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									         The Aleppo Codex                            The Shema                               Welcome
               Celebrate!                          SH’MA YISRAEL
We have obtained a copy of the                    ADONAI ELOHANU,                             To Our
Aleppo Codex. The Aleppo Codex is the              ADONAI ECHAD.                 Shabbat (Sabbath) Worship Service
earliest known Hebrew manuscript                 BARUCH SHEM K’VOD,                   Of The Messianic Jewish
comprising the full text of the Bible.               MALCHUTO                              Congregation
It is also the most authorative,                    L’OLAM VAED.
accurate and sacred source
document both for Biblical text and
for its vocalization and the
                                                    Hear, O Israel                    Adat Ariel
                                               The Lord Our God Is One.
Massorah.                                        Blessed Is The Name
The Codex was copied by the scribe             Of His Glorious Kingdom
Shlomo Ben Buza'a over 1000 years                 Forever And Ever.
ago. The text was verified, vocalized,                 “AMEN”
and provided with the Massorah by
Aaron Bar-Asher. It was probably the
manuscript used Maimonides when he
set down the exact rules for writing
the scrolls of the Torah.
The Codex was written in the early
10th century, looted and
transferred to Egypt at the end of                                               The Lion                            Of GOD
the 11th century and deposited with
the Aleppo Community at the end of
the 14th century. It now resides in the                                                 August 17, 2012
Shrine of the Book with the Dead Sea
Scrolls in Jerusalem.                                                                     Congregation Adat Ariel
                                                                                      1301 Enterprise Way, Marion, IL.
                                                                                   (next to Rural King on West DeYoung)

                                                                                   Services Are Held Every Friday Night
                                                THE AARONIC BLESSING                            At 7:00 PM

                                           Y’VA-REH-CH’CHA ADONAI V’YISH-                   Services Are Conducted
                                                  M’REH-CHA, YA-AYR                          By Rabbi Moshe Laurie
                                          ADONAI PAN-AHV AY-LE-CHA V’YI-CHU-
                                                    NEN-CHA,YI-SA                           All Are Welcome
                                           ADONAI PAN AHV AY-LEY-CHA V’YA-
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August 24, 2012                                  Prayer Requests:                              A Word from the Rabbi:
Shofetim                                         For Our Congregation*:                        Remember, when the devil is flailing
Torah               Deut. 16 : 18 – 21 : 9          Prayer for protection of God’s            about and everything around you is
                                                     obedient children                         coming against you, instead of being sad
Haf-Torah         Isaiah 51 : 12 – 52 : 12                                                     and hollering, “Why me?” rejoice and be
                                                    Rabbi Moshe – Healing prayers for
(prophets)                                           Rabbi’s foot and other health             glad that you are coming face to face
B’rit Hadashah           Matt. 5 : 38 – 42           problems                                  with the devil. If you aren’t coming face
Scheduled lighting of the candles for               Judy Nacinovich – Prayers to feel         to face with the devil in all your
August 24, 2012                                      better                                    tribulations, you’re probably
                                                    Prayer for Ken, Mark, and James           travelling in the same direction. The
                                                     Strange                                   Lord is your savior. He is your power.
                                                    Angie Kaye – Healing from back            He is your strength. Turn to Him in all
                                                     problems                                  things. This is very repetitive. All you
                                                    Jim and Georgianna Richey – prayers       have to do trust the Lord. Believe in
                                                     for healing and peace as Georgianna       the Word. Receive the Word and your
                                   7:24 PM           battles Alzheimer’s disease               salvation by the Holy Spirit, and be in
Any woman or single gentleman may sign              Kim Crouse – Prayers for root canal       contact with God through His Holy
up for lighting the Shabbat candles at
                                                    Sandra and Herschell Gregge –             Spirit, and all will be well with your
the service. The blessing may be said in
Hebrew (phonetic version- available), or in
                                                     Healing from continuing heal              soul, your life, your family, and your
                                                     problems                                  day.
English. Copies are available if you wish
to pre-read it.                                     Rae Hubbell – Prayers for healing
                                                    Toni Hurshman – for her continued
(See Rabbi Moshe for instructions.)
                                                                                               LIVE STREAM:
                                                                                               To view the Adat Ariel service live go to:
                                                    Candace – protection of God for our
Future Events:                                       webmaster
                                                                                               REGULAR EVENTS:
                                                    Linda Farrell – speedy recovery from
• Congregation Adat Ariel’s directory is             surgery
being compiled – Add your address and            For Our Friends and Family*:                  Thursdays
photos – See Martha                                Friend of Lynn Pemberton – Diagnosed
                                                    with Lou Gehrig's Disease
                                                                                               ASK THE RABBI Suspended for the
• if you would like to read part of the weekly                                                 summer.
                                                   Prayer for the Marion Motel residents
parashah (scripture) readings, please see
                                                   Lester’s Sister – Healing from cancer      Saturdays
Larry Mullinex before the service
                                                   Pray for the nation’s servicemen and       TRUTH IN LIFE live call-in radio
• Sept. 16th (evening) – Rosh Hashana               servicewomen                               program is aired on WGGH - 1150 AM at
                                                   Pray that men’s minds will be opened to    10:00 AM. You are cordially invited to
• Sept. 19th – The Fast of Gedaliah
                                                    today’s situations                         listen & call in with questions or
• Tuesday Sept. 25th – Kol Nidre,
                                                   Pray for protection against evil           comments. The telephone numbers are
 Yom Kippur                                      Pray for the peace and obedience of Israel,   (618) 993-8102 or (618) 997-2305. You
                                                 that the Lord’s will be done.                 may also listen and view live streaming
• Our   parish nurse -                           NOTE:
                                                                                               video online at
Steven W. Rhodes                                 To place prayer requests, praise reports,
Phone: (618) 559 – 7758                          prayer chain requests, or for more
                                                 information, please call John or Linda at
                                                 (618) 694 – 7625. DO NOT LEAVE A
                                                 MESSAGE. Please only talk to one of us        Congregation Adat Ariel looks to God as our
                                                 personally. Thank you. *Requests remain       Provider. If you wish to cheerfully bless the
•     A Volunteer Coordinator Needed.            posted 2 weeks unless there is an update.     Congregation with a tithe or offering, please
See Sharon Chapman if interested.                Prayer requests for friends and family will   put your blessing in the chest on the table.
                                                 only be posted with their permission.         (Checks should be made out to Adat Ariel.)

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