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Great Tech Tools for Teachers

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We've updated our list of great free technology sites and apps. Teachers don't have to use technology to have powerful classrooms, but they can sure help. See how this guide, by the makers of History Alive, can create a spark of thought for educators just easing into using web 2.0 and mobile technology in their classrooms. One concrete idea is provided for each web site/app. You can learn more about how to create engaging classroom moments by visiting us at Follow @TeachTCI on Twitter and Facebook!

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									       Great Tech Tools for Teachers
                  Websites, Mobile Apps, pricing, and an idea by TCI.

     Site/App                Platform     $           Idea how to use with students

                                                    Challenge students to write a brief (200 or less)
                                                    word obituary for a famous person being studied.
                             Web        Free        Have them include major accomplishments and
                                                    write it as if it just occurred.

                                                    On a digital corkboard, upload images from the
                              Web                   major topics you covered this year. Challenge
                               &    Free            students to go onto the corkboard and add a thought
                             Mobile                 along with a visual or audio piece for at least three                            topics.

                                                    When groups or individuals present in class, have
                                    Free            students use a TodaysMeet room on their laptop or
                               &                    mobile device to post questions or comments. The
                             Mobile                 presenter(s) can refer to the posts and answer them                           as time permits.

                                                    Assign students to create an editorial cartoon for a
                                                    complex or a controversial topic. Grade them on
                             Web        Free        knowing their content, their audience, taking a
                                                    stand, and backing it up.

                                                    Prior to deep content instruction, do a word search
                                                    of the key content vocabulary with students using
                             Web        Free        this tool. This tool is very interactive whiteboard
                                                    friendly as students drag words around to find                           synonyms, antonyms, and other context info.

                                                    In place of a traditional editorial cartoon, have
                                                    students create a brief animation that would depict
                             Web        Free        a deeper understanding of your content or as a
                                                    visual to answer challenging essential questions.

                                                    This is a great research site for geography,
                                                    economics, statistics, and history. Have students
                             Web        Free        look for strong correlations between two sets of data
                                                    points and then draw conclusions on the                               implications in a short blog post.

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            Great Tech Tools for Teachers
                   Websites, Mobile Apps, pricing, and an idea by TCI.

     Site/App                  Platform    $           Idea how to use with students

                                                     Government students could use Animoto to create a
                                Web                  30-second commercial for a fictional or real person
                                 &    Free           running for office. Have them focus on different
                               Mobile                forms of propaganda when they put it together.

                                                     Post primary source documents you studied this
                                                     year, like a poem or excerpt, and have students
                               Web        Free       share what it meant to them or how it connected to
                                                     their content this year. Students can type, webcam,                              or voice record their response.

                                                     Prior to wrapping up a lesson, copy and paste the
                                                     chapter summary of your unit into a Tagxedo word
                               Web        Free       cloud. Invite the students to look at the prominent
                                                     words and debrief why each is important.

                                                     As students look for ways to prepare for an
                                                     assessment, have them create a Glogster poster that
                               Web        Free       has images, video, music, and text that would
                                                     answer your unit/lesson essential question.

                                                     Create a custom hashtag (#likethis) that you use to
                                                     have students communicate about your class. They
                                      Free           can use it for assignments or as a discussion board
                                                     part of a lesson. Best of all, Twitter keeps all of the
                               Mobile                recorded tweets with that hashtag!

                                                     Challenge your students to create a “history of”
                                Web                  virtual tour. For example, they highlight four or five
                                      Free           cities important to the reformation along with
                                                     research they find. Using this site, it brings together
                               Mobile                         mapping, visuals, and text!

                                                     For a research or just keeping up with current
                               Apple &               events, have your students take all their RSS feeds
                               Android    Free       and blend them into Flipboard so that they can read
                                                     each sites magazine-style, and without all the clicks                            of visiting each site.

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