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									 Marcon Consulting                                      Services Pty Ltd

                                BRONZE PACKAGE
                     $25.00AUD per month (12 months@ $300.00AUD)                            WEB HOSTING
          Storage                                100mb
          Bandwidth                              5gb
          Databases                              N/A
          Mailboxes                              5 mailboxes (100mb)
                                                                                             Why use our web
          Advanced Spam Protection               1 Mailbox Protected
                                                 (Additional $5/Mailbox)
          FTP Access                             1 account
                                                                                             • Sydney based business
          Domain Aliases                         0
                                                                                               You have direct contact with
                                                                                               your web hosting company.
                                 SILVER PACKAGE
            $35.00AUD per month (12 months@ $385.00AUD) SAVE $35.00AUD
                                                                                             • Managed Hosting
          Storage                                250mb
                                                                                               Our servers are maintained
          Bandwidth                              10gb                                          and updated daily to ensure
          Databases                              1x MySQL (100mb)                              peak performance.
          Mailboxes                              10 Mailboxes (100mb)
                                                                                             • Backup Solutions
          Advanced Spam Protection               5 Mailboxes Protected                         available
                                                 (Additional $5/Mailbox)
                                                                                               Daily backup solutions are
          FTP Access                             1 account
                                                                                               available to ensure your data
          Domain Aliases                         2                                             is safe.
                                                                                             • Email Support
                                  GOLD PACKAGE                                                 Should you have any issues
            $50.00AUD per month (12 months@ $550.00AUD) SAVE $50.00AUD
                                                                                               with your service, contact
          Storage                                500mb                                         support directly via email.
          Bandwidth                              15gb
                                                                                             • Upgradeable Hosting
          Databases                              1x MySQL (100mb)
                                                                                               Should your business and
          Mailboxes                              50 mailboxes (200mb)                          website expand, your hosting
          Advanced Spam Protection               10 Mailboxes Protected                        can easily be upgraded or
                                                 (Additional $5/Mailbox)
                                                                                               moved to its own dedicated
          FTP Access                             1 account                                     server solution.
          Domain Aliases                         3

                              PLATINUM PACKAGE
           $80.00AUD per month (12 months@ $900.00AUD) SAVE $60.00AUD                        We don’t just offer web
          Storage                                1000mb                                      hosting. We offer you a
          Bandwidth                              25gb                                        complete web solution!
          Databases                              2x MySQL (250mb) +                          Enquire today about how we can
                                                 2x MS SQL 2008 (250mb)                      help handle your IT needs.
          Mailboxes                              100 Mailboxes (200mb)             
          Advanced Spam Protection               25 Mailboxes Protected
          FTP Access                             2 accounts
          Domain Aliases                         5

                                       Marcon Consulting Services Pty Ltd | ABN 36 143 300 618
39 Cubitt Drive Denham Court NSW 2565 | t 0409 455 553 | f (02) 9618 5945 | e |

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