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					Janie Voss

Professor Sutton

English 20803

March 30, 2011

                              The Blind Side Opens Eyes

        Some films have the capability to change ones mood. A sad film can make someone cry

and humorous film can make someone roll on the ground with laughter. These kinds of films are

not rare. At almost any time at every movie theater there is an action film or a scary film

showing. These are all wonderful films and they serve their purpose, but they do not usually

make a difference. In my opinion the most monumental films are those that have the ability to

make their viewer truly think and want to change something for the better. There are quite a few

inspirational movies, but there are few that make a difference. The Blind Side is a quality film

that I believe has the capability to ignite a flame in someone’s soul and to permanently change


        The Blind Side is a movie that is based on a true story. The character Michael Ohre is not

at all fictional. Michael was a teen from a very bad neighborhood in. Throughout his adolescence

he suffered homelessness, a drug addicted mother, a murdered father, countless foster homes,

and neglect. His life was very deprived of love, support, and education. He then became a part of

a high school called Briarcrest High school. The real Tuohy family found him one day and took

him under their wing. They eventually adopted him and helped him get his grades on track. They

also helped him participate and succeed in football. He ended up attending Ole’ Miss where his
adoptive parents attended. He now plays professional football in the NFL for the Baltimore


       In the movie the Blind Side, the actors and actresses brought the story to life. Sandra

Bullock played Leigh Anne Tuohy. She had a southern accent that was warm and gave a

welcoming feeling to her character. Upon watching the video I thought that her accent did not

sound real, but I have also watched film on the real Leigh Anne Touhy and Bullock sounded

exactly like her. The blonde hair and southern style of dress made her the perfect upper-class

southern housewife. Tim McGraw played Sean Tuohy. He did a great job as a reserved quite

man who was very family oriented and very caring. Jae Head played S.J. Tuohy and performed

wonderfully as the adoring little brother of the main character. Kath Bates brought her own style

of humor and life to the character of Miss Sue. The real Miss Sue and Kathy Bates seem to have

very similar personalities and this character made the film that much more realistic. The true star

of the film, Quinton Aaron played the main character, Michael Ohre. Other than having the

perfect look and build for the character, Aaron did a marvelous job playing the role of Michael.

       The Music throughout the film fit perfectly. The soundtrack for the film is not filled with

hit songs that are currently popular like many movies choose to do. There were roughly twenty

five songs throughout the movie. These songs were from many different genres including

classical, country, rap, blues, r & b, and jazz. The songs not only fit the scenes very well but they

also matched well with the entire idea of the movie.

       Gene Shallot reviewed his opinions of the movie The Blind Side on his segment of the

Today Show called the Critics corner. He focuses on the plot aspect of the film almost one

hundred percent. Gene begins his review by getting the attention of the audience he believes will
be most interested in this particular film. He does this by saying “If you go to movies to be

inspired or to feel wonderful, the Blind Side will make you very happy”. This is not only an

invitation to those who generally watch this particular genre of movies, but it also draws on the

inner most temptations of the general public. Most people like to feel good and inspiration is not

a feeling that carries a negative connotation most times either. This simple comment actually

makes the movie seem very appealing to many people because of the way he sets up his


        His introduction of the movie matches his entire film review very well. His opening

statements are very positive and simple. His entire review follows suit and is very positive and

simple. The review talks about the plot in such a way that it seems like a very smooth basic plot

line that is very inspiring and happy throughout the entire movie. He clearly seemed to like each

aspect that he spoke about based on his word choice and his overall demeanor when commenting

on the film.

        He outlines the basic plot throughout the review. He sets the scene for the plot by giving

a brief introduction of the characters. He then follows this by stating the basic plot that a

homeless uneducated teen finds a home with a rich white family who ends up adopting him and

they help him use football to advance to the next level of education, college. The only thing

Shalit seems to talk about is the plot line. He does not give away specific elements, but he does

tell the entire story. Because it is a true story, many people are already aware of the plot or basic

idea of the storyline.

        Shalit alludes to the cultural component of the movie with subtle references throughout

his plot summary. Shalit uses clips to show that there are different cultural conflicts throughout
the movie. One example of this is that Sandra Bullock’s friends seemingly disapprove with her

choice to help out a young African American man because they feel that not only does it look

bad from their view of society, but they were worried about the potential danger of the entire

situation. HE then shows a clip of Sandra Bullock yelling at a group of thugs outside of an

apartment in a very bad neighborhood. He also mentions towards the beginning that he a black

young man and they are a white wealthy family.

       Most critics have different opinions. Whether or not the opinion is different, or it is the

same but for different reasons does not matter. The difference in opinion has to do with taste and

focal points. Different critics like different aspects or films. For example, one critic may like the

special effects and one might like the acting. If a movie has great special effects and poor acting,

the first critic is much more likely to enjoy it, thus they are much more likely to give it a

fabulous review. The critics that audiences choose to follow usually depend on the similarity of

their opinion. The fact that critics differ on many issues helps audiences find a reliable critic

whose opinions are almost specific to their own needs.

       The plot is a very key aspect of any film review. A good reviewer tells about the plot, yet

they do not give anything away to potentially ruin the film. With a movie that accurately tells a

true story, it is difficult to not give away the ending as per the fact that it has already happened.

The ending and the process of getting to the ending is already known, but that is what makes the

story truly remarkable. Gene Shalit tells the story within his review. He does a very good job not

only setting the scene and making the story very clear, but also giving the feel of the movie.

There are not really any big secrets to reveal that will spoil the ending thus it is not a challenge of

how much to show throughout the review. In my review towards the beginning of this paper, I
chose not to detail the plot because Gene’s portion of the review focused on only that and I did

not want to be redundant.

        I agree with Shalit about a few aspects of the film. I think that the actors and actresses did

a phenomenal job. I also agree that I loved the movie and would recommend it. He also spoke

quite a bit about the plot which was the best part of the whole thing for me. The film was a

success because everything came together perfectly in order to tell this amazing story. I think

that the story is the most important aspect and he clearly thought it was very important as well.

        I personally wish that he had done a few things different in his review. I like that he

eludes to the fact that there is cultural conflict, but I think that it would have been beneficial to

talk more about it or to give more examples. I also think that he could have found other aspects

of the film to talk about other than the plot.

        Overall I give the film two thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone looking for a

good film to watch. I am very glad that I got the opportunity to not only view this life changing

movie, but that I was fortunate enough to write a review on it.

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