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					                                 Job Description

Job Title                                     Finance Assistant (0.5FTE)
School/Department                             Finance, Estates and CPU
Job Holder                                    Vacant
Responsible to                                Finance Manager
Date                                          July 2010

1. Job Purpose

The post-holder will assist the Payroll Administrator to process the Academy
payroll function in its entirety. This includes helping to ensure that the Payroll and
Visiting Lecturer Ledger are administered smoothly and efficiently and ensuring
that all employees and visiting lecturers are paid accurately and timeously
according to their contract, terms and conditions. The post holder will also assist
with the routine processing of transactions in other areas of the Finance

2. Duties and Responsibilities

The post-holder will be required to:

•   Assist in the preparation & input of all information pertaining to the payroll
    and fee paid ledger including records and returns, monthly and annual,
    associated with PAYE, National Insurance, Superannuation schemes etc.

•   Assist in carrying out monthly reconciliation of net salaries, PAYE, NI,
    Superannuation and sundry salary outlay accounts between payroll reports
    and Nominal Ledger.

•   Liaise with staff and outside bodies regarding queries relating to the payroll
    and Visiting Lecturer ledger.

•   Administer and submit forms for employees relating to benefits, mortgage
    applications etc.

•   Administer ad-hoc statutory returns as required e.g. National Statistics Office

•   Maintain detailed departmental payroll analysis as required.

RSAMD HR 09/07/2010                       1
•   Provide analysis of payroll costs as required by the Director of Finance and
    the Finance Manager

•   Maintain and update knowledge of the financial and payroll legislation
    through continuing professional development.

•   Provide assistance in other areas of the Finance Department, for example
    raising sales invoices for student tuition fees.

•   Participate in the Academy’s Goals Setting and Career Review process.

•   Undertake any other reasonable duties as required by the Finance Manager
    or Director of Finance.

3. Scope of the Job

The payroll consists of approximately 1700 staff, with 600 being paid in any one
month with an average monthly gross of £461k. There are approximately 100
payments processed through the Visiting Lecturer ledger per month.

No staff report directly to this post

Not Applicable

4. Context

Operating Environment:
As well as assisting in processing the payroll and the Visiting Lecturer ledger, the
post-holder may be required to liaise with members of staff providing advice
about pensions, employment status, queries on timesheets or advice about
taxation or other payroll related issues e.g. maternity pay, SSP entitlements.

The post-holder may from time to time be required to liaise with external
organisations on payroll related issues concerning RSAMD staff, e.g. Inland
Revenue, Superannuation offices, DSS.

The post-holder must operate within specific date related deadlines for both
payments to employees and to statutory bodies which must be adhered to.

RSAMD HR 09/07/2010                      2
Framework and Boundaries:
As a member of the Finance, Estates and Central Production Unit Department,
the post-holder will be required to work within the RSAMD Strategic Plan, the
Academy Regulations and Quality Assurance processes required by the
Academy as well as the appropriate departmental policies.

The post-holder is required to work within the boundaries of the Data Protection
Act. Government legislation relating to statutory payments such as Maternity Pay,
tax, National Insurance and pensions which is required to be adhered to.

Please see the attached organisation structure charts appended.

5. Relationships

Line Manager: Finance Manager
This post requires the post-holder to work directly with the Payroll Administrator
and other members of the Finance Department as required, and autonomously
on occasion.

Staff Management:
The post-holder does not have any line management responsibilities.

Other Contacts:
a) Within the Academy:
   • Liaise with Human Resources, in particular with the Human Resources
       Advisor, on occasion with regards to new contracts and changes to
       existing ones.
   • Liaise with Head of Departments on occasion regarding payroll/budget
       queries relating to payroll.

b) Outside the Academy:
   • Contact with Inland Revenue, dealing with tax/NI queries.
   • Occasional contact with Benefits Agency completing forms relating to
      employee benefits.
   • Occasional contact with pension agencies dealing with employee
   • Occasional contact with banks dealing with payroll details for mortgage

6. Knowledge and Experience

Although the under-mentioned qualifications are desirable, equivalent skills and
experience may be deemed equally acceptable.

RSAMD HR 09/07/2010                     3
• Payroll or Finance related qualification

• Demonstrable experience of payroll administration
• Demonstrable experience of operating and maintaining a computerised payroll
  and accounting system.
• Demonstrable experience of processing general accounting transactions and
  awareness of accounting principles.
• Previous experience of working within the Higher Education Sector or
  Performing Arts environment.
• Previous experience of dealing with visiting lecturers and fee paid staff.

Knowledge and Skills:
• Ability to operate and maintain a computerised payroll and accounting system.
• Able to deal with confidential information
• Ability to accept responsibility, make decisions
• Ability to work autonomously and to use own initiative
• Ability to work under pressure, prioritise work and work to deadlines
• Ability to liaise with a wide variety of people operating at different levels within
  the institution and externally
• Good working knowledge of first principles of pay i.e. be able to do manual
  gross to net calculations.
• Demonstrable knowledge of employment legislation.

7. Complexity

It is essential that the post-holder is aware of basic legislation relating to payroll
and maintains up-to-date with any changes that effects salary and payroll.

RSAMD HR 09/07/2010                       4

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