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									                            STRATEGY BLUEPRINT

Background: What is happening in the industry? In the marketplace? Where
are the industry headed? What opportunities exist? What problems must be
overcome to capitalize on them?

Competition: What is your competition doing? How does their product or service
stack up against yours? Compared to them, what are their weaknesses and
your strengths?

Key Fact: What is different or new in the marketplace that caused you to ask for
the agency’s help now? Is a new product ready to launch? Did a new competitor
enter the market? Has research revealed a new opportunity? What is the
motivation behind this project?

Communication Objective: What do you want the communication to
accomplish? Are you trying to raise awareness? Improve image? Correct a
misperception? Counter a competitor’s ad? Generate leads? Describe your goals
in a sentence or two.

Target Audience: Describe in as much detail as possible. Include demographic
or psychographic information and job title or job description. If multiple
audiences, describe their relationship to each other (approver, gatekeeper, user,
manager, etc.).

Current perception: From the first person point of view, write one paragraph for
each target that describes what they currently think about their problems,
choices, and you.

Desired Perception: From the first person point of view, write one paragraph for
each target that describes what you want them to think after reading the

Promise: In no more than one simple sentence, describe an offer that can move
your audience from the current to desired perception.

Support: A series of bullet points (each no more than two or three sentences)
that gives people “permission to believe” the promise.

Tone: Sum up in one word.

Mandatory Elements: Will the ad need to include a phone number, email
address, or web address? If so, what are they? Are there legal restrictions on
what we can say or how something must be phrased?
Production Considerations: Where will the ad run? What size is it? Is it color?
Black and white? Do you have a contact name and phone number for the pub?

Budget: What are the limitations for client and agency?

Timetable: Don’t leave the conference room without it.

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