Indonesian Mobile Market Overview & 2007-2010 Forecast

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					Indonesian Mobile Market Overview & 2007-2010 Forecast

Executive Summary

Indonesia's geography has posed a challenge to the mobile industry in the region, as it is the
world’s largest archipelagic country where large population spreads over 17,000 islands. Now,
however, Indonesia provides a good condition with which a variety of technologies and services
are developing. Among others, mobile communications industry is advancing fast. It has a huge
potential for further growth backed by economic development and government policies that
promote market competition.

Mobile users in Indonesia recorded 68 million at the end of 2006 and will grow to 94.7 million in
2007. The industry will post about 18% of CAGR starting in 2008, and the number of users will
increase to 133 million by 2010. In other words, about half of its total population of 250 million
will be mobile users, becoming the 3rd largest mobile market in Asia following China and India.

Indonesian mobile market is driven by a variety of factors. The service coverage will expand
rapidly thanks to aggressive investments in the infrastructure. Some mobile operators have
introduced radical tariff plans although it is a growing industry, hinting that more and more
middle and low income users will sign up to mobile services. The government continues to
promote competition among the players and foreign capital will steadily grow, encouraging
market development. In particular, the mobile operators, which have obtained the license to
provide nation-wide services, are expected to expand their service coverage rapidly. In the
metropolitan areas, PT Telkom and PT Indosat, the comprehensive telecommunications
companies, will lead the introduction of bundled services and mobile convergence. In 2008, the
mobile operators will utilize aggressive marketing strategies to maintain their position amid
increases in bundled products and convergence services.

The CDMA operators, Bakrie Telkom and Mobile-8 in particular, will utilize radical measures to
lure new users over the next 2-3 years. They have been appealing to users with attractive tariff
plans, and will progressively release low-priced handsets in the market.

This report is to project the size of future mobile market of Indonesia which is posting
remarkable development. For carrying out the research, ROA Holdings conducted time series
analysis about the current and future market environment, regulations and policies, technology
developments and business strategies of each mobile operator in the Indonesian market.

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Indonesian Mobile Market Overview & 2007-2010 Forecast