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   The Curtin Careers Centre, working closely with               be able to convey this on paper (job application
   employers and the university community, sources,              documents) and in person (networking/
   develops and delivers career development                      interviewing/promotion).
   programs and resources. The purpose of these
   professional and personal development learning                The purpose of this occupational booklet is
   opportunities is to facilitate successful career              twofold. It will assist students to develop
   transitions; especially study to employment and               knowledge of trends in employment and current
   further study and to enhance students’ ability to             opportunities and to identify existing skills and
   develop lifelong skills in managing their careers.            attributes required to successfully pursue a career
   The Careers Centre also provides accurate,                    in this field.
   current authoritative labour market and graduate
   recruitment information focusing on society’s                 A student may not be aware that whilst using
   needs and aspirations.                                        this resource that they are involved in Career
                                                                 Development Learning (CDL). CDL assists
   The Careers Centre team has written a series of               students to develop Self Awareness, to Identify
   occupation career booklets to enable tertiary                 Opportunities, to learn how to Make Decisions, to
   students to consider their chosen field in more               Manage Transition from university and incorporate
   depth including information on the current labour             Lifelong Learning.
   market, associated professional associations,
   pertinent job seeking avenues and samples of                  This involves Curtin students working with the
   relevant and related positions.                               Curtin Careers Centre towards the attainment of
                                                                 required skills and knowledge at a tertiary level to
   Whilst students are actively seeking information              successfully manage the changing contexts of life;
   about a particular field they need also be aware of           incorporating:
   recruitment and selection methods and the need
   to develop strategies to be competitive in their              •	     Personal	Management	
   field at graduate entry level.                                •	     Learning	and	Work	Exploration	
                                                                 •	     Career	Building	
   Self-assessment is an essential component of job
   seeking i.e. a student needs to be fully aware of             The Careers Centre hopes you find this a useful
   their interests, skills, attributes and capabilities to       resource.

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   By	making	the	decision	to	become	a	Nurse,	you	             you career progresses, so too does your salary.
   are choosing to make a positive and lasting                Promotion	to	higher	positions	such	as	a	clinical	
   contribution, not only to the individuals you              nurse or Nurse Manager also increases your
   will support and care for, but to your whole               earning capacity. Salaries will be slightly different
   community.                                                 between the states or the territory in which a
                                                              Nurse is practising.
   Nurses have always performed a vital role in our
   community. Today, they are highly valued for the           A career in nursing provides flexible work options
   range and extent of skills and knowledge they              such as part time or shift work. This flexibility
   possess in fulfilling their duties. The impact that        accommodates work/life balance and other
   these dedicated women and men have on our                  commitments such as family, further study, sport,
   society stretches far beyond the bedside into many         recreation, farm or other business interests.
   specialities and disciplines.
                                                              Beyond	your	nursing	studies	and	graduate	
   Nurses enhance the lives of patients or clients            program, nursing provides numerous career
   in their varied duties as carers, advocates and            pathways within a hospital setting, such
   educators. They work within teams of skilled               as intensive care, emergency, neurology,
   health professionals, supporting one another and           orthopaedics, radiology, communicable diseases,
   adapting their abilities and expertise to reflect          research, paediatrics and neonatal. As nursing is
   continuing advances in health service provision            required to adapt with technological, economic
   and nursing.                                               and social changes in the delivery of best practice,
                                                              it presents a vast range of career pathways and
   With an aging population and a continuing need             specialisations within the 21st Centaury Healthcare
   to provide care and compassion for the sick, ill           and social assistance sector.
   and injured a career in nursing offers job security.
   Rewarding and challenging, a career in nursing             Nurses also work in a wide variety of primary care
   provides opportunities to work in a variety of             settings such as: community, including private
   work including hospitals, within the community,            clinics, aged care facilities, the Defence Forces,
   universities and overseas.                                 schools, industrial sites, remote areas and many
                                                              more. There are opportunities in education,
   Nursing provides many opportunities both here in           management, research, remote retrieval services,
   Australia and overseas. Australian trained nurses          government, health promotion and sales.
   are well regarded internationally. The nursing
   profession make up the largest health professional         All Registered Nurses are required to complete an
   group in the world. This portability offered by a          undergraduate nursing degree from an accredited
   career in nursing gives you choice of where, when          university. Additionally opportunities to pursue
   and what type of work to do.                               further study in Midwifery or specialist areas of
                                                              practice, such as critical care, palliative care, aged
   With the starting salary for a Registered Nurse in         care or management are supported by employers
   line with graduate salaries for other recognised           in the development of their valued workforce
   professions such as: teachers and physiotherapists,        (Graduate	Careers	Australia,	2009).
   you are entering a well paid profession.
   Furthermore allowances for shift work, weekends
   and public holidays provide increased salary. As




   Registered Nurses carry out the following task and       develop during their time with the institution.
   duties as part of their role.                            These attributes include, but go beyond, the
                                                            disciplinary expertise or technical knowledge
   •	     Providing	physical	and	technical	care	and	        that has traditionally formed the core of most
          compassion for the sick, ill and injured.         university courses. They are qualities that also
                                                            prepare graduates as agents for social good in an
   •	     Assessing,	planning,	implementing	and	            unknown	future”	(Bowden	et	al	2000).
          evaluating nursing care for patients based
          on evidence based practice and accepted           Curtin graduates show evidence that they can:
          nursing standards.
                                                            •		    Apply	discipline	knowledge,	principles	and	
   •	     Working	in	consultation	with	other	Health	               concepts
   	      Professionals	and	members	of	health	teams	
          in the coordination of patient care.       •		           Think	critically,	creatively	and	reflectively

   •	     Providing	interventions,	treatments	and	          •		    Access,	evaluate	and	synthesise	
          therapies such as medications, and                       information
          monitoring responses to treatment and
          care plan.                                        •		    Communicate	effectively

   •	     Promoting	health	and	assisting	in	                •		    Use	technologies	appropriately
          preventing ill health by participating in
          health education and other health                 •	     Utilise	lifelong	learning	skills
          promotion activities.
                                                            •		    Recognise	and	apply	international	
   •	     Patient	and	family	education	for	ongoing	                perspectives
          treatment and care, including discharge
          planning.                                         •	     Demonstrate	intercultural	awareness	and	
   •	     Supervising	and	coordination	of	Enrolled	
          Nurses, other health care workers and             •	     Apply	professional	skills
          contribution to the clinical training of
          student nurses (DEEWR Job Outlook                 Combine these attributes with existing skills
   	      Australia	2009;	My	Future,	2010).                 gained from life and work experiences and
                                                            you will start to form a solid picture of what
                                                            you are capable of. If you are having difficulty
                                                            with outlining your skills or recording your
                                                            achievements login to Resume Express from the
   Curtin University policy on graduate attributes
                                                            Careers Centre Website: www.careers.curtin.
   outlines the graduate attributes that a student is
                                                            edu.au under the heading Current students, My
   expected to develop while studying at Curtin in
                                                            Employment, Applying for work, Application
   conjunction with specialist discipline knowledge.
                                                            process. See Module 2: Analyse Your Skills, attend
   Not sure what that means? Graduate Attributes
                                                            a workshop at the Careers Centre or contact
   are the ‘qualities, skills and understandings a
                                                            careers@curtin.edu.au to make an appointment to
   university community agrees its students should
                                                            see a Careers Consultant.



   •	     Strong	employment	growth	is	expected	              government system: www.nursing.health.wa.gov.
          within the next five years.                        au/working/career.cfm

   •	     Nursing	is	a	very	large	occupation	(203	           Also look at the pay points for the higher level
   	      200	in	November	2009)	with	the	number	of	          promotion positions for further advancement
          professionals within this occupation having        in your midwifery career: www.nursing.health.
          risen strongly in the past five years.             wa.gov.au/working/promotional.cfm

   •	     59.2%	of	Registered	Nurses	are	employed	           Registered Nurses, Midwifes and Enrolled Mental
          full time, which is above the general              Health Nurses Australian Nursing Federation
          workforce full time average.                       WA	Health	Industrial	Agreement	2007 (WA
                                                             Department	of	Health,	2007)
   •	     Unemployment	for	Registered	Nurses	is	
          low.                                               Rate	on	and	from	1	July	2009

   •	     Registered	Nurses	are	employed	across	         Level	1.1	$49,325
          several industries including: Health Care      Level	1.2	$51,298
   	      and	Social	Assistance;	Public	Administration	  Level	1.3	$53,350
          and Safety; Administrative and Support         Level	1.4	$55,484
          Services; and Education and Training.          Level	1.5	$57,703
                                                         Level	1.6	$60,011
   •	     The	proportion	of	workers	leaving	the	         Level	1.7	$62,412
          occupation (and needing to be replaced)        Level	1.8	$64,908
   	      is	6.3	per	cent	(annually)	compared	to	the	    Level	1.9	$64,908
   	      average	for	all	occupations	of	13.1	per	cent.	 Level	2.1	$66,948
                                                         Level	2.2	$68,314
   •	     The	industries	in	which	Registered	Nurses	     Level	2.3	$69,708
          are employed have favourable growth            Level	2.4	$71,131
                                                         This document also has information about
   Nurses	Paycheck	is	a	quarterly	publication	by	the	    shiftwork , overtime, leave allowances as well as
   Australian Nurses Federation that provides labour     other guidelines in regard to flexible working
   market statistics and salary and wages information options and employment conditions.
   for each state and territory in Australia.            http://www.health.wa.gov.au/circularsnew/
                                                         Summary document: http://www.nursing.health.

   Students often are not sure of merit and awards
   and, in some cases, what their degree has prepared
   them for. A good indicator for starting salaries is
   the WA Department of Health Government pay
   points for different nursing positions within the




   Nurse Info. Work conditions and Salary information         Aged Care
   for all States in Territories in Australia for
   government midwifery positions: http://www.                The need for aged care nurses will increase
   nurseinfo.com.au/becoming/workingconditions                over the next fifteen years, due to the growing
                                                              population	aged	over	65	years.	Being	an	aged	care	
   My Career Salary information for Registered Nurses         nurse is a vital role within our health care system to
   in WA: http://content.mycareer.com.au/salary-              address the specific needs of this population.
                                                              Aged Care Nurses assist the elderly members of
   My Career Salary information also has data                 the community with medical and day-to-day living
   for specialisations within nursing and nurse               requirements. There are a range of employment
   management positions: http://content.mycareer.             opportunities within the private and public health
   com.au/salary-centre/healthcare                            sectors where aged care nurses can work, such as
                                                              in residential services, day centres and community
   While initially you may be applying for a hospital         settings	(Nurse	Info,	2007).
   graduate program, later in your career you may
   be applying for a position in a Non-Government             Community Health
   Organisations	(NGO’s)	or	Non-for-Profit	
   Organisations. They may not be able to offer a truly       With most opportunities for community health
   competitive salary but will offer the opportunity to       nurses are in the government sector, working
   command one through additional experience.                 in partnerships with individuals, families and
                                                              communities is a key function to their role.
                                                              Community health nurses are involved in
                                                              community and family health promotion, health
   Aboriginal Health
                                                              education, illness prevention and health screening
                                                              to promote optimal health and well being for
   Nurses play an important role in improving the
                                                              everyone. Inter-professional practice is a key
   health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
                                                              element within Community health to ensure
   Islander people through the delivery of culturally
                                                              the client receives the full range of health care
   appropriate health care and the development
                                                              treatments	available	to	them	(Nurse	Info,	2007).
   of quality health services. Some positions in
   Aboriginal Health will be in rural and remote
                                                              Critical Care
   area settings which presents unique challenges.
   Aboriginal people experience poorer health and
                                                              Providing	primary	care	for	the	most	seriously	ill	
   have a shorter life expectancy than non-Aboriginal
                                                              patients, often on life support, is a delicate and
                                                              dedicated nursing area. Critical care nurses work
                                                              in a variety of settings such as coronary care,
   To decrease this gap, it is a priority to improve
                                                              emergency, high dependency nursing areas and
   access to comprehensive primary health care
                                                              intensive care units. Working in close conjunction
   services in the facilitation of illness prevention,
                                                              with the medical team and often families as well,
   early intervention, and effective disease
                                                              critical care nurses arrive at the best care plan for
   management among Aboriginal and Torres Strait
                                                              the individual and oversee the nursing care of the
   Islander	peoples.	(Nurse	Info,	2007)	.	
                                                              patient	(Nurse	Info,	2007).




   Emergency                                                     wound care, pain management, complex infusions,
                                                                 medical and surgical emergencies, counselling
   Working in an accident and emergency                          and health teaching. Interacting with doctors,
   department requires an emergency nurse to                     physiotherapists, occupational therapists,
   be dynamic, multi-skilled, quick thinking. They               social workers and colleagues allows for greater
   attend to and vast range of trauma and other                  understanding and communication when working
   extreme situations requiring medical intervention.            in	these	areas	(Nurse	Info,	2007).
   Emergency Nurses work in collaboration with
   trauma	specialists	(Nurse	Info,	2007).                        Paediatric

   Mental Health                                                 Babies,	Children	and	adolescents	have	unique	
                                                                 developmental needs, which call for the services
   Mental health nursing incorporates meeting                    of specialist paediatric nurses. In the provision of
   the mental health needs of the consumer, in                   optimal health outcomes paediatric nurses work
   partnership with family and significant others.               with the family in a school, hospital or community
   Working in a variety of settings and with patients            centre setting. Within paediatric nursing there are
   across the life span, practicing in mental health             specialisations in intensive care, oncology (cancer
   nursing utlizes a specialised interpersonal process,          nursing), mental health and child development
   embodying a concept of caring, which is designed              (Nurse	Info,	2007).	
   to	be	therapeutic	in	nature.	Practice	incorporates	
   psychotherapeutic interventions, mental health
   assessment and interventions, medication                      Peri-operative	
   administration and monitoring to assist consumers
   achieve optimum mental health well-being (Nurse               Peri-operative	nurses	care	for	patients	in	the	period	
   Info,	2007).                                                  during and following surgery or interventional
                                                                 procedures. Roles within peri-operative nursing
   Neo-natal                                                     include working in a holding bay, circulating
                                                                 (scout), anaesthetics, instruments (scrub) and post
   Neo-natal nursing is based on a family centred                anaesthetic recovery nurse (recovery). Teamwork is
   philosophy. As the first stages of life can be fragile,       essential in this specialised area, ensuring the best
   babies may be born prematurely, at full term                  possible outcome for the patient before and after
   that have congenital heart problems that require              surgical	procedures	(Nurse	Info,	2007).
   surgery, or those born with other general surgical
   conditions such as bowel obstructions or a cleft              Australian College of Operating Room Nurses:
   lip/palate. These situations require a carefully              http://www.acorn.org.au/content/view/102/83/
   monitored approach to nursing to provide a high
   standard	of	care.	(Nurse	Info,	2007).


   Orthopaedic nursing entails a range of nursing
   care for patients with disorders affecting bones,             NMBWA	logo.	NMBWA.	(n.d.).	
   nerves and muscles. Nurses in this speciality have
   the opportunity to work in fracture management,




   Primary	Care	                                               treatment. As a Cardiology Nurse you could be
                                                               required to treat a patient in the Emergency
   As a well recognised member of primary health               Department with chest pain, a baby born
   care	teams,	a	General	Practice	nurse	is	a	registered	       with a heart irregularity or be involved in the
   or enrolled nurse who works in or works for a               rehabilitation of a patient recovering from cardiac
   general	practice.	Practice	nurses	play	a	major	role	        surgery	or	“heart	attack”	(NSW	Health,	2009).
   in the delivery of primary care, health promotion
   and the management of acute and chronic                     Renal
   conditions. With a move towards prevention,
   nursing in general practice is one of the fastest           Whilst there are no specific qualifications to
   growing areas of nursing in Australia (Nurse Info,          practice as a renal nurse, there are postgraduate
   2007).                                                      studies to further develop your skills and
                                                               knowledge in this area, where a nurses main
   Rehabilitation                                              role is in A providing dialysis care. In addition to
                                                               providing general nursing care, renal nurses ensure
   Working within a multi-disciplinary health                  dialysis equipment is working correctly and assist
   care team, including physiotherapists, speech               dialysis patients to become more comfortable.
   pathologists and occupational therapists, as well           Renal nurses work closely with dialysis technicians
   as the patient’s family, rehabilitation nurses are          and physicians and educate patients and their
   often the coordinators and contact point for a care         families regarding post-treatment care and the
   team. Rehabilitation Nurses work with patients of           patient’s	medical	condition	(Medi-smart,	2010).
   all ages, across a wide range of conditions, with
   the aim of returning and maintaining patient                Women’s Health
   functionality at an optimal level. A rehabilitation
   nurse will experience extremely rewarding and               As a broad speciality, nurse practitioners in
   positive outcomes working in this area. (Nurse Info,        women’s health provide comprehensive woman-
   2007).                                                      focused health care, with an emphasis on
                                                               reproductive and gynaecological health. Their
   Oncology                                                    work includes health promotion and disease
                                                               prevention, as well as management of acute
   Oncology nurses provide care, support and                   and chronic health conditions affecting women.
   education, for patients experiencing or at risk of          Their service spans offering adolescence, through
   developing cancer. They may also work as part               menopause and beyond (All Nursing Schools,
   of a dedicated acute care team towards patient              2010).
   rehabilitation or palliative care as necessary.
   They not only work with people with cancer, but             Burns
   also their family and friends. (Graduate Careers
   Australia,	2010).                                           Burns	Nursing	involves	management	of	burns	
                                                               patients and their wounds both in the short and
   Cardiology                                                  long term, management of paediatric plastic
                                                               surgery and general surgical wounds, advice on
   Working in a range of hospital settings, Cardiology         reintegration post injury, management of trauma
   Nurses work both with paediatric and adult                  patients, home and community visits and well
   patients at all stages of cardiac disease and               as telephone consultations Children’s Hospital
                                                               Westmead,	2005).



   Management                                                  In the provision of optimal patient care, the Nurse
                                                               educator’s knowledge of evidence based practice
   Different levels of management exist, ranging from          is integral within the clinical setting.
   management of a particular area of nursing within
   a health service, the operational management                •	     A	Nurse	educator	is	responsible	for	
   of a health service, to directing an entire nursing                the design, implementation and
   service	within	a	health	service.	(Nurse	Info,	2007).	              assessment of teaching and learning within
                                                                      the clinical environment.
   Some management roles include:
                                                               •	     Coordinates	clinical	learning	activities	and	
   •	     Developing	strategies	and	services	to	                      assessment of clinical competencies.
          enhance core business while responding to
          the changing needs of the organisation.              •	     Facilitates	the	planning	of	professional	
                                                                      development with practicing and student
   •	     Human	resource	management,	including	                       nurses.
          recruitment of staff, personal management
          and providing professional development               Academic setting
          for current employees.
                                                               Career planning and management is essential if
   •	     Information	management                               your ambition is to work as a university academic.
                                                               Positions	available	to	midwives	in	the	academic	
   •	     Business	planning	and	budgets                        sector proceed in the hierarchical order of
                                                               tutor, associate lecturer, lecturer, senior lecturer,
   •	     Project	management	                                  associate professor and professor. A postgraduate
                                                               qualification in a specialised area such as clinical,
   Education                                                   management or research is usually required to
                                                               work within academia. University academics
   Nurse education may be provided within health               provide expert knowledge to undergraduate and
   services in a clinical setting or within a clinical         postgraduate students. Many university academics
   setting	within	a	university	(Nurse	Info,	2007).             develop a strong research and publication
                                                               background, in conjunction with their teaching
   Clinical Setting                                            roles, as this assist with career advancement within
                                                               the university academic setting.
   Nurse educators are normally experienced
   clinicians with more than five years of                     Universities also employ clinical facilitators who
   clinical experience, and may have completed                 provide guidance and supervision to midwifery
   postgraduate studies e.g. Master of Nursing.                students on their clinical placement. Many of
   Whilst postgraduate study is not mandatory, it is           the university clinical facilitators are currently
   beneficial to your ability to take on such a role.          employed by the clinical placement facility.
   Suitable qualifications to equip you with these the         However, there may be opportunity to become
   skills and knowledge to be an effective educator            a clinical facilitator within the university sector.
   include: a Masters of Nursing, postgrad certificate         Information about this role can be obtained by
   or diploma in nursing education or a Certificate IV         asking midwife educators within a clinical facility
   in Training and Development from a TAFE.                    or the clinical coordinator at each university (Nurse
                                                               Info,	2007).	



   Some of these specialisations may require further        This will give an idea of who is recruiting and
   study at postgraduate level. Further study of a          where and differing salary scales.
   particular specialisation of interest at postgraduate
   level with strengthen your knowledge, skills and         JOB	SEARCH	ENGINES
   ability to undertake the roles and duties required
   of you in that position and also make you a more         Western Australian Government positions:
   employable candidate for high nursing positions.         http://www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au/home/

   Check	with	the	Nursing	Board	and	the	State	              Nursing Australia:
   Government website in the relevant state for             http://www.nursingaustralia.com/
   further information about the courses available
   and if postgraduate qualifications are required          Australian Nursing Agency:
   to work in that specialisation. Some private             http://www.swingshift.com.au/about-us/profiles/
   organisations, non-profit organisation, hospitals        australian-nursing-agency/
   or State Governments offer scholarships or other
   forms of assistance for you to undertake further         Nursing Jobs:
   study.                                                   http://www.nursingjobs.com.au/

   For more information about specialisations               Health Staff Recruitment:
   available see the following websites:                    http://www.healthstaffrecruitment.com.au/

   NSW Health: http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/         Jobs.com.au:
   nurses/homepage.html (Click on the colour wheel). http://www.jobs.com.au/nursing-jobs/

   Department of Health WA: http://www.nursing.             Seek Online:
   health.wa.gov.au/become/specialising.cfm and             http://www.seek.com.au/healthcare-jobs/
   specialties.cfm                                          Healthwork:
                                                            Plexus	Recruitment:	
   Download jobs of interest for future reference. This
   allows you to keep a track of who is hiring in your
                                                            Geneva Health:
   field and the types of positions available.
   NOTE: Don’t just save the link as the details will
                                                            Choice One:
   disappear once the position has been filled. Copy
   the advertisement or any additional files onto
   Word and keep in your desktop folder.

   *This is also a useful tip for when you begin
   working in your field, keep an eye on pertinent
   positions at all times.



   PRIVATE	SECTOR                                          using one application: http://www.nursing.health.
   www.healthscopehospitals.com.au/info/general/           Applications open in July for students who are
   Jobs/get/21/hospitalId/                                 looking for entry into a graduate program to
                                                           commence either in the first or second half of the
   Ramsay Health Care:                                     following year. Eg. If you are due to graduate in
   www.amazingcareers.com.au/default.                      June	2011	and	you	wish	to	commence	a	graduate	
   aspx?id=3001	                                           program	in	July	2011,	you	will	need	to	apply	
                                                           through	Graduate	nurse	Connect	in	July	2010	to	
   St John of God:                                         be considered for a placement. Further enquiries
   www.sjog.org.au/ Click onto Careers tab                 about graduate programs in the WA Department
                                                           of Health can be directed to gnc@health.wa.gov.au
   Mercy Care:                                             For further information about closing dates and
   http://www.mercycare.com.au/working-with-us/            the application process go to: http://www.nursing.
   nursing-with-us/                                        health.wa.gov.au/graduate/index.cfm

   GRADUATE	PROGRAMS                                       Graduate	Programs	in	other	State	Health	systems	
                                                           or	Private	Health	Sector
   As a graduate nursing student you can apply to
   work	within	the	Western	Australian	Public	Health	       Queensland:
   System through Graduate Nurse Connect (GNC).            www.health.qld.gov.au/nursing/gnor/default.asp

   A Graduate program is a full paid (Level 1.1 see        Victoria:
   salary information) 12 month placement at one of        www.health.vic.gov.au/nursing/furthering/
   the many Western Australian public hospitals and        graduate
   health services.
                                                           South Australia:
   Please	see	http://www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au/         www.nursingsa.com/nursing_career.php
   graduate/registered.cfm for the list of hospitals
   that offer a graduate program.                          New South Wales:
   The benefit of being in a graduate program is
   having a supportive clinical environment facilitates    Tasmania:
   your transition into the nursing workforce. You         www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/careers/nurses2/training_
   will gain exposure to a variety of clinical settings    and_research/registered_nurse_transition_to_
   through rotation of different specialisation, while     practice
   consolidating theoretical learning and critical
   clinical skills and judgement.                          Northern Territory:
   All graduate programs for graduate registered
   nurses within the public health sector are              ACT:
   centrally coordinated by WA Health via the online       health.act.gov.au/c/health?a=&did=10174915
   recruitment system Graduate Nurse Connect
   (GNC). This allows applicants to apply for graduate     Nurse Info:
   opportunities in three hospitals / health services      www.nurseinfo.com.au/becoming/



   Ramsay Health have graduate programs:                   Go to http://www.nmbwa.org.au/3/2107/50/wa_
   http://www.gradplus.com.au/                             graduate_applicant.pm to download the Western
                                                           Australian Graduate Application form.
   aspx?id=511                                             Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) is
                                                           Australia’s peak professional nursing organisation
   St John Of God:                                         and is the Australian member of the International
   http://www.sjog.org.au/pls/portal/docs/PAGE/            Council of Nurses.This national membership
   SUBIACO/CONTENT/NURSING_AT_SJGHC_                       organisation is open to nurses and nursing
   CONTENT/EDUCATION_PROGRAMS_CONTENT/                     students in all areas of the profession:
   SJG%2019763_GRAD_NURSE_BROCH.PDF                        http://www.rcna.org.au/

   Mercy Care:                                             The Department of Health WA Government
   http://www.mercycare.com.au/working-with-us/            website also has a list of links to many other
   nursing-with-us/                                        related industry bodies:

   Healthscope:                                            http://www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au/working/
   http://www.healthscope.com.au/info/general/             industry.cfm


   Nurses	and	Midwifes	Board	of	Western	Australia.	
   NMBWA	is	an	independent	statutory	body	that	
   regulates nursing and midwifery in Western
   Australia. In accordance with the WA Nurses
   and	Midwives	Act	2006,	NMBWA	is	responsible	
   for protecting the community by ensuring safe
   standards of nursing and midwifery practice. We
   achieve this through setting the standards in
   education, registration and professional conduct.
   You	must	be	registered	with	NMBWA	to	be	able	to	
   practice in Western Australia:


   On successful completion of an accredited pre-
   registration	program	such	as	a	Bachelor	of	Nursing,	
   a	Diploma	of	Enrolled	Nursing,	or	Masters	Program,	
   the	student	applies	to	the	Board	for	registration	as	
   a nurse or midwife.




   As a student nurse, you will undertake practical     Go Global:
   placements as part of your course that will give     ot.curtin.edu.au/go_global/
   you invaluable experience to assist with becoming
   more knowledgeable about the different work          AIESEC:
   environments and specialisations within nursing.     community.curtin.edu.au/studentdev/aiesec.cfm

   Effective reflection and evaluation of what you       Doctors	Without	Borders:	
   learnt on a practical placement and what areas you www.msf.org.au/
   have identified that you need to work on, will assist
   you with writing job applications for graduate        ADDITIONAL RESOURCES
   positions and also to develop an action plan of
   how and where you can develop your skills further. Each year the Australian Royal College of Nursing
                                                         facilitates the Nursing and Health Careers Expo in
   Completing a work experience placement                each state between April and July each year. For
   or volunteer work abroad can also be a very           further information on dates, time and location for
   rewarding experience that will enable you to          your state go to: www.rcna.org.au/development/
   learn and apply your skills in a culturally and       expos
   linguistically different environment with different
   medical practices and technologies.                   These expos are also usually advertised in the
                                                         state newspaper Health and Medical employment
   Projects	Abroad:	                                     section in the two weeks leading up to the event.
   and-healthcare/nursing-and-midwifery/                 National Health and Medical Research Council
   Starlight Foundation:
   www.starlight.org.au/Howyoucanhelp/Pages/             SCHOLARSHIPS
   dQD4Dpg                                               Nurse Info has information about Scholarships for
                                                         the	University,	Professional,	State/Territory	and	
   Red Cross                                             National sectors :
   www.redcross.org.au/wa/SupportUs_volunteer.           www.nurseinfo.com.au/becoming/scholarships
                                                         Royal College of Nursing Australia:
   Volunteering General List Website                     www.rcna.org.au/scholarships/scholarships
                                                         Grants Link. Australian Federal Government:
   Curtin Volunteers (Citizenship Group Award            www.grantslink.gov.au/Info.
   Winner	at	the	2008	WA	Youth	Awards	for	the	           aspx?NodeID=6&ResourceID=161
   outstanding help and support it has provided to
   the community)                                        Australian Rotary Health Rural Health Scholarships:
   http://cv.curtin.edu.au/                              http://www.australianrotaryhealth.org.au/
   Seek	Volunteer	Work	Program	Search:	                  Nursing-Scholarships.aspx




   Incorporating	Sir	Charles	Gairdner	Hospital,	Osborne	Park	Hospital,	Joondalup	Hospital,	Swan	
   Kalamunda	Health	Service,	King	Edward	Memorial	Hospital	and	North	Metropolitan	Area	Mental	Health	
   Services including Graylands Hospital

   Department: Department of Health
   Position	Number/Pool	Ref:	CA121
   Location:	Oncology	-	Princess	Margaret	Hospital
   Classification:	ANF	L1	$47,428	-	$62,412	pa	pro	rata

   Are you looking for a job that is challenging and rewarding?

   About NMAHS

   The North Metropolitan Area Health Service (NMAHS) is the largest health service in Western Australia. It
   has	over	10,000	staff	and	provides	hospital,	community	and	mental	health	services	to	more	than	500,000	
   people	in	Perth’s	northern	suburbs.

   The Western Australian Government is investing more than $1bn across NMAHS over the next eight
   years. The QEII Medical Centre, which includes Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital will be redeveloped. A new
   hospital will be built at Midland while facilities at Joondalup will be expanded significantly. There will
   also	be	upgrades	at	Graylands,	Kalamunda,	King	Edward	Memorial	and	Osborne	Park	hospitals.	
   Further information can be found at http://www.nmahs.health.wa.gov.au/

   Employee	Benefits
   In addition to a competitive salary, our employees enjoy an amazing range of benefits. These can include
   (in line with operational requirements):

   •	     9%	employer	contributed	superannuation	

   •	     Access	to	generous	salary	packaging	arrangements	(eg	hospital	based	workers	can	salary	
   	      sacrifice	up	to	approx.	$9000.00	of	their	mortgage	repayments	as	well	as	entertainment	

   •	     Professional	development	opportunities	and	study	leave/assistance	

   •	     Flexible	working	hours	(eg	accrued	days	off,	time	off	in	lieu,	flexible	start	and	finish	times,	19	day		
   	      month,	9	day	fortnight	etc)	

   •	     Flexible	leave	arrangements	(eg	availability	of	purchasing	additional	leave	dependent	on	
          conditions in the various industrial awards/agreements)






   1.		   Eligible	for	registration	with	the	Nurses’	Board	of	Western	Australia

   2.     Effective communication skills, verbal and written

   3.		   Ability	to	work	within	a	multi	disciplinary	team

   4.     Ability to provide competent nursing care

   5.     Demonstrates commitment to own professional development

   6.		   Ability	to	undertake	patient/	carer	teaching


   1.     Experience in an acute paediatric setting

   2.     UG1 Qualification in Nursing

   3.		   Relevant	Post	registration	qualification

   4.     Current knowledge and commitment to Equal Opportunity in all aspects of employment and
          service delivery.




   Registered Nurses - All Specialties

   	      Public	or	Private	

          Rural or Metro

          Domestic or International

   We urgently need skilled qualified registered nurses in: Theatre, Recovery, Scout, and ICU and Midwifery

   Our clients are working hard to fill numerous roles in the above specialities, we are working hard to
   recruit the best candidates for the role. If you are skilled and experienced, have WA Registration or would
   like to relocate and need assistance we want to hear from you.

   Whether	you	are	looking	for	Private	or	Public,	Rural	or	Metro	we	have	the	job	to	suit	your	needs.	

   In order to be considered for these positions you will need to demonstrate the following;

          A current WA Registration (see http://www.nmbwa.org.au/) or in the process of acquiring

   		     Proven	history	as	a	Health	Care	Professional			

          Ability to provide a minimum of two professional referee’s

   Should you have any questions or require further information regarding these roles please don’t hesitate
   to	phone	08	9xxx	xxxx.		

   These positions are available to local and international applicants, as sponsorship opportunities are
   available. Alternatively you can email your resume to xxxxx.xxxxx@randstad.com.au




   Graduate	Registered	Nurse	Programme

   February	&	August	2010	intakes

   		     Leading	Health	Care	Provider	

   	      Part	of	a	National	progressive	organisation	

   Hollywood	Private	Hospital	is	an	acute	care	teaching	hospital	offering	a	range	of	specialities.	The	hospital	
   enjoys an excellent reputation as a provider of premier patient care and as an ‘Employer of Choice’.

   Looking for an exciting opportunity to develop your career as a newly Registered Nurse?

   Hollywood	Private	Hospital	is	a	large	acute-care	private	hospital	that	provides	comprehensive	care	
   in medical and surgical specialities. Specialities include: orthopaedics, gynaecology, urology, ENT,
   ophthalmology, vascular, gastroenterology, haematology, oncology, cardiology, respiratory medicine,
   gerontology, palliative care, psychiatry and rehabilitation. Acute facilities on site include an angiography
   suite, coronary care unit, intensive care unit and day procedure unit.

   Why	choose	Hollywood	Private	Hospital?	

          We provide a friendly, flexible work environment where you are supported and encouraged while
          developing your practical nursing skills.

          You will experience four clinical placements with consideration given to your preferences.

          We offer excellent mentoring including preceptorship, competency-based orientation and a
          specific study program.

          Hollywood represents an exciting environment for you to succeed in your chosen career. If you
          are enthusiastic and motivated then we want to hear from you.

   How to apply:

          Visit the following website www.amazingcareers.com.au

   		     Return	all	correspondence	to	ensure	that	it	arrives	by	last	mail	on	Friday,	26	June	2009.	

   	      Further	information	can	be	obtained	from	Job	Bloggs,	Graduate	Programme	Coordinator.
   		     Telephone	9xxx	xxxx,	Facsimile:	(08)	9xxx	xxxx	or	Email: joeb@ramsayhealth.com.au.




   Werribee	Mercy	hospital	offers	18	new	graduate	nurses	a	12	month	structured	program	aimed	at	
   enhancing and developing clinical skills.

   Aim	of	Program

   -     Recognise and incorporate the individual learning needs of the graduate nurse.

   -     Consolidation and application of clinical skills and knowledge

   -     Develop confidence and competence as a graduate nurse

   -     Work as an effective member of the multidisciplinary team

   -     Encourage advanced critical thinking skills

   Overview	of	Program

   -     One intake, February, 12 months duration

   -     Comprehensive four day orientation program

   -     Supernumerary time allocated with new rotation.

   -     Two or three rotations which may include a specialist rotation in the child birth centre, special care
         nursery, operating suites, renal dialysis and emergency department.

   -     Regular group and individual supervision/ debriefing

   -										Preceptor	Support

   -     Experienced clinical educators

   -     Regular graduate nurse tutorials

   -     Simulation learning in our new Clinical Skills Centre

   -     5 additional study days

   -     5 weeks annual leave

   -     Fun program of organised social outings

   -										18	positions	General	Stream




   Application	Process

   -											 Apply	through	the	PMCV	Computer	Match	Process

   -		    Letter	of	application	(no	more	than	one	page)	including	a	250	word	statement	outlining	your	
   	      reasons	for	applying	for	a	Graduate	Nurse	Program-General	Stream	at	Werribee	Mercy	Hospital.

   -      CV including the name, phone number, postal address and email address of two professional

   -												Details	and	appraisals	from	your	2nd	and	3rd	year	clinical	placements
   	            (Hospital,	type	of	experiences	and	number	of	days).	If	you	have	not	completed	a	3rd	year	medical	
                / surgical placement, please send your most recent medical / surgical appraisal.

   -      A certified transcript of results to date (including ‘key to results’)

   -      Successful applicants will be required to provide a police record check for Six months from the
          date of issue within six weeks of commencement of employment.

   Application Address

   Ms Justine Henderson

   Graduate	Nurse	Program	Coordinator
   Werribee Mercy Hospital
   300	Princes	Highway
   Werribee	VIC	3030

   Closing	Date	for	Application	Thursday	30th	July	2009



   All	Nursing	Schools.	(2010).	Become	a	Women’s	Health	Nurse	Practitioner.
   http://www.allnursingschools.com/faqs/womens-health-nurse.php (accessed	June	23,	2010)	

   Children’s	Hospital	Westmead.	(2005).	Nursing	Liaison:	burns,	surgical,	wounds.	
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   DEEWR	Job	Outlook	Australia.	(2009).	Overview:	Nurses	
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   Medi-smart.	(2010).	In	Depth	Look	at	Renal	Nursing.	
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   WA	Department	of	Health.	(2007).	Registered	Nurses,	Midwifes	and	Enrolled	Mental	Health	Nurses	

   Australian	Nursing	Federation	WA	Health	Industrial	Agreement	2007	
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   WA	Department	of	Health.	(2007).	Graduate	Nursing	and	Midwifery.	
   http://www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au/graduate/index.cfm (accessed	June	23,	2010).	

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