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									St Catherine’s School
                                     St Cath’s News
                                     Issue 32 3 November 2011

Contents                            FROM THE HEADMISTRESS

From the Headmistress          1

From the Deputy
Headmistress                   2

From the Head of Junior
School                         3                                                       Welcome also to the Year 8 -11 girls who will
                                                                                       be joining us next year. We look forward to
From the Chaplain              4                                                       welcoming you all!

From Community Relations 4                                                             Congratulations, gymnasts!
                                    Dr Julie Townsend                                  Well done to our rhythmic and artistic
From Head Academic Care 5                                                              gymnasts who competed at the IGSSA
                                    Beyond the Curriculum Expo                         gymnastics carnival on Friday. Our rhythmic
Beyond the Curriculum          6
                                    and Zumba                                          gymnasts came 1st in Division 2, and the
Senior School sports news 8                                                            artistic gymnasts came 2nd in Division 2.
                                    Thank you to the 900 girls, parents,
                                                                                       Overall, we came 10th out of 26 schools –
Junior School sports news 9         grandparents and friends who joined us last
                                                                                       a very creditable performance!
                                    Saturday for an absolutely wonderful expo,
From School Counsellor         11   where we had the opportunity to see displays
                                    and performances from students in our BTC
Music news                    12                                                        Please join us for the P&F Art Design Show
                                    programs. We watched gymnastics displays,
                                                                                        this Friday 4 November at 6pm. It will be a
                                    drama sketches, dance routines, cardio
Service education              13                                                       lovely opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine
                                    workouts and tennis matches. We listened
                                                                                        and see our girls’ glorious art work. Entry is
School news                    14   to Chinese songs and our wonderful bands
                                                                                        free, although please register at
                                    and choirs, and admired beautiful artworks.
P&F news                       16                                             
                                    Parents kindly organised a barbeque and cake
                                                                                        for catering purposes.
                                    stall, which added to the fair-like atmosphere
Diary dates                    17
                                    of the afternoon.
                                    The expo ended with our record-breaking
                                    zumba attempt. Over 700 girls, teachers,
                                    parents, grandparents and friends – all in red
                                    - danced together for 30 minutes. We may
                                    not have broken the Guinness world record,
                                    but we created a spectacular display and had
                                    an enormous amount of fun. As for the world
                                    record – perhaps next year?
                                    Please have a look at the absolutely fabulous
                                    photos of the day at
 @stcatherines155 to keep up to
 date with the action at school!    Year 7 2012 Orientation Day
                                    We were delighted to welcome our 115
26 Albion Street
Waverley NSW 2024 Australia
                                    Year 7 2012 girls and parents to school on          Tuesday. For the girls, it was a busy day of         testing, talks, lessons and getting to know each
Telephone +61 2 8305 6200           other. For us, it was a lovely opportunity to
ABN 98 012 260 628                  meet our new girls and parents, and tell them
CRICOS provider no 02322K
                                    about the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.
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                                                                 many current parents. We are excited about these students
Mrs Anne Johnstone                                               and families joining our community in the Senior School and
                                                                 we were thrilled to observe many new friendships made
                                                                 over the course of Orientation Day!
2012 new students Orientation Day                                We now look forward to another important event on our
Our Orientation Day for incoming Year 7 students (and new        school calendar: the P&F Art Design Show and cocktail
students from other year groups) on Tuesday was a great          party, this Friday evening 4 November at 6pm. It promises
success.                                                         to be a wonderful event for our community to come
Following some testing, fun activities and a lively lunch        together to celebrate the creativity of our students – we do
break, these girls had the opportunity to participate in some    hope you can join us.
exciting learning experiences offered by a range of faculties.
In Biblical studies, students considered the opening scene
of C S Lewis’ Narnia and examined a letter from C S Lewis
himself explaining the parallels between Narnia and the
Bible. As a practice run for next year when tablet PCs will
be implemented for the incoming Year 7s, students used
electronic workbooks on the tablets, colouring scenes
directly on to the computer screen and writing with the
computer stylus. The students particularly enjoyed being
able to see each other’s work as the booklets updated in
real time on to everyone’s computer.
During science, through a series of experiments, students
explored some of the principles of chemistry. They began
by observing a chemical reaction that is produced in ‘glow
sticks’. As a demonstration, in a darkened classroom, they
mixed a concoction of chemicals and produced a brilliant
blue glow. The students were then shown properties of dry
ice (carbon dioxide). Students made their own carbonated
lemon or lime drink with bubbles flowing from the top
and were delighted to then enjoy drinking these fizzing
creations! They also observed how, when carbon dioxide
dissolves in water, it makes an acid - noting that this gas is
denser than air. Students also enjoyed generating lots of
bubbles when carbon dioxide was placed in hot water and
detergent. Some students were shown how to blow-up a
balloon using just dry ice and had fun discovering how an
automatic water pistol can also be made from the dry ice!
Meanwhile, in design and technology, students were
challenged to design on paper their own female super hero
with inspiration from a series of current strong female
super heroes. There were many original and unique designs,
prompting our Head of Design and Technology, Miss Kate
Sonter, to comment: “I think these students will be a
creative bunch!”
At the conclusion of the day, it was wonderful to have an
opportunity to meet many new parents at the afternoon
tea, and also to warmly welcome from the Junior School
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contents                                                                                                                 St Cath’s News | 3


                                                                          Winner                        Savannah Schonberger
                                                                          First runner up               Georgia Appleton
                                                                          Second runner up              Lisa Guo and Madison Wiltshire
                                                                          St Cath’s Idol is a wonderful celebration of the performing
                                                                          arts and we are very proud of all girls who entered the
                                                                          competition. These amazingly talented girls provided
                                                                          delightful entertainment which we all greatly enjoyed. Our
         Ms Sarah Guy                                                     House Captains are also to be congratulated on providing
                                                                          wonderful assistance to Mrs Dwyer in the organisation of
                                                                          this event. They are pleased to announce that through ‘Idol’
         Year 6 cake stall                                                we raised $495.60 for the Gastroenterology Service at the
         Thank you to the Year 6 girls and their parents who              Sydney Children’s Hospital.
         baked so many delicious treats for the cake stall held last
         Wednesday at recess. It was a tremendous success, and was
                                                                          Anglicare bin
         enjoyed by the Junior School girls and staff, raising $992.      A charity bin for Anglicare has been placed near the Junior
         Well done and thank you to all involved!                         School end of the Sports Centre. Parents, staff and students
                                                                          are welcome to place old items of clothing in the bin.
         Author visit
         Pat Flynn, author of 17 books for children, former tennis
                                                                          Reggio principles
         champion and school teacher, visited the Junior School           The next in our series of indicators of the Reggio Emilia
         last Thursday to promote all things literary.Years 2-6           educational project is that of ‘organisation’, in particular
         students spent an entertaining hour listening to stories         organisation of the work, of spaces and of time. The
         and brainstorming ideas for writing and learning about the       choices made regarding organisation contribute to the
         creative process. There was lots of laughter too echoing         children’s identity, stability and security. At all levels, there is
         through the NHC. Mr Flynn also kindly autographed and            shared responsibility for consistency between the principles
         donated three books to the Junior School library: The Trophy     of the educational project and the organisational choices
         Kid, Beeware and Alex Jackson: Grommet.                          made. The choices and decisions made are therefore
                                                                          purposeful and reflective of a common aim which fosters
         Year 2 kitchen garden project                                    stability, continuity and a sense of belonging for the children
         Last term our Year 2 girls embarked on an exciting and tasty     and adults alike.
         learning journey! The kitchen garden project has continued
         this term, and been ably lead by our Year 2 teachers, Mrs
                                                                          Communication this week
         Bidwell and Miss Hanvey. The girls have planted two kitchen      K-6       Term 4 events
         gardens: one is in the grounds of the Nan Hind Centre and        1E        Swimming lesson change
         the other is in the courtyard behind Kindergarten. The
         girls have embraced this opportunity to learn about the
         process of planting, growing and cooking their own produce.
         Please enjoy reading some of the girls’ reflections about this
         ongoing project.
         Cassie Cogin 2B: I really liked how we all got to plant our
         own plants.
         Sarah Anastasiou 2B: I liked how there was lots of room to
         plant all the plants.
         Dominique Grunert 2B: I thought some of the plants would
         grow quicker. The carrots were small.
         Mia Rogers 2H: I liked eating the spinach we planted, and
         cooking the ricotta and spinach triangles.
         Jasmine Birkhold 2H: I liked making and seeing ‘Catherine
         the scarecrow’ in the garden.
         Idol final
         Congratulations to all participants and especially to our
         finalists who performed with great enthusiasm, skill and
         confidence to a very appreciative audience last Friday. The
         judges certainly had a very difficult task and after careful
         consultation they awarded the following:
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Rev Alex Koch

The best things in life are free. It’s an old and simplistic
cliché, but it reminds us of something important: There are
many, many good things that we enjoy that we probably
don’t notice because we aren’t given an invoice for them.        The Apostle James reminds us where we can direct our
Enjoying a glass of water, chatting with an old friend or        gratitude. ‘Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters.
even having a relatively healthy and functioning body are all    Every good and perfect gift is from above’ (James 1:16-17).
things that we probably don’t think too much about. That         Although many of the things we enjoy aren’t paid for by us,
is, of course, until we are in a situation where we can’t have   they are nonetheless gifts that have been given to us. Next
them! I think most of us feel that we take things for granted,   time you find yourself recognising the many good things you
and would like to be more grateful for the things we enjoy       have in your life, perhaps you might like to thank God for
every day.                                                       the lovely gifts he has given.

                                                                 reader. If you can assist these girls please email Mrs Robyn
                                                                 Blomfield directly on
                                                                 P&F Art Design Show
                                                                 Our sincere congratulations to the P&F Art Design Show
                                                                 Committee: Tracey Frawley, Asuman Barry, Tory Bevan,
                                                                 Kate Melhuish and Hannah Speller for their absolute
                                                                 commitment and enthusiasm. There is certainly no doubt
                                                                 that a wonderful night lies ahead for everyone on Friday
                                                                 evening. I do hope you are have booked to come along.
 Mrs Marilyn Rickard
 Director Community Relations                                    Boots for Ghana
 Tel: 8305 6238                                                  You will have read about the Ghana project last week –                                     an initiative introduced by one of our dads, Bill Roberts.
                                                                 Please do have a look at this photograph to see the
                                                                 wonderful collection of trainers and boots which are
 Volunteers needed                                               now making their way to Project Ghana which supports
 Deli                                                            Cantonments FC, a football club for orphans and
 As I mentioned last week, please would you consider             underprivileged children in Accra, Ghana.
 volunteering in the Deli over the course of 2012? The
                                                                 Thanks to everyone who supported this initiative.
 volunteer signup form has been loaded on the portal but
 you may prefer to send a quick email to Lee in the Deli on The Deli provides a wonderful
 service for our girls and your support is crucial for its
 ongoing success. Lee is struggling at present to fill the
 roster and we would really appreciate your support -
 perhaps just once a term over next year?
 Could I also call once again, for volunteer reader/writers
 for the School Certificate on November 7 and 8. We have
 four students for three exams each of whom will need a
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         Mrs Deb Clancy

         New students
         We will be sending out further information regarding key
         dates for new students shortly, however, one to mark in the
         diary for Year 7 2012 is meeting the mentors and morning
         tea on Friday 27 January. This is an opportunity for these
         students to meet key staff, locate their lockers and hopefully
         receive their diaries in readiness for the following week.
         Prep Centre
         The Prep Centre in the library continues to be popular with
         Senior School students who are looking for a quiet space to
         work and study, with assistance when required. Can I please
         remind parents that girls in Years 7-10 must have parental
         permission e-mailed to me before they go down to the
         Charing Cross area. There have been some instances where
         girls are taking themselves out of Prep Centre and not
         proceeding directly home. Please note that your daughter
         will have Prep Centre clearly stamped in her diary if she
         attended with the exit time noted. If there is no stamp
         there was no attendance.Your daughters are responsible for
         approaching the staff in the Prep Centre to get their diaries
         signed appropriately.
         School uniform
         Thank you to those students (and parents) who have let
         down their summer tunics. There are still some instances of
         girls wearing short tunics, and this needs to be addressed
         urgently. Our students represent our school each time they
         are seen in uniform, and in general, they do look very smart.
         A reminder to all that earrings, piercings and makeup are
         not permitted whilst wearing the school uniform. The
         student diary advises all students who are contemplating
         having their ears pierced to have it done at the
         commencement of the end of Term 4 holidays so they can
         be removed on return the following year.

           If you have any comments or suggestions please email us
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Beyond the Curriculum

                                                                  Yoga for Year 5-9
                                                                  This program concentrates on these adolescent years
                                                                  which can often be difficult both emotionally and physically.
                                                                  Yoga practice can help find inner peace, confidence as well
                                                                  as ensure physical fitness.
Mrs Jackie Gilson
                                                                  Yoga for the HSC and beyond Year 10-12
Director Extra-Curricular
                                                                  This program is specifically designed to establish
                                                                  a foundation for coping with the unique pressures
                                                                  experienced in these years and for students to create
The new 2012 Beyond the Curriculum program and                    positive habits for their future through the practice of yoga
activities booklet and the summer holiday program is              exercises, breathing, mental focus and relaxation.
available for download in the BTC area of the portal.             This program will help students cope with issues they are
Enrolment is now open for both the holiday program and            faced with every day – the enormous pressures to fit in,
Term 1 activities, 2012.                                          increasing exam schedules, lack of sleep and the questions
                                                                  surrounding career choices and futures.
Beyond the Curriculum Expo and Zumba                              Aside from the clear physical benefits of better posture,
event                                                             core strength and muscle flexibility, yoga assists teenagers
                                                                  with improving mental concentration, enhancing breathing,
Last Saturday afternoon, many girls involved in Beyond            relaxation and sleep and helps to encourage a deeper and
the Curriculum programs performed at St Catherine’s               more balanced relationship with their bodies.
first extra-curricular Expo. There were performances by
our dancers, Trinity drama students, rhythmic and artistic        Yoga for parents and daughters
gymnast.Our Chinese students sang two songs and there             This class will be offered before school and will allow both
were interactive demonstrations in yoga, tennis, art, cardio      parents and girls to start their day together in yoga practice
fitness and group drama. All girls who were involved should       before heading off to the normal busy daily routine.
be congratulated on their fine performances.
We concluded the Expo with the world record attempt for
the largest Zumba class, and although we were not quite
successful this time around, more than 700 St Catherine’s
girls, parents, siblings and friends in the community danced
up a storm and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Yoga in 2012
Yoga instills an inner sense of calm, allowing teens to make
clear and conscious decisions and choices for themselves.
This is an invaluable life skill and one that would be precious
to learn early in life.
The benefits of yoga include the release of mental and
physical stress, developing clarity of thought and mental
processing, increased ability to remain focused, maintaining
and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, assist with physical
strength and flexibility and develop and maintain good
The following Yoga programs will be offered in 2012:
Yoga for Kindergarten – Year 2
Stories, themes, music and co-operative yoga games are
included in this fun and creative class. Students will develop
body awareness, self-esteem, flexibility and strength through
beginners yoga.
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Sport news
                                When you dance,
                              your purpose is not
                               to get to a certain
                               place on the floor.
                            It’s to enjoy each step
                                 along the way.
                                     Wayne Dyer
Mr Ryan Cameron
Director of Sport

Senior School sports news
Netball 2012
Please note an email will be sent to all Year 7-12 parents
outlining the new direction of netball at St Catherine’s. It is
a big change for netball and one that will see improvement,       A reminder to parents and guardians if you have
with a real potential for success. The new head coach Nick        exciting news on your daughter’s achievements at higher
Athas, manager and parent support leader Mrs Morrissey            representative carnivals/competitions, to please share
and myself are very excited about the proposed changes to         these with the sport department so we can highlight
netball for 2012.                                                 these in the newsletter. Please attach a relevant photo
Gymnastics news 2012 IGSSA carnival                               if you can. Email the Director of Sport at
What a day,. The girls who competed in artistic and
rhythmic gymnastics did so with such skill and enthusiasm.
Before and after their performances the girls hurried to
support other St Catherine’s students who were competing,
and this highlighted a strong feeling of unity which shone
through into the overall results. I would like to thank the
head coaches for their impeccable preparation, gymnastics
coordinator Renee Wright for her role in overseeing
the preparation of IPSHA and IGSSA teams and also our
Captains Sasha Lian,Yu Mei Lim, Molly Measday and Sarah
Wise, who by example led the way all day and offered
support to the team and Miss Wright. Special mention to St
Catherine’s sport prefect, Emma O’Sullivan, who competed
in both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics. Emma spoke about
the team’s success at the Senior School assembly this week.
                                                                                                       Louisa Moore and
Results                                                                                                Ella Deane –
10th overall, an improvement on last year’s result of 12th                                             rhythmic gymnasts
overall, a wonderful achievement considering there are 26
IGSSA Schools who can contest the IGSSA carnivals.
The rhythmic team won Division 2 and our artistic team
finished runners up in Division 2, well done team!
Five students have been selected into the IGSSA gymnastics
team - Molly Measday, Sasha Lian, Hannah Scaffidi,Yu Mei
Lim and Sarah Wise.                                                                                          Sarah Wise,
Report from the Artistic Captains                                                                            O’Sullivan
On Friday the 28 October, St Catherine’s sent a team of                                                      and Yu Mei
about 20 girls out to Homebush to compete in the IGSSA                                                       Lim – artistic
Gymnastics carnival. The artistic squad performed extremely                                                  gymnasts
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contents                                                                                                          St Cath’s News | 9

         well with girls competing in almost every level. Even with
         a 6am start, all the girls pushed through the day with most
                                                                          Stop press
         staying to the end supporting the team until 5pm. There          Parent supporter polo shirts are available from the
         were some outstanding results with our St Catherine’s team       uniform shop. They look smart and are not expensive.
         placing 2nd in division 2 which is a great improvement on        Please rush and purchase one of these polos and wear it
         last year. There were also some excellent individual results     to sport on Saturday when cheering on St Catherines!
         with Hannah Scaffidi,Yu-Mei Lim and Sarah Wise making it
         through to the CIS gymnastics competition representing
         IGSSA. Well done to all the girls who competed at IGSSA.        Water polo
         Sarah Wise and Yu Mei Lim                                       Team              result          B&F
         Report from the Rhythmic Captains                               STC 1 (Sen 1)     won 11-2      Emily Miers
         As the rhythmic gymnastics captains, we would like to           STC 2 (Sen 2)     won 4-1       The team
         thank all the rhythmic girls who competed at the IGSSA
                                                                         STC 3 (yr 8/9. 1) won 9-6        Danielle Morrissey
         gymnastics carnival on Friday. This year we had some
         amazing results. In level four we had Ella Deane placing        STC 4 (yr 8/9. 2) won 10-2      Molly McKenzie
         5th in ball and 3rd in rope and Louisa Moore placing 1st in     STC 5 (yr 8/9. 3) won 19-3      Rachel Wren
         clubs. Well done girls, you should be so proud!
                                                                         STC 6 (yr 7. 1)   won 17-4      Lili Edser
         Throughout the carnival there was a great sense of St
                                                                         STC 7 (yr 7. 2)   lost 9-7       Emily Winterbotham
         Catherine’s spirit and lots of support, making it a fantastic
         day. We’d also like to thank our coaches and the sports         STC 8 (yr 7. 3)   bye
         department for all their support along the way as we            Touch Round 2 was washed out.
         couldn’t have done it without them.
         Winning Division 2 is an amazing achievement and one that
         we are very happy with. Hopefully we can perform just as
         well at the CIS championships next week.
         Molly Measday and Sasha Lian
         Water polo news
         St Catherine’s sent 5 students to contest the IGSSA water
         polo trials last Monday at Queenwood. All the students
         performed well and proudly represented St Catherine’s,
         showcasing the talent in our water polo ranks.
         Tori Morrissey was selected into the IGSSA under 17 team
         and Amy Ridge, Emily Miers, Emma Whaling were selected
         into the IGSSA under 18 team. They will contest the
         NSWCIS trials in two weeks’ time. Good luck girls!
         Competitive sport results from Round 3
         Indoor Soccer
         Team              result                        B&F
         Senior 1          won 2-1            Emma O’Sullivan
         Senior 2          lost 1-2            Ruth Kemper
         Senior 3          won 3-1            Nathalie Meier             Junior School sports news
         Senior 4          won 5-4            Georgina Burnett           Competitive sport Term 4
         Yr 8/9. 1         won 8-2            The team                   Water polo – Year 6
         Yr 8/9. 2         won 7-3            Courtney James             St Caths 1 played OLSH 5 and won 7-2.
         Yr 8/9. 3         drew 2-2           Alex Anthony               B&F was Lucy Murdoch.
         Year 7. 1         won 6-1            Lara Molle                 St Caths 3 played St Clares 7 and won 7-3.
                                                                         B&F was Amber Speller-Kearnan.
                                                                         For any water polo queries please contact ecairns@stcaths.
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IPSHA cricket competition                                       full school uniform will be required. A letter has been sent
The Year 4 and 5 cricket team played against SCEGGS and         home with all information regarding this day and it can
B&F were Bianca Naumann and Laura Heath. For any cricket        also be found on the sPortal. There is a list of the girls that
queries please contact               are in each photo, the running order of the day and the
                                                                uniforms that are required for each sport. Please check this
IPSHA tennis competition Round 3 – 29/10/11                     information prior to the day so your daughter arrives at
Acers lost 31-17 games against Queenwood 3                      school knowing when she needs to be at her photos and
B&F Georgia Thomas                                              that she is dressed accordingly.
Grand slammers won 28-20 games against Santa Sabina 2           Junior School competitive sport
B&F Jessica Prout                                               registration Term 1 2012
Top shots lost 33-15 games against Kincoppal Rose Bay 6         Please remember that if your daughter would like to play
B&F Nadya Rykina-Tameeva                                        football (soccer), softball or water polo (Year 6 only) next
Top spinners won 20-13 games against Pymble 8                   year then online registration is now available on the sPortal
B&F Helena Moloney and Aisling Harrison                         for Term 1 2012 and the closing date is 18 November 2011.
                                                                Should you require any assistance with this process then
Hotshots won 41-15 games against MLC 1
                                                                please contact or call the Sports
B&F Ruby Neagle and India Allen
                                                                Office on 8305 6282.
For any tennis queries please contact
                                                                Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding any
                                                                Junior School sport matters.
Representative sport                                            Elaine Cairns
IPSHA gymnastics carnival                                       Head of Junior School Sport
The IPSHA gymnastics competition was held on Thursday 
27 October at Homebush.
We had a team of 41 gymnasts compete across the artistic
and Rhythmic sections.
It was a very successful day, with all girls competing
enthusiastically and supporting one another. The new artistic
and rhythmic leotards looked amazing!
The results are as follows:
Rhythmic gymnastics (Division 2)
Beginner group – 1st Place
Intermediategroup – 2nd Place
Advanced group – 1st Place
Level 2 – 1st Place
Artistic gymnastics (Division 1)
Level 1 – 3rd Place
Level 2 – 5th Place
Level 3 – 4th Place
Levels 4-6 Teams – 6th Place
Congratulations to Maya Siva (6C) who has been selected
to represent IPSHA at NSWCIS on Wednesday 9
November. Maya competed in Level 5 at IPSHA and placed
2nd in beam and bars. Well done Maya!
Congratulations to the St Catherine’s representative
gymnastics team for a fantastic effort and great individual
and team achievements at this event.
Junior School sports photos – Thursday 10
All Junior School competitive and representative team sport
photos for 2011 will be taken on Thursday
10 November. Please ensure that you arrive at the photo
shoot at least half an hour prior to your scheduled time and
with the correct sports uniform. For non-sporting photos,
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contents                                                                                                              St Cath’s News | 11


         Mrs Penni Moussa

         Practice your inner goodness
         We practice a lot of things! We practice the piano or violin;     2.   Recognise goodness in your acts of thought word
         we practice our sports in the form of training; we practice            and deed - These include positive intentions, putting
         languages like Japanese or French; we even practice maths              the brakes on anger, restraining addictive impulses,
         problems by doing homework! often do we                      extending compassion and helpfulness to others, grit
         practice ‘knowing you are a good person’?                              and determination, lovingness, courage, generosity,
                                                                                patience, and a willingness to see and even name the
         I am here to tell you that nobody is perfect! We have all
                                                                                truth whatever it is.You are recognising facts; create
         done things that we are not proud of. We may have acted
                                                                                sanctuary in your mind for this recognition, holding at
         in ways that have hurt others and even ourselves. Perhaps
                                                                                bay other voices, other forces, that would invade and
         we have experienced criticism, shaming, or chastising from
                                                                                plunder this sanctuary for their own agenda (such as
         others. As a result, we may focus on these negative elements
                                                                                the internalisation of people you’ve known who made
         of our life as they ‘shout louder’ than our achievements or
                                                                                themselves feel big by making you feel small).
         successes, but this can leave us feeling inadequate, unlovable
         or worthless. We may assume from this that we are ‘morally        3.   Sense the goodness at the core of your being - This
         compromised’ and may not believe that we are a good                    is a fundamental honesty and benevolence. It’s there
         person.                                                                inside everyone, no matter how obscured. It can
                                                                                feel intimate, impersonal, perhaps sacred. A force, a
         Just because we have experienced these events in our
                                                                                current, a wellspring in your heart.
         lives, whether they are due to our own ‘lapses in integrity’
         or not, does not mean that you have compromised your              4.   See the goodness in others - Recognising their
         innate GOODNESS as a person.Your innate goodness has                   goodness will help you feel your own. Observe every
         ALWAYS been there, and still is today! Dr Rick Hanson                  day small acts of fairness, kindness, and honourable
         (Neuropsychologist) states, “the truth, the fact, is that you          effort in others. Sense the deeper layers behind the
         are a good person” in spite of any ‘lapses in integrity’. He           eyes, the inner longings to be decent and loving, to
         goes on to say, that if you do not feel like a good person             contribute, to help rather than harm.
         “you’re more likely to act this way, to be casually snippy,       5.   Give over to goodness - Increasingly let ‘the better
         self-indulgent, selfish, or hurtful. On the other hand, when           angels of your nature’ be the animating force of your
         you feel your own natural goodness, you are more likely to             life. In tricky situations or relationships, ask yourself,
         act in good ways. Knowing your own goodness, you’re more               “Being a good person, what’s appropriate here?” As
         able to recognise it in others. Seeing the good in yourself            you act from this goodness, let the knowing that you
         and others, you’re more likely to do what you can to build             are a good person sink in ever more deeply.
         the good in the world we share together.”
         So, how do we practice... “knowing you are a good
                                                                           From: Dr. Rick Hanson – ‘Just One Thing’ Who are you deep
         The following five tips from Dr Rick Hanson may help!
         1.     Take in the good of feeling cared about - When you
                                                                           Enjoy and celebrate your own, and others, GOODNESS!
                have a chance to feel seen, listened to, appreciated,
                liked, valued, or loved: take a dozen seconds or more      This very humbling and moving video clip from the “X
                to savour this experience, letting it fill your mind and   Factor” does just that! A MUST SEE!
                body, sinking into it as it sinks into you.       
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St Cath’s News | 12                                                                                                            contents

Music news
                                                                 Young composers workshop
                                                                 Last Friday the Year 10 Music consolidation,Year 11 Music
                                                                 2 and 1,Year 11 Music 1 girls travelled to MLC Burwood
                                                                 to attend a composition workshop day. The day was jam
                                                                 packed with composition activities. Our girls had their
                                                                 compositions performed by Synergy percussion and
                                                                 Continuum sax ensemble. In the afternoon, students formed
Mr David Gresham
                                                                 into small groups and wrote a short work for percussion
Head of Music – Performance
                                                                 ensemble. These were then performed by each group.
                                                                 Students worked with eminent Australian composers and
                                                                 the outcome was beyond expectations. As one Year 10 girl
Beyond the Curriculum Expo                                       said “It was the most inspirational day of my life”.
In amongst the excitement on Saturday our Senior string          Marnie-Ruth Dunstan
ensemble, Senior choir and Senior stage band performed           Head of Music Curriculum
for a large crowd (pictured below). Senior strings got the
show going with a tango before the Senior stage band             Upcoming Performances
performed the theme to The Incredibles. To finish, the Senior    In-house Music Concert
choir combined with Senior stage band for the first time         Wednesday 9 November, 5-6.30pm
for a performance of the wartime classic Boogie Woogie           Year 5 IMP End of Year Concert
Bugle Boy.                                                       Friday 11 November, 9.40am, JBH
Lugar Brae Variety Concert                                       Hear our Year 5 string, guitar and band girls at their very
On Sunday Lugar Brae Uniting Church (just across from
the Junior School) held its annual Variety Concert to raise      Woollahra Festival – Saturday 12 November,
money for charity. The Intermediate stage band performed         3.15pm, Main Stage
Blue ‘n’ Moody and Jazz Hero to help raise money for charity     The A cappella ensemble will be performing at the
work in South East Asia. The girls gave a great performance      Woollahra Festival: Arts and Ideas.
with choreography from the brass and a solo from Tonya           Twilight Dinner Concert
Hetreles (Year 7) on tenor sax.                                  Tuesday 15 November, 6.30pm
Talk Like a Pirate!                                              Join the music department in the early evening for a concert
                                                                 and barbeque.
On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the End of
Year Strings concert. All of Year 2, Junior and Intermediate     Year 6 Music graduation
strings and Infants’ choir took us on a journey to the high      Friday 18 November
seas. It was a wonderful concert telling the story of Pirate     Hear our Year 6 string, guitar and band girls at their very
Pete and his quest to find a new crew.Year 2 showcased           best
all they have learnt this year on violin and cello and the       Infants Musical
audience was very impressed. Thank you to Ms Alina               Monday 28 & Tuesday 29 November, 1.30-3pm
Belshaw for running such a brilliant program and creating        Two wonderful performances in the lead up to Christmas.
such an entertaining concert. Thank you also to Mrs Jenny
Birrell, Ms Patricia Wong, Ms Bella Campbell-Moore and
Ms Julienne Guerbois for their support and hard work. We
look forward to hearing more of their musical adventures
in the future.
Music camp
Music camp will be held from Sunday 13 to Tuesday 15
November. The Sunday will involve rehearsals at school for
the students involved in the school carol service. This is the
carol orchestra, senior choir and junior choir only. Monday
and Tuesday are off-site and will involve preparation for the
end of year events.
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         Service education news
          Nepal trip 2012
          Students in the current Years 9 and 10 that are
          considering going to Nepal in April 2012, are reminded
          to please bring in their application form and $500
          deposit by Friday of Week 5 to secure a place.

          Pink Ribbon Day
          The prefects organised Pink Ribbon Day and it was
          held last Friday, 28 October. They gave all students a
          pink ribbon to wear in their hair all day to promote
          awareness for the Cancer Council and breast cancer. The
          prefects also sold merchandise including pens, badges,
          wrist bands and more! They also had a pink cake stall,
          selling goodies and playing music. It was a wonderful
          atmosphere, with girls smiling and having a lovely day.
          In total, the prefects raised $1 300.05. Well done. girls!
          These funds will go towards research and hopefully
          finding a cure for breast cancer.

          Christmas hampers
          We are currently in the process of making Christmas
          hampers in our mentor groups. Please support the
          students by encouraging them to bring in their donation
          for the hampers by Week 8 of this term. They will
          be donated to Norman Andrews House, Bondi, an
          organisation that assists those less fortunate in the
          Bondi area.

          Charity donation bin at
          St Catherine’s
          We are proud to announce the instalment of a charity
          donation bin at our school! Year 10 and Ms Herbert
          arranged for Anglicare to deliver a charity bin to school.
          It is located at the Junior School end of the Sports
          Centre. We encourage both Junior School, Senior
          School, their families, and staff to donate to this bin.
          Please collect any unwanted items of clothing, shoes,
          handbags, scarves, hats etc (Please no toys, kitchenware
          or bed linen) and place in the bin. We would love to
          fill this before Christmas to help Anglicare’s Christmas
          donation appeal.
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St Cath’s News | 14                                                                                                      contents

School news
  Year 8 outdoor education
  Late in Term 3 the Year 8 St Catherine’s girls travelled
  to Crosslands Convention Centre, just north of
  Sydney, where they met up with their Southbound
  Adventure leaders. All of the girls were split into small
  groups with a St Catherine’s teacher and a Southbound
  leader. This was a great bonding experience for all of
  the girls as teamwork was needed in all activities.
  Highlights on the camp included the expedition which
  challenged the girls to camp in the wilderness. We
  had fun cooking and cleaning in the dark! The main
  activities such as abseiling, canoeing, high ropes and
  leap of faith proved to be highlights for many girls, and
  for others it was a challenge that pushed them outside
  their comfort zone.
  Camping in tents was a new experience for many! The
  construction and deconstruction of the tents was quite
  a humorous experience.
  The camp taught us great team and inter-personal skills
  that can be applied in other aspects of daily life, inside
  and outside of the St Catherine’s community.
  Jacqueline Chan, Annabelle Dryden and Melba
  McKenzie (Year 8)

  Years 8-9 camp briefings
  for parents and students
  Southbound Adventures are coming to St Catherine’s
  on Thursday 17 November. This is to brief Years 8 and
  9 students about the camp programs early in 2012.
  Year 8 will be briefed from 2.15- 2.45pm and Year 9          Japan trip 2012
  from 2.45- 3.15pm in the Jane Barker Hall. Parents
  are welcome to attend this briefing to gain more             In the April school holidays the languages department is
  information about the location of the camp programs,         planning to take students over to Japan for two weeks.
  activities the girls will be involved in and equipment       The trip will be open to all students from Years 8-11 in
  requirements. This will replace the previously published     2012. The aim of the trip will be to introduce our girls
  times for the parent briefing.                               to the Japanese culture and history and of course to
                                                               learn some Japanese on the way. April is cherry blossom
                                                               time in Japan which is simply beautiful and the nicest
                                                               time of year to visit. The trip will include a stay in Tokyo
                                                               including a day at Tokyo Disneyland, a boat cruise on Lake
                                                               Ashi on the way to Hakone, a bullet train trip to Kyoto
                                                               with a day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajiima Island. Finally,
                                                               we will have a 5 day homestay with families from our
                                                               sister school Ohtani in Osaka. A wonderful experience
                                                               for our girls that is not to be missed! Send your daughter
                                                               to the languages department to pick up a letter of
                                                               expression of interest and a full copy of the itinerary. If
                                                               you have any questions please contact Mrs Leggat on
                                                               8305 6244 or email on
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         School news
          Year 11 retreat
          On Sunday 23 October 2011, the girls from Year 11 loaded
          their overnight bags onto a bus headed for Tallong, Santa
          Sabina’s outdoor education campus, for a two day retreat.
          Over the next forty-eight hours, we interacted with two
          seminars designed to inspire and motivate. We bonded
          over a bizarre talent quest and we shared our experiences
          as young women starting the HSC. The first seminar was
          conducted by Enlighten Education, by a former dancer,
          model and now motivational speaker named Nikki. We
          examined the roles and expectations of young women
          of the twenty-first century, and we shared our hopes,
          experiences and explored our innate preciousness.
          That night, we showed off our skills and strengths as
          performers with the Year 11 talent quest, with a featured
          performance of “The Circle of Life” by Ms Knorr and
          assorted students. The next morning, well-rested and
          content with pancakes for breakfast, we heard from Glen
          Gerreyn, motivational educator, speaker, youth worker
          and founder of the Oxygen Factory, on the importance of
          focus and dedication in our studies. Glen equipped us with
          the skills necessary to negotiate our way through Year 12,
          enjoy ourselves and remain balanced and sane. The retreat
          was a positive experience that has left us prepared for the
          onslaught of academic and emotional turmoil promised by
          the HSC. It instilled in us our importance as young women
          of a new global setting and it reinvigorated us to pursue
          our full potential. Thank you to Ms Schey for organising
          this event and to the staff who came along and enabled
          the year group to be together for this precious time: Mrs      Year 7 academic care update
          Betar; Ms Hatch; Ms Herbert Ms Hubbard; Ms Knorr; and
                                                                         During academic care time,Year 7 has been considering
          Mrs Leggatt.
                                                                         the value of personal strengths and the importance of
          Laksha Prasad,Year 11                                          friendship. After lots of discussion about what makes a
                                                                         good friendship, the girls were asked to write a recipe for
           Duke of Edinburgh Award Breakfast                             friendship and each mentor group voted on the top three
                                                                         recipes written by the girls in their group. Below is one of
           Thursday 17 November 2011                                     the winners from Casterton.
                                                                         Friendship Cake from the kitchen of Brooke Manning
           Jo Karaolis Sports Centre
           You are warmly invited to St Catherine’s Duke of              2 cups of acceptance       1 tablespoon of loyalty
           Edinburgh’s Award presentation breakfast.                     5 teaspoons of love        ½ a cup of forgiveness
                                                                         2 tablespoons of trust     1 cup of kindness
           On this occasion, we will recognise, by the presentation      A dash of respect
           of certificates, the achievements of participants who have
           satisfied all the requirements and gained Bronze, Silver or   Method
           Gold awards. We will hear from some of the girls about        Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Add the acceptance,
           the activities which they have successfully completed.        forgiveness and kindness to a large mixing bowl. Sift in the
                                                                         love then mix until the mixture is light and creamy. Add the
           We would like to also welcome new and potential               loyalty and trust. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes or until
           participants to come along to find out more about this        the top is golden and looks delicious. When the cake is
           program.                                                      ready, add the dash of respect to the top.
           Please RSVP by Monday 7 November to                           Optional: for extra flavour, sprinkle 6 pinches of laughter to
           Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator        the top of the cake. Enjoy!
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P&F news
Art Design Show                                                Art Design Show 2011
A range of wonderful art works will be displayed in the Jane   Here is the program of events for the Art and Design Show
Barker Hall and Nan Hind Centre on 4 November from             2011, this Friday 4 November. Remember bookings for the
6pm. Please remember to book at                                event are through Trybookings.                                  The event is FREE but please BOOK NOW for catering
Exciting news - we have had the final papers from              purposes (and don’t forget it’s an adults only event) at
Fair Trading and registration under the Associations 
Incorporations Act. Thank you to all involved in formulating   6.00pm               Event open; Drinks bar open
and finalising our new constitution and especially Lyn West,
Melissa Fisher and Tina Donnelley.                             6.00pm -7.20pm Viewing of Senior and Junior Artworks -
                                                                              Jane Barker Hall & Nan Hind Centre
                                                               6.00pm-7.20pm Sale of Junior School Individual Artwork -
The P&F’s AGM will be on 17 November at 8.45am                               Nan Hind Centre
followed by a general meeting (Please note change of time
from last week). Take the opportunity to come along and        7.30pm               Welcome Address by Dr Julie Townsend
hear our speaker, Mrs Penni Moussa, our school counsellor,     7.40pm-8.05pm Auction of Junior School Combined
and her insights into our girls.                                             Artworks K - Year 6 Jane Barker Hall
At the AGM all of the P&F executive positions will be          8.15pm               Close of Silent Auction and People’s
declared open. Please consider how you may help the                                 Choice Award
school by being part of the P&F. Being part of the executive   8.45pm               Announcement of Senior School Art
of the P&F is a great way to learn more about the school as                         Competition Winners
well as get to know many of the families in the school.
                                                                                    Announcement of People’s Choice Award
Nomination forms for the P&F executive and also for the
Class Parents for 2012 are available on the portal and can     9.00pm               Event close
be left at the office.                                         Note: There is an opportunity to view the Art Design Show
View here: PandFclassparentnominations.                        with the kids on Saturday 5 November 10am - 2pm. Please
                                                               come along if you are unable to come on Friday evening or
View here; PandFnominations.                                   would like to come back and see the art with your children.
                                                               Diana Whitton
Magnolia Fair                                                  P&F President

The time has come to spring clean and help your P&F with       If you have any questions about the P&F please contact our
items for the Magnolia Fair 2012.                              secretary Di Misirdjieff (

From Monday 7 November until Friday 25 November
parents (and St Catherine’s staff) can leave the following              Year 6 Graduation Dinner
items in the school garage in the clearly marked crates;                Ms Sarah Guy,
                                                                        Head of St Catherine’s Junior School
* Books           * DVDs            * CDs
                                                                        requests the pleasure of your company
* Good quality magazines       * Clothes * Bags
                                                                        to acknowledge and celebrate the
Parents can drive through the Albion Street entrance at                 graduating Class of 2011.
Gate 1 between the hours of 8am and 9.30am and leave
their items in the garage on the left hand side. Please take
care when driving through this entrance as students, parents            Thursday 17 November 2011
                                                                        6.15pm – 9.30pm
and teachers use this entrance to enter the St Catherine’s
                                                                        Jane Barker Hall, St Catherine’s School
premises. The safety of our school community is paramount
and we appreciate your assistance. We do encourage you to               Tickets: Adult $80 per head (all inclusive)
bring along as many of these items as you have as we begin              Student $60 per head
the planning and organising of the Magnolia Fair 2012.
                                                                        Dress: Cocktail

Save the date – Saturday 5 May 2012.                                    RSVP: Friday 4 November 2011
                                                                        Bookings to be made via
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                    Friday 4 November 6-9pm                                  Diary dates
                              St Catherine’s School                          Friday 4 November
                                                                             Friday Friends (4K), Chapel, 2.00pm                           Vie
                                 Jane Barker Hall and Nan Hind Centre
                                                                             P&F Art Design Show 6-9pm Jane Barker Hall and Nan
                                                                             Hind Centre
                                                                             Wednesday 9 November
                                                                             In house music concert 4 Chapel 5.00-6.30pm
                                                                             Wednesday 9 November
                                                                             Junior School sports photos JKSC 8.30am-12.30pm
                                                                             Friday 11 November
                                                                             Remembrance Day Assembly SS
                St Catherine’s P&F Art Design Show                           Parents’ prayer meeting Quiet room 8.30-9.30am
                                                                             Year 6 Cranbrook dance, St Catherine’s JB Hall
                Please join us for the St Catherine’s Art and Design
                Show Cocktail Party.                                         Sunday 13 November
                                                                             Bread of Life St Michael’s Church corner of Albion and
                We have had a fantastic response and there is still time
                                                                             Flinders Street Surry Hills 7.00-9.00am
                to book.
                The event is FREE but please BOOK NOW for catering
                purposes (and don’t forget it’s an adults only event) at
                •    Free entry                                              Save the date – diary dates Term 4
                •    Free food                                               Here is a list of some of the important diary dates for
                •    Auction – Junior School combined class artworks         your calendar:
                •    Chance to purchase your daughter’s individual           4 November      St Catherine’P&FArt Design Show
                     artwork (Junior school only)                                            6-9pm Jane Barker Hall and
                •    Silent Auction: Hampers of gourmet foods, wines,                        Nan Hind Centre
                     5-star accommodation, $1000 shopping spree; Sale        15 November     Music dinner concert Jane Barker Hall
                     of a property commission free                           16 November     St Catherine’s Colloquium
                                                                                             7-8pm Dame Joan Sutherland Centre
                •    Cash bar – Enjoy wine, beer, champagne
                                                                             17 November     Duke of Edinburgh breakfast
                •    Music                                                                   7.30-8.30am JKSC
                We want this to be a well supported event so please                          P&F AGM 8.45am
                BOOK NOW.                                                                    Year 6 Graduation Dinner
                Junior School students will exhibit an individual piece of   24 November     Junior School sports award assembly
                art which will be available for purchase on the night for                    2-3pm Jane Barker Hall
                a small fee of $20 in the Nan Hind Centre.                   25 November     Carols on the lawn
                On the night of the Art Design Show, you will have           28 November     Infants musical
                the opportunity to bid at auction for your daughter’s                        1.30pm Dame Joan Sutherland
                beautifully framed combined class art work. These will                       Centre Theatre
                be auctioned in the Jane Barker Hall from 7.40pm.            29 November     Infants musical
                                                                                             1.30pm Dame Joan Sutherland
                All proceeds will be put back into purchasing resources                      Centre Theatre
                for the girs. However the main aim is to celebrate your
                                                                             30 November     Junior School Christmas Chapel
                daughter’s artistic creativity and to get together for an                    Service 11.30am chapel
                evening of art and conversation.
                                                                             1 December      Senior School Physical Culture (PC)
                P&F Art Design Show Committee                                                9-10am Jo Karaolis Sports Centre
                                                                             5 December      Junior School Speech Day
                                                                                             10am-12pm in Jo Karaolis Sports Centre
                                                                             7 December      Senior School Speech Night
                                                                                             7.30-9.30pm in Jo Karaolis Sports

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