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									Wheels in Europe - Discount Car Rental in Europe - Car Rental in Europe

Wheels in Europe - Get Cheap Car Lease in Europe and Save Money on car Rentals in Europe
Compare Best Volkswagen Car Leasing Deals

For decades already, hundreds of thousands of savvy travelers worldwide have taken advantage
of the unique benefits of the Tax-Free short term car leases available in Europe. Also known as
buy-back contracts, these leases work as a car rentals as far as payment is concerned (you only
pay for the period of usage of the vehicle) but offer a lot more value and flexibility, in particular
for all those planning to spend 2 / 3 weeks or more in Europe.

To qualify for the Discover Europe Program, all you need is: to be of a minimum of 18 years of
age, have a valid driver’s license of more than one year and not be a resident of the European
Union. EU citizens expatriated in non EU countries qualify for the Program.

* A brand new Volkswagen, every time.

* The car of your choice, from the Polo to the Passat.

* Unlimited Mileage in more than 35 countries.

* No charge for “one way” itineraries.

* No charge for additional drivers.

* No Airport charges.
* Full, zero deductible, comprehensive insurance.

* 24 / 7 Road Assistance, anywhere you go.

* Support of the VW dealers’ network all over Europe.

Leases are available from 21 days to 6 months. Reservations must be made a minimum of 3
weeks prior to the desired car delivery date. Delivery and return locations are Paris CDG airport,
Paris Orly Airport, Paris City (Porte de Saint Cloud on the west side of the City) and Nice
Airport. Click here to see the Discover Europe fleet details or here for a quick car selection and

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Wheels in Europe

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