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               1959 - 2012
Fifty Three years Teaching Safe Boating

     Cowichan Power and Sail Squadron
               Duncan, B.C.

          May — June — 2012
         Cowichan Power & Sail Squadron
                 Bridge 2011 - 2012              Membership Officer
    Commander                                    Ian deVerteuil             250-748-6506
    Derek Fiddes               250-746-4416
                                                 Chief Proctor
    Past Commander                               (North)
    Jim Peakman (P/C)             250-748-7376   Dave Zimmer                250-743-9465
    Executive Officer                            Hugh Lawrence              250-743-7808
    Paul Richards                 250-746-8612
                                                 Student Cruise coordinator
    Training Officer                             Patrick Thomson            250-748-6599
    Gary Cline                    250-748-0487
                                                 Supply Officer
    Secretary                                    Phil Devitt                250-324-5512
    Sue Coleman                   250-748-8993
                                                 Electronic Communications/Website
    Administration Officer                       Ian deVerteuil           250-748-6506
                                                 Seabreeze Editor
    Treasurer                                    Wayne Smiley                250-715-0228
    Malcolm Pinteau               250-701-9025
                                                 Public Relations Officer
    Assistant Training Officers                  P/C Wayne MacDonald        250-246-3884
    (Boating)                                    Matt Gilliam (sales)       250-246-4074

    (North)                                      Historian
    Horst Eyding              250-216-9549       P/C Ted Giles               250-245-3707
    Hugh Lawrence             250-743-7808       WBAS Officer
    (Adv.& Elect.)
    P/C Ion Barnes            250-743-9855       Reviewer for Squadron
                                                 Mandy Richards             250-746-8612
    (Boat Pro)
    P/C Ion Barnes            250-743-9855       Environmental Officer
                                                 Phil Devitt                250-324-5512
    (Marine Radio)
    P/C Ion Barnes            250-743-9855       Safety Officer
                                                 Greg Sutfin                250-748-6611

                               Commander’s Report April 2012
            Traditionally the AGM is a time to report on the activities of the last year…to comment on current condi-
    tions and to indicate plans for the upcoming year.
    Being something of a traditionalist myself I shall endeavour to follow this pattern.
    Our squadron has maintained its high standards, of both instruction and graduation, due to the excellent work and
    dedication of our Training Staff.
     Our membership has remained fairly stable with new graduates supplanting those lost by the attrition of age and
    changing circumstances.
     We have participated in several local events promoting Safe Boating and our rendezvous have all been great events
    due to the organisation and hard work of those organising these events.
    Our Christmas dinner and dance was once again a well-attended event, again, thanks to a hard working group of
    Our financial situation remains healthy with the caveat that control will be critical to deal with changing conditions.
    This year saw the introduction of a more formal form of budget control and the results have been quite revealing.
    During “affluent years” there is a tendency to lose track of where money goes but now we are experiencing tighter
    economic conditions and are developing the tools that will hopefully enable the squadron to operate within its fi-
    nancial capabilities. Unlike governments and some other organisations we cannot just arbitrarily continue to spend
    and then just increase dues to cover the expenses.
    In many failures of business and personal relationships, history has shown that often at least one of the parties in-
    volved was unaware of the pending problems or issues. Over the years we have experienced communication issues
    with our concerns over the quality of instructional material and the rising costs of obtaining the material. We were
    given to believe that this situation was unique to our Squadron and so embarked on an investigation of this issue.
    One of our members undertook, as a personal project, to canvas all the Squadrons across Canada for their com-
    ments, and this has resulted in the revelation that many squadrons have, and are, experiencing difficulties in com-
    munications with National, and even at District level, in some cases.
    It is very easy to criticize any person or group that is entrusted with the running of an organisation or undertaking.
    Too often this criticism becomes simply rhetorical semantics that does little to solve problems and I am concerned
    that such politically motivated performances do not occur to the detriment of our Squadron and CPS as a whole.
     To this end I am working with Wayne MacDonald in an attempt to put forward our concerns to the National body
    and all members, and at the same time, suggest some possible remedial actions.
     For the next year, our plans include having our training staff review course material and try to resolve any serious
    discrepancies or errors prior to offering the course to students. Ion Barnes, as our ATO for several courses, plans to
    visit courses being run at other squadrons to observe and discuss content and presentation.
    Not everyone is interested in coming out to Bridge and business meetings so I feel we need to provide more activi-
    ties for our members and hopefully re generate their interest in serving in some capacity.
     In conclusion, I would submit that this has been an overall successful year and extend my thanks to all members of
    the executive, Bridge and training staff who have contributed so much. It has been my pleasure and honour to work
    with such a dedicated and conscientious group of super people.

    Respectfully submitted
    Derek E Fiddes JN
    Commander Cowichan Squadron
                        Cowichan Power and Sail Squadron
                                A unit of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons
       Ph: 250-709-3629         E-mail:           Website:

                                 Membership /Communications Report
    Membership/Electronic/Communications Officer - Ian de Verteuil Report April, 2012
    Membership History                                                                              April 23,2012

                           1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
    Regular                205    240   249   218   224   225   222   199   194   208   202   217   207   206 199
    Family Member          30     38    50    47    46    43    49    53    47    51    49    48    43    39   37
    Life Members           2      2     2     3     3     3     3     3     4     4     5     7     7     7    8
    Junior Members         1      2           2     2     1                       1     1
    Lady Associates               10    10    11    11    11    11    11    11    11    11    7     7     7    7
    Regular Associates                  2     2           2     2     1                 3     80    129   27   10
    Family Associates             1     2                                   1     1     1     3     6     7    7
    Junior Associates                                                                               1     1    4
    Total                  238    293   315   283   286   285   287   267   257   276   272   362   400   294 272

    Avg Regular Membership
     5 Years 2008 - 2012                206
    10 Years 2003 - 2012                208
    15 Years 1998 - 2012                214

    Stay safe,

    Ian de Verteuil

           Mark Your Calendars

            Cowichan Squadron
         Mother’s Day Rendezvous
                  All members welcome

                Cherry Point Marina
            May 11th, 12th , and 13th 2012

            Come enjoy our famous Pig Roast
    Members to bring a Vegetable dish, a Salad or Dessert

                   Congratulations Gord
              On 20 Years of Volunteer Service

        Calendar of Events

        April 30th May 1st, & 3rd
             Boating Basics
    Shawnigan Lake Community Center

          May 9th — 19:00 hrs
            Bridge Meeting
          Maple Bay Yacht Club

          May 11th,12th,13th
        Mother’s Day Rendezvous
         Cherry Point Marina

     May 15th,16th,22nd — 19:00 hrs
        Maritime Radio — VHF
    Shawnigan Lake Community Center

      June 4th,5th,7th — 19.00hrs
             Boating Basics
    Shawnigan Lake Community Center

         June 13th — 19:00 hrs
            Bridge Meeting
         Maple Bay Yacht Club

     June 18th,19th,26th — 19:00 hrs
        Maritime Radio — VHF
    Shawnigan Lake Community Center

              July 2012
             No Meetings
         Have a Great Summer
         Keep it Safe and Fun

         August 8th — 19:00 hrs
            Bridge Meeting
         Maple Bay Yacht Club

       Training Officer Report: Annual General Meeting, Wed., April 25, 2012
           We have had a very successful year due to the hard work of all our volunteers. We had
    two Boating/PCOC courses this year, one in the fall and one in the spring, at the Duncan venue,
    The Cowichan Exhibition site with high pass rates. We decided not to run the Boating course in
    Shawnigan Lake this year due to the declining number of students from that area, and we felt
    we would be stretching our limited volunteer resources running two at a time. In addition to
    Boating, we ran the Weather Course at Kin Hut with everyone passing with very high marks.
    We also ran several separate PCOC and VHF courses at various venues as well as one PCOC
    for Youth course.
           The spring 2012 Boating Course sees a new format with our Boating Course split into
    “Boating Basics” (PCOC) and Boating Essentials. (Boating).The new course material is due
    hopefully in June so we will have to wait till then to see what, if any major changes are in the
           We definitely need to have more instructors involved so if any of you who haven’t taught
    for a while or who have not taught yet could help please contact me. We are still trying to get
    another Instructor Development course going to guide those who wish to become instructors.
    We have had a great influx of new proctors helping out when needed so hopefully they will stay
           A big thank you to all of our executive and directors, our instructors, proctors, ATO’s,
    and Student Cruise captains for all of their hard work.
    Everyone has helped me tremendously in my first year as Squadron Training Officer from proc-
    tors all the way up to our Commander Derek Fiddes. Hopefully the end result of all this work is
    we get out there and have fun boating along side all those students we have taught to be good

    Respectfully submitted.

    Gary Cline
    Cowichan Squadron.

                                                  Safety Report April 2012

    Times are changing and so is the equipment we are demanding on our boats, particularly electronic equipment. To many, recreation
    on a boat is more than getting away from it all. Many are choosing to get away from it all and take it with them at the same time.
    Most, if not all, have an AM/ FM/ CD radio aboard, or satellite radio; you are behind the times if your audio system doesn’t allow
    you to plug in an MP3 player. Television on a boat is far more popular than it was a few short years ago despite reception being
    almost non-existent, but that doesn’t matter because movies are brought along on Blu Ray, DVD, memory stick or from satellite
    download. To meet a demanding market in the marine and RV world, these devices are increasingly available in twelve volt. A
    common feature, or requirement, is the need for constant electrical power to maintain memory, settings, and internal clocks.

    Some boats include a breaker or switch on their electrical panel for “electronics memory”, a circuit that bypasses the battery discon-
    nect switch and allows the needed constant power to go to select electronics. When wiring these, if there is no dedicated bypass
    switch, the positive power lead goes to the battery side of the master disconnect switch. In the past, only the bilge pump would be
    wired to bypass the disconnect switch. Not anymore!

    How is that safety? I’m getting to that, and don’t jump ahead, it is more than a case of a battery going dead. Okay, a dead battery
    could be a problem but the electrical requirement for these memory items is very small and even with a lot of them on a single boat,
    would take a very long time, months, to draw down the battery. Even if this were the case, it should be the “house” battery they are
    connected to so your starting battery should be fine.

    Boats from all over the world are imported to cater to your individual wants. Boats are constructed to all kinds of industry stand-
    ards; in North America the “American Boat and Yacht Council” (ABYC) was developed in 1954 and is still going strong; their
    standards are the ones builders here must meet. Foreign boats sold here have standards from their countries or continents, like the
    European “CE” standards, but must also meet our minimum if marketed here. As I understand it, the “CE” standard requires a bat-
    tery disconnect for both the positive (+) AND negative (-) leads from the batteries. AYBC in North America only requires a discon-
    nect on the positive (+) lead. The European boats exceed the AYBC requirements in this case.

    The negative, or “ground” from everything electrical on the boat are connected together and lead back to the negative terminal of
    the battery. To make it neat and effective many ground wires (negative) will connect at one place or on a strip with many connec-
    tions (a bus or busbar). The vessel bonding will also be connected to your negative bus.

    Your electrical “memory” circuits are wired direct to the positive of the battery, bypassing the disconnect switch as noted but it is
    normal to wire the negative to any part of the common negative side of the circuit. Here is the safety part of this! If your boat has a
    negative disconnect switch as required by CE on European made boats, and for winterization or any other reason you decide to
    open it (shut it off) so there is no link to the negative of your battery, you are now putting a positive charge into everything on your
    boat that is grounded and bonded. So what? The stereo wants to keep getting electricity and has a direct connection to the positive
    terminal. I don’t fully understand the science around it, but as explained to me, the ground is connected among other things, to your
    engine, which in turn is connected to your gearbox, shaft and propeller. You now have an open circuit from the positive terminal of
    your battery to your propeller, which is most likely bronze. After the zinc anode is quickly eroded by having a positive charge (+),
    the zinc content of your propeller will be next. (Bronze is an alloy of brass and zinc.) The propeller will change to a nice pink col-
    our as the zinc is leached away and will give a dull thud when struck instead of a nice bell-like ring. It will be very brittle and will
    crumble when stressed by hitting a chunk of wood or rock or even flexing from use. Bronze thru-hull fittings can erode as can shaft

    What can you do to help prevent this? When wiring a component to bypass the positive disconnect switch, also run the grounding
    wire so it is always connected directly to the battery side of the negative disconnect switch.

    Greg Sutfin
    April 2012
                                     FINANCIAL REPORT
                                    FOR THE YEAR ENDED
                                     MARCH 31ST, 2012

     As at March 31st, 2012 we had cash in our current account of $ 6,244.05, three GIC in-
     vestments totaling $ 9,051.94 for a total of $ 15,295.99. Our inventory was greatly de-
     creased this fiscal year due to usage and obsolete material resulting in a value of $
     2,904.00 compared with the previous year of $ 5,383.16. Thus our total current assets
     and inventory total $ 18,199.99.

     The books are ready to be handed over to our reviewer, Mandy Richards. Her responsibility
     will be to verify the data and prepare an Internal Review Report. Upon completion, this will
     be presented to the Bridge and members for final approval before submission to CPS

     Our loss for the year, on the books, is $ 2,529.17. Taking into account some expenses that
     were incurred but actually applicable to the previous year, we have a loss of $ 1,551.67.
     This is largely due to obsolete inventory write off, subsidy of our members’ parties and
     grads and one time only promotional expenses.

     Commander Derek and his Bridge have done an excellent job of managing the activities in
     a cost effective manner and Cowichan Power and Sail Squadron can be proud that we are
     financially healthy in light of the struggle other squadrons, and even Headquarters, are ex-

     Thankyou for the opportunity to work with you this fiscal year and we look forward to an-
     other successful year.

     Respectfully submitted
     Holly Fowler

                           Approved Budget — Actual — 2011-2012
 Cowichan Power and Sail Squadron
 Approved Budget For the Year
 April 1st, 2011 to March 31st, 2012
 Statement as at 31 March, 2012
                                                      12 month              12 month           Variance
                               Approved            Budget-31.03.12       Actual - 31.03.12       YTD


 Courses                             11,270.00             11,270.00              13,998.00     2,728.00
 Meeting & Events                     3,500.00              3,500.00               2,143.35    -1,356.65
 Regalia                                  150.00              150.00                   14.50     -135.50
 Interest & Other                         650.00              650.00               1,114.71       464.71
 Dues or Contribution                 1,500.00              1,500.00               2,518.50     1,018.50

 Total Receipts                      17,070.00             17,070.00              19,789.06     2,719.06


 Courses                              8,291.00              8,291.00              12,966.10    -4,675.10
 Meeting & Events                     4,500.00              4,500.00               5,126.19      -626.19
 Regalia                                   65.00                 65.00               111.52       -46.52
 Newsletters                              185.00              185.00                 130.12        54.88
 National Dues                              0.00                  0.00                  0.00        0.00
 District Contribution                1,100.00              1,100.00               1,428.00      -328.00
 Public Relations                         500.00              500.00               1,328.86      -828.86
 Other                                1,810.00              1,810.00               1,227.44       582.56

 Total Disbursements                 16,451.00             16,451.00              22,318.23    -5,867.23

 Surplus/Deficit                          619.00              619.00               -2,529.17   -3,148.17

 Add in: 2010 MBYC
 rental                                                                              500.00
        2010 District
 dues                                                                                477.50

 Actual fiscal year Sur-
 plus/Deficit                                                                      -1,551.67
     Return to; CP&SS
     1908 Frances street
     Duncan, BC
     V9L 5A1


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