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God Bless the Child paper assignment


									                      God Bless the Child (1988) Paper Assignment

You will write a two paragraph essay about the film. Please follow this structure very

Paragraph 1, sentences 1 and 2:
       Summary—what is the essential point of the film?

Paragraph 1, sentences 3 and 4:
       Analysis—why was the film made? What was the maker of the film trying to do
by creating it?

Paragraph 2, 4 sentences or so:
       Evaluation—Our class goal is to raise awareness and compassion for the plight of
the poor. Does the film help us achieve this goal? Gauge its effectiveness against this
statement: “Having seen this film, I am more likely to work to end the cycle of poverty in
my direct community and the larger, global system as a whole.”

Please turn this in on paper, typed, double spaced. Due Tuesday February 24th.

Thank you.

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