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Dealing with Water Damage in your Carpet by mcclainmy


Learn to deal with water damage in your Springfield home.

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									Dealing with Water Damage in Your Carpet
                                                    Brief Description: When you have carpet in
                                                    your home and it becomes water damaged
                                                    you want to take action as soon as you can to
                                                    fix the situation. This article describes how
                                                    you can start to deal with the water damage
                                                    in your home.

                                                    When you have had a flood or a water leak
                                                    in your home, you should be sure that you
                                                    know how you are going to be wise about
                                                    cleaning up the damage. This can be a
                                                    frustrating process and you want to take the
time that you need to be smart about cleaning up.

Identifying the Problem

First, you want to make sure that you understand that you may want to call a professional.
Sometimes water damage, especially in Springfield, can be very destructive and you may not
have the tools to be able to clean it all on your own.

You should be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into if you decide that you want
to clean and restore on your own. Find the equipment that you need to make sure that you can
effectively take care of all of the problems.

If you decide that you would rather do it on your own, you should make sure that you take time
to understand if the water is for sure stopped. Make sure that you take time to understand that
the water source needs to be cut off completely before you start cleaning.

Cleaning Out the Carpet

As you begin to clean you want to make sure you identify if it is safe to save anything in your
home. If the water has come from backed up toilets or from a sewer you should ensure that you
rip everything out.

The carpet in your home should not stay if it has been damaged by unsanitary water. Make sure
that you assess the water damage so that you can understand what type of water was touching
your carpet.

Second, even if the water comes from rain or from a clean water source you will have to make
sure that you know how you can disinfect the area. There are a lot of people that do not realize
the necessity of disinfecting the area.
Learn how you can do this by dissolving some bleach into the water. You want to makes sure
that you are cleaning efficiently but that you are
also cleaning safely so that you are not breathing
in all of the toxins.

While you are cleaning you should be sure that
the home is well ventilated and you should also
make sure that you are wearing a mask. This is
not a step that you should skip and you want to
make sure that you are smart about wearing your
protective equipment.

As you are cleaning your carpet you have to make sure that you can remove all of your furniture.
If your furniture is also water damaged you may want to take time to reupholster the equipment
or just make sure it is dried out thoroughly.

When you get all of the furniture off of your carpet you will want to elevate your carpet and put
the fans to blow underneath your carpet. Make sure that you are setting up the industrial size
fans properly.

You have to be sure that you understand how you can make the fans blow and keep the cords
away from any wet spots. You do not want to ruin the fans or put yourself in a bad situation
because you do not put enough care into keeping the cords away from the water.

While you are letting the fans dry out the carpet you want to make sure that you leave them to
run for at least 36 hours. After you put up the fans you may also want to put up dehumidifiers so
you can be sure that you are getting all of the moisture that you need.

While the carpet is drying you want to avoid walking on the carpet. If you can get a hotel room
or stay in a completely different area of the home this will be the best way to ensure that you are
not walking on the carpet that you are trying to dry.

At the twelve hour mark you should go back through and check to make sure there has been
significant progress made. If the floor is still soaked, you may want to bag the project and get
new carpet.

At the twelve hour mark you may have had mold develop already. When mold develops you
want to make sure that you realize that the mold can be an allergen that is dangerous to breathe
in and it may be detrimental to anyone that is breathing while in your home.

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