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									                                   Catalina Foothills Estates #9
                                  www.cat9.org  info@cat9.org

                                                              1st Monday of each month
                                                              Catalina Foothills PCA Church
                                                              (corner of Skyline & Orange
                                                              1st classroom at the east end of the church
                                                                Park in the lot off Cmno Miraval next to

President's Message
 A straw vote (non-binding) was taken at the November 2004 Annual Meeting. The vote covered
three Road paving options:
      Do nothing this year except fix potholes and add any money left at the end of the year to
         our Road Fund. (received 7 votes)
      Increase Dues by $300 to a total per year of $400 for 6 years and then repave our roads
         at the end of that period while continuing to fix potholes during the interim. (received 3
      Repave the roads this year with a Special Assessment of $1,800 per Lot. (received 17
The results were overwhelming, 74 percent were for doing something (either "start saving" or "do
it" now) and 63 percent wanted the work completed in 2005.

Because the sample was both small (27 Lots out of 130) and the results were overwhelming, your
Board is asking all Cat 9 members to respond to the following survey of the same set of options
(1. do nothing, 2. raise Dues for 6 years or, 3. do a Special Assessment) to give us some
directional guidance. We need a large survey response in order to make a responsible decision.
Another small sample would be useless.

                                         George Robinson

This survey is only a non-binding straw vote.


1. Do nothing except fix potholes.
2. Increase yearly dues by $300 for six years and then repave our roads.
3. Repave roads in 2006 with a Special Assessment of $1,800 per Lot.

Members with e-mail should send their selection (1, 2 or 3) to info@cat9.org by March1, 2005 so
that we can collate the data for discussion at the March 7th Board Meeting.

Members without e-mail should either send their selection to CAT 9 HOA, P.O. Box 36225,
Tucson , Az., 85740, or call Kathleen Flaherty at 577-6283 by March 1, 2005.

Please contact George Robinson if you have any questions at either 299-4247 or
                     2004 Annual Meeting Agenda
7:00    Introductory comments - George Robinson

7:05    Introduce candidates - Sandy Rosenthal

7:15    Web Site - Dick Bryant

7:25    Landscaping - Lisa Warneke

7:35    Registrar Process - Diane Frank

7:45    Architecture Process - Bob Hart

7:55    Compliance Process - Karen Sawtelle

8:05    Financial - Joyce Leissring

8:15    Declaration Update Status - Bob Heindel & Pat Griffin

8:25    Roads & Business Plan - George Robinson

8:45    Q & A's (vote counting begins)

9:45    Board Meeting
         Old Board announces new Directors
         New Board elects officers

                              COST TO PAVE CFE #9 ROADS
        285,600      Square feet of all roads currently owned by CFE #9. Includes 102,600
                     square feet for Los Altos.
          $0.82      Cost per square foot (including tax) to pulverize, pave, and seal after
  x                  the first year.
      $234,192       Total cost.

  ÷         130      Number of lots in CFE #9.

         $1,800      Cost per lot to pave all roads owned by CFE #9
                     (in 2004 dollars).

        Source:   Derived from Bates Paving estimate completed
                  in early 2004. Paving will be done with 2 inches of
                  PAG #2 compacted hot mix asphalt.

                 (IN K$'s)
Year* Income Common Legal          Misc                             Surplus        Year End
                Area       Expense Expense                                         Reserves
1998   11.6     0.2        4.1     3.7                              3.6            51.7
1999   12.6     0.2        0.8     2.9                              8.7            60.4
2000   13.9     41.3       3.4     10.0                             (40.8)         19.6
2001   14.2     0.5        2.6     3.9                              7.2            26.8
2002   13.6     10.2       3.8     4.2                              (4.6)          22.2
2003   13.9     3.7        3.8     4.5                              1.9            24.1
2004   14.0     3.2        3.0     3.9                              3.9            28.0
2005   13.6     5.5        3.9     4.2                              0.0            28.0
* All years are fiscal years (February 1 to January 31)
Source: Joyce Leissring, Treasurer

This information pertains to new construction, remodeling, and any new additions to your property.

All property owners in Catalina Foothills Estates are bound by certain rules and conditions set forth in the covenants. All
owners should have a copy of these covenants in their possession. These covenants specify that all architectural work
must meet the applicable provisions of the covenants before the work commences. This includes all building projects,
such as patio walls, and roofs, additions, satellite dishes, etc., as well as the initial construction. This also includes any
exterior painting.

To assure compliance with the intent of the covenants, the plans or specifications must be approved by the Association
Board of Directors.

For information or guidance regarding the submission process please contact any board member.

For a Neighborhood Watch program to be successful, it must remain active. This means that all of us should
be aware of our environment, report emergency situations such as break-in, theft, vandalism,or other
security issue.

Through the Neighborhood Area Leader, individual Block Leaders will be contacted and they in turn will
notify residents in their assigned sections of the subdivision either by e-mail or phone.

Neighborhood Watch contact information can be found in this newsletter on the “Cat 9 Contact Information”

  Please keep your name, address, phone number and e-mail address
  current with the association so that you will receive all new

  Contact our Registrar, Diane Frank by phone (232-9623) or by e-mail
  (dlfrank33@aol.com) to update or change your contact information.

Arrangements have been made with AAA Landscaping to reposition and cement the signpost at the corner of Circulo
Solaz and Solaz Tercero. This is not an inexpensive proposition, several contractors refused the job. The Board is aware
that there are other signs that may require resetting as time goes by. Treat them gently!

On another note, spring rains are sure to bring unwanted growth around your yards. Please keep an eye out for the
ubiquitous desert broom and pull the small plants up now, they are much easier to remove when their taproot is only a
foot long (but still a challenge.) Other unwanted plants can include the fiddlehead, initially a pleasant plant with small
white flowers clustered at the end of long curved stalks (but it turns into a sticker monster after the flowers dry,) and
tumbleweed. I have noticed a few of them growing by La Encantada and we certainly don't want our neighborhood
plagued by these behemoths.

As always, keep your eye out for trash along your street frontage. Thanks.

                                     WELCOME NEW NEIGHBORS

These families have recently moved into or purchased property in our neighborhood.                     Why not
introduce yourself and…Get to know your neighbors!

                                  NEW NEIGHBORS

        Michael & Flora Carroll (Lot 87) – 2580 E. Manzanita Ave.

        Roger Tschudy (Lot 53) – 6814 N Solaz Cuarto

        Edmund and Diane Bennett (Lot 78) 6601 N Altos Segundo

        Alicia Eyherabide and David Yocum (Lot 66) 6761 N Placita Manzanita
                           Catalina Foothills #9 – Contact Information

2005 Board of Directors
George Robinson      President             Gtr77@comcast.net             299-4247
Sandy Rosenthal      Vice President        Srosen535@aol.com             529-2326
Alicia Eyherabide    Secretary             aeyherabide@umcaz.edu         577-7859
William Laman        Treasurer             billhlaman@aol.com            299-0558
Diane Frank          Registrar             Dlfrank24@comcast.net         232-9623
Russell Elwell                             rmelwell@comcast.net          299-9854
Bob Heindel                                Robertheindel4487@msn.com     299-4487
Lisa Warneke                               skierz@earthlink.net          529-1347
Diane Bootes                               bootesta@flash.net            529-4858
Robert Hart                                trahbob22@aol.com             529-4711
Bill Lamson                                welamson@aol.com              299-0291
Frances Mayer                              Fmayer1941@comcast.net        577-1491
Janis Sherick                              Janis@shericklaw.com          577-8304
Douglas Pratt                              doug@dkwest.com               577-6283
Kathleen Flaherty                          Kathleen@dkwest.com           577-6283

           911

Suspicious activty in the neighborhood, or if you are a victim of vandalism
           547-6329 (Sheriff's Dept. Tip Line)
           577-1491 (Fran Mayer, Neighborhood Watch area leader)

Traffic related problems only(speeding, reckless driving,etc.)
              547-6311 or Fran Mayer

Neighborhood Watch:
Area Leader: Fran Mayer 577-1491 fmayer1941@comcast.net

       Block1: Bill Leissring 615-4921 jleissring@mindspring.com
       Block2: Mary Horvath 299-7077 alwayshisway@aol.com
       Block3: Joy Fisher 299-4751 joyousfish8@yahoo.com
       Block4: Diana Callimanis 615-1615 dcallimanis@yahoo.com
       Block5: Lisa Warneke 529-1347 skierz@earthlink.net
       Block6 Ruth Feldman 529-1900 Ruth@RuthFeldman.com
       Block7: Catherine Mahoney 577-6117 ReenaMahoney@cs.com
       Block8: Diane Frank 232-9623 dfrank33@aol.com
       Block9: Karin Sawtelle 529-2429 karinsml@msn.com
       Block10: Bruce Switzer 232-0951 mtingi@aol.com
       Block11: Diane Bootes 529-4858 bootesta@flash.net

                         LET’S ALL HELP TO MAKE CAT 9 A SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD.
                 Financial Report - END OF THE FISCAL YEAR
                            FOR THE PERIOD 2/1/2004 TO

         as of                          1/31/2004   (per previous EOY fiscal report)    24,064.09
         Income             (fiscal year)                                   14,158.48
         Expenses           (fiscal year)                                   10,259.10

         as of                          1/31/2005                         27,963.47


         Cash and Bank Accounts:

         Checking                                          4,449.01
         Savings--          General Fund                   9,164.46
         Savings--          Road Fund                     14,350.00
         Total Cash                                      27,963.47

         Other Assets:

         Recyling Bins              (23)                     138.00
         Trash Cans                 (24)                   1,200.00
         Total other Assets                               1,338.00

         Total Liabilites                                      0.00

NET ASSETS                                                                29,301.47

Cat 9 cash assets increased by $3899.38 and other assets (recycling bins
& trash cans) decreased by $257.30 for a net asset increase of $3642.08
for this fiscal year.
Income and Expense Report         ---      Year to date (2/1/04-01/31/05)
Income                                              checking          savings     TOTAL
           Dues                                         13000.00                     13000.00
           Transfer fees                                  750.00                          750.00
           Reimbursement/Utility trench                   150.00                          150.00
           Late fees                                       60.00                           60.00
           Trash cans                                      50.00                           50.00
           Rebates                                         20.00                           20.00
           Recycle bins                                    12.00                           12.00
           Refund-Az Journal                                   3.00                         3.00
           Interest                                                      113.48           113.48
           Total income                                 14045.00         113.48      14158.48
                            Tanis Duncan - legal                                      3345.38
                            Architectural Service                                         150.00
                            Income Tax Preparation                                        150.00
               Total Professional Services                                            3645.38
                            Insurance                                                 1558.00
                            Office supplies (stamps, copies, etc)                         835.47
                            Annual meeting expenses                                       319.22
                            Internet Service                                               31.90
               Total Business Expenses                                                2744.59
                            Storage Locker                                                560.45
                            Post Office Box                                                76.00
                  Total Rental Expenses                                                636.45
                            Street Signs                                              2415.20
                            Landscaping                                                   590.00
                            Utility Trench Watering                                       150.00
                  Total Maintenance Expenses                                          3155.20
                            Az. Corporation Commision                                      10.00
                            Property                                                       22.48
                            State Income                                                   45.00
                  Total Taxes                                                             77.48

           Total Expenses                                                            10259.10
                                   (Fiscal Year 2/1/05 to 1/31/06)

           Interest                                                    100.00
           Late fees                                                    60.00
           Other                                                       150.00
           Transfer fees                                               600.00
           Recycle bins
           Trash cans
           Dues                                                      13000.00
           Total income                                              13910.00

           Professional Services                                      2900.00
           Insurance                                                  1600.00
           Meeting Expenses                                            350.00
                                   P.O. Box                             80.00
                                   Storage Locker                      600.00
           Office Supplies &                                           425.00
           Maintenance Expenses
                                   Landscaping                         900.00
                                   Roads and Miscellaneous            2000.00
                                   State Taxes                          50.00
           Miscellaneous                                               200.00
           Total expenses                                             9105.00

Surplus/Deficit                                                                 4805.00

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