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                                                                                                                 A SECTION OF THE ANGLICAN JOURNAL | APRIL 2008

                                                                                Blessing Our Troops
                                                                               they are going to do good and going     you but we are bit scared too. We       prayers did include soldiers from
                                                                               to help people for seven months.”       didn’t want it to be about war-mon-     both sides of the conflict.
                                                                                    Facts often unreported about       gering. We wanted it to be about             “I really believe strongly in
                                                                               Afghanistan are that children have      justice – God’s justice. Individual     ecumenism and getting along. We
                                                                               returned to schools and women can       parishioners led prayers or read        live together; we should all get
                                                                               now safely collect water because        from their pews.”                       along and get to know each other.
                                                                               of the protective military presence.         Voices coming from amidst          It was really special that those fami-
                                                                                    “And even though we don’t          the congregation emphasized the         lies were willing to come and those
                                                                               typically think of soldiers this way    community involvement. When the         boys were willing to come forward
                                                                               because of war and weapons, God         troops received the blessing, lay       and receive a blessing. It just gave
                                                                               does work in our lives and calls us     reader Gloria Schirok recalls, “We      us a real sense of Medicine Hat
                                                                               out into various places to do things.   always pray for the soldiers and        community working together.”
                                                                               And what was happening there was        people who are in these conflicts
                                                                               the legitimate government of Af-        in other places but this really gave    Please let us know if you have held
                                                                               ghanistan asking for the Canadian       faces and names to the soldiers         a service for troops or civilian sup-
                                                                               military to come in, help with some     who were going to go. It made it         port workers in your parish, and
                                                                               resettling and keep peace and some      more meaningful than just praying       send us the names of any Anglicans
                                                                               order.” the Rev. Ronda Ploughman,       for all the soldiers, although our          serving in areas of conflict.
                                                                               priest of All Saints recalls.
        Ready to serve, 20 year old Jay Young received a blessing in                Some of Jay’s friends were
              Medicine Hat before leaving for Afghanistan.                     also going over. Their families and
                                                                               Canadian Forces Base Suffield pro-
by Tim Christison                      year-old volunteer reservist Private    vide support. To add to the support
                                       Jay Young, says, “That service          system, All Saints planned a bless-
     A blessing service for three      showed me just how much of a            ing of the troops. Only Jay’s family
very young soldiers deployed to Af-    community this is and I felt over-      attends the Anglican Church. After
ghanistan has a powerful and last-     whelmed by the support that was         determining that they all were will-
ing impact on the members of All       evident that morning. Everyone          ing to receive the blessing, the ser-
Saints, Medicine Hat. They have        came up and hugged us. It was           vice was designed to be ecumenical
a stronger sense of community, a       quite emotional. It was all a posi-     to include all the families. Music
closer glimpse of the impact of sol-   tive experience.”                       and psalms were chosen to capture
dering and their own commission to          “Ronda [Ploughman] geared          the fullness and breadth of the hu-
pray for the men and their families.   the service towards these young         man conversation with God.
     Catherine Young, a member of      men. It spoke to them and it spoke to        Ronda reports, “The prayers                 Proud parents Bill Young (left) and Catherine Young (right)
All Saints and mother of twenty-       the parents. Ronda talked about how     held all those too. We are praising           stand with their son Jay slated for seven months in Afghanistan.

         On the
                                       by Laurel Hatch                         has been running in Alberta since       with various members of the parish      Calgary Vanning Program’.
                                                                               1972 and we are pleased to main-        they are visiting. Summer mornings           We are also looking for addition-
                                            The Diocese of Calgary Van-        tain the tradition with another pro-    are filled with running the program     al volunteers to join our committee.

           Road                        ning Program is up and running
                                       again this summer!
                                                                               gram starting at the beginning of
                                                                               July 2008. Vanners will visit rural
                                                                                                                       and the afternoons with prepara-
                                                                                                                       tion and some down-time. Before
                                                                                                                                                               The Vanning committee oversees the
                                                                                                                                                               hiring and training of the Vanners, as

          Again                             If you’re driving the highways
                                       of Southern Alberta this coming
                                       summer, watch for a shiny van
                                                                               Anglican churches, bringing a Va-
                                                                               cation Bible School with them. This
                                                                               program is at no cost to the hosting
                                                                                                                       hitting the road, all Vanners are
                                                                                                                       commissioned by the Bishop or his
                                                                                                                       designate. Dates for the mandatory
                                                                                                                                                               well as the leasing of the vehicles,
                                                                                                                                                               on-call support for the Vanners, and
                                                                                                                                                               much more. To volunteer please con-
                                       carrying dozens of Rubbermaid           parish and welcomes children from       training weekend will be posted. To     tact
                                       bins full of craft supplies and story   the surrounding community.              apply, please email your resume to           If your parish is interested in
                                       books to a rural Anglican church              We are currently looking for                hosting Vanners, please contact Su-
                                       near you. The Vanning Program           Vanners, young men and women                 To send one team of Vanners        zan Pedersen in the Diocesan office
                                                                               between the ages of 19 and 22, to       for a full eight week summer costs      at
                                                                               lead the programs for children in       about $22,000. This covers the               Above all else, your prayerful
                                                                               rural communities for the months of     leasing of their vehicle, gas, insur-   support for the Vanners, the parishes
                                                                               July and August. The positions are      ance, lunches for the Vanners, small    they will visit, all the children who
                                                                               full time and a competitive salary is   parish host gifts, craft supplies,      will come to know more about God’s
                                                                               offered to the successful candidates.   and much more. Please ask for the       love this summer and for the commit-
                                                                               Experience with children is impor-      Lord’s wisdom when it comes to          tee would be very much appreciated.
                                                                               tant, as is a desire to show God’s      supporting the program. If you or
                                                                               love to everyone. Vanners are billet-   your parish feel able to contribute     Laurel Hatch is the public relations
                                                                               ed with people in the rural commu-      please send your cheque to Doro-          and recruitment member of the
               Taking advantage of summer in God’s country,
                                                                               nities where they are running their     thy Schultz at the Synod Office            Diocese of Calgary Vanning
                   Vanners bring their programs outside.                       programs and spend their dinners        made payable to the ‘Diocese of                    Committee.
Dear Friends in Christ,                                                           As you responsibly share it, oth-
                                                                                  ers will rejoice that the living God
      For the first three months of                                               walks with us, just as He did on the
2008 I encouraged us to think about                                               Walk to Emmaus.
our stewardship of the resources                                                       Yes, there are dangers when
which God has given to us, espe-                                                  we share our story that is why I
cially with the goal of reducing our                                              said “responsibly” share. How do
carbon footprint. This is one way                                                 we learn to do this? We learn in
to approach the question: are we                                                  the safety and security of our par-
a Healthy Parish...a Healthy Dio-                                                 ish family, in small groups. Such
cese? To rephrase Luke 16:10-12, if                                               groups are available through pro-
we are not responsible in small mat-                                              grams like Alpha, EFM, Cursillo,
                                                  From the
ters, how can we expect to be given                                               TEC, and others. As a result of
responsibility for greater ones?                                                  these small group experiences we
      What is one of the greater                                                  become better equipped to share
things that we will receive respon-                                               our story as a way of introducing
sibility for when the Lord judges        The Rt. Rev. Derek Hoskin                another person to The Story of how
us ready? The most important re-                                                  God so loved the world.
sponsibility we will ever receive       think something happened or you                A Healthy Parish is intentional
during our life on earth is revealed    would not be a person of faith to-        about helping people articulate
in Luke 24:13-34 (the Walk to Em-       day. What has been different in your      their story in their own words so
maus). Take a moment to read that       life as a result of that encounter?       that when the opportunity comes
passage about one of Our Lord’s               All of these questions are per-     they will be ready to take on great-
resurrection appearances.               tinent to our exploration about what      er responsibility.
      A great story! A story that you   it means to be a Healthy Parish. A             Where do we begin? Perhaps a
could likely tell to a Sunday School    healthy parish is composed of peo-        place to begin is to read this article
class in your own words.                ple who have a story to share. It is      again and wrestle with the ques-
      Now, can you think of a time      the story of how they encountered         tions...not just alone, but as a par-

                                                                                                                                         THE SOWER
in your life when you were like the     The Story that embraces the Begin-        ish family.
disciples in the story? Disheartened,   ning and the End of all that was,
confused, at a loss what to do next,    is, and will be. In telling their story   The Lord bless you as you share          The Sower is published under the authority of the Bishop of Calgary
faced with a situation that seemed      the person is sharing The Story           your story.                              and is a publication of the Diocese of Calgary. Opinions expressed in
                                                                                                                            The Sower are not necessarily those of the editor or the publisher.
impossible? What did you do? The        of how God brought them out of            Derek                                                                  April 2008
disciples went for a walk. Did you?     Darkness into Light. You are that         Bishop of Calgary                                                 Volume 9, Number 4
What happened on that walk? I           person. Your story is important.                                                                       A Section of Anglican Journal

                                                                                                                           EDITORIAL BOARD
Dear Readers,                                                                     as those who have come to Angli-
                                                                                                                           EDITOR:                     Tim Christison
                                                                                  canism as adults from other faiths.
                                                                                                                           PRODUCTION:                 June Au Yeung
     Throughout my life, the arts                                                 But we are open to others’ views
                                                                                                                           BUSINESS:                   Allan Millar
have nourished and sustained me                                                   and our debates are lively and re-       CIRCULATION:                Barbara Millar
as my vocation and as an avoca-                                                   spectful.                                BOARD MEMBERS:              Ellen Lee
tion. Sometimes I confess, I play                                                      In an EFM exercise recently,                                    Pauline Hoskin
music or read a book to escape re-                                                we experienced the difficulty in
                                                                                                                           OUR MANDATE
ality. And who wouldn’t want an                                                   achieving a consensus on creeds
escape these days from the confu-                                                 or a metaphor for Jesus. Even af-        The Sower endeavours to reflect the diversity of the
sion, rancor and litigation that has                                              ter accepting individuals’ image of      people and activities of the Diocese of Calgary through
                                                                                                                           news stories, feature articles, opinion essays, and
invaded our beloved church? I’ve                                                  Jesus, we could not agree on a few
                                                                                                                           photos usually provided by local contributors.
been reading more than usual lately                                               simple words that then we all could
                                                  From the
                                        Editor’s Desk
and trying not to read all the press                                              proclaim, “We believe …”                 DEADLINES
releases but instead read biogra-                                                      We could laugh, leave our at-       For current deadlines contact
phies of those who were tolerant                                                  tempt and move onto something else.      SUBMITTING MATERIAL
but principled.                                                                   Our leaders can’t. They must daily
                                                 Tim Christison                                                            The Sower welcomes story ideas and unsolicited
     I chide myself that I need to                                                struggle to find that place of toler-
                                                                                                                           editorial material. Guidelines are available on
remain present and listen but it has                                              ance, and those few simple words
                                                                                                                           request. All material must be in typed form and may
been in preparatory reading for Ed-     with varying and differing perspec-       we can all proclaim and live by.         be submitted to The Sower, #2, 721 - 13 Avenue SW,
ucation for Ministry seminars that      tives our history has been.                                                        Calgary, Alberta T2R 0K8 or sent by email in Microsoft
I have found hope. As we study               Our group is quite eclectic          Your Editor,                             Word as an attachment to Photos with
church history in year three and        with scientists and artists, a wide       Tim Christison                           clear identification and relevant information may also
four of EFM, we learn how fraught       age range, cradle Anglicans as well                            be sent by regular or email to the same contacts.
                                                                                                                           All submissions are subject to editing for clarity,
                                                                                                                           timeliness, appropriateness and length.
     Your comments, emails, let-        the reason smacked me upside              announcements appear. Please
ters, conversations and phone           the head. The perception was              send announcements before the            CIRCULATION QUESTIONS
calls indicate that you read and        that the announcements were               first of the month prior to publica-     Parishioners may support The Sower with a yearly $12
enjoy the Sower. More and more          “ads” which had to be paid for.           tion. That is for June publication,      contribution for 10 issues (January through December).
of you are sending in articles,         They are free listings.                   our last before summer hiatus, we        This can be paid through your parish or mailed to: The
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brief notes on events, and sup-         nouncements if you knew that we           before the first of May.
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plying photos that amuse, inform        don’t charge to carry them in the
                                                                                                                           The publishing year runs from January 1 to December
and touch the viewers.                  classified section of page seven?                                                  31. Please allow eight weeks for address change or
     The Sower appeal for dona-         If so, email to 30-                                                  cancellation to take effect and include the latest
tions got a very positive response      50 words and we will print them                                                    mailing label for our reference.
and with the cheques came en-           under the appropriate category.                                                    PRINTING ARRANGEMENTS
couraging and positive comments.             If you want to place a display                                                Printed by the Goderich Signal Star Inc. Goderich, ON, on
So I was a bit surprised that there     ad - those that contain artwork -                                                  recycled paper, and mailed with The Anglican Journal.
were not more announcements             for which there is a small charge,
coming into the Sower.                  send it to Allan Millar sower@                                                                    Use a NET to catch some faith…
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     Then when I began receiving If you want us to print
queries about rates for our ads,        an announcement, format it as the
                                                                                                                                                                                   THE SOWER 3

                                                                                                                         Images of Spirituality 2008
                                                                                                                         by Ann Rondeau (St. Stephen               hands. Green represents the joy that
                                                                                                                         Ukrainian Catholic, Calgary)              comes from the beauty of nature and
                                                                                                                         and Jane Jensen (St. Martin’s             Christ as the source of this joy. We
Holy Land Trip                          of the way on the water.                flect my Christian beliefs (or that      Anglican, Calgary)                        were invigorated by the symbol of
Dear Editor,                                                                    of many church members I know)                                                     Christ as the tree of life and we, as
      All the people I know, clerical   Sincerely,                              Surely it is time to have a public            “The Lord has done great             the branches, forming a huge living
or lay, who have visited the Holy       Mary-Jo Burles                          conversation about the relevance         things for us, and we are filled with     vine. Blue represents the spirit. Joy
Land, have been modest income                                                   of repeating week by week a creed        joy.” Psalm 126:3                         is one of the fruits of the spirit. This
people but they managed to pay                                                  from the fourth century whose lan-            Joy permeated the weekend as         translates into creativity, clarity and
their own way. So did we.               Questioning the Creed                   guage of expression belongs to an        women of diverse denominations            peacefulness. Indigo represents la-
      Might I suggest that anyone       Dear Editor,                            entirely different intellectual era.     met for an inspirational and joyous       ments. Unless we experience sor-
who visits there will have their             What a relief! I finally attend-        I am concerned that the words       gathering of fellowship, study and        row we cannot fully experience joy.
trip enhanced by staying at ei-         ed a service at an Anglican church      of the creed are a deterrent for en-     meditation last April at the Images            Christ is the root of our joy.
ther the King David or the King         in Calgary where I did not have to      quirers (both young and older) into      of Spirituality gathering at the En-      Our lives should be lived as wit-
Solomon Hotel. The buffet break-        deal with the moral dilemma of          the Anglican church and would            theos Retreat Center. Rev. Marty          nesses to our Creator so we may
fasts are superb. Try Craig Tours.      whether or not to join in the reci-     welcome comments and or ideas            Tuer and Rev. Helen Smith provid-         reach out to others in love and joy
If you take the boat trip across the    tation of the Nicene Creed. Even        about this.                              ed a wonderful contrast as they led       as was experienced over the week-
Sea of Galilee, be prepared for the     though the service was from the                                                  the women through group activi-           end. Participants expressed joy and
boat to stop midway – they then         BCP, a hymn was sung in place of        Sincerely                                ties and celebration designed to ex-      renewal and are looking forward
tell you to get out and walk the rest   the creed. This creed does not re-      Jan Heath                                plore and experience the presence         eagerly to next year’s gathering.
                                                                                                                         of joy though Christ in our lives.             Images of Spirituality 2008
                                                                                                                              Images of Spirituality is an op-     will be April 11-13 at Entheos Re-
  Bishop Hoskin Elected Chancellor                                              of the University of Emmanuel            portunity for women to escape the         treat Center. The gathering ends at
                                                                                College Senate, and grants degrees       distractions of everyday life and         1:00pm Sunday so people can go
 Election of Chancellor, University of Emmanuel College
                                                                                at Convocation. We are grateful to       to focus on spiritual growth and          to services Sunday evening. The
     I am pleased to announce           two years as a member of the Col-       Bishop Hoskin for taking on this         community building. The theme             theme is “Be Still . . . ” (Psalm
that The Right Rev’d Derek              lege Council. The Chancellor is         role and look forward to his par-        for the 2007 gathering centered on        46:10a). The guest speaker is San-
Hoskin, Bishop of Calgary,              the chief officer of the University     ticipation in our May Convocation.       joy with each color of the rainbow        dra Donnelly (Catholic) and the
has accepted the election of            of Emmanuel College, which is           Walter Deller, Principal of the Col-     representing an aspect of joy. The        worship leader is the Rev. Jean Mor-
the Senate of the University of         established by Federal Statute. Un-     lege of Emmanuel of St Chad, and         red represents the blood of Christ        ris (Presbyterian). Registration is
Emmanuel College and agreed             der the governing statutes, the Chan-   Vice-Chancellor.                         that redeemed us and serves as the        $220 (which reflects necessary cost
to be our University Chancellor.        cellor must be elected from among                                                healing power of joy. The orange          increases at Entheos). Contact Reg-
His term of office is for an ini-       the bishops of the Ecclesiastical        The note that Bishop Hoskin was         and yellow represent the joy of ser-      istrar Laurette Roth (St. Pius Catho-
tial period of three years. Bishop      Province of Rupert’s Land. The            named chancellor of Wycliffe           vice, the giving of ourselves out of      lic) 403-288-1256 or laurol@telus.
Hoskin has served for the past          Chancellor presides over meetings             College was incorrect.             the gratitude that comes from God’s       net for info or to register.

                                                            AT THE
                                                 by Dr. Norman Knowles          MOV I ES
       Unseen parallel worlds           the source of the trouble and           by sprites and confined to a
  inhabited by brownies, sprites,       discovers a secret room where           timeless realm where he can do
  goblins and ogres, the corrupting
  force of pride and power, the
                                        he stumbles upon his great uncle
                                        Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to
                                                                                no harm. The same fate might
                                                                                well have befell the hot-headed
                                                                                                                          Walk and Talk in The Rockies
  perennial struggle between good       the Fantastical World Around You.       and obstinate Jared had he not            with Professor Tinu Ruparell
  and evil, and the universal need      Ever defiant, Jared ignores a note      recognized the consequences to
  for healing and reconciliation        warning against opening the book,       his actions, not only for himself             Saturday, April 12t, St. Mi-         tation will look at how we might
  provide the central themes of         throwing himself and his family         but to those closest to him.             chael’s Anglican 709 7th Street,          go beyond merely a ‘benign tol-
  The Spiderwick Chronicles.            into the middle of an epic struggle           Significantly, it is the elderly   Canmore 9:00 am – 4:30 pm Regis-          erance’ of our religious others
       Based on the books of the        between the forces of good and          Aunt Lucinda, confined to a home         ter at (403) 678 5191. $25 includes       towards a position where we can
  same name by Holly Black, this        evil. Seeking the knowledge             because of her ‘delusions,’ who          lunch and guided walk.                    more authentically affirm the dig-
  film tells the story of the Grace     found in the book to control both       has the special wisdom needed                 Recent critiques of religion         nity of difference.
  family. Deserted by her husband       the magical and human realms, a         to defeat the powers of darkness.        from prominent atheists such as                Dr Tinu Ruparell has been an
  for another woman, Helen Grace        malevolent, shape-shifting ogre,        Ultimately, it is only through           Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and           Assistant Professor of Religious
  has relocated her daughter            Mulgarath, unleashes a goblin           generosity of sharing and the            Christopher Hitchens have seriously       Studies at the University of Cal-
  Mallory and twin sons, Simon          army against Jared and the rest of      willingness to sacrifice self for        misconstrued the nature of religious      gary since January 2003. He holds
  and Jared, to a creepy Victorian      the Grace family.                       others that the powers of evil are       belief. However these critics have        a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion
  mansion inherited from an                   In the havoc that ensues,         defeated and the grace of healing        thrown light onto an area of theol-       from the University of Cambridge.
  elderly and purportedly insane        resentment and rivalry give way         and reconciliation received.             ogy which needs to be re-examined         Previously he was the Director of
  aunt, Lucinda.                        to trust and cooperation as the               The Spiderwick Chronicles          for our times. This talk will consid-     the Liverpool Hope Centre for the
       While Mallory and Simon          fractured Grace family pulls            is an entertaining fantasy that          er the nature of religious belief for a   Study of Science and Religion in
  accept the need to start over,        together and learns to value each       is sure to captivate young and           scientific, ‘post-modern’ age.            the UK. His publications include,
  strong-willed and short-tempered      other’s unique gifts.                   old audiences alike. It is also a                                                  Encountering Religion edited with
  Jared wrongly blames his mother             As a parable, The                 reminder that there is more to                    Living with                      Ian Markham (Blackwell, 2001)
  for the break-up of the family        Spiderwick Chronicles illustrates       life than what we can perceive                Our Religious Others                 and Dialogue and Hybridity (SUNY
  and lashes out at his more            the dangers of prideful                 with our eyes alone.                                                               Press, 2008). His research focuses
  accommodating siblings. When          disobedience.                                                                         Multi-cultural societies high-       upon Hindu-Christian Dialogue, is-
  articles begin to go missing and            When warned of the danger         PG—Some scenes may be                    light the need to find ways in            sues related to Science and Religion
  unexplained noises are heard in       of the knowledge contained              frightening to young children.           which we can live with and learn          and comparative philosophy of reli-
  the middle of the night, Jared is     in his field guide, Arthur                                                       from those who do not share our           gion. He is a member of All Saints
  quite naturally blamed for the        Spiderwick obstinately refuses           The Rev. Dr. Norman Knowles             religious traditions. This presen-        Anglican Church in Cochrane.
  mischief.                             to destroy his life’s labour. As         teaches history and film at St.
       Determined to prove his          a consequence, he is separated            Mary’s University College in
  innocence, Jared sets out to find     from his wife and daughter                         Calgary.
                                                                      HOW WE MINISTER
                                                                                                                         of this enterprise include employ-     ensures more fundraising dinners.
 African Outreach
  from the Cathedral Outreach Committee
                                                                                                                         ment for the local community and
                                                                                                                         an increased source of protein in
                                                                                                                                                                You are invited to support the Pig-
                                                                                                                                                                gery by attending a dinner, hosting
                                                                                                                         the local diet. All financial pro-     a dinner at your church, or buying
                                                                                                                         ceeds will go to support the Clinic.   a pig (the going rate in Nigeria is
     A Place for the Spirit in the        our prayers.                                                                         The first successful fundrais-   $100 for parent stock). Please con-
Heart of the City - The Cathedral              They are now completing                                                   ing dinner - pork was featured         tact Peggy Morton at 246-1520 for
Church of the Redeemer congrega-          a one-year residency program                                                   - was held March 1st. Its success      more information.
tion is devoted to fulfilling this man-   in Kenya, and then returning to
date but we are reaching beyond           South Sudan to fulfill their mis-
ourselves by providing A Place for        sion of practicing medicine in their
the Spirit in the Heart of Africa.        homeland. Their presence will sig-
     The Cathedral has been home          nificantly impact the health care in
for years to a Sudanese Dinka An-         South Sudan, which has a popula-
glican Congregation. In 2006, we          tion nearing 10 million people and         The Rev. Dr. Bode Akintade,
met a group of 15 men and women           only 50 medical doctors. Three            Director of the Christian Health
                                                                                   Center in Nigeria, during his visit                                                                  Dr. Michael
who were born in South Sudan, mi-         of the physicians are in a teaching             to Calgary in 2005.                                                                           in Juba with
grated to Ethiopia during the civil       hospital in the South Sudan capital                                                                                                           patients.
war and while in refugee camps,           of Juba, others are in their home      ple. Our members have visited the
were sent to Cuba for education.          villages, and two are leaders with     clinic, delivered medical supplies
War in Sudan delayed their return         State health management.               and helped develop organizational
home so they came as refugees to                 Our hearts and lives were       strategies to improve efficiencies.
Canada. Here they worked at non-          touched by our brief encounter         In 2005, Bode visited with us to
medical jobs, but despite many            with these remarkable people, and      help celebrate our Centennial.
obstacles they were determined to         we continue to hold them in our        Last year, funds were raised to
return to their homeland and work         prayers.                               support two micro-enterprise op-
as doctors.                                    Our second African outreach       portunities: bee keeping and snail
     The University of Calgary and        program involves a partnership         farming. Proceeds from these busi-
                                                                                                                              Dr. Daniel with
Samaritan’s Purse Canada part-            with the Christian Health Centre       nesses support the Health Clinic.          many patients and
nered to provide their medical up-        Foundation in Idominasi Village,            We are now responding to a               few resources.
grading program. We joined this           Nigeria. The Director, the Ven. Dr.    request to fund a third, more am-
partnership by offering the group         I Bode Akintade, is an ordained An-    bitious micro-enterprise: the pro-
a spiritual home. They complet-           glican Archdeacon who completed        posed “Cathedral Piggery”. Under
ed our Alpha program and were
warmly welcomed into our church
family. When they completed
                                          postgraduate training in obstetrics
                                          and gynecology in England before
                                          returning home to answer a call to
                                                                                 the direction of an agro-economist
                                                                                 and veterinary assistant, donations
                                                                                 will support the purchase of 40
                                                                                                                                by Leighton Lee            Reflection
their upgrading in October 2006,          minister to the Nigerian people.       pigs and assist with the required                If Easter is on the one       some kind of ecclesiastical
the Rev. John Pilling officiated at            In rural Nigeria, the Health      building and operating costs.              hand the most viscerally acces-     formula. All we need do, all
a service of thanksgiving and the         Centre provides health care and             The pork industry is quite lu-        sible Christian observance – all    we can do, is live lives now
physicians returned to Africa with        hope to hundreds of destitute peo-     crative in Nigeria, and the benefits       those fanfares and thundering       which are, in some sense, lives
                                                                                                                            organs and chanting choirs and      of resurrection. That is to say,
                                                                                                                            gorgeous robes – it is also, of     if the resurrection means that
                                                                                                                            course, on the other hand the       all of the darkness and corrup-
                                                                                                                            most evasive observance. The        tion and despair which seems
                                                                                                                            whole resurrection story seems      to characterize human life is
                                                                                                                            so implausible, so remote, so re-   defeated – if even death is
                                                                                                                            moved from our present reality.     defeated – we must make our
                                                                                                                            In fact the idea of a man (who      lives Easter lives, which is to
                                                                                                                            was also God) who died and          say we must live lives full of
                                                                                                                            then rose from the dead seems       joy and hope and peace. But
                                                                                                                            so ludicrous that most people, in   of course you and I can’t make
                                                                                                                            fact, now practice a benign form    ourselves live Easter lives, we
                                                                                                                            of pantheism believing they can     can’t force ourselves to be joy-
                                                                                                                            worship God just as well under      ful and hopeful and peaceful.
                                                                                                                            the skies or on the mountaintop          But what we can do is give
                                                                                    Finally back in his homeland            or in beautiful music.              ourselves permission to take
                                                                                  where he is able to do what he has              But the Resurrection is not   time away from the entire hub-
       The fundraisers at pork dinner to support the Cathedral Piggery.
                                                                                        struggled years to do.
                                                                                                                            an otherworldly tale uncon-         bub of daily life so that the truth
                                                                                                                            nected with our present – that      of resurrection may penetrate us,
                                                                                                                            is to say human – condition. It     seize hold of us and transform
                                                                                                                            is the basis and the means by       us. Easter faith does not dissolve
                                                                                                                            which we participate in the life    tragedy into comedy; the prom-
                                                                                                                            of Christ, a life that has now      ise of light does not dispel the
                                                                                                                            been glorified, lifted and liber-   darkness. To live by Easter faith,
                                                                                                                            ated from the strictures and        with Easter expectation, is to be
                                                                                                                            limitations of earthly existence    enabled to do, in the darkness,
                                                                                                                            and abides in indissoluble unity    what Jesus did in Gesthemane:
                                                                                                                            with the Godhead. Christ’s          namely, to sustain, in that dark-
                                                                                                                            resurrection is the revelation to   ness, unswerving trust in God’s
                                                                                                                            us of what God has eternally        invisible light. That is the power
                                                                                                                            purposed for humanity: our          of the resurrection, the power
                                                                                                                            final goal, now made attainable     which enables us to proclaim
                                                                                                                            because it was revealed and         today, against all odds and in the
                                                                                                                            achieved by Jesus, who repre-       face of darkness: Christ is risen
                                                                                                                            sents the truest human, though      indeed. Alleluia.
                                                                                                                            one unmarred by human failing.
                                                                                                                                  We are not asked to un-          The Rev. Leighton Lee is
                                                                                                                            derstand resurrection in a kind     Priest-in-Charge at the Cathe-
                                                                                                                            of scientific, forensic way; we      dral Church of the Redeemer
                  Three young Medicine Hat volunteer soldiers with their mothers received a blessing
                                           from All Saints congregation.
                                                                                                                            are not required to prove it by
                                                                      HOW WE MINISTER                                                                                          THE SOWER 5

         Open Hearts,
                   Open Minds
     For several months some            sored by our own Cathedral Church
members of our congregation have        of the Redeemer on Saturday Feb-
been meeting with members of the        ruary 23rd when Imam Syed So-
Muslim communities in the city’s        harwardy of the Islamic Supreme
southwest and northeast. Our pur-       Council of Canada and the Al Ma-
poses include becoming better ac-       dinah Calgary Islamic Centre in
quainted with one another, our two      the northeastern part of the city ad-
faiths and building bridges of trust    dressed a small but interested body
between us. One of our initiatives      of Christians of different denomi-
was the showing of the documen-         nations. His abbreviated presenta-
tary ‘The Imam and the Pastor’ in a     tion of ‘Islam 101’ was followed
downtown theatre on January 28th.       by a question and answer period
It was attended by over 200 from a      that exceeded an hour. Further en-
diversity of faiths, and much learn-    gagements between the communi-
ing took place! The attendance          ties are planned to follow.
of the story’s central characters,           Should you wish further infor-
Imam Ashafa and Pastor James,           mation or desire to become a part
former combatants in Nigeria, was       of this venture please contact Keith
an added bonus as they answered         and Joy Newman at (403) 208-
our many questions.                     1602, or Michael and Sandra Prior            Imam Jamal Hamoud (left) welcoming Imam Ashafa (middle) and Pastor James (right) to showing of the film.
     A further initiative was spon-     at (403)239-6575                                                  The Imam and the Pastor about their inter-faith relationship.

                                        their search for permanent status
Helping                                 in the community. In summary the
                                        benefits are too many to mention.
  the                                         These comments had a strong
                                        effect on one particular person
Homeless                                who was there as a guest of one
                                        of the Companions an unassum-
  One Family                            ing woman who happened to be
                                        in the right time at the right place.
   at a Time                            She has no direct connection to the
                                        Anglican Church, being a commit-
by David Stauft                         ted member of the Holy Spirit Ro-
                                        man Catholic parish community in
      In November 2006 at a meet-       southwest Calgary.
ing with The Bishop’s Companions,             She became a link among three
our Bishop Derek Hoskin spoke at        elements: the Companions of the
some length about the plight of the     Bishop, a purely Anglican organiza-
homeless in Calgary. More specifi-      tion; the Inn from the Cold, a totally
cally he talked about the Inn from      ecumenical organization dedicated
the Cold program, which is oper-        to helping the homeless; and a Ro-
ated by a number of churches of         man Catholic parish committed to
various denominations.                  its role of helping people.
      It provides overnight accom-            The next day she was in con-
modation in different churches ev-      tact with her parish priest to sug-
ery night for families who would        gest that perhaps Holy Spirit might
otherwise be on the street. Each
morning they are returned down-
                                        consider taking on such a project.
                                        He referred her to the parish’s Inn
                                                                                   Sri Lankan Women Press for Peace
town in order that the children can
go to school and the parent(s) to
                                        from the Cold organization, which
                                        enthusiastically accepted it. The
                                                                                          in The Midst of Chaos
their jobs. It is not generally known   parish adopted a family in March         by Keith Knight                         couragement and support to help         tion. She says her organization has
that at least one parent of many, if    of 2007.                                                                         organize the advocacy movement.         called upon the United Nations to
not most, homeless families is fully          The net result is that 12 months        In the middle of the chaos and     In 1991, PWRDF brought to Sri           send in peacekeeping troops. “I am
employed. They just don’t have the      later the adopted family is now in-      the turmoil, the women of Sri Lan-      Lanka a delegation of 20 Canadian       not optimistic about a peaceful so-
funds required for damage depos-        dependent, and has “graduated”!          ka are strong and resilient. This de-   parliamentarians who added their        lution to the present conflict,” she
its, etc. for permanent housing.        Plans are now underway to adopt          spite the fact that there is on aver-   support to that human rights move-      said this week.
      He made the point that if 45      another family and perhaps two.          age five abductions per day and ev-     ment by visiting many parts of the           The plight of women in Sri
churches in our city would each               The question that immediately      eryone is viewed with suspicion.        country. They came in the middle        Lanka has improved considerably
sponsor just one of these families      comes to mind, is, “How many                  Kumi Samuel, director of the       of intense internal conflict.           in recent years, thanks to organiza-
on a permanent basis we could           other parishes, regardless of de-        Women and Media Collective in                The Women and Media Col-           tions such as the collective. There
substantially reduce, if not elimi-     nomination, are prepared to rise         Colombo, Sri Lanka, and a former        lective has a 25-year history, dili-    is a high literacy rate among wom-
nate, the need fo the Inn from the      to the challenge of really making        international partner on the board      gently engaged in peace-building        en, thanks in large part to free edu-
Cold program.                           a difference in another family’s         (1997-2004) of The Primate’s            and peace-making. That work con-        cation. Most women in leadership
      The bishop was quite passion-     life?” The answer is one that you        World Relief and Development            tinues throughout the current civil     tend to be about 30 years old, said
ate in his comments. He pointed         can provide - one family at a time.      Fund, spoke to staff at the national    unrest where thousands have been        Ms. Samuel.
out that such a move would help         Let’s limit the number of homeless       office of The Anglican Church of        forced to flee their homes and vil-          The collective mobilizes
establish each family with a hap-       families one family at a time.           Canada on Feb. 27.                      lages, where dissent is not tolerated   women. It was instrumental in in-
pier, successful life in Calgary.             For further information please          She spoke of the long and          and where there is a heavy policing     troducing legislation on domestic
They could become part of a par-        contact the diocesan office at (403)     strong connection between PWRDF         of civil rights groups. Neighbours      violence, which was passed into
ish community, become friends           243-3673.                                and Sri Lanka, dating back to the       are encouraged to spy on each           law. Ms. Samuel continues to
with parishioners, and then in turn                                              1980s when PWRDF staff mem-             other and to report any suspicious      press for legislation offering land
would be able to network for a start         David Stauft is married to          bers would visit the country. That      activity.                               rights for women, and encourages
of a more normal family life. The          the woman so affected by the          led to a vibrant mentoring relation-         Ms. Samuel says media face         greater participation by women in
emotional boost would also help in               Bishop’s speech.                ship where PWRDF provided en-           daily censorship and intimida-          the media.
                                           parish income that could be used to        have trouble paying for the pro-
Stewardship                                calculate an amount of apportion-          grams that they would like for
                                           ment to be paid each year. Although        their own parishioners?
                                                                                                                                                   AT THE
by Stephen Koning, Director of
Finance for the Diocese
                                           the formula has been adjusted since
                                           then, it is the formula that determines
                                           the amount of apportionment that
                                                                                           All parishes are asked to pay
                                                                                      apportionment as a sign that they
                                                                                      belong to a church that is larger
                                                                                                                                         by Blake Kanewischer        MOV I ES
     Apportionment is the Anglican         each parish is asked to pay.               than themselves. The paying of ap-
Church’s way of “apportioning” or                Apportionment is paid on an          portionment is a tangible expression             Driving Lessons (2006) is a     and his wife’s. Robert preaches
sharing financial resources among          annual basis. Most parishes pay            of the idea that all congregations are     well-crafted coming-of-age film,      a benign, inoffensive, and
the different levels of the church         monthly to even out the payments           part of the Diocesan family.               with some similarities to Harold      borderline secular humanist
structure. Thus, parishes pay ap-          during the year. For parishes that              Why do some parishes pay              and Maude. Ben Marshall               approach to Christianity.
portionment to the Diocese just            pay smaller amounts of apportion-          full apportionment and others do           (Rupert Grint) is the son of          Laura’s faith is expressed very
like the Diocese pays apportion-           ment, an annual payment or a series        not, sometimes for many years?             a Church of England vicar,            differently. Which approach
ment to the Ecclesiastical Province        of quarterly payments reduces the               As explained above, the               Roger, (Nicholas Farrell) and         to Christianity appeals to you
of Rupert’s Land and the General           amount of administrative time to           amount of apportionment is de-             an overbearing, perfectionist,        more? Are they necessarily
Synod (National Church). In fact,          process apportionment payments.            termined by a formula. However,            evangelical mother, Laura (Laura      incompatible?
over 26% of Diocesan income goes                 The money goes to the Dio-           a mathematical formula cannot              Linney). Ben is quite repressed.            Ben is a teenager, and
to pay apportionment to the Prov-          cese to pay for (a) the Diocese’s          account for the various situations         Laura also has a penchant for         Evie is a senior. At first, their
ince and the National Church.              apportionment to the Province              that parishes find themselves in           helping people—including 70-          relationship is constrained
     Apportionment to the Diocese          and the National Church; (b) the           from year to year. Thus, there are         something Mr. Fincham, who            by the employer/employee
is paid by each of the parishes in         provision of financial support to          times when the Diocesan Execu-             is living with the Marshalls.         dynamic, but eventually evolves.
the Diocese.                               parishes, clergy, and lay people           tive Committee recognizes that a           When she suggests Ben get a           What can we learn from an
     Many years ago a Diocesan             within the Diocese; (c) providing          parish cannot pay the amount of            job to help out about the house,      intergenerational relationship?
Synod decided (by adopting a Can-          financial support to various min-          apportionment as calculated by             he answers an ad for a personal       Are we better off being friends
on – or Bylaw – regarding the pay-         istries and groups in the Diocese          the formula. In these situations,          assistant to aging, slightly manic    with those who, at first blush, are
ment of apportionment) that it was         (e.g. the Refugee Committee, the           the parish is granted a reduction          actress Evie (Julie Walters).         different from us?
through paying apportionment that          Candidates Committee, the Sower,           of apportionment. If the situation               After dubbing him                     Evie nurtures a poetic
they (all the parishes) would fund         the Campus Chaplaincy in Leth-             requiring a reduction of apportion-        “socially autistic,” Evie and         / literary streak in Ben,
the operation of the Diocese.              bridge, the Executive Committee,           ment continues for several years,          her young assistant embark            culminating in a touching scene
     Diocesan apportionment was            etc.); (d) providing for the ministry      then the apportionment paid will           on a journey of discovery that        where he reads his poetry to
set by a Diocesan Committee that           of the Bishop and other Diocesan           be less that the amount calculated         takes them camping and along          Evie. How do you nurture
assessed each parish with a certain        Leaders (Executive Archdeacon,             by the formula for a number of             an improbable single-lane road        your own artistic talents? Who
amount of apportionment that had to        Secretary-Treasurer, Archdeacons,          years. Parishes receiving appor-           to Edinburgh. This journey            incubates and encourages your
be raised by the parish and paid to the    etc.); (e) the cost of the operation       tionment reductions are encour-            instills a love of poetry and         talent?
Diocese. In the late 1980’s, the Di-       of the Diocesan Office.                    aged to return to the apportionment        literature in young Ben, leavened           Laura and her cuckolded
ocesan Synod decided that it would               Why should parishes have             amount calculated by the formula           with a healthy dose of life’s         husband, Robert, raise Ben
be fairer to adopt a formula based on      to pay apportionment when they             as quickly as possible.                    indulgences. The chemistry            in a very sheltered world (my
                                                                                                                                 between these two actors is           favorite line of the movie:
                                                                                                                                 unmistakable [first observed          “Mobiles [cell phones] cause
Refreshing A Successful Ministry                                                                                                 briefly in the Harry Potter series]
                                                                                                                                 but here their portrayals are
                                                                                                                                                                       cancer!”). How do you strike
                                                                                                                                                                       the balance between providing
  In the March Sower, Barbara Simoes related how her experience at Storyline 2007, Canadian Youth Workers Conference in
                                                                                                                                 pivotal and exceptional.              a solid grounding for children
Vancouver BC will be translated into her combined youth ministry with SoulSERVivors at St. Michael’s Anglican and Ralph Connor
                         United Churches both in Canmore With this article, she completes her report.
                                                                                                                                       The most astounding scene       and exposing them to the world
                                                                                                                                 of the movie occurs during            at large? Ben takes a rebellious
by Barbara Simoes                          template different crosses, to reflect     three aspects, spiritual, service and      a church play in which Ben            journey (despite his upbringing)
                                           on scripture, use Lectio Divina, to        social, to analyze the program’s           has the demanding role of a           with Evie—what rebellious
     Doris Kizinna, Youth and Young        listen to Taize chants and so on. A        effectiveness; to determine rea-           eucalyptus tree. Evie bursts into     experiences played a significant
Adult Ministry, BC conference of the       rich experience and over much too          sonable accomplishments with               the hall and proceeds to steal        part in your life?
United Church of Canada presented          soon. I am introducing this col-           the existing resources (money and          the show, which catalyzes the               This movie pushes the
Engaging Youths in Spiritual Prac-         lection of spiritual practices to the      personnel) and adjust the program          dysfunctional Marshall family         PG-13 envelope with a notable
tice. She has been in youth ministry       youth group. Their response has            accordingly; to continue to pray           into action.                          amount of profanity, in addition
for 20 years, and is passionate about      been enthusiastically positive!            for the youth program weekly and                 First-time director Jeremy      to quintessentially British
creative worship, building com-                 The impact of this session on         include updates regularly in the           Brock, who also wrote the             expressions. The film is worth
munity and creating sacred spaces          Soul SERVIvors youth program               newsletters and bulletin.                  movie, takes a straightforward        watching for its exploration of
where all are welcome.                     will be to organize a spiritual prac-           Youth ministry is one of the          approach to the film, eschewing       family dynamics and its ultimate
     Christianity has a rich tradition     tices session with the group and to        priorities for our Diocese and I am        special effects and technically       message of hope and self-
of many prayer forms which allow           use a different spiritual practice         thankful for its financial support         difficult shots. The approach         realization woven in amongst
the participant to engage the senses,      each time we gather.                       to attend the conference. Engag-           complements the characters’           many classic literary works.
body, mind and heart. Too often                 A practical discussion of the         ing youth within the context of the        relationships nicely.
youth evenings just focus on activi-       importance for open and clear com-         church takes many forms and there                I find several themes at play    Blake Kanewischer regularly
ties that entertain while youth are        munication within a church com-            is no “one program fits all.” Attend-      throughout the film. One set of        reviews movies for The Sower
looking for a way to engage with           munity centred on church and youth         ing this rich and diverse conference       under explored themes in the              and in his fourth year of
the Spirit that is authentic to them.      ministry politics. The success of a        has helped me to refocus on priori-        movie is the tension between              Education for Ministry.
     “Spiritual practices bring us         program can be derailed by the dif-        ties and to encourage me to keep           Robert’s view of Christianity
closer to how God enters our lives.        fering expectations of vestry and          going – the kids are worth it!
Youth want to belong. Youth natu-          the youth leader. Defining a youth
rally seek. Spiritual practices open a     program, defining the role of the
space up for them,” she reminded us.       youth leader, defining responsibility
     To learn prayer is to experience      for the three different aspects of the
prayer so Doris set-up stations with       ministry, spiritual, service and so-
a variety of prayer forms. Atten-          cial and creating criteria to evaluate
tion to detail and making the room         the program were discussed. Youth
aesthetically pleasing is critical to      leaders are often expected to be a
engaging the participant – reminis-        committee of one, able to balance
cent of the mystery that Orthodox          church objectives with youth needs
services provided. For 45 minutes          while still fulfilling other roles in
we chose stations to learn and             the community; hence the high rate
practice the Jesus prayer, to write        of burnout and the fluctuating status
a letter to God, to open a box hold-       of youth ministry in any church.
ing a great gift, to write a postcard           The impact of the session on            Irene Norman, former parish secretary at St. Augustine’s, Lethbridge chats
prayer, to color a Mandela, to con-        Soul SERVIvors will be to use the               with Bishop Derek Hoskin. They served together between 1973-1975.
                                                                        DIOCESAN EVENTS                                                                                         THE SOWER 7

                                         holding their “Butterfly Tea”, Sat-      Anglican Church and an Asistant          Those who are unable to attend
                                         urday, May 10, 2008 at 1:00 - 3:30       Professor at the University of Cal-      the entire conference are encour-
                                         pm. Admission - $4.00. Call (403)        gary whose specialty is the nature of    aged to attend the Thursday eve-
                                         244-0198 for information.                religion. He has co-authored the book    ning film and the Friday evening
                                                                                  Encountering Religion: An Introduc-      worship. For more information
                                                YOUTH/CHILDREN                    tion to the Religions of the World.      contact The Rev. Anna Green-
         FREE LISTINGS                                                            As he says “Religion is simply too       wood-Lee at (403) 249-6184.
                                                                                  important for us not to be as fully                                                         April 2008
                                         Generation 2008 deadline has been
                                         extended to April 10. Please contact     informed and aware as we can be of       Stillpoint Pastoral Centre Pro-          April 6 - In Our Diocese - Holy
                                         Suzan Pedersen at the Synod office       its pivotal and ongoing role in human    grams For further information            Nativity, Calgary, The Rev.
Eucharists at the Cathedral              (403) 243-3673 ext. 103 or speder-       history.” There will be two talks with   and registration forms please            Bryan Beveridge, The Rev.
Tuesday and Thursday at 12:15   if you are       a guided walk, free time and lunch       call your parish office or contact       Kathy Ratuski
pm. Seniors’ Eucharist and tea is        interested in attending.                 in between. Please join us at St. Mi-    Stillpoint at (403) 282-5572 or          Companion Diocese of
held the third Wednesday of each                                                  chael’s Anglican Church in Canmore.         Windward Isles - Holy Trinity,
                                         More Than a Band-Aid - provin-                                                    Desert Spirituality for the City
month. Short Eucharist begins at                                                  Contact Barb Simoes for registration                                              Castries with St. Mary LaCaye,
                                         cial conference on the hurting kid,                                               Dweller A four week course in-
2:00 pm. Further information call                                                 at (403) 678-8749. Cost is $25.00.                                                The Ven. Randolph Evelyn
                                         youth, culture, mission June 6-8,                                                 volving teaching, prayer and dis-
the Cathedral at 269-1905.
                                         2008. Cost $125.00. Speaker Mary         The Alberta Pastoral Care Asso-          cussion Thursday evenings, May           April 13 - Our Diocese - St.
Invitation to Anglican Communi-          Penner and worship leader Anthony        ciation invites you to the 40th An-      15 - June 5, 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Holy        Augustine, Calgary, The Rev.
ty at U of C Anglicans are welcome       Packwood. Contact Suzan Pedersen         nual Conference entitled “Faith          Cross Anglican Church, 2828 - 19         Jonathon Gibson, The Rev.
to join the University of Calgary,       at the Synod office (403) 243-3673       Based Community Pastoral                 Street NW, Calgary. Cost: $85 per        Ruth Lillington
Lutherans, United Church mem-            ext. 103 or        Care” to be held on April 14 &           person. (Some subsidies are avail-       April 13-19 House of Bishops
bers, Presbyterians, and Catholics as for further information or     15, 2008 at The Executive Royal          able. Please contact Stillpoint.)        Companion Diocese - Grace
we gather for an ecumenical Taize        registration forms.                      Inn, 2828 - 23 Street NE, Cal-           Deadline: Monday, May 5.                 Church, Riviere Doree with St.
worship service, every Friday from                                                gary. The keynote speakers will                                                   Paul and Christ the King, The
                                         St. Martin, Calgary
12:30 - 12:50 in MSC 317A. Come                                                   be Steve Hill, Director of Mission                                                Rev. Ashton Francis
                                         April 19 (SATURDAY) Design 1:                                                             SPECIAL EVENTS
back to the Multifaith Chaplains’                                                 for Alberta Catholic Health Corp.,
                                         Parish Event 9:30am to 12 Noon                                                                                             April 20 - Our Diocese - St.
Centre afterwards (MSC 373) for                                                   the sponsor group on behalf of the       EFM Open House experience a
                                         Aligning values, structures and                                                                                            John the Evangelist, Calgary,
brown-bag lunch and discussion!                                                   Alberta Catholic Bishops for 12          session of Education for Ministry
                                         mission with the ideal. Develop-                                                                                           The Rev. Michael Heidt, The
The Rev. Klaus Ohlhoff, Lutheran                                                  faith-based Catholic health care         program (EFM) at St. Stephen’s,
                                         ing achievable plans and steps to                                                                                          Rev. Canon Bob Greene
Chaplain at U of C.                                                               institutions in Alberta and the          Calgary on Wednesday, April 16 at
                                         make the vision a reality.                                                                                                 Companion Diocese - St.
St. John the Evangelist                  Dialoguing What Should Be                Rev. Bob Glasgow, Chaplain of            7:00 pm in the Canterbury Room.          George with St. Vincent, St.
The Feast of St. Mark                    May 4 - Testing the Water: An in-        the Rockyview General Hospital.          St. Stephen’s is located at 1121 - 14    Peters, St. Luke and St. Alban
Solemn Mass with Rogation Pro-           teractive “Liturgy of the Word” : the    If you wish to receive a brochure        Avenue SW. EFM provides a com-
cession, Friday, April 25, 7:00 pm       World Café approach to dialogue          and registration form for this con-      prehensive, experiential education       April 27 - Our Diocese - St.
Solemn Evensong and Benedic-             Summer Season Design 2: Form-            ference, please email Kelly at           in the foundations and message           Laurence, Calgary, The Rev.
tion of the Blessed Sacrament,           ing working groups to develop Key             of the Christian faith designed to       Anna Greenwood-Lee, The
Sunday, April 20, 7:00 pm                Strategic Directions/Ministry Goals                                               equip persons to live out the min-       Rev. Vic Cabel, The Rev. Don
                                                                                  Faith Engaging the Multi-Sen-            istry to which all Christians are        McLeod
The Feast of the Annunciation,           September Deliver: Special par-
                                                                                  sory World and the Emerging              called through baptism. For further      Companion Diocese - St.
Tuesday, April 1, Low Mass, 7:00 pm      ish meeting to review & commit to
                                                                                  Church A conference with the             information contact Larry Nico-          David and St. Paul, The Rev.
The Feast of St. George, Wednes-         the Vision for Ministry and Strate-
                                                                                  Rev. Dr. Eric Elnes, April 17-19,        lay at (403) 239-4279 or Norman          Clive Thomas
day, April 23, Low Mass, 7:00 pm         gic Plan.
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                                                                                  dom Centre website http:’’www.           man Knowles at (403) 254-3718 or
Club meets on Saturdays after the 9:00   Street NW, Calgary. Cost: a dona-                                                                               
am Mass in the Cross Hall, St. John’s    tion to Stillpoint is appreciated.
the Evangelist to learn and exchange     (As a guideline, the cost of this
recipes and cook them. To join, please   program is $10 per person.) No                                                                   Special 2008 Dates
contact Chris Li at (403) 271-8588 or    registration is required.
                                                                                         Check Your Calendar and Join                     February 5     •   5:00 pm Shrove Tuesday Supper
                                         Spend a Day in the Rockies on Sat-                                                               March 1        •   6:00 pm Sock Hop
St. Mark and St. Philip Church,          urday, April 12, with Dr. Tinu Ru-                    THE                                        May 21         •   2:00 pm Founders’ Tea
1802 - 33rd Avenue SW, will be           parell. Tinu is a member of All Saints
                                                                                             CHURCH                                       June 14
                                                                                                                                          June 22
                                                                                                                                                             1:00 pm Ivy’s Garden Party
                                                                                                                                                             12:00 pm Parish Picnic
                                                                                              OF THE                                      July 6         •   8:00 am Stampede Breakfast

                                                                                          GOOD SHEPHERD                                   September 6    •   6:00 pm Parish BBQ

                                                                                                  As We Celebrate                         Anniversary Weekend Celebration
                                                                                                    50 Years                              September 26 •
                                                                                                                                          September 27 •
                                                                                                                                                             7:00 pm Wine & Cheese Reception
                                                                                                                                                             10:00 am Children’s Fun Day
                                                                                            of Our Christian Journey!
                                                                                                                                                       •     5:30 pm Formal Dinner
                                                                                                                                                             (Strathcona Community Centre)
                                                                                                                                          September 28 •     10:00 am Golden Anniversary Service
                                                                                                                                                             Bishop Hoskin officiating

                                                                                       Email:                  November 22    •   10:00 am - 2:00 pm Christmas Bazaar
                                                                                                 Phone: 246-8123                          November 29    •   8:00 am - 4:00 pm Advent Vigil
                                                                                                                                                         •   7:00 pm Advent Concert
                                                                  DIOCESAN NEWS
                                                                                                                                                            barded with things which are dark
                                                                          The Way of the Cross by Cathy Fulton                                              and heavy to handle....) or I could
                                                                          This article first appeared in the Lenten Edition of The Carillon, St. Stephen,   name, seek and claim the light (and
                                                                          Calgary’s newsletter. Re-printed here with the author’s permission                hope) which was behind it or be-
                                                                               Some years ago, I was sitting       to raise my head and my focus to         yond it, somewhat further from my
                                                                          vigil one Maundy Thursday, alone,        view the cross, which by definition      immediate focus and demanding
                                                                          in an unknown building in the            elevated my thoughts as well, and        more from me, for in it I saw the
                                                                          wee small hours of the night. Sur-       thus I became comfortable and in         light and hope of living as a person
                                                                          rounded by darkness....I was soon        tune with the stark image in front       of the Resurrection.
                                                                          mesmerized by the backlit cross in       of me.                                        Starting with Ash Wednesday,
                                                                          front of me....up on the reredos of           The simplicity of the outline       the journey of our Lenten forty
                                                                          the central altar.                       spoke commandingly to my spirit          days, followed by Holy Week, of-
                                                                               That backlit cross being the        that my faith needed to be the sole      fers us abundant opportunities to
                                                                          only light in the vicinity, I aban-      focus of my life, to be central to all   deepen our faith journey and to
                                                                          doned any thought of reading and         my daily life and activities, to be      more intimately join Our Lord on
                                                                          my spirit was free to simply ‘be’        the core of my world.                    the walk of a lifetime: His walk to
                                                                          in the moment and receive all that            Lastly, as I focused on what        the cross.
                                                                          was unfolding.                           was truly capturing my attention,             Shalom to all
                                                                               Backlit as it was, the cross        an epiphany was mine. As for each
                                                                          seemed immense and demanding of          of us, the choice was ever before        The Rev. Cathy Fulton is associate
                                                                          my attention and awareness. Pray-        me: I could focus on the darkness         priest at St. Stephen’s, Calgary
                                                                          ing through my vigil hours, and          and the ominous nature of the              where she is pastoral care co-
                                                                          those which followed, I needed           cross (and who in life isn’t bom-                   coordinator.

                                                                                                                   ✏ Worth Repeating
                                                                                                                   From St. Mark & St. Philip’s Website:

                                                                                                                   There you will find this vision statement: The
                                                                                                                   Anglican Parish of St. Mark & St. Philip’s seeks
                                                                                                                   to be a joyful community of disciples who
                                                                                                                   visibly embody Christ’s love in all that we do.

                                                                                                                   And what caught our eye is this reference to
                                                                                                                   a sermon by the Rev. Tara Livingston, a deacon,
                                                                                                                   serving at St. Mark and St. Philip, Calgary.
                                                                                                                   Reporting back to the parish about the General
                                                                                                                   Synod, the young deacon had used the Bishop’s
                                                                                                                   charge as it applied to her parish. Using the
                                                                                                                   Bishop’s words as a launching pad, she then
                                                                                                                   challenged the parish to become a healthy
                                                                                                                   parish. And the parish responded.

                                                                                                                   What made its way to the website was under the heading,
                                                                                                                   Healthy Parish, Healthy Diocese.

    A sole totally worn through.                                                                                   “I’m so delighted that there was such an
                                                                                                                   enthusiastic response to my sermon last week.
                                                                                                                   I asked about how we move forward towards a
                                                                                                                   healthy parish, so here is the list:
                                                                                                                   Do I have expectations about what happens at
                                                                                                                   church that are not being met? If so, how can
                                                                                                                   I explore what they are and take steps to make
                                                                                                                   them happen?
                                                                                                                   Do I feel that I have voice within the parish
                                                                                                                   and a say in what happens here? If not, how
                                                                                                                   can I go about letting the leadership know?
                                                                                                                   Is this a place where I feel loved, comforted
                                                                                                                   and inspired? If not, what is missing for me?
                                                                                                                   If I am holding onto resentments or                         bitterness
                                                                                                                   about someone or a situation, have I                        been
                                                                                                                   careful to deal with them directly or                       have I
                                                                                                                   only complained to other people? And                        lastly,
                                                                                                                   What is my responsibility in creating a parish
                                                                                                                   family and environment that I am proud to be a
                                        The Rev. Jagdutt Singh, priest at St. Barnabas, Calgary baked this
                                                                                                                   part of and would want my friends to come and
                                   Simnel cake for Mothering Sunday. A traditional British celebration on the      participate in?
                                     fourth Sunday of Lent would bring those who worked away from their
                                     parish home for a family visit. Simnel cakes are light fruit cakes with a     Remember, this is all about you! There is no
                                                                                                                   “them,” there is only “us!”
                                    marzipan icing and sometimes with 11 balls of marzipan to symbolize the
                                                         loyal apostles - excludes Judah.

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