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                             BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                  February 11, 2012

PRESENT: Mrs. McCormick; Messrs. Hindes, Davidson, Blake, DiSerafino, Kemmerer, Morrison
and Wolbrink; Messrs. Case and Crouse by phone

1) Call to Order and 2) Determine Presence of a Quorum of Directors: President McCormick
called the meeting to order at 9:00AM. There was a quorum present.

3) Adopt Agenda as Presented Today: Motion made and approved to adopt agenda as presented

4) Approval of December 10, 2011 Meeting: Motion made and seconded to approve minutes as
Motion: Motion approved.

5) Comments and Questions from Members:
C) An owner requested delaying passing Resolution 598 regarding boat storage today.
A) Resolution 598 was being presented for first reading today and that there would be time for
further input before the March meeting.
C) An owner requested correction to Resolution 598 in that he has space available for boat storage
and will continue to offer it to property owners. He is concerned that screening for boats will be a
detriment to the attractiveness of the island.
A) Again, this resolution was being presented for first reading and there will be further input before
the March meeting.
Q) Is the $50 golf cart/low speed vehicle registration fee for non-owners an annual fee or for each
time the vehicle comes on the island?
A) It is an annual fee.
C) An owner who had come into the office to pay her assessment and send a fax was upset about
being charged for sending the fax. She indicated that there were no signs stating charges.
A) It was felt that signage in plain view would be appropriate to have in the office, as well as
information on the website and in The Trawler.
C) An owner expressed concern about the way SCE&G had been trimming tree limbs and the
apparent lack of response by the FIPOA.
A) Postcards and an eblast had been previously sent informing owners of this upcoming project.
The General Manager has talked with the supervisor each time there has been a complaint and he
has met with the owner in person to explain their guidelines. It was questioned whether property
owners could trim limbs themselves but safety issues involving high voltage lines were a concern.
Referred to the General Manager.
Q) A Board member questioned whether there were plans for changing the 1983 Agreement.
A) Mrs. McCormick stated she and Mr. Morrison were working on it but it was in very early stages.
Q) A Board member questioned the reporting format of the financial statements.
A) Our auditor has informed us to report out in this way.

6) Report from the General Manager:
    • In accordance with the provisions of Article VII, Section 1 (b) of the Association’s Bylaws,
       the Nominating Committee submits its recommendations on the Nominees to the Board of
                 Nominees for Non-Resident Directors for the Class of 2015, in alphabetical order:
FIPOA Board of Directors Meeting Feb. 11, 2012                                                     1
                  Frank Belatti
                  John E. Jenniges
                  Bart Lehman
                  Ann Lyman
                  Werner Rogers
                  G. Scott Thompson

         Petition Nominations will be accepted up until 4:30PM February 15, 2012.
         Ballots for Director for the Class of 2015 will be mailed February 24. If an individual owns
         multiple properties, he/she will only receive one ballot.

    •    Several email blasts, letters, and a Trawler article went out in December and January to
         owners and co-owners for whom we do not have email addresses, giving notice regarding
         the new rules for golf cart and low-speed vehicle registration. It is important that everyone
         knows about the fine for not registering their own carts and that they notify their guests and
         renters that they MUST pay an annual $50 registration fee to bring their carts onto the
         island. The rule went into effect on February 1. A second mailing was also sent to everyone
         who lists his or her property for rent on the Internet. Chief Binkowski met with rental agents
         on January 6 to answer their questions regarding the new rule.

    •    The FIPOA was granted a Summary of Judgment stemming from a lawsuit filed by a
         property owner. A Summary of Judgment is a procedural device used during civil litigation
         to promptly and expeditiously dispose of a case without a trial. The property owner asserted
         three causes of actions against the FIPOA, all rising out of a belief that FIPOA improperly
         authorized the property owner’s neighbor to make certain improvements to their property in
         the course of constructing a home. The Courts determined that the FIPOA upheld all
         Contractual and Fiduciary duties.

    •    The HVAC system compressor in the Security wing needed to be replaced. We had
         demanded a 10-year warranty when we purchased the unit seven years ago, so we avoided a
         $2,000+ charge. Carolina Air replaced the compressor at no charge and gave us a warranty
         for the balance of the original warranty.

    •    SCE&G is here thru the end of February to trim trees to the ANSI 300A standard. They sent
         postcards two weeks in advance and we sent an e-blast a day in advance with a phone
         number of whom to call at SCE&G with complaints.
                They are also making two directional bores. One is under the Fripp Inlet from
         Hunting Island to an existing switchgear box near the foot of the Inlet Bridge. The other will
         go from Tarpon thru River Club across the marsh to Porpoise Drive. The whole process
         should take about eight weeks.

    •    Kate Hines has been appointed to the South Carolina Community Associations Institute
         (SCCAI) council of regional advisors. She will report to the Chapter’s Board of Directors as
         liaison to represent the Beaufort /Hilton Head area.

    •    An owner had asked about the wind & hail insurance, and the Board asked Mrs. Hines to see
         if the low country managers or CAI could do anything as a group to bring pressure state
         wide to lower rates. In speaking with the POA’s agent, she did learn that rates will depend
         not only on where your house is, but also your own factors including things like credit
         history. Mrs. Hines will present the issue again at a manager’s meeting on February 21.

FIPOA Board of Directors Meeting Feb. 11, 2012                                                          2
    •    The deer folks are here off and on thru February and March monitoring the health of the
         animals; they are not treating for immunocontraception. If you would like to see the HSUS
         progress report for 2011, it is on our website at the FYI-2 tab. In a nutshell, the numbers
         dropped again in 2011 and are now at exactly 50% of 2005 levels. Fawning rates rose
         slightly in 2011, but were still far below both Hunting Island and the 2005 baselines.

    •    Board members have a letter in their packets from the Marsh Association regarding the
         Beaufort County Public Facilities Committee (PFC) and FEMA reimbursement. Mrs. Hines
         attended three of these meetings. Thanks to persistent work of Marsh members, county staff
         recommended, and the PFC committee has approved a policy that, when directed by County
         Council, the county will remove debris from private communities using suggested policy
         guidelines. Council still needs to approve, and they still want to charge the private
         communities the 25% that FEMA won’t pay.

ARB: Permits approved: 19 maintenance and repair, eight new roofs, 13 new paint, four additions
and one dumpster. The next ARB meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 16. All submissions
for the meeting must be received in the ARB office no later than 4:30pm on Monday, February 13.

Property Enhancement Committee: Issued 18 violation letters; 10 for unkempt yards and yard
debris, seven posts with no mailbox, and one utility trailer. To date there have been 15 responses.

Crossovers & Footbridges: The Fiddler’s crabbing dock has been completely rebuilt. SCE&G
donated and delivered a new electric spool for use as a table. A discarded dock washed into the
Sawgrass footbridge; the Earthworx crew was able to float it out, dismantle it, and haul it away.

The Finance Committee met yesterday and reviewed proposals from four investment firms. They
decided to go with Schwab. Assessment Collections: 26 late statements for 2011 and 421 reminder
notices for 2012 were mailed on February 1. Late charges will be added to all assessments not
received by March 1. We have received 82% of 2012 assessments and Road & Bridge Funds.
        For informational purposes only: General Fund - $1,880,600; Deposits for Right of Entry -
        $188,000; ARB Bond Deposits - $94,000; Reserve Fund - $1,784,700; Road & Bridge Fund
        - $864,800. Accounts receivable are $406,300.
        We are at 88% of budget for revenue and 12% of expense for the year; almost 100% of
        budget for revenue and 91% of expense for the month of January.
        There were seven property transfers in December and four in January.

Environmental: The committee met January 10. The main focus was eco-tourism and how the
committee can help market the idea that Fripp is a wonderful place to visit to see how ecology
mixes with tourism. A subcommittee has been formed to look into creating a marketing plan. We
have planned a lunch for March 1 and invited speakers from other communities who know more
about eco-tourism. Board members are invited to attend. Three trashcans purchased with 2011
budget money have been placed at the end of Tarpon, at Whiting, and on the Maxwell Bridge.

Grounds & Beautification: The grasses and lantana at the front entrance have been replaced with
foxglove. Sod has been placed in the location of the real estate/check-in sign to the right of the
entrance; Earthworx has planted new daffodil bulbs, which should bloom soon. The pots around the
Guard House have been touched up. At Davis Love Park, there has been a heavy cleaning and
repair of all park equipment, the dollar weed has been sprayed, and overgrowth has been cut back.

FIPOA Board of Directors Meeting Feb. 11, 2012                                                         3
Lakes & Lagoons: All aerators are working.

Roads & Drainage: REA has made repairs to Fairway Club per the Andrews & Burgess plans, but
there are still a few corrections that need to be made before we will sign off completely on the
work. We have received two quotes for resurfacing work for the 2012 budget which includes
Remora from Tarpon to Porpoise, just beyond the intersection of the eyebrows off Remora, Gray
Mallard & Rookery; also Sea Otter, King Fisher and Marsh Hen. We are awaiting a third and the
committee will meet to discuss. We have also received a quote to finish the bike path including the
railing over the Maxwell Bridge.

Security: The Security Committee met January 18. Staff is now tracking the number of trailers
that come onto the island and will report back in a year. The committee reviewed more sections of
the Security Plan; to date the approved sections include Burglary/Larceny, Parking, Speeding,
Underage Drivers, Trailered Non-Owner Golfcart/LSVs, Owner Golf Cart Registration, and PIN
numbers. There was a meeting for Good Neighbor Watch on January 10th, but no one attended. The
Chief will try heavier promotion before attempting the next one. The committee reviewed the
schedule of fees (Fripp Citations) and felt that everything was acceptable with the exception of the
citation for operation of motor vehicles on the beach, hence the section of Resolution 597 – it is
currently $25. The next meeting will be February 22 at 2:30pm.

The Trawler: The next Trawler publication is on March 1. Please submit all articles by February
15. We are looking for volunteers for The Trawler Editorial Panel. If you have an interest in
helping make The Trawler the best that it can be, please contact Assistant General Manager, Tina

CAB: From the Last CAB meeting, it was noted that the Beach Club had a great turnout New
Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The boat ramp at the Marina will be repaired in March. New
windscreens have been installed at the tennis courts. New bar furniture has been purchased for the
Boathouse. New pool decking and fencing is going in at the Olympic Pool. New sail-type
retractable umbrella awnings will be going up on the Beach Club deck in the spring,.

PSD: Congratulations were extended to Steve McKay on being elected a Chairman of the PSD
Commissioners. He noted that revised bids have been received that are considerably lower than the
originals. The PSD will be meeting Tuesday February 14 to determine which contractor to select.
Pat Reilly was elected Vice Chair.

Resolution 597 – To Approve Updated Rules and Regulations Brochure and Schedule of
Violations and Fees
Proposed Resolution: That the Board of Directors approves the adoption of the revised Rules and
Regulations Brochure and Schedule of Violations and Fees, a copy of which is attached and made a
part of this Resolution.
Discussion: Resolution 589 was adopted at the last Board meeting, requiring changes to the Rules
& Regulations Brochure. Changes are: (1) Section I Traffic D, add ‘ATV’s are not allowed ($300
fine and $25 impound fee)’. (2) Section G, add ‘Golf carts and Low Speed Vehicles brought to the
island by non-owners must pay a $50 registration fee within 24 hours of arrival ($300 fine for not
registering).’ The Schedule of Violations and Fees must also be updated and the Security
Committee recommends that the citation for operation of a motor vehicle on the beach be increased
from $25 to $50. The $50 registration fee brought to the island by non-owners should be clarified
to indicate it is an annual fee. Other logistics are still to be worked out. A Board member
expressed concerns with the number of bikes using Bonito Road rather than the bike path; also that
cars park obstructing the bike path. This is clearly against the rules. Refer to Security Committee.
FIPOA Board of Directors Meeting Feb. 11, 2012                                                       4
Action: Motion made and seconded to vote on this resolution today. Motion approved.
Final Action: Motion made and seconded to approve Resolution 597 as presented. Motion

Resolution 598 – To Adopt Rules Pertaining to Boat Storage on Single-Family Residential
Proposed Resolution: That the Board of Directors approves the adoption of the Rules Pertaining
to Boat Storage on Single-Family Residential Property as attached.
Discussion: The resolution is being presented for first reading. Ralph Burchfield, Chair of the
ARB, was present to inform and answer questions. Discussion on the resolution included boats
brought in by renters staying more than seven days, having a stated boat size limitation,
consideration of height of first floor when a boat is underneath, types of screening for boats,
aesthetics, ARB guidelines, and that most boats over 20’ long will not meet the guidelines. Boats
left longer on a property than seven days will be subject to fines up to $50 a day; this will be
enforced by Security. Current issues involving procedures for collecting fines was also brought
forward and noted we have great difficulty in collecting these fines.
It was also suggested that the paragraph at the top of Page 2 regarding parking options for boat
owners should be revamped.
Action: Presented for first reading. Referred back to Boat Committee for revisions to be brought
to the March meeting.

Resolution 599 – To Landscape Intersection at Ocean Point Lane and Ocean Point Drive
Proposed Resolution: That the Board of Directors approves funds not to exceed $1,400 for the
improvement of the area at Ocean Point.
Discussion: A decorative entrance wall into the Ocean Point subdivision was removed after it had
been run into by a truck. For beautification, neighborhood owners have agreed to mature permanent
plantings rather than another wall. The Grounds Committee will determine the design and
Earthworx has quoted $700 to purchase and install the plants. Numerous letters to the owners of
400 Ocean Point Lane about their obstructing oleanders have gone unanswered. The surveyor will
be on island next week to determine whether these oleanders are on the FIPOA’s right of way. If
so, they will be removed by Earthworx for a cost of $700. Funds will come from the 2012 Project
Expense budget. It was felt this is a good compromise.
Action: Presented for first reading. Received as information.

Resolution 600 – Move Reserve Funds and Road & Bridge Funds from Alliance Association
Financial Services to Charles Schwab
Proposed Resolution: That the Board of Directors approves the proposed resolution to move
FIPOA Funds that are now at Alliance Association Financial Services (AAF) to Charles Schwab.
Discussion: Presented for first reading. It was noted that the Schwab offer is in alignment with our
new investment policy. It is important to move our money from the custodian as soon as possible.
It was decided to amend the resolution by deleting the last sentence under “Background” and
change to: “These investment choices and this investment mix may be adjusted from time to time
in compliance with the current investment policy.”
Action: Motion made and seconded to vote on this amended resolution today. Motion approved.
Final Action: Motion made and seconded to approve Resolution 600. Motion approved.

7) Committee / Other Reports

FIPOA Board of Directors Meeting Feb. 11, 2012                                                      5
8) Statement of Matters Deferred to March Meeting:

i. Resolution 598 – To Adopt Rules Pertaining to Boat Storage on Single-Family Residential

ii. Resolution 599 – To Landscape Intersection at Ocean Point Lane and Ocean Point Drive

9) Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 9:00AM in the

10) Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 10:45AM.

Respectfully submitted,

David Case, Secretary

Minutes are not the official record of proceedings until the Board of Directors has approved them at
the following meeting. Please hold this draft until you pick up the next meeting's draft that will
contain corrections as made and approved by the Board.

** To participate in Board meetings by teleconference, owners may call 1-800-444-2801; then

FIPOA Board of Directors Meeting Feb. 11, 2012                                                     6

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