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					                                                                 An Equal Opportunity Employer

                       REGISTERED NURSES

             vI Tal

COm P aS S I O N aTE

       DE DI CaTE D

                       va CaREER            OPPORTUNITIES
                       VA – The career you want, the future you deserve
why va?
The B e s T C a r e
VA – Keeping the Promise to Those Who Served                                     Nurses as leaders: At the forefront of the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)
                                                                                 movement, VA employs CNLs who serve as the point person on patient
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is one of the largest,
                                                                                 care teams. VA supports nurses pursuing advanced degrees in this
most technologically advanced health care systems in the United
                                                                                 specialty by offering scholarship opportunities. VA nurses can also
States. Our employees work at 154 medical centers, 875
                                                                                 further their careers as nurse executives, nurse educators, or in other
ambulatory and community-based outpatient clinics, 136 nursing
                                                                                 leadership roles through a variety of nursing leadership programs,
homes, and many other facilities, such as domiciliaries and
                                                                                 including the Nurse Manager Core Curriculum, Nurse Executive
readjustment counseling centers. More than a century ago,
                                                                                 Rotation, and the Nurse Executive Leadership Program.
President Lincoln made a promise to America’s servicemen and
women, pledging the care and concern of a grateful Nation for                    Nurses as innovators: VA nurses are encouraged to pursue their ideas

the sacrifices they made to preserve freedom. Since 1930, VA’s                   for improving patient care and patient safety. VA’s most rapidly

mission has been to keep that promise.                                           adopted technology, its Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA)
                                                                                 system, was suggested by a VA nurse. Additionally, VA nurses have
                                                                                 received awards and recognition from the VA Office of Nursing
The B e s T C a r e e rs                                                         Services, the Joint Commission and National Quality Forum, the
VA and Nursing                                                                   American Nurses Association, and the American Nurses Credentialing
                                                                                 Center for their innovations in chronic pain management, spinal cord
As the Nation’s largest employer of nurses, VA offers the best range
                                                                                 injuries, wheelchair safety, and reducing falls.
of practice settings and opportunities. Whether you choose a position
in a VA hospital, clinic, nursing home, or other facility, you will be a         Nurses as researchers: As one of the largest research organizations in
vital member of our interdisciplinary patient care team framework.               the U.S., VA offers funded research opportunities to nurses and
And you will have an ability that is unmatched in the private sector to          clinicians. This research aims to improve patient safety, evaluate care
change nursing roles and pursue advancement opportunities                        delivery models and nursing systems of care, and determine how best
throughout your career.                                                          to use these delivery models to implement evidence-based practices.

Nurses as providers: First and foremost, VA nurses are care providers.
From the bedside to case management, our nurses are responsible for              Consider a career at VA. In return for your hard work and
ensuring that our patients receive the best treatment possible. The              commitment, VA offers its nurses unrivaled scholarship and
work is challenging as veterans often require complex care. Today’s              continuing education programs, competitive salaries, first-rate
veterans include a whole new population of patients who are facing               employment benefits, ample paid leave, and nationwide job
polytraumatic injuries that will require care for the rest of their lives.       transfer opportunities.
Nurses are essential to VA’s ongoing ability to provide the best care to
our Nation’s veterans. VA nurses have the opportunity to work in the
                                                                                    Did you know that VA:
                                                                                    • Is the largest employer of nurses in the Nation, with more than
following areas:
                                                                                      61,000 RNs, LPNs/LVNs, and nursing assistants.

     • Direct patient care                   • Informatics                          • Provides clinical rotations to one out of every four professional
      •    Acute care med/surg               • Administration                         nurses in the U.S. through affiliations with nursing schools.
      •    Ambulatory care                   • Research
      •    Critical care                                                            • Recently hired more than 100 nurses from the VA Learning
                                             • Education                              Opportunities Residency (VALOR) program.
      •    Emergency care
      •    Mental health                     • Teaching
                                                                                    • Serves a population of more than 7.8 million veterans, providing
      •    Polytrauma                        • Health systems
                                               management                             inpatient care to about 600,000 veterans and managing more than
      •    Rehabilitation
      •    Specialty services                                                         57 million outpatient visits each year.

                                                                                    • Treats 70 percent of veteran patients for obesity and one out of five

T HE B EST S y S T E m                                                                for diabetes. That’s why VA is committed to battling these twin
                                                                                      threats with the “Healthier U.S. Veterans” program, many
VA fosters a culture of safety for both patients and its nursing staff.               components of which are coordinated by VA nurses.
It does so through a range of initiatives:
                                                                                    • Has facilities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories.
• The VA Nursing Outcomes Database (VANOD) Program is building
                                                                                    • Provides medical care backup to military hospitals during national
 a national database of nursing-sensitive indicators to support
                                                                                      emergencies, and operates command centers to coordinate services
 strategic decision making through benchmarking for all care
                                                                                      through the National Disaster Medical Service during major disasters.
 across the continuum.

• VA has embraced Magnet® principles across all sites of care and is
 supporting the achievement of Magnet designation at VA facilities.

• The Safe Patient Handling and Movement Program is a top VA
 initiative that focuses on preventing musculoskeletal injuries to
 nursing staff.                                                                     “I was active duty military throughout nursing school, and I knew
                                                                                     I wanted to work at VA after I graduated. My assignment to the cardiac
• VA has invested in the cutting-edge technology needed to support
                                                                                     step-down unit was intimidating at first, but my orientation was so
 its nurses and the entire patient care team, including the Bar Coded                great, I felt ready for the challenge. But my favorite thing about VA is
 Medication Administration system, a computerized patient record                     the veterans. I don’t have to read about history, I hear it firsthand!”
 system, wireless handheld connectivity, telehealth, and more.
                                                                                    — Laurence Wallace, RN
• Many VA facilities offer flexible work schedules, such as four, six,
 or 12-hour tours.

          NBC News

          “The VA health care system now offers what several surveys
           show to be the best medical care in the country.”

          National Committee for Quality Assurance

          “VA outperforms America’s best private hospitals in all
           17 performance criteria we measure.”

          Washington Monthly

          “VA provides the best care anywhere. Today, they’re producing the
           highest quality care in the country ... [VA] points the way toward
           solving America’s health care crisis.”
                                                                                m OBIL IT y aNd L IcENSURE
                                                                                Where can a nursing career at VA take you? How about anywhere you’d
                                                                                like to live in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.
                                                                                An employee may seek employment at any VA location where there is
                                                                                a vacancy and, if hired, transfer without loss of benefits. Only one active,
                                                                                unrestricted state license is required to practice in a VA facility in any of
                                                                                the above locations.

                                                                                RET IREm ENT
                                                                                VA Nurses are covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS).
                                                                                FERS is a three-tier retirement plan composed of Social Security benefits,
                                                                                FERS basic benefits, and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Similar to the 401(k)
                                                                                savings plans widely available in the private sector, the TSP allows

Benefits                                                                        employees to tax defer up to a fixed dollar amount of their income each
                                                                                year, subject to the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. The
                                                                                Federal Government also provides a basic contribution and matching,
VA’s mission is to provide the best possible care for America’s                 depending on the amount of the employee contribution. For retired military
veterans. In return for helping VA achieve this goal, VA offers                 personnel, these benefits are in addition to full monthly retirement pay or
extensive employment benefits.                                                  pension. Retirement health care insurance is also available.

LE av E a N d HOLId a yS                                                        L IaBIL IT y PROT EcT ION
• Full-time VA nurses earn 26 days of paid annual (vacation/personal)           As Federal employees, VA nurses are protected by the Federal Government in
  leave each year and may accumulate up to 85 days. Annual leave                instances of alleged malpractice or negligence resulting from the performance
  begins to accrue immediately and can be used as it is earned, with            of their duties in or for the Veterans Health Administration of the
  supervisory approval.
                                                                                Department of Veterans Affairs. The United States Government accepts
• Nurses earn 13 days of sick leave each year with no limit on                  responsibility and liability for its employees’ negligent or wrongful acts or
  accumulation.                                                                 omissions during the exercise of their official duties. This applies when
• There are 10 paid annual Federal holidays.                                    employees’ actions are in accord with the policies of the institution in

• The Family and Medical Leave Act and the Family Friendly Leave Act            which they are practicing.
  allow employees to balance their work and family lives by taking
  reasonable amounts of leave for medical reasons, for the birth or             awaRdS aNd HONORS
  adoption/foster care of a child, and for the care of a child, spouse,
                                                                                VA bestows both monetary and honorary recognition for superior
  or parent who has a serious health problem.
                                                                                performance, along with awards for special or unique achievements.
• The Voluntary Leave Transfer Program allows Federal employees                 Annual VA nursing award programs include the Secretary’s Award for
  to donate annual leave for a medical emergency of an employee
                                                                                Excellence in Nursing, the Secretary’s Award for Advancement of Nursing
  or family member.
                                                                                Programs, the Office of Nursing Services Innovation Awards, and National
• Military leave is authorized up to 15 days a year for active reservists       Nursing Awards. In addition, substantial monetary rewards are available to
  and National Guard members.                                                   nurses who participate in VA’s Employee Suggestion Program.

HE aL T H a N d LIf E INSU R a Nc E
                                                                                addIT IONaL BENEfIT S
• VA offers a wide variety of health insurance plans with premiums
                                                                                • Free parking at most facilities        • Compensation for attaining
  partially paid by the Federal Government. You may change plans yearly
                                                                                • Smoke-free and drug-free                 national certification in practice
  during open season.
                                                                                  workplace                                area (e.g., oncology nursing,
• VA employees have the option to use Flexible Spending Accounts,                                                          critical care, etc.)
                                                                                • Child care at some facilities
  which allow you to set aside tax-free dollars to pay for medical,
                                                                                • Uniform allowance                      • Compensation for job-related
  dental, and vision care expenses that are not reimbursed by your
                                                                                • Employee associations                    illness and injury
  health insurance plan.
                                                                                • Annual physical examination            • Credit unions
• Term life insurance, family, and additional coverage options are                                                       • Dining facilities and retail store
                                                                                • Employee wellness programs
  available with the cost shared by the Federal Government.
                                                                                • Fitness centers at some facilities     • Public transit subsidies at some
• Long-term care insurance is available as an option.                                                                      facilities

                                                                             VA Learning Opportunities Residency (VALOR) – The VALOR
                                                                             program allows outstanding students who have completed the final
                                                                             semester or quarter of their junior year in an accredited baccalaureate
 E d U c a T ION a L OP P OR T U NIT IE S                                    nursing program to participate in a paid work experience with a
 VA is committed to offering education opportunities throughout              preceptor at an approved VA health care facility.
 a nurse’s career, beginning when he or she is in school. These
                                                                             National Nursing Education Initiative (NNEI) – The NNEI scholarship
 opportunities are designed to enhance participating nurses’ knowledge
                                                                             is awarded to permanent full- and part-time registered nurses who have
 and enable them to deliver better patient care. In addition to clinical
                                                                             worked for VA for at least one year to cover tuition costs and related
 rotations for students and extensive orientation programs for all newly
                                                                             educational expenses for courses in which they are currently enrolled.
 hired nurses, VA offers in-service education courses, leadership courses,
 and National Employee Education Services courses. VA also leads the         Employee Incentive Scholarship Program (EISP) – This program

 industry in providing educational assistance and incentive programs         provides VA nurses with scholarships to further their education and

 that help nurses repay their loans and obtain advanced degrees.             obtain degrees qualifying them for health care positions for which

 (All programs are subject to the availability of funding.)                  recruitment and retention is difficult.

                                                                             Tuition Support Program – Employees in health care disciplines that
                                                                             have been identified as VA shortage categories may be eligible for
                                                                             funding to enroll in job-related courses, continuing education courses,
“I’m honored to have been a VALOR participant.
                                                                             and conferences.
 I cannot express the amount of knowledge,
 teamwork, and hands-on skills I accumulated                                 Upward Mobility Training Programs – These programs offer, on a
 through the program. I was eager to apply here                              competitive basis, opportunities to advance to higher-level positions.
 after graduation and have loved being an
 employee ever since. The dedication to patient
 care makes every day a wonderful experience.”

— Kristin Gunnell, RN
HiRinG PoLicies
Q UaL I f Ic a T ION S                                                       • VA offers premium pay to nurses for on-call, weekend, overtime,
                                                                               and holiday duty. Nurses receive 10 percent of their base hourly
Minimum qualifications for appointment as a VA nurse are:                      pay rate for night shifts, 25 percent for weekends, 50 percent for
• U.S. Citizenship (non-citizens may be hired on a temporary basis             overtime, and double pay for holidays.
  when qualified citizens are not available)
                                                                             • Nurses receive consideration for promotion to higher grades with
• Graduation from a state-approved and NLN/CCNE accredited school              correspondingly higher salaries as experience requirements and
  of professional nursing                                                      performance standards are met.

• Current, full, active, and unrestricted registration as a graduate         • Accelerated increases within each grade may be awarded for
  professional nurse in a State, Commonwealth, or Territory (e.g.,             length of service, enhanced qualifications or assignment,
  Puerto Rico) of the United States and in the District of Columbia            specialized skills, professional achievements, or high levels of
• Successful professional record for experienced nurses

• Personal interview                                                         • Cash bonuses may be authorized for certification, exceptional job
                                                                               performance, or exemplary job achievement.
• Satisfactory physical examination (may include drug screening)

• English language proficiency

                                                                             “Despite the multitude of hospitals needing
S aL aR y I N f OR ma TION                                                    nurses, I chose to remain with VA. The work
                                                                              environment is great, the benefits are good,
• VA nurses are compensated according to a Locality Pay System (LPS),
                                                                              and, most of all, it’s very fulfilling and
  in which salary ranges vary according to facility location. The LPS
  ensures that they are paid competitive rates within each local labor        rewarding to work with the veterans.”
  market. Pay is reviewed periodically to ensure competitiveness with        — Deloris A. Currie, RN
  salary rates in effect in the local community.

• Starting salaries and pay grades are recommended by a Nurse
  Professional Standards Board, and are based on the nature and
  extent of professional education, training, and experience.

URbaN beat                                COaStaL LIVING                               the heaRtLaNd ChOICe

h O W TO aP P LY
VA can take you anywhere you want to live and              health care facility where you desire employment
work. We have facilities in all 50 states, the District    consideration. Information about VA nursing and
of Columbia, and U.S. Territories. So, whether             application procedures may be obtained from any
you’re a confirmed urbanite, fond of the beach,            VA facility.
or in search of peaceful Midwestern landscapes,
                                                           Employment information can also be obtained by
you can explore VA nursing opportunities.
                                                           contacting the Department of Veterans Affairs,
Because hiring decisions are made locally, you             Placement Service, 1555 Poydras Street, Suite 1971,
should apply directly to the Nurse Recruiter or            New Orleans, LA 70112. The toll-free number is
Human Resources Management Office at the VA                1-800-949-0002. Employment information and job
                                                           applications can also be found on the Internet at

                                                           “Working in the VA health care system has allowed me to travel
                                                            across the country and expand my horizons with ease. Since
                                                            1998, I have worked in both North Dakota and Texas, and have
                                                            not had to file for a new nursing license. VA scholarship monies,
                                                            leadership courses, and mentorship opportunities
                                                            also have enabled me to experience staff nursing,
                                                            mid-level management, and now unit/clinic
                                                            management levels.”

                                                           — Jami Petry, RN
                                  va hEalTh CaRE FaCIlITIES
 To gain a first-hand view of VA health care, you are invited and                   MISSISSIPPI                 NORTH DAKOTA                            TENNESSEE
                                                                                    Biloxi (39531)              Fargo (58102)                           Memphis (38104)
 encouraged to visit any of our VA Medical Centers or ambulatory                        228-523-5000               701-232-3241                            901-523-8990
 and community-based outpatient clinics. Please call or write to                    Jackson (39216)                                                     Mountain Home (37684)
                                                                                        601-362-4471            OHIO                                       423-926-1171
 arrange an appointment.                                                                                        Cincinnati (45220)                      Murfreesboro (37129)
                                                                                    MISSOURI                       513-861-3100                            615-867-6000
 Telephone numbers are listed below for each medical center.                        Columbia (65201)            Chillicothe (45601)                     Nashville (37212)
                                                                                        573-814-6000               740-773-1141                            615-327-4751
 Also, telephone numbers are listed for every VA facility in local
                                                                                    Kansas City (64128)         Cleveland (44106)
 telephone directories under “U.S. Government.”                                         816-861-4700               216-791-3800                         TEXAS
                                                                                    Poplar Bluff (63901)        Columbus (43203)                        Amarillo (79106)
 You can also address correspondence to:                                                573-686-4151               614-257-5200                             806-355-9703
                                                                                    St. Louis (63125)           Dayton (45428)                          Big Spring (79720)
 Human Resource Management Service, VA Medical Center,                                  314-652-4100               937-268-6511                             432-263-7361
 [City, State, ZIP Code] (listed below).                                                                                                                Bonham (75418)
                                                                                    MONTANA                     OKLAHOMA                                    903-583-2111
                                                                                    Fort Harrison (59636)       Muskogee (74401)                        Dallas (75216)
ALABAMA                           DELAWARE                  KANSAS                     406-442-6410                918-683-3261                             214-742-8387
Birmingham (35233)                Wilmington (19805)        Leavenworth (66048)                                 Oklahoma City (73104)                   El Paso (79930)
   205-933-8101                      302-994-2511              913-682-2000         NEBRASKA                       405-270-0501                             915-564-6100
Montgomery (36109)                                          Topeka (66622)          Grand Island (68803)                                                Houston (77030)
   334-272-4670                   DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA         785-350-3111            308-382-3660             OREGON                                      713-791-1414
Tuscaloosa (35404)                Washington (20422)        Wichita (67218)         Lincoln (68510)             Portland (97207)                        Kerrville (78028)
   205-554-2000                     202-745-8000               316-685-2221            402-489-3802                503-220-8262                             210-896-2020
Tuskegee (36083)                                                                    Omaha (68105)               Roseburg (97470)                        Marlin (76661)
   334-727-0550                   FLORIDA                   KENTUCKY                   402-346-8800                541-440-1000                             254-883-3551
                                  Bay Pines (33744)         Lexington (40502)                                   White City (97503)                      San Antonio (78229)
ALASKA                               727-398-6661              859-233-4511         NEVADA                         541-826-2111                             210-617-5300
Anchorage (99508)                 Gainesville (32608)       Louisville (40206)      Las Vegas - North (89036)                                           Temple (76504)
  907-257-4700                       352-376-1611              502-895-3401            702-636-3000             PENNSYLVANIA                                254-778-4811
                                  Lake City (32025)                                 Reno (89520)                Altoona (16602)                         Waco (76711)
ARIZONA                              386-755-3016           LOUISIANA                  702-786-7200                  814-943-8164                           254-752-6581
Phoenix (85012)                   Miami (33125)             Alexandria (71306)                                  Butler (16001)
   602-277-5551                      305-575-7000              318-473-0010         NEW HAMPSHIRE                    724-287-4781                       UTAH
Prescott (86313)                  Orlando (32803)           New Orleans (70112)     Manchester (03104)          Coatesville (19320)                     Salt Lake City (84148)
   928-445-4860                      407-629-1599              504-568-0811           603-624-4366                   610-384-7711                           801-582-1565
Tucson (85723)                    Tampa (33612)             Shreveport (71101)                                  Erie (16504)
   520-792-1450                      813-972-2000              318-221-8411         NEW JERSEY                       814-868-8661                       VERMONT
                                  West Palm Beach (33410)                           East Orange (07018)         Lebanon (17042)                         White River Junction (05009)
ARKANSAS                             561-882-8262           MAINE                      973-676-1000                  717-272-6621                         802-295-9363
Fayetteville (72703)                                        Augusta (04330)         Lyons (07939)               Philadelphia (19104)
     479-443-4301                 GEORGIA                     207-623-8411             908-647-0180                  215-823-5800                       VIRGINIA
Little Rock - Towbin (72114)      Augusta (30904)                                                               Pittsburgh - Heinz Center (15215)       Hampton (23667)
     501-257-1000                    706-733-0188           MARYLAND                NEW MEXICO                       800-309-8398                          757-722-9961
Little Rock - McClellan (72205)   Decatur (30033)           Baltimore (21201)       Albuquerque (87108)         Pittsburgh - Highland Drive (15206)     Richmond (23249)
     501-257-1000                    404-321-6111              410-605-7000            505-265-1711                  800-647-6220                          804-675-5000
                                  Dublin (31021)            Perry Point (21902)                                 Pittsburgh - University Drive (15240)   Salem (24153)
CALIFORNIA                           478-272-1210              410-642-2411         NEW YORK                         866-482-7488                          540-982-2463
Fresno (93703)                                                                      Albany (12208)              Wilkes-Barre (18711)
   559-225-6100                   HAWAII                    MASSACHUSETTS               518-626-5000                 877-928-2621                       WASHINGTON
Loma Linda (92357)                Honolulu (96819)          Bedford (01730)         Bath (14810)                                                        Seattle (98108)
   909-825-7084                     808-433-1000               781-678-2000             607-664-4000            PHILIPPINES                                206-762-1010
Long Beach (90822)                                          Brockton (02301)        Bronx (10468)               Manila (96515) (FPO AP)                 Spokane (99205)
   562-826-8000                   IDAHO                        508-583-4500             718-584-9000              011-632-833-4566                         509-434-7000
Los Angeles (90073)               Boise (83702)             Jamaica Plain (02130)   Brooklyn (11209)                                                    Tacoma (98493)
   310-478-3711                      208-422-1000              617-232-9500             718-836-6600            PUERTO RICO                                253-582-8440
Palo Alto (94304)                                           Leeds (01053)           Buffalo (14215)             San Juan (00921)                        Walla Walla (99362)
   650-493-5000                   ILLINOIS                     413-584-4040             716-834-9200               787-641-7582                            509-525-5200
Sacramento (95655)                Chicago (60612)           West Roxbury (02132)    Canandaigua (14424)
   916-843-7000                      312-569-8387              617-323-7700             585-394-2000            RHODE ISLAND                            WEST VIRGINIA
San Diego (92161)                 Chicago - North (60064)                           Castle Point (12511)        Providence (02908)                      Beckley (25801)
   858-552-8585                      847-688-1900           MICHIGAN                    914-831-2000               401-273-7100                            304-255-2121
San Francisco (94121)             Danville (61832)          Ann Arbor (48105)       Montrose (10548)                                                    Clarksburg (26301)
   415-221-4810                      217-554-3000               734-769-7100            914-737-4400            SOUTH CAROLINA                             304-623-3461
                                  Hines (60141)             Battle Creek (49015)    New York (10010)            Charleston (29401)                      Huntington (25704)
COLORADO                             708-202-8387               616-966-5600            212-686-7500               843-577-5011                            304-429-6755
Denver (80220)                    Marion (62959)            Detroit (48201)         Northport (11768)           Columbia (29209)                        Martinsburg (25401)
   303-399-8020                      618-997-5311               313-576-1000            631-261-4400               803-776-4000                            304-263-0811
Grand Junction (81501)                                      Iron Mountain (49801)   St. Albans (11425)
   970-242-0731                   INDIANA                       906-774-3300            718-526-1000            SOUTH DAKOTA                            WISCONSIN
                                  Fort Wayne (46805)        Saginaw (48602)         Syracuse (13210)            Fort Meade (57741)                      Madison (53705)
CONNECTICUT                          260-426-5431               989-497-2500            315-425-4400               605-347-2511                            608-256-1901
Newington (06111)                 Indianapolis (46202)                                                          Hot Springs (57747)                     Milwaukee (53295)
  860-666-6951                       317-554-0000           MINNESOTA               NORTH CAROLINA                 605-745-2000                            414-384-2000
West Haven (06516)                Marion (46953)            Minneapolis (55417)     Asheville (28805)           Sioux Falls (57117)                     Tomah (54660)
  203-932-5711                       765-674-3321               612-725-2000            828-298-7911               605-336-3230                            608-372-3971
                                                            St. Cloud (56303)       Durham (27705)
                                  IOWA                          320-252-1670            919-286-0411                                                    WYOMING
                                  Des Moines (50310)                                Fayetteville (28301)                                                Cheyenne (82001)
                                     515-699-5999                                       910-488-2120                                                       307-778-7550
                                  Iowa City (52246)                                 Salisbury (28144)                                                   Sheridan (82801)
                                     319-338-0581                                       704-638-9000                                                       307-672-3473
                                  Knoxville (50138)
                                                                                                                                                                                IB 10-11
      Learn more online about our Va health Care facilities at                                                                                           March 2009

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