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									          Application for Siting
                                                                                 Hotline 03 9658 9658
          Permit Temporary
          Building Act 1993, Section 57(1) (a)

If you are planning to erect a prescribed temporary        3 sets of scaled site plans for the proposed
structure for a function within the City of Melbourne         marquee, stage and/or seating plans
then you need to be aware of your responsibilities            illustrating the following:
under the Building Act 1993, the Building                    Site plan (to scale) detailing the location of
Regulations 2006 and relevant City of Melbourne               temporary structure(s) in relation to other
polices.                                                      buildings and surrounding features such as the
                                                              location of sanitary facilities (including facilities
If the temporary structure includes any combination
                                                              for people with disabilities)
of the following structures, then you will need to
apply to the Municipal Building Surveyor for a               Marquee plans detailing fire extinguishers,
Siting Approval.                                              emergency lights and exit signs, exit locations
                                                              and aggregate exit widths
A temporary structure includes but is not limited to:        A copy of the current Occupancy Permit issued
  A Stage or platform exceeding 150 m2;                      by the Building Commission and a copy of the
  A Tent, marquee or booth with a floor area                 Certificate of Compliance – Design signed by a
    greater than 100 m ;                                      Registered Structural Engineer
  A Seating stand that accommodates more than               Details of Safety Officers and Co-ordinators
    20 persons; or                                       Note: The size of the temporary structure and type of event
  A Prefabricated building exceeding 100 m2.            proposed will determine the need for experienced safety officers
                                                         and crowd controllers to facilitate orderly evacuation and initiate
The purpose of the approval is to ensure that the        fire fighting in the event of an emergency.
proposed structure is suitably located, sound in
construction and meets the minimum fire safety
standards.                                               Other Approvals
                                                         Any structures located in the City of Melbourne’s parks,
Where smaller temporary structures are proposed, a       gardens or reserves must firstly be approved by the City
siting permit is not required however compliance with    of Melbourne’s Event Operations Team. Please contact
Building Legislation, the City of Melbourne and          9658 9750 or visit their website
Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board Fire for application
Safety Guidelines is mandatory. Copies of the            forms, terms, conditions and information regarding the
guidelines can be obtained by phoning 9658 9658, or      use of parklands. (Note: Fees will apply)
in person from Level 3, 240 Little Collins, Melbourne.
                                                         If any structures are to be placed on Council controlled
If the proposed temporary structures will form part of   roadways or footpaths, further approval from the City of
an area used as a Place of Public Entertainment          Melbourne’s Event Operations Team will be required.
(POPE), checks must be made to ensure that the           Please contact 9658 9750 for further information.
siting of these structures is covered in the POPE
(refer to the City of Melbourne’s POPE Fact Sheet).      Your Legal Obligations:
                                                         All approvals must be obtained prior to the erection of
Applying for a Siting Approval                           any Temporary Structure or occupation of the site.
An application for a Siting Approval should be made      Failure to comply with this requirement is a breach of the
at least 15 working days prior to the erection of any    Building Act and Local Laws and may result in penalties
temporary structure and accompanied by the               and fines being issued and removal of the structure.
following information:
  Completed application form (see overleaf)             For more information on any of the issues covered in
                                                         this Fact Sheet please contact:City of Melbourne
                                                         Customer Contact Team on 9658 9658

                                                                                              Revised September 2010
                                                                Places of Public Entertainment
                                                                          and Siting
                                                                  Approval Application Fees
                                      Siting Approval – Temporary Structures

            Application Type                     Fee                                   Additional Notes

                           1 Structure       $ 371.30          Each application includes two inspections (one hour each) during
                  2-5 Structures             $ 551.70               ordinary business hours. This is sufficient for the majority of
                  6-9 Structures             $ 742.60                                        applications.
                 10 + Structures           $ 1,007.85
           Additional Inspections            $ 159.15
                                                            Additional inspections are limited to two hours during ordinary business
                                                              hours, and charged at $120 per hour thereafter. When requested, after
                                                              hours or weekend inspections will be charged at overtime rates. Please
                                                                                      confirm prior to booking.
                   Additional fees                                                     Late Applications

            *Late Fee 1 Structure               + $ 200    Late fees apply if an initial application has not been submitted at least 10
         *Late Fee 2-5 Structures               + $ 290       business days prior to the event. Applications submitted less than five
         *Late Fee 6-9 Structures               + $ 400     business days prior to the event will not be accepted unless authorised by
        *Late Fee 10 + Structures               + $ 540                          the Municipal Building Surveyor.

                           Occupancy Permit for Places of Public Entertainment (POPE)

            Application Type                      Fee                                  Additional Notes

                   2                  2(
              500m to 1,000m                $ 1,034.60       Max 5 structures 200 sq.m ea.        *NOTE additional structures above
                       2              2
             1,001m to 5,000m               $ 1,305.00      Max 5 structures 200 sq.m ea.         What is listed will require further fees
                   2                  2                      Max 5 structures 200 sq.m ea.          to be determined by the Municipal
           5,001m to 10,000m                $ 2,010.55
                       10,001m +
                                            $ 2,721.25               Max 10 structures 200 sq.m ea.          Building Surveyor.

                                                                           Charged per extra structure over limit specified above
Additional structures over limit             $105.00
                                                               Each application includes two inspections (one hour each) during
        Additional Inspections                                                        ordinary business hours.

                                             $159.15        Additional inspections are limited to two hours during ordinary business
                                                               hours, and charged at $120 per hour thereafter. When requested, after
                                                              hours or weekend inspections will be charged at overtime rates. Please
                                                                                       confirm prior to booking.

               Additional Fees                                                          Late Applications

                                                             Late fees apply if an initial application has not been submitted at least
    *Late Fee 500m2 to 1,000m2              + $ 590.00
                                                                10 business days prior to the event. Applications submitted less than
   *Late Fee 1,001m2 - 5,000m2              + $ 742.60
                                                                  five business days prior to the event will not be accepted unless
  *Late Fee 5,001m2 - 10,000m2             + $ 1,140.75
                                                                           authorised by the Municipal Building Surveyor.
          *Late Fee 10,001m2 +             + $ 1,544.00

  Variation to Occupancy Permit                 $ to be      Due to a variation of work load that can result from these requests, it is
                                                     on               necessary to assess variations on an individual basis.
                                            Application for Siting Approval for
                                            Temporary Structures
                                            Building Act 1993, Section 57 (1)(a)

The Municipal Building Surveyor                                                            Telephone   9658 9658
City of Melbourne, GPO Box 1603, Melbourne VIC 3001                                        Facsimile   9650 5310

Owner of Land □                Event Organiser □                     Hirer of Temporary Structure □
Billing address:                                                                           Telephone
Contact person:                                                                            Mobile

Property Details:
Number           Street/Road                                                       Suburb
Reserve or oval Name:                                                              Melways ref
Location of structure:

Event Name:
Event Organiser:                                                                           Telephone

Types of Temporary Structure:
                                                                                           Building Commission
       Type of Temporary Structure                           Size (M2)
                                                                                         Occupancy Permit Number

Note: A scaled site plan and floor plan of each structure must be submitted with this application.

Duration of Event:
Commencing from:                          To :
Day event □                    Night event □                  Both □
Has a Building Commission Occupancy Permit been issued?                                     Yes □      No □

Building Practitioner Details:
Name of temporary structure supervisor/erector:
Building practitioner registration number:                                                 Telephone

Applicant’s declaration:
I am authorised to apply for this permit on behalf of the client/owner                                    and I
hereby undertake to comply with requirements of the Building Act 1993, Building Regulations 2006 the
Building Code of Australia and any special conditions as required by an Authorised Officer of the Council.
I understand by making this application I will be liable to pay the application fee in full together with all
associated fees and charges.

Signature of owner/event organiser/hirer:                                              Date:
Print name:                                             On site contact number:
Lodgement & Payment

Payment is required prior to the issue of a permit. Lodgement and payment may be made using one of the
following options:

In person             Payment can be made in person from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday at Council House
                      2, Level 3, 240 Little Collins Street, Melbourne.
Mail                  Only cheque or money orders are acceptable for applications received by mail. Please make
                      cheques or money order payable to the City of Melbourne.
Fax & Email As a result of changes to bank requirements we are no longer able to accept credit card
            payments by fax, post or email.

                      For applications lodged via fax or email, an officer will contact you
                      via email with a reference number and instructions to make payment online.

                      Please note that failure to make payments will result in the application being delayed or

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by Melbourne City Council for the Management of Building Works or Works on Roads
in order to comply with the Activities Local Law 1999 and Building Regulations 2006. The Council will use this information only for that purpose or for
directly related purposes. You may apply to Council for access to your personal information or to amend the same. If you do not provide this information
your permit application cannot be processed.

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