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                              Nantucket Unitarian Universalist Newsletter ~ May 2012

Reflections on the life and lives of a religious community
by Rev. David M. Horst

Have you said “thank you” to anyone lately? Chances are you and I say thank you many
times during the day and hundreds of times every week. It’s a natural response to small
favors and big help given to us by family, friends, and strangers alike.

I’ve been saying thank you in a big way these past few months. Thank you, Susan and         JOIN US AT 10:45 A.M.
Anne, for agreeing to serve as co-chairs of the Religious Education Committee. Thank
                                                                                            FOR SERVICES EVERY
you, Haziel, for joining Jack (Reindel) as co-chair of the Music Committee. Thank you,
Bob (Hall) and Christine, for devoting your time and talent to leadership of the Board.           SUNDAY.
Thank you, Bob (Lehman), for leading the Building and Grounds Committee and Brian
for leading the Finance Committee. Thank you, Jack (Weinhold), for handling the                 Families Welcome!
responsibilities of Treasurer.                                                                Religious Education and
                                                                                               Childcare for Children
Thank you, Debby, Theresa, and Maryjane, for your continuing work on the Personnel
Committee. Thank you, Pete and Linda, for leading a new commitment to fundraising.               Sunday, May 6
Thank you, Christine (again!), Sissy, Yve, and Mary Beth for leading the Fourth Sunday         “Myths We Live By”
lay-led services. Thank you, Georgen, for keeping the church website and Facebook
page up to date and Linda (again!) for so capably designing and editing the Weather-            Sunday, May 13
vane. I thank all of the church leaders -- Members of the Board, Welcoming Commit-          “Mother’s Day Celebration”
tee, Hospitality Committee, Peace and Justice Committee -- and everyone who helps
out whenever and wherever needed.
                                                                                                Sunday, May 20
                                                                                             “Exploring the Heavens
While I reserve special thanks for church leaders -- the individuals who attend the
meetings, set the policies, and make the decisions that guide the congregation’s present
and future success and growth -- I am thankful for each and every person’s involve-
                                                                                                Saturday, May 26
ment. Because the congregation now operates with a lean staff, involvement and volun-
                                                                                             Memorial Day Weekend
teer support is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone has gifts and talents to share.
                                                                                            Goods & Services Auction
                                                                                                      6-7 p.m.
Committee work continues year round, of course, and you are welcome to become a
                                                                                            Silent Auction & Reception
part of a committee any time. Soon year-round residents here welcome summer resi-
                                                                                                      7-8 p.m.
dents and visitors to the Meeting House while our summer members take their places
                                                                                                    Live Auction
once again within the congregation. In addition to committee involvement, there are
a variety of weekly tasks that members can help with. It’s more important than ever
that everyone -- both year-round and summer members -- takes a turn as a Sunday                 Sunday, May 27
morning greeter, worship assistant, coffee hour host, and religious education teacher             “Memorial Day
as well as a docent on weekdays in July and August. With everyone’s help, the tasks can           Remembrance”
be shared equally and no one will have to do more than her or his share. Don’t wait to      4th Sunday Lay Led Service
be asked. Please do your part and add your name to one or all of the sign-up sheets or       Silent Auction Concludes
contact the church office.
                                                                    (continued on page 3)
by Jack Reindel, Music Committee Co-Chair

The Music Committee held its regular monthly meeting
on April 18 in the Activities Room. What made this a very
special meeting was the eagerly anticipated opportunity to
greet and, as it happened, be inspired by, our charming and
talented new Acting Director of Music and Choir Conduc-
tor Diane Lehman.

Diane shared with us some of her vision of the future of our
music program. Her plans and ideas vigorously support a
continuation of the strong musical tradition for which our
church is so well known.

Diane’s influence is already being shown by the recent
growth in choir membership. Both new and formerly active
alumni are returning to take advantage of her directorial

Haziel Jackson was also warmly welcomed to his new post
as co-chair of the Music Committee. Haziel has already
been instrumental in organizing the upcoming Thursday                 Dan Rezendes was one of the 15 Nantucket UU volunteers
Noonday Concert Series.                                               who participated in a Habitat for Humanity workday on
                                                                      April 14 alongside Habitat homeowners-to-be Ed and
We say a reluctant goodbye to Catherine Hull with much                Charlene Rudd of our congregation. More volunteer days
gratitude for her effective service on the Music Committee,           will be scheduled for the summer and fall. Join us!
particularly for her insightful analysis of the pros and cons
of directed fundraising.
                                                                      FOURTH SUNDAY UPDATE
And we offer an enthusiastic “Welcome Aboard” to Amanda               by Sissy Girard, Committee Chair
Torchia, who will join us later in the year after completing a
Montessori-based course of study off-island.                          Memorial Day Remembrance will be presented on Sun-
                                                                      day, May 27. It will be a moving and thoughtful service.
If you have ever wondered whether a working committee                 We’ll all celebrate returning “upstairs” to our beautifully
meeting can be joyful, come to one of ours and be greeted             restored auditorium.
by the ever cheerful Susie Jarrell, whose bright smile and
good nature lift the spirits of any occasion where she par-           The committee is very proud of its Sunday services and
ticipates.                                                            enjoys planning them for you. The topics have been well
                                                                      received and attendance, rewarding. We will be taking a
Rev. Horst, ex-officio, made it clear that the music program          summer vacation beginning in June and will return Sep-
under the dedicated leadership of Music Director Diane                tember 23. Please let us know if there are topics you’d like
Lehman will be a strong and energetic part of his ministry.           us to research and present in the fall. Your suggestions are
As a final note, John Rivera has been named Board of Trust-           valued and welcomed.
ees liaison to the Music Committee, and as such will be in
attendance at future meetings.                                        Thank you for supporting our efforts. The members of
                                                                      our committee--Christine Sanford, Yve Shevalier, Mary
                                                                      Beth Splaine and Margaret Ruttenberg--join me in wish-
                                                                      ing you a great summer!

(continued from page 1)

I have been gratified to see the increasing number of members and friends commit their time and talents to their con-
gregation. I extend my thanks to you all! I ask that you also take a moment now and then to thank each other. The satis-
faction of being a part of a growing, thriving religious community may be thanks enough; but the feeling of satisfaction
is amplified when we acknowledge each other and the contributions, large and small, that every person makes.

Thank you, everyone, for all that you do to make Nantucket’s Unitarian Universalist congregation a warm and welcom-
ing religious home.

“Where land and sea meet” is my Nantucket analogy for congregational life. A church lives in a tidal zone where our private
and public lives meet and converge like the meeting place of the land and sea.

  by Bob Hall, President

  April has been an eventful month. Marty Eerhart moved off island. The nominating committee
  asked Susan Richards to replace him on the Board and she accepted. Marty’s expertise in many
  areas will be missed, but we are very pleased that Susan has stepped in. Welcome, Susan.

  Each Trustee has agreed to serve as committee liaison to one church committee. By agreeing to
  attend committee meetings we will facilitate communication and coordination in a superior manner. There is a lot
  going on here! Much can be gained by having many people involved in different aspects of our congregational life.

  We are very pleased that Diane Lehman officially came on board as our acting Music Director! She is a highly
  accomplished keyboard artist and musician with many years of experience in the Nantucket music community.
  We are excited to hear what she will bring to our music program. Thanks to the Personnel Committee, Christine
  Sanford, Gerry Mack, Yve Shevalier and Rev. David Horst for all the work involved. Thanks to the efforts of the
  Music Committee (and especially Jack Reindel) the Noonday Concert series is happening. ReMain has once again
  underwritten the program; thanks to them for facilitating the application process in a timely manner. Special kudos
  go to Sharon Carlee who is cataloging our music library. We have three file cabinets of music. It takes over three
  hours per drawer. When completed we will have a searchable list of all the music properly filed.

  I have spent many hours putting the office files in order after many years of accumulated neglect. I have come to
  realize the importance of a well-organized file system. As mundane as it sounds, it is a critical element of office
  management. I am pleased that it is coming along nicely. With the outstanding effort of Joanne Polster organizing
  our archives, we are in good shape. John Rivera is getting the mail. This may sound trivial but it is not. It is time
  consuming and requires the knowledge of how to file the mail correctly, a critically important task. Kim LaRue, our
  office administrator, is doing an outstanding job transitioning our bookkeeping to in-house.

  Our Religious Education Committee has been doing an outstanding job in all regards. Many members and friends
  are volunteering to assist with the program. We were able to hire an experienced adult babysitter for the infants
  and toddlers. That allows the RE teachers to give full attention to their important teaching.

  Our Fourth Sunday Lay Led Committee has led four services since January, all enthusiastically received. Christine,
  Sissy, Mary Beth and Yve have worked hard to make those Sundays very special. It takes a lot of planning to
  put together a service and they have certainly risen to the task. Their last service (until next September) will be
  Memorial Day. Rev. Horst will be leading the summer services. Special thanks also to the Welcoming Committee
  for arranging greeters every Sunday, and to all those who have volunteered for coffee hour.

by Linda Spery and Pete Sawyer, Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs

The list of auction items for our live and silent auctions taking place on Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-27)
is growing by the day! Starting May 1, weekly updates of auction items will be available on the church website,
www.unitarianchurchnantucket.org, and notices will be sent out in the weekly e-blast from Rev. Horst.

The talents and imagination of our congregation are unlimited and when you view the latest auction item list,
you’ll find many goods and services that will pique your interest. At 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 26 the silent
auction will open with a reception and bidding in the Activities Room. Then at 7 p.m. the live auction led
by auctioneers Bob Lehman and Craig Spery will begin in Hendrix Hall. We hope everyone will be able to
attend! The live auction ends at 8 p.m. but the silent auction continues through the next day’s Sunday service
and coffee hour. Silent auction winners will be contacted on the afternoon of Sunday, May 27.

We’re still accepting items for the auction and also volunteers to help out Memorial Day Weekend. Contact
Linda Spery at linda@sonnpr.com or 508-228-7892. ARE YOU ON BOARD? WE NEED YOU!

FINANCE REPORT                                           SOUTH CHURCH PRESERVATION
by Brian Girard, Finance Committe Chair                  FUND UPDATE
and Jack Weinhold, Treasurer                             by Les Ottinger, SCPF Chair
                                                         Planning for completing the restoration of the main
The 1st Quarter Financial Summary provided               sanctuary is finished and the work is underway. The
as an insert to this issue of the Weathervane            runners and carpeting were already worn and shabby
(on a cash basis) will benefit from a few words          in several places. Removal of the wall paint, repair of
of clarification.                                        the plaster, and the attendant scaffolding exacerbated
                                                         this. There has been a prolonged debate involving the
Fundraising, events and rental income have               Board members and our consultants about what a
greatest impact during May through Septem-               proper replacement might be. Pictures from the mid
ber. Our summer member activity level is                 nineteenth century show that at that time the floor
also elevated during this time. The amount               coverings were figured, not plain. There was, howev-
withdrawn from reserve principal for January             er, little support for returning to this. Also there are
through March dramatically exceeds a pro rata            presently three differing shades of red in place. There
of the $37,500 limit for 2012. Withdrawals               is the upholstering with areas of advanced fading, the
include some non-recurring expenses involved             runners and front carpets, and the rugs in front of
with changeover in program expense from staff            each pew. These rugs are darker and are also badly
to committee/volunteer direction.                        worn and faded in many places. Between the rugs,
                                                         one can see the original, lightly finished, board floor.
Distributions from investment funds are being
adjusted downward to reflect our new program             It has been decided that the color of the present
efficiencies and emphasis. We have enjoyed               carpeting will be retained but it is to be replaced with
some directional improvement in the income
                                                         a heavier, wool product. Estimates, received from
picture, but replacing our highest pledgers is
                                                         several sources, were considered. Marine Home
most challenging. The Board and key com-
mittees continue to focus on congregational              Center has been selected to furnish and install it
growth. We need the economies of scale to                when refinishing and repainting of the remain-
make efficient use of the incomparable assets of         ing wood surfaces is completed. Also, a decision
the Meeting House facilities.                            has been made not to replace the pew rugs at this
                                                         time, as it has been found that restoring the original
                                                         wood finish of the floor can be easily accomplished.

by Casey Sayre Boukus, RE Committee Member

“It is no little thing to look into your face,
For there God’s love is made real to me;
It is no little thing for our eyes to embrace,
For there we may glimpse eternity.”
           -Shea Darian in “Sanctuaries of Childhood”                Tulip in bloom in the church garden, April 27, 2012

RE continues to evolve as we recreate what the Sunday morning experience will be for children at our church. What
does it mean to be part of a congregation? What values are we trying to instill in our children? Whose role is it to teach,
and when does the teacher become the student? Or is it always a combination of the two? What behavior is acceptable
and expected? What guidelines will we agree upon as a whole and empowered group to provide comfort, safety and
respect for all who attend? We are a church of eclectic faith, a blend of young and old, of many traditional practices and
some creatively new… It seems to me we come together to worship, celebrate, support one another and connect with
one another through song and sermon, but also through mutual involvement and shared joyful duty.

The RE committee would like to ask parents to think about what they hope to gain for their children in attending, as
well as perhaps, think creatively about what it means within their families to attend church together. We are planning a
Family Night to discuss this perhaps in the near future. Sissy Girard has created the idea “CARE: Consideration/Com-
munication, Attention, Respect, Every day…” Meditate on this if you will. We would love to hear children’s thoughts on
this in particular. Lots of ideas are percolating.

May brings the Mythic Journey, the celebration of Motherhood and the blooming and rebirth of Spring to our themes.
As the poem above says, (to paraphrase) in the faces of our children we may see the love of the universe (God/dess)
made manifest… May we continue to offer our children a safe and creative container to explore spirituality within their

Blessed be.

 Rev. David Horst met with Nantucket Representative
 Tim Madden during the Unitarian Universalist Mass
 Action advocacy day at the State House in Boston on
 April 25. Rev. Horst discussed his concerns with Sen-
 ate Bill 2061, “An Act to Enhance Community Safety,”
 an anti-immigrant bill modeled after the controversial
 1070 bill in Arizona.The Massachusetts bill is cur-                   Amanda Torchia (left) and Board Vice President
 rently under review by the Joint Committee on the                     Christine Sanford take part in the recent UU Habitat
 Judiciary and may to go before the full legislature soon.             workday.


Hendrix Hall and Activities Room

“Myth is what we call other people’s religion,” Joseph Campbell famously said; but the truth is we all
live by myths of ancient scripture and story, the religion of our birth, and the society and culture in
which we live today. Some beliefs are unhealthy and must be rejected out of hand, yet others continue
to give our lives purpose and meaning beyond reason and fact. Together let’s explore the myths we live
by. Children explore some ancient myths with creative storytelling and play. Rev. David Horst leads the
service and preaches. Music with Diane Lehman and the Meeting House Choir. Religious education
volunteers are Casey Boukus, Sissy Girard, and Susan Richards. Enjoy coffee and conversation following
the programs.

Hendrix Hall and Activities Room

Julie Ward Howe conceptualized the first North American Mother’s Day with a Mother’s Day Proc-
lamation in 1870. Despite having penned The Battle Hymn of the Republic twelve years earlier, Howe
had become so distraught by the death and carnage of the Civil War that she called on mothers to join
together and protest what she saw as the futility of their sons killing the sons of other mothers. Although
Mother’s Day has become a commercialized and sentimental occasion since then, we can still affirm the
core meaning of this great American celebration. Our children, too, learn about the history and meaning
of this day as they show their love for mothers. Rev. David Horst leads the service and preaches. Music
with Diane Lehman and the Meeting House Choir. Religious education volunteers are Sissy Girard, Yve
Shevalier, Linda Spery, and Anne Sutherland. Enjoy coffee and conversation following the programs.

Hendrix Hall and Activities Room

What is our place in the universe? Philosophers, theologians, astronomers, and just about every human
being alike ask this essential question. While the first solar eclipse of 2012 occurs today (visible on a track
that traverses eastern Asia, the northern Pacific Ocean, and the western United States) we take up this
question both from religious and scientific viewpoints. For children the “heavens above” evoke wonder
and expand their minds beyond everyday concerns. With our reflection today we will be fully prepared
for the total solar eclipse coming up in November! Rev. David Horst leads the service and preaches. Mu-
sic with Diane Lehman and the Meeting House Choir. Religious education volunteers are Bob Hall, Susan
Richards, and Yve Shevalier. Enjoy coffee and conversation following the programs.

Upstairs Sanctuary and Activities Room

The Fourth Sunday Committee leads this special service as we move to the upstairs historic sanctuary
for the summer months. Music with Diane Lehman and the Meeting House Choir. Religious education
volunteers are Casey Boukus, Alyson Gaylord-Loy, and Debby Merritt. Enjoy coffee and conversation fol-
lowing the programs.

by Diane Lehman, Acting Music Director
                                                               During the summer months, more people will be join-
                                                               ing us, and schedules (mine included) will be difficult
Hello Choir members, friends of the choir, and members         to manage. With that thought in mind, I will offer two
of the Unitarian Universalist Church,                          Choir rehearsals a week from now till June . Fridays
                                                               from 5:15 to 6:15 p.m. and Saturdays 4 to 5 p.m.. That
We’ll be enjoying our love of music together for the           way, anyone with a need to go over the music can come
duration of the year as I take up the job of Acting Music      and work on their specific part without feeling a time
Director. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me and I really     constraint. Our usual Sunday morning at 10 a.m. re-
appreciate your support. My thanks to the Board of Trust-      hearsal still stands for anyone who wants to come and
ees, Bob Hall , Christine Sanford , the Music Committee of     sing in the Sunday service.
Susie, Jack, Haziel, and Gerry, the Personnel Committee
of Theresa and Debby along with Rev. David Horst for ap-       Our first noonday concert will be in tandem with Bob,
pointing me.                                                   who will be putting together a program of Americana
                                                               Songs for the July 5th performance. Please plan on it;
Directly following their decision, Rev. Horst and I had a      we’ll need all the voices we can muster!
chance to sit down and talk about the music program and
its future here at the church. Everyone has been so helpful    In this capacity of Acting Music Director, I will be avail-
and excited about this new development and I am thrilled.      able to accompany you if you want to do a solo on ANY
Not only will I be working alongside them, I will be work-     Sunday. PLEASE ask...whether you are a vocal soloist or
ing for the church that my husband loves, and, after work-     an instrumentalist or part of a duo...your music means so
ing for a decade at the Sconset Chapel as the Music Direc-     much to you and you need a place to express yourself in
tor, to come back full circle to where he brought me in the    song...I am excited for the chance to play for you or with
first place over a decade ago--the church where we were        you. The offertory part of the morning worship service
married in 2002 brings back fond memories. With Ted            offers the soloist a moment to give back to the people as-
and Tim as officiants, that day is memorable for so many       sembled there. It’s always rewarding.
reasons…one of them is that most of you were there!!

As Acting Music Director I will attempt to fill Marcia’s       The coming months will be a chance to bounce some
shoes in my own way, though it will never be the same.         ideas off of you. I hope to get an interview series go-
She will be missed, and though I am no replacement for         ing, one that focuses on a musical performer that you
her, I will have to do as a “bridge” person so the program     thought you knew well. In collaboration with each other,
of Sunday morning worship can continue seamlessly for          the artist and I will perform, and talk about their musical
now, at least. That being said, I am humbled and grateful      journey here and what comes next for them. I also hope
that you are welcoming me with open arms and willing           to start a multi-generational singing hour that gets fami-
hearts. I will try to do my best to lead with inclusion of     lies singing together. In addition, there will be children’s
everyone who wants to raise their voice and sing.              music to make, songs to be sung that haven’t been sung
                                                               lately. Maybe a band night! And opportunities to foster
My first goal is to establish a choir dinner once a month.     new relationships with musicians who are just visiting for
Bob and I will host all interested choir members for a         the summer.
buffet dinner at our house 4 1/2 Boulevarde at 5 p.m. on
Sunday, May 20. I look forward to spending time with all       Thank you for asking me to be the person to continue the
of you and making music as well. Before then, please con-      music program as Marcia did for Barbara, and Barbara
sider anthems that I can grab from the closet at the church.   did for Susie before her. To follow in those footsteps will
It’s my intention to sing through as many of our favorite      be challenging, but I am really excited about it. Thanks
anthems as possible that evening. It will be about the joy     for your support.
of singing together, not the performance. Please pass this
on as an invitation to anyone who might be interested
in joining the choir. We will attempt this dinner again in
June in hopes that we can grow our choir .

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                      Mimi Jones and Dennis Santangelo, Sextons

                                       Board of Trustees
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          (Treasurer), Brian Girard, David Hall, John Rivera, Linda Spery, Marina Sutro

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