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Our three-fold mission statement embodies the heart of what LiNK is all about: raising
awareness, helping others and bringing hope to those who have lost it all. If you are reading
this application, you desire to join a movement larger than yourself - the movement for justice
and human rights in North Korea. Out of all the causes you can choose to support, you have
dived into this one, and we are excited to begin this journey with you.

North Korea is one of the most complex and least addressed human rights issues in our
world today. With thousands of North Koreans hiding in China and even more in political
prison camps, many may wonder what they could possibly do to help this cause. At LiNK, we
offer a direct channel for people like you to get involved and be a part of the solution. LiNK is
at the forefront in bringing the human rights and refugee crisis to light and demanding change
for the North Korean people.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication and hard work of our interns.
Because of the small size of our staff, interns have become an essential component of the
LiNK team, bringing their unique talents to our organization. Our internships are designed to
provide each intern with a space to develop professional skills and explore their areas of
interest within our organization. Whether you are collaborating on a new campaign design,
communicating with chapters all across the nation or finding new recruits for the next term,
every intern gains significant hands-on experience while knowing that their efforts are making
a lasting impact on the human rights crisis in North Korea.

While professional experience is a valuable part of our internship program, LiNK is also
committed to providing an invaluable experience working in a diverse, yet closely knit
community. Given the opportunity to work and live with other like-minded and dedicated
individuals, meaningful bonds are formed throughout the internship period. It is both a
challenging and equally rewarding experience.

I hope that this document will answer some of the questions you may have as you consider
this opportunity and work through your application. We look forward to getting to know you
through this process and hope that you will join us in the fight to see liberty in North Korea.

HR/ Recruitment Manager

You must be at least 18 years old to apply and additional requirements are listed in the positionsʼ


Applications must be submitted by July 25th, 2012. This is a rolling application process, so applications
that are received early will be considered first and given priority. The internship starts on August 20th
and ends December 19th (these dates are subject to change). If your schedule conflicts with these
dates please note this on your application.


All internships are unpaid, and we suggest that interns fund raise up to $1,000 for food and living
expenses for your time here. LiNK provides housing at the intern house located about 10 minutes from
the office in Torrance, CA. Downtown Los Angeles is about a 30 minute drive from Torrance, so we
recommend having a car to explore L.A.


We are offering fall internships in various departments. Open positions are listed below, and detailed job
descriptions can be found at www.linkglobal.org/jobs. With the exception of a few positions, most of our
internships are offered both full or part-time. Please indicate on your application whether you are
applying for a full or part-time position.
         ● Nomad (Please see the Nomad job description to download the application)
         ● Social Media Intern
         ● Tour Relations Intern (only offered full-time)
         ● Chapter Intern (only offered full-time)
         ● Donor Relations Intern
         ● Office Administrator Intern
         ● HR/ Recruitment Intern
         ● Liberty House Intern
         ● Internal Operations Intern
         ● Administrative & Event Planning Intern (only offered full-time)
         ● Graphic Design Intern
         ● Research and Policy Intern
         ● Liberty House US Intern


Our Internship Program is a great way to build upon your education and you may be able to obtain
 academic credit through your college or university. If you are looking to receive credit for your internship,
 you will need to meet with your academic advisor or contact your career center for further instructions. If
 your school requires any paperwork from us, our HR Manager will be available to provide you support
 as necessary.

“There are so many things to say about my internship with LiNK. I learned what behind the scenes non-
profit work is and what goes into making real change where it is greatly needed. I also found that we
were given meaningful and necessary tasks, tasks which made a real contribution to LiNKʼs work and
goals. Lastly, I made some great friends with the other interns, Nomads, and even staff. I feel that LiNK
HQ is a unique workplace in that staff, interns and Nomads are not just coworkers but friends living the
ups and downs of life together. If you are looking for life-changing summer where you can put your
passion to work amongst loving people, then I recommend applying as in intern.”

                                                                                    -Griffin St. Hilaire
                                                                          Former Donor Relations Intern

"The five months I spent at LiNK working as an intern was the most enriching decision that I made post
graduation. I was thrilled at a chance to impact and be a part of something so raw and heartbreaking as
the North Korea crisis. My heart felt at home working alongside passionate advocates and well
knowledgeable supervisors who took their time to make sure that I was engaged and growing in my
experiences. Not only was I given a chance to learn about non-profit work, but as an intern I contributed
to brainstorming sessions, traveled with a documentary crew, prepared for a golf tournament, and was a
part of an amazing community of diverse peoples. The environment at LiNK is special and unique,
because you realize that your efforts are being used to save lives. So don't wait, apply to be a part of
this movement today!"

                                                                                           -Lucya Pak
                                                                       Former Internal Operations Intern

“One month before joining LiNK, I had no idea that I would be where I am today. As a summer intern I
encountered the most passion-filled and active organization I have ever been a part of, and spent my
days fighting alongside a group of incredible men and women. It was intense--LiNK requires dedicated
members--but I learned more about the specifics of running an organization than I ever had before.
LiNK has a knack of combining long hours and hard work with a lot of inspiration, and I always came
away from a day at headquarters feeling a sense of both accomplishment and motivation.
Now, 7 months later, I'm finally starting school again and feel more prepared to impact this world than
ever before.”

                                                                                       -Stephen Erich
                                                                                Former Movement Intern

As an applicant you will be asked to submit the following information:

    1. Cover letter
Names and contact information for three references (*at least one must be from your previous
    4. Answers to the set of written questions (listed below).

    5. Answers to the personality questions (listed below).

    6. Complete video application if necessary for your position (instructions below).

Please compile items 1 through 5 in one Word document or PDF and email to jobs@linkglobal.org. In
the body of the email, please include the link to your video application. You must submit all items to be
considered for the internship.


    1.   How did you become familiar with the North Korean crisis, and what has your previous
         involvement with LiNK been, if any?
    2.   When did social justice become a priority for you?
    3.   Explain why you are applying for the position, and what makes you a good fit for the particular
    4.   If you are accepted, what will your personal goals be during your time here?

    1.   List three of your favorite websites.
    2.   What is the last book that you read and enjoyed?

    3.   What is the most recent piece of literature/media/art/music that impacted you?
    4.   List several bands/artists you are currently listening to.
    5.   List your top three favorite movies.

    6.   List a couple of your hobbies outside of school and/or work.

    7.   Are you part of any social networking sites? Do you have any web pages? (Please provide
         links to these sites.)

VIDEO APPLICATION (required for all positions except Graphic Design Intern)

The purpose of this video is for us to see who you are in a creative way. Itʼs hard to read between the
lines, so this is meant for you to show us who you really are. You will not be judged on your film-making
ability, so please do not worry about that.

The following are prompts we’d like you to address in your video:

    1. Tell us about yourself.
    2. If you had to be stuck in an elevator with any one person (dead or alive), who would it be and

    3. What is one thing you canʼt live without?

    4. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?
Once you create your video, please upload it onto Youtube, set it as “Unlisted” under the privacy
section, and include the link in your e-mail when you send in your application. Title your video in this
format: Firstname Lastname 2012 Fall Video Application. Your video should be 5 minutes or less in

You can share your unlisted video by following the steps below:

    1. Sign into your account.

    2. Click the ʻAccountʼ link in the upper right and click the ʻVideo Managerʼ option.

    3. Click the ʻEditʼ tab on the video you would like to share, and choose the ʻInfo and Settingsʼ

    4. In the ʻPrivacyʼ section, set your video as ʻUnlistedʼ

    5. Click ʻSave Changesʼ in the upper right.

    6. Share the Youtube link in the body of the email when you send your application.


Please submit your completed application to jobs@linkglobal.org. If you have questions or need
assistance filling out the application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                            We look forward to receiving your application!

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