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					                                  FRUGAL LIVING
                                TIP OF THE MONTH:
                                 FOCUS ON MAKING
                                HEALTHY CHOICES TO
                                   SAVE MONEY

On the surface, you might not see the connection between making
healthy choices and frugal living. However, think about some of the
less-than-healthy habits you have.

Eating expensive processed snack foods, drinking too much
soda, and not exercising enough are all costly habits. If you
changed these habits to the flip side, you would save money.

In the long run, the more you exercise, the healthier you are. Therefore,
the fewer doctors’ appointments you’ll need to make and pay for.

Consider medicines you might be taking for physical conditions, like
high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Focusing on being healthy by
exercising more and monitoring your food intake might save you your
prescription costs in just a couple of months.

Practicing healthy living is intimately connected with frugal

Consider any vices you have that cost unreasonable amounts of
money, like smoking and alcohol. When you decide to avoid those
substances, you’ll definitely save money, not to mention improve your

Did you know that if you drank a cheap $9 bottle of wine with dinner
everyday, that adds up to over $3,285 per year! And that’s not
factoring in any other alcoholic drinks!

And if you smoked one pack per day at $11 per pack, that’d add up to
over $4,015 per year!

Those are real costs, not including the cost of health care, insurance,
and so on.

Here are four quick tips to help you save money by making
healthy choices:

1.   Do a quick review of health habits you would like to improve.

2.   Write them down.

3.   Generate options for how you can be healthier. Choose healthy
     ways to manage each issue.

4.   Record the amount of money you save each month by making
     healthier choices.

Remember to replace bad habits with good ones, and when you do,
you’ll not only boost your health, you’ll save a big chunk of change!

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