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									Best use of Negative Gearing Australian Properties

A hotel near my house was lying as a negative gearing property since last many
years and I always wondered why the owners are keeping it unused. We leave in
the centre of a city and a hotel there will undoubtedly be a good income to them.

Recently, some people had taken the property on rent for hostel through Vendor
Financers named as Paul and Karen. They informed that they were in need of
property at the centre of a city and had accordingly contacted these people. They
then informed us about this property and we were very happy to have it as apart
from the rent being reasonable, we were hopeful that due to the location, we will
be getting many occupants and it did stand true. They are having lot of occupants

Paul and Karen were very supportive to them in finding this property and had
cleared all the formalities very easily. They didn’t have to take any pain.

Even I feel happy to see occupants there, as it is always good to have someone next
door and the negative gearing property is no more like that.

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