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					Its kinda Time I do this. (o)

Since many years, I am walking in the fight for those people who suffer epilepsy, because people with
this disease are still bullied, humiliated and avoided as well as misunderstood.

I am not wanting to offend anybody here. I just want you to take closer look, to understand this
sickness better and to help people having a better game on howrse. I am NOT suffering this disease
myself! My husband does partly, but that’s not the reason I write this.

Please excuse my poor english, I try my best but Im still not the best in grammar =)

First – What IS Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a brain disease, caused by many things. Some are born with it. Some get it after a severe
brain injury. Strokes can cause Epilepsy. Coma and poisoning can cause it, its not even in all cases
clear where it comes from. I know that natrium- deficit causes seizures – I saw one caused by that
myself. My husband has it as a side effect from his job, hes an electrician.

Epilepsy appears with many different faces. There are some seizures which only affects a arm, or
makes you abscent for a minute .

What I am talking about is the worst case, the big grand mal seizure. The reasons I told you caused
somehow a imbalance of different chemics in the brain, causing the nerves to overreact . This
overreaction must be looked at like a cramp. You probably know a cramp in your leg – now imagine
this feeling on the whole body! A grand male seizure is nothing else – a whole body convulsion. No
breathing for the time of the seizure, no control over your body, very probably – luckily – no
consciousness. After the seizure they suffering person maybe bit their tongue, is bleed in the mouth,
feels weak and tired, often they defecated because of the convulsion in the really WHOLE body.

As you see –this is nothing to make fun about. In the worst case, the seizure can lead to death and
kill the suffering person.

And still, there are people around which don’t know, don’t want to know, or ignore it. Who make
those people with this disability their lives even harder.

The Grand Mal Seizure is a very bad condition. But theres another “up” like always : The
photosensitive form.
People who suffers that, can NOT look upon flashing pictures. Those can cause a seizure! Can you
imagine what this means? No Disco! No concerts because most of the concerts have a real annoying
lightning-show! Very carefully TV Watching if possible! And No Videogames. No Wii, Gameboy, X
Box, PS2/3/4/whatever!

We people who are on the internet and TV every day cannot even imagine what this is about! This is
the totally boring live!

So, now you know what Epilepsy can mean to one.

And now comes the point why I am writing this.

Photosensitive Epilepsy-suffering people often end up on games like Howrse. Howrse is a calm
game. No flashing light, no danger. Thought at, huh?

Not Howrse is dangerous to those people, but WE are. Yes, we. You and I and everybody else.
Because we use banners and Icons with flashing light!

Yes, there is something to avoid that flashing. Its called “Escape”, the ESC button on our keyboards.
Pressing it stops the flashing lights from flashing. I hope, that most of the photosensitive players
know this and use it. But then there is still Murphys Law.

Calling up to that: It’s a statistic, that 10% of the whole humans all over the world suffer an epileptic
Seizure once in their life. 1% of the whole humans are considered at suffering epilepsy as an disease.

This makes 1 out of 100 people does suffer epilepsy. Counting on how many players are on howrse, it
can be a real big amount! And some of them don’t even know yet if they are photosensitive or not.

If they figure out, there is no time to react.

For you, I want to show you a few Avatars. (No worries, I link the “bad” ones, I don’t bend them
inside this topic! I don’t want to trigger a seizure as I hope, that people who have epilepsy
themselves may read it and comment it *begs*

Those Avatars are totally okay and wont trigger a Seizure:

[img][/img] by Lilac
Stone ;

[img][/img] by
[img][/img] by

[img][/img] by

[img][/img] by

The point where a avatar may be triggering a seizure is:

    -   If its animation is faster than 2 pictures a second and
    -   This pictures are hold in flashy lights, or white/black

THOSE are triggering. If you suffer epilepsy, DON’T click the Link! It may endanger your Life and that’s
what this topic going to hopefully dezimate!! Most of them are from Deviantart, where people think
its funny to make seizure-triggering pictures. <.<




Such pictures are dangerous.

I will send a link to this text and a shorter version to every player I see with a avatar or banner with
flashing lights. Of course its not possible to avoid them all. But didn’t we all have to take a bit care for
our kind? A little bit respect and help for those with disabilities.

Epilepsy, especially with photosensibility, is NOT a imagined sickness by Emo people! It can hit
EVERYBODY of us. Do always remember this!

When I go on confrontation with someone who does not want to understand, I often hear this

- if they have such a thing, why are they on howrse?

- they should take their medicine

- they should just stay away from the PC in their case.
That maybe is true in some point of view, but try to see the point of the one with the disease!

- the medicine against epilepsy has serious sideeffects. The doctors dont even order it to everyone
who suffers the disease, because of the side effects. Many people who just suffer one or less seizure
a year go without medication (Like my husband). Besides that, those with a severe epilepsy take
their medications because its life-saving. BUT the medication only makes the chances of a seizure go
down or reducing the strength of the seizure. They are no promise to never get a seizure anymore!

- why are they on howrse?

I know at least from one player with epilepsy, but Im sure thats not the only one. People with a
photosensitive epilepsy must avoid PC Games. They cannot play all the big, cool stuff like World of
Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, Assassins Creed or how they all are called. Too much flashing actions. So
all they have is - quit the Games completely, or try it with games like howrse. Howrse usually has no
triggering, flashing animations. Its a very calm game everybody can enjoy. The danger within that
game for photosensives is our fault, not howrse`s.

Sure, they can stay away from the PC. But tell me - would you want that? In this time, where the PC is
some "needed" thing? Imagine, if you have a photosensitive epilepsy, and you live in a big town, if
you would stay away from the PC? After all, you wouldnt be able to go to cinema, concerts, discos.
You have to avoid many TV Shows if not all of them. You cannot go out in the garden to play because
in a high building there is none. And then you play howrse and someone tells you you shouldnt
because of the disease which you only tried to avoid.

Its a hard life with that kind of stuff. :/ However, it is dangerous for them. All I want is to get them a
little bit of understanding, and not only a "stop playing PC Games.*

On Deviantart, there are so many mean people who even founded groups with flashing lights to
make fun of it - thats not right and not, what a thinking, intelligent human should do.

So I beg all of you. Before making a animated avatar or banner, make sure it doesn’t hurt the eyes
and it isn’t too fast, so it wont endanger someones life.

Thank you for reading and hopefully understanding, If you suffer epilepsy yourself, or know
someone who does, don’t be ashamed to write something!



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