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									 The Top 5 Spring
Accessory Items for
Consumer tastes have always been a
   bit quick to change, but they've
 been kicked into an especially high
    gear with the introduction of
  broadband technologies, Fashion
 Week celebrations, and a window
  into the fashion world which has
    never been available before.
  While some trends often stayed
consistent throughout at least a few
 consecutive seasons in years past,
 designers are increasingly altering
 their entire approach to consumer
fashion roughly every three months
in order to keep up with consumers'
    fast-changing tastes and style
  or spring 2011, a number of new
and innovative accessory trends are
     taking hold that will require
        customers to be a bit
  unconventional and creative with
 their usual, comfortable styles, and
it promises to be an exciting time to
    shop, dress, and accessorize in
      markets around the world.
In particular, five trends stand out as
  the most important evolutions in
         spring style this year.
   1. Patterns and
Preference Have Gone
 Animal print has traditionally been
 classified as "edgy" in most design
 circles, but that characterization is
 increasingly outdated as designers
    bring wild, animal and jungle-
inspired prints to the mainstream in
       all kinds of accessories.
   This is evident in a number of
   handbags, wallets, purses, and
clutches, which sport refined zebra,
leopard, and cheetah prints that are
   often created with contrasting
        fabrics and textures.
This produces a unique design which
  is not only eye-opening, but also
intensely tactile, and it's a refreshing
 change of pace in the world of high
2. Very Big Accessories
  are Now the Norm
 There was a time when the typical
necklace or bracelet was thought to
   be at its best when it was small,
  subtler, and refined, but hat time
        has passed as of 2012.
      This spring, shoppers are
 increasingly being confronted with
   very large, very bright, and very
noticeable bracelets and accessories
which are thick, wide, and extremely
prominent on the wrist or the neck.
It's a style statement that lends itself
   toward bold and unconventional
 looks and, in 2012, unconventional
is the number one buzzword when it
  comes to creating accessories and
       other high-fashion pieces.
  3. Speaking of Loud
 Accessories, Get Ready
to Dress in Accessorized
  Perhaps the biggest spring 2012
 fashion trend, as exhibited at New
  York's 2012 spring Fashion Week
celebration, is the layering of many
accessory items with a single outfit.
   This is best done when using
 bracelets or necklaces, and many
designers have shown a preference
  for low-hanging necklaces and
 bracelets which are a bit wider in
   width than the traditionally-
understated arm accessory sported
            in years past.
     Once again, it's all about
unconventional looks and off-beat
 appearances that are both high-
 fashion and intensely unique for
         each consumer.
 4. The Big, Patterned
Belt is Back (Was it Here
There's no doubt that designers in
    recent years have shown a
 preference for retro fashions and
  those things which consumers
gravitated toward in the mid-1980s
      through the mid-1990s.
  As part of this effort to revive an
often-disparaged era of high fashion,
 designers seem intent on bringing
   back very wide belts with very
        outrageous patterns.
   New York Fashion Week saw a
  number of designers debut belts
which were several inches wide (and
  sometimes as much as six inches
 wide) with floral, argyle, plaid, and
striped patterns in very bold, bright
  This trend is best worn with solid-
  color clothing and dresses, making
 the belt itself stand out even more
  than it normally would. It's a loud
   fashion statement for the boldest
       and most unconventional of
 consumers, and it works pretty well
 across the board. If the 80s and 90s
got anything right, it's fair to say that
    item would be the big, bold belt.
   5. Handcrafted
Accessory Items are All
      the Rage
Handcrafted purses, bags, wallets,
 and even hats, are the subject of
much adoration by consumers of all
  purchasing levels and fashion
This trend has been coming in, very
slowly, over the past several years,
 but it seems that the look is now
            here to stay.
    It's all part of what has been
 described as this decade's signature
 look: the shabby chic, independent
designer appearance. The year 2012
looks to be one which, as mentioned
     earlier, defies conventions.
      To that end, consumers are
  increasingly opting for handmade
    fabrics and custom accessories
which are marketed by independent
 online merchants and local, small-
time designers who are selling their
goods outside of major department
stores and away from the gleam and
 glare of major designer boutiques.
It's a surprising trend, especially in a
 label-centric, high-fashion culture,
   but it's one which is refreshingly
unpretentious and quite welcome --
             if not overdue.
A Year of All-New Ideas
of What's Normal and
   Good in Fashion
 Spring 2012 is one of the most
surprising fashion seasons in the
  past few years, as it combines
  traditional fashion and design
 elements with unconventional
approaches and consume-driven
 items made by local designers.
  That's a major departure from the
      normal, big-name designer
preference of many consumers, and
 it's a trend which benefits both the
consumer and the fashion industry's
    long-term interests at the same
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