative
or imaginative as you like in choosing the task that you would like your user to complete using the
binder clip or the style and construction materials of the airplane.

Document Specifications

The documentation should:
       be no more than two pages long
       should adhere to good principles of document design
       should utilize images to assist users through the process
       should use naming and definition to assist users through the process
       should use definitions, description, and instruction
       should be audience centered & user tested

Due Dates:

Finals can be submitted in person during the class final times Tuesday, Dec 7 8-10:00 in Hum 105, or
Friday Dec 9 8-10:00 in Hum 104, or under my office door [Humanities 363] by noon on Friday, Dec

All revised documents from the employment project should be turned in also by Friday. Please include
your revised copy and the copy containing my feedback.

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