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									    The Best Crossbow for One’s
         Height and Weight

80 lbs Aluminum Body Self Cocking Pistol with 3 Arrows

80 lbs draw weight
Arrows travel up to 160 FPS
"Auto" safety that engages when cocking
Self-cocking patent design
• The bow and arrow has long been used by human kind for a variety of
  purposes. Whether it was for war or hunting for food, humanity has used
  this weapon to devastating as well as productive effects. Many olden cities
  and people have fallen from the arrows that archers let loose in times of
  war and conflict while many animals and game have also fallen prey to a
  hunter’s arrow. Today however, the use of the bow or the crossbow has
  been all but forgotten by the majority of the population. These traditional
  weapons are still used, but are confined to indigenous people who use it
  to hunt for food. Game hunters also use these weapons, however the
  bows that they use have benefited from a lot of modifications as well as
  enhancements to suit their own precision needs.

     80 lbs Aluminum Pistol Package

     Aluminum Barrel Construction
     High-tech Fiberglass Prod
     "Auto" safety that engages when cocking
• So if one is interested to make use of a crossbow or a bow to
  hunt game, what would be the considerations based on their
  height and weight? In essence bows and crossbows need to fit
  one’s height and weight for them to be used to their full
  potential. This is also done to make sure that the person firing
  them does not feel uncomfortable.

       NcStar 90 lbs Crossbow with 4x20 Scope

    Compact light weight design- fun for all ages
    Strong steel cable bow with brass pulleys
    Unique rear cocking system
    90 lb draw weight
    Front and rear sights, plus a 3/8" dovetail rail
• There are basically a lot of bow makers who carry out customizations on
  various crossbows and bows that they produce for the right price. For
  anyone who wants to feel like a professional, then checking out the
  different options that these manufacturers offer would result in them
  investing on something quite good. However, no matter what kind of
  height or weight the person might be, it is very important to know the
  responsibilities attached to being the owner of weapons like the
  crossbow. Yes, even though the Middle Ages have long ended the bow
  and crossbow can still kill people and other living things.

      150 lbs Hunting Pistol Crossbow Real Wooden

      Real wooden short stock
      Powerful 150Lbs draw weight
      Arrows travel up to 210 FPS
      High-tech Fiberglass Limb

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