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william_maish by cuiliqing


By William Maish

I don’t believe it, I just don’t believe,

she said to the man who said he could not deceive.

Well you should, he said, my heart is yours,

my eyes are for you, he assures.

My lips strain for you,

and she knows she cannot say adieu.

He gave her a feather,

it means I will love you, forever and ever.

She gave him her number,

oh what a blunder,

she shouldn’t have done it

but she couldn’t counterfeit.

They had a date

and he said, I’m not straight,

but he was kidding,

she knew from his smirk, that he was bidding.

But she didn’t care

straight or gay, he had the same flare.
The years flew by and they got engaged,

they had some fights, and got enraged.

It’s all good, they both assured,

they knew they would last, that is could be endured.

She walked down the aisle,

with one great big smile.

The bells rang

and an Angel sang,

you may kiss the bride

but only if you abide.

They set off in an old Vee-Dub

and drove to the forest, where they saw a new-born cub.

The honeymoon began with a natural birth,

and sure enough, they wanted their worth,

they tried and tried, and tried again

but in the end, they just said when.

Months later after much pain

and just in time to keep them sane,

little Theo was born underwater,

oh how much they had wanted a daughter.

It didn’t matter, for this was the first

and over the years, there was a burst.
First Theo, then Hazel, Francisco and Sophie,

but little Manu was the trophy.

He was adopted, an orphan, so young,

he had survived depression, famine and was unsung.

The years passed again, the children grew up

eventually, they were greeting everyone with “sup”.

The parents sat and reminisced,

about how they used to persist

even when everyone said to stop

they never would, they’d never flop.

They never stopped and fought to bring up

some amazing children, who drank from the very best cup.

The children went to college,

to increase their knowledge

and soon enough, graduated to marriage

to those lovers who they could not disparage.

The parents had lived to see what they needed,

that had done it, they knew they had succeeded.

And when they came to realise this,

they bid everyone adieu, and blew them a kiss.

For they moved to the hills and lived in a shack

where they could sit, where they could lie back-to-back.
They lived out their days, happy as ever

and every so often, they sent a feather

to the children they bred

the feather floated, the feather spread,

each time it landed in the hands of their kid

the children looked up, they looked up and what they did

was hold their hands up to the sky, to the sun

and praise their parents for everything they’d done.

They held their hands, and made a heart

for they knew that their parents were about to depart.

But they remembered the story, of their parents and the feather,

and how it meant their parents would be together forever and ever.

They remembered the story and knew what was to come,

their parents would wait, their love would never succumb.

I hope you like it. Let me know anyway. If you do decide to print it,
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