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									In Store Displays - 5 Tips For Making Them Attractive And
Every store needs fixtures and displays, but sometimes it's hard to know which displays are best
suited for your merchandise. With so many different types of in store display stands, an owner or
store manager can easily be overwhelmed by the choices.
When you're evaluating your in store display needs, consider the following.
• Countertop displays near the cash register are ideal for small impulse items like lip balm, seasonal
  candies, batteries, and single-serving medication packets. Consider buying some bucket racks, wire
  racks, pegboard displays, wicker displays, or wooden buckets to show off the smaller items that
  people might miss. You'll see customers tossing things into the shopping basket.
• In store display racks can be used for anything from bulk candy to folded clothing, like jeans, pants,
  and shirts. Display racks are functional, but that doesn't mean they can't be elegant. Display racks
  can be made of wrought-iron, granite, or wood, in addition to the old-fashioned plastic. Consider
  investing in some sophisticated looking candy racks, bakery racks, clothing racks, and book and
  movie racks. Your customers will be glad you did when they find exactly what they're looking for.
• In store display tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including two and three-tiered display
  tables, ornate folding tables, and giftware tables. Set out a display of the New York Times
  Bestsellers, or maybe a variety of brightly colored bulk candy. Tables can be used for virtually
  anything you sell, but are especially good for sales items and new acquisitions.
• Floral display stands aren't just for flower shops anymore. You can increase your revenue by
  offering fresh cut flowers, even artificial flowers, in a retail display. Whether you own a supermarket,
  a convenience store, or a hospital gift shop, you can find a size and style to suit your needs. Floral
  displays come in plastic, bronze, or wooden display cart, with room for one vase or twelve.
• Store display cases are among the most versatile retail display fixtures. Show off fresh-baked
  bagels, bread, donuts, cakes, and pies. Invest in some display showcases like pastry trays and
  double-tier cookie display cases. A donut counter display by the coffee, with some tongs and wax
  paper, will be an instant hit with your customers. Four-shelf pie cases and bakery cabinets are some
  of the most popular retail store displays, making shopping for baked-goods more fun for kids and
  easier for adults.
Whatever your merchandising needs, retail display racks and other display fixtures help sell more and
add to the bottom line.

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