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                                                                                                                             JAnuArY 2010
                                 Gerald reed’s
                                                      GooD NEwS
      GerALD reeD
                                 a Newsletter for clients & Friends of The Summer Group Insurance agency
 President / Trusted Advisor

    New Addition to
                                              NEW ADDITION
    Our Family .........................1                                                      To Our Family
    Reach Out & Touch Us .......2
                                                                                               whole new dog. We started off with very
    Got A Classic Car ...............2                                                         short walks to the end or our street, adding
    Spinner Winners ................2                                                          distance and repetition to his multiple daily
                                                                                               walks. Riley now LOVES and BEGS to
    Quick Tips ..........................3                                                     RUN…YES RUN! He is now running (well
    Minding Your Business ......3                                                              I should be truthful…PULLING) 4 miles and
                                                                                               can certainly do more. Riley is a fantastic
    Grand Prize Winner is ........3                                                            dog who loves our family, including 19
    Referrals ............................3                                                    month old Mason. They are best of buddies.
                                                                                               We were told he was dog aggressive, but a
    The Best Time to Buy ........4

                                                      am very happy to announce a NEW          day at Doggie Day Care and we found that
    We Got Mail ......................4               addition to our family-he has brown      wasn’t true at all. He just hadn’t been with
                                                      eyes, golden brown hair, TONS of         other dogs in such a long time. We are very
                                              energy, LOVES eating, sleeping, morning-         lucky to have found him and are so happy
                                              noon-evening walks and acting like he is         Riley is part of our family and now has his
                                              small enough to sit on your lap!                 Forever Home.
                                                    Our family dog of nearly 11 years, Todd,        In honor of the wonderful people at Take
                                              passed away a few months ago. Everyone           Me Home Dog Rescue and Riley, we have
                                              was devastated and trying to get used to         decided to make Take Me Home our 2010
                                              life without Todd. My two oldest children        Charity Beneficiary. For more details, see
                                              Summer and Axel showed me a website              the enclosed Riley’s Story!
                                              ( with several dogs                                       Gerald
    By Combining All Your                     needing permanent homes. In particular,
    InsurAnCe With us!                        on the Medical Miracles page was a story         PS. Every second of every minute of every
                                              of Riley. Riley is a beautiful two year old      day a helpless animal is put to death just
          Home Insurance                      Boxer that survived the unthinkable. Riley       because no one was there to take them
                                              was struck by a car in Los Angeles and drug      home. Please visit
          Condo Insurance                     across the asphalt by a driver who never         to see how you
          Auto Insurance                      bothered to stop, and left Riley for dead        can help!
          Personal Umbrella                   in the road. The story continued to get
          Life Insurance                      worse…Read Riley’s stoRy on the
                                              Back side of ouR 2010 dog gone
          Flood Insurance
                                              good RefeRRal RewaRds PRogRam.
          Business Insurance                  caution: you will need tissue.
          Health Insurance                          When we met Riley, his left rear leg
          Apartment Buildings                 was recently amputated and still had stiches
          Restaurants                         in from the surgery. The entire family
                                              immediately fell in love with him! A couple
          Antique Cars                        of days later, only two weeks after his final
          Water Crafts                                              surgery (he had been
          Motorcycles                                                  through several over
          RV Motor Homes                                                 the last 9 months)
                                                                          Riley became
          Mechanical Breakdown
                                                                           our new family
          Bonds                                                            member.
          Workers Compensation                                              Over the last
          Group Health                                                    few months Riley
          Dental/Vision                                                  has become a

                                                                                                                                       PG 1

1530 W. Whittier Blvd., La Habra, CA 90631 • (562) 690-9770 • (888) 541-9444 • Fax (562) 690-9771 •
        Reach Out and Touch Us…Go Ahead Stalk Us!                                                      rEFErraL
      Are you old enough to remember “dial”
telephones and “long-distance” telephone
                                                   mediums to figure out the most effective
                                                   ways to stay in touch. One of the most popular      PrIZE wHEEL
calls? I sure am. That’s long before our area
code changed several times over. And back
                                                   “social” networking sites is Facebook. If you
                                                   use Facebook . . . please do a search for “The      wINNErS!
then we had to make our calls quick . . .          Summer Group Insurance Agency” and
because it was “long” distance . . . even to a     Become A Fan!
town less than 30 minutes away. Today we’re               Twitter is something I’m still struggling
able to use our computer to call all over the      to get my head around. I attended an Internet
world. (And we usually use our webcam to not       Marketing Conference where it was touted as
just talk but to “see” them. Remember The          an excellent tool for connecting with people
Jetsons…?)                                         . . . but as far as I’m concerned . . . this
      Technological advances are making it         one-man jury is still out! That said . . . if you
easier (and less expensive) than ever before       Tweet on Twitter . . . please do a search for        ed

                                                                                                                                br                   e

                                                                                                             dy Jacob                iela Per


to keep in touch with our families and friends.    thesummergroup and start “following” us.
Technology is changing so rapidly it’s nearly             A word of caution: If you’re old enough
impossible to keep up . . . but we’re trying. As   to remember “dial” telephones, you know
your professional insurance advisors we are        that your conversations were never really
incorporating many of these new advances to                  .
                                                   “private” This is especially true of internet
enhance the quality and effectiveness of our       communications. If you put it out on Facebook
communications with you. But we need your          or Twitter . . . you really have limited control
help.                                              over who might see it. Even private emails can

      If you have not been receiving your          be forwarded.

monthly safety and insurance tips email                                        Gerald                   G                       th

                                                                                                            re g          s

                                                                                                                                     an              n
from us please send an email right now to                                                                          Jone                   Vi l l a Be sure
to put your name in the subject line because
many email addresses don’t clearly identify
the actual name of the sender. You may also
want to check to be sure your spam filter is not
blocking our communications with you.
      We are working with a wide variety of


                                                                                                        ra                      Li

                                                                                                              Do ming                z Steves

        Got a Classic Car, Hot Rod or Antique Auto?
Then You Need To Know…We Have An Excellent Program Built Just For You!
                                                   •	   Free spare Parts Coverage –
                                                        Up to $1,000 if stolen or damaged
                                                        in an accident
                                                   •	   Free Trip Continuation Coverage –

                                                                                                        vi                n     ch
                                                        Up to $75/day for lodging &                                  la              ael Chir


                                                                                                                . Mc
                                                        transportation expenses
                                                   •	   Free Full Glass Coverage** - Applies
                                                        to all auto glass including windshields,
Our POLICY FeATures                                     side glass, back glass, door glass,
                                                        mirrors, sun and moon roofs
•	   Low Premiums – Big savings over               •	   Flexible usage Plans – Featuring
     regular auto insurance                             “Live & Let Drive” UNLIMITED
•	   Agreed Value – We pay the full insured             mileage plan. Save $$$ with our
     value of your vehicle in the event of a            1,200 and 6,000 mileage plans
                                                                                                        Pa                      ch

     covered total loss                            •	   Automatic newly Acquired Vehicle

                                                                                                             u l C a re y            ard
•	   no Deductible – Zero out of pocket                 Coverage – values up to $75,000
     expenses in the event of a claim*                  for 30 days
•	   single Liability Charge – Only one            •	   expert Handling & service - Our
     liability charge per policy, no matter             specially trained Claims and Customer
     now many cars                                      Service staff understand the unique
•	   Collection Discounts – Save even                   needs of collectible car enthusiasts
     more when you insure all your                 •	   Wide Vehicle Acceptance – Antiques,
     collectible cars with us                           Classics, Modern Classics, Street Rods,
•	   Free Towing & Labor Coverage - Our                 Modifieds, Kits, Replicas, Collectible

                                                                                                        Ro                      to

     network of over 40,000 service providers           Special Interest, Vintage Military Vehicles,
                                                                                                              ri Long                r Martin

     are ready to serve you 24 hours/day.               Farm Tractors, Fire Trucks and vehicles
     Flatbed towing upon request                        under restoration
                                                                                                             Check out our website
 PG 2     888-541-9444 • WWW.suMMerGrOuP.neT                                                           for more photos and videos!
       Quick Tips from your Protection Team
QUIckTIP #1                                                                                 The 2009
4 and 8 Is Better Than 10 & 12
      What it means? It is now recommended to
position your hands at the ‘4 o’clock’ and ‘8 o’clock’
                                                                                 Grand Prize
positions on your steering wheel, rather than at
‘10’ and ‘2’. This keep your arms and wrists
out of harm’s way in case the air bag deploys.           Alicia Jaramillo
                                                                                         wINNEr is
      Also, did you know that your tires actually
have an expiration date (other than thinning tread)? Tires are now
made of neoprene, which is subject to sudden failure when too
old. Look on the side wall for numbers that start with DOT: The last
3 digits indicate the week and year the tire was manufactured. For
example, “DOT 9F9 270” would mean the tire was made in the 27th
week of 2000. Replace tires that are over 6 years old.

Ever wonder what Makes an
Independent agent Different?
      As independent agents, we represent multiple
companies (current count is around 151 different                                Victor Martinez of Chino Hills, a long time
carriers) which forces them to compete for your                                 client of The Summer Group Insurance is our 2009 Grand
business. As an independent agent, we can also                                  Prize Winner of the 42’ Plasma TV! The winning ticket was
write all kinds of drivers with all kinds of driving     Melissa Mar            pulled on December 15th by Scott Evans, Director of PCRF
records. We can also write insurance on just about          CMSR
                                                                                (Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation). Congratulations
anything…all in one place! If you are thinking about shopping, please           Victor! A nice new big screen TV just in time for the big
give us a call first. We can do the work for you!                               game! Who wouldn’t love that!

                                                                                You Could Be Our Next
       MINDING your BUSINESS                                                    GrAND PrizE WiNNEr
                                                                                See inside for more details on our new
It has been quoted that “Customer service doesn’t come from a
manual, it comes from the heart. When you’re taking care of the
                                                                                2010 Dog Gone Good Referral Program!
customer/client, you can never do too much. And there is no wrong
way…if it comes from the heart” A simple “Thank You for your
business” will go a long way in showing your customers/clients how
much you appreciate them. A thank you delivered with your own
voice will leave little doubt of your true appreciation.

We Love Your Referrals!
 THANK YOU . . . . . . . . . . .
   •	Richard	Abram        •	Virgil	Gentile             •	Brenda	Garcia          Gerald reed is joined by me
   •	Bernardo	Bautista    •	Steven	Evans               •	James	Bangar                                       mbers of The summer Gro
   •	Natalie	Ng           •	Joanna	Muniz               •	Peter	Do                Protection Team in presen                             up
                                                                                                           ting a check in the amount
   •	Dena	Doiron
   •	Wayne	Pulcini
   •	Laura	Frisbee
                          •	Beverly	Higuchi	
                            (Prepress Supply)
                          •	Patricia	Gonzalez	
                                                       •	David	Molina
                                                       •	Cee	Lizarraga
                                                       •	Steven	Moreno
                                                                                   $10,597.60 to Pediatric Cancer
   •	Robert	Hefner
   •	Kelly	Mershon
                            (1st Legacy Real Estate)
                          •	Victor	Martinez
                                                       •	Jennifer	Johnson
                                                       •	Stephanie	Currie              Research Foundation
   •	Humberto	Flores      •	Jonathan	Sullivan          •	Julita	Lopez
   •	Karin	Mowrey         •	Natalie	Ng                 •	Gary	Ward
   •	Greg	Jones	(4)       •	Mohammed	Baghdadi		        •	Mohammed	Baghdadi
   •	Stephen	Macias         (Westridge Commercial,     •	Domingo	Guintu
   •	Natalie	Ng             Inc.)                      •	Shelley	Oswald                 Our Referral Programs, whether to say Thank You with a card,
   •	Mervin	McLaren	Jr    •	Anthony	Rodriguez          •	Hassan	Farhat                  iPod, gifts, Charitable Donations and big Grand Prizes…it is
   •	Richard	Mocerin      •	Ronald	Valdez              •	Sunok	Lee                      simply our way of communicating to our wonderful clients and
   •	Nghia	Van	Breeman    •	Brian	Boulden              •	Michelle	Deharo	(3)
                                                                                friends that we welcome and truly love YOUR REFERRALS!
   •	Maria	Garcia         •	Asha	Ries                  •	Joey	Amaro	(2)
   •	Andrew	Molina        •	Julie	McShane              •	Silvana	Olsen
                                                                                    Ultimately, it is our belief and hope that regardless of the fun prizes
   •	Joey	Amaro           •	Richard	Tatley             •	Joseph	Aroesti         and gifts, YOU refer your friends and family to us because we have
   •	Thomas	(Mark)	       •	Samuel	Garcia              •	Kerry	Pierce           served you well and YOU want those close to you to have the same
     Clements             •	Freddy	Jacobs              •	Nadia	Romo	(2)         great experience. This is why we are here for YOU and what we strive
   •	Paul	Carey           •	Rosalee	Campos             •	Elizabeth	Steves	(3)   for every single day while working for YOU!
   •	Juan	Krivan          •	Michelle	Tumolo            •	Corrina	Herrera
   •	Jesse	Hernandez      •	James	Tan                  •	Cynthia	Hernandez        Thank you very much for continually
   •	Dawn	Kotsonis        •	Ricki	Khanbelwl            •	Gary	Sales
   •	Marcie	Linn	Bates    •	Bill	Pivovaroff
                                                                                      placing your trust in us! ! !
                                                                                                                                                       PG 3
                                  The SUMMEr GroUP                                                                          STANDARD MAIL
                                  1530 W. Whittier Blvd.                                                                      US POSTAGE

                                  La Habra, CA 90631                                                                             PAID
                                  (562) 690-9770
                                  Toll Free: (888) 541-9444
                                  Fax: (562) 690-9771


       THANK YOU!
       Thanks to all our clients who graciously
          referred their family, friends and
         associates to our agency. We build
       our agency on your positive comments
        and couldn’t do it without your help!
              The Summer Group - Gerald Reed

 “The highest compliment I can receive from you would be the
   referral of my services to your family, friends and business
associates. For this, I offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation”

          BEST                                                        wE GET MaIL!
              Buy!                                                    Service Was Excellent… “I was referred by my State Farm agent
                                                                      to The Summer Group for my auto insurance policy. I am pleased
            Did you know that airlines change their fare              to report that the service provided was exceptional. In particular,
            schedule three times a day? Or that cars are more         Heather Weyers was prompt, effective and courteous and the
  likely to be a bargain at the end of the month? Timing              coverage provided within just a few minutes. I would not hesi-
your purchases to coincide with manufacturer discounts,               tate to recommend this company to anyone needing insurance.      ”
clearance sales and off-season discounts will take the
stress of finding a good price on almost anything.                                            Ken Funk » Palm Desert CA

• airline Tickets: Airlines file updates to their faires three        You Make Everything So Much Easier! “You make everything so
  times a day: 10am-12:30pm-8pm weekdays, with one                    much easier! Alicia uses her knowledge, humor and much pa-
  filing at 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. (All times are ET)
  Most of the lowest fares are filed Tuesdays, Wednesdays             tience so well! Thanks!!”
  and sometimes Saturdays.                                                                    Kelly Julian » La Habra CA
• cars-Best Time: Sept. Shop on a weekday and go at
  the end of the month.
                                                                      My Agent Make Me Feel Like More Than Just A Number… “My agent
• computers: Best time: July and August.                              makes me feel like more than just a number and that to me is
• cookware: Best Times: April and May; Oct. and Nov.                  good customer service. Christina has always been very courte-
• Furniture-Best Times: January and July. New furniture               ous and helpful when I have had questions and response time is
  hits the showrooms after the holidays, in February, and                                                                  ”
                                                                      very quick if I happen to send email or leave message.
  again in August.
• Jewelry-Best Time: Avoid the holidays, Valentine’s Day                                      Jeri McMillan » La Habra CA
  and Mother’s Day. In general, avoid the fourth quarter,
  that’s when most of jeweler’s yearly profits are made.              My Claim Was Handled Very Promptly and Satisfactorily! “This was
• Linens & Bedding-Best Time: January.                                the first homeowners insurance claim we have ever made. It
• Toys-Best time: October and November.                               was handled very promptly and satisfactorily!”
• TV’s & Home Theatres-Best Time:
  Winter holiday sales and January.                                                           Joseph Lima » San Dimas CA
                                                                                                                                     PG 4

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